The Mire

Becky Cloonan

The Mire

The Mire

  • Title: The Mire
  • Author: Becky Cloonan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 345
  • Format: ebook

The much anticipated follow up to 2011 s WOLVES, THE MIRE is a self contained story set on the eve of battle, when a humble squire is given the task of delivering a letter to a decomposing castle in a swamp Met with mysterious apparitions, he slowly unveils the truth about why he was sent there, as his past is re written over the course of twenty two pages.

Recent Comments "The Mire"

A beautiful short story that starts off predictably but ends with a twist that turns a young squire upside down. Initially one would think this is a horror tale, but it is in fact a love story.The mire, which has become the title of this story was indeed a magical place. Haunted by ghosts perhaps, but they were the squire's master's own. For the squire, it was a chest of past secrets that slowly unveiled themselves to him.

On the night before an epic battle will be fought, Sir Owain, a knight, sends his teenage squire Aiden on a mission to deliver an important letter to a castle, far from the battlefield. But what is the real reason for Aiden's journey? And what does the letter contain?In just 24 pages Becky Cloonan creates an enchanting world of magic and chivalry, recalling the stories of King Arthur, Prince Valiant, and George R R Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series. It's a really well told story, paced nicely [...]

Screw digging for meaning. This time it's just about the joy of a good yarn, and Miss Becky Cloonan, she can sure spin those good yarns.The Mire, another of her beautiful one shots, is a creepy little tale worthy of a Twilight Zone episode or one of those old-time radio shows like The Hermit's Cave or Inner Sanctum. It's a deceptively simple ghost story that reveals a young man's lineage, steeped in lust and death and bastardy, and it all revolves around the Withering Swamp. Cloonan's crispy pen [...]

Meh. Cloonan's art is pretty nice, as always, but this tale is a bit muddled. At only 32 pages, it's a bit short for a book, but I'm counting it anyway.I don't like books that leave questions on the table. I think I know the answer to the obvious questions, but who the hell knows? Maybe Ms Clonnan gorged herself on college lit courses and came up with something cleverer than we can figure out. *shrugs*

Becky Cloonan seems to be the Queen of beautifully drawn eerie gothic short stories that stay with you long after you've read them.

Wow! What've I just read??? Or mostly, what've I just looked at???This self-published little gem of a comic is stunning. A little creepy in parts, but stunning. The Art work, oh, Becky! What a wonder. I couldn't help but stareJust look at this page, guys! link to photoYes.Well, to be perfectly honest, the story is lacking something. It's more of a quiet little mash of a reminiscence (with story-within-a-story feeling), waiting for an upcoming battle and secrets. Those secrets haut you, walks amo [...]

Não sendo fã do género de fantasia medievalista, não posso confessar uma atracção especial por este The Mire. Intermezzo numa narrativa maior, mostra-nos um jovem mensageiro que na véspera de uma batalha decisiva é obrigado a penetrar numa soturna floresta para entregar uma mensagem. Despeitado por não poder participar nas refregas, mergulha na floresta e acaba por descobrir o segredo sobre quem realmente é. Narrativa típica do género, com um estilo gráfico em preto e branco classic [...]

A short, simple Fantasy comic about a boy sent on a special mission into the creepy mire at a time of war. Great secrets lie in the castle beyond it, and perhaps redemption from the battle to come. Well, not really great secrets. It's a twist ending you probably guessed in advance if you've read much Fantasy, but it's still a well-drawn bit of creepiness.

Another lovely comic from Becky CloonanI loved Wolves, and this one was great, too, but for different reasons.

Beautifully illustrated, and not a wasted word.

A fantastic follow up to Cloonan's Wolves

Loved this. I can never really say I've been disappointed with her work.

Didn't feel this was as strong as wolves, very enjoyable though and mysterious and strange.

3.75 stars

The sudden twist at end transformed into an extra ordinary story.

Me gusta el dibujo pero no la historia

Perfect. Every bit as magical and heartbreaking as Wolves.

Such a good fantasy story, a clever little twist with the structure of storytelling with a powerful ending. Beautifully drawn and written as usual.

Love Cloonan!

Independently published! Support this artist/author.

I just love the style of this author, both art and story wise. Creepy stories drawn beautifully.

Gorgeous artwork, and although time and perceptions shift, ultimately much clearer and more hopeful than Wolves, while carrying on with some of the same themes.

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