Champavert; seven bitter tales

Petrus Borel

Champavert; seven bitter tales

Champavert; seven bitter tales

  • Title: Champavert; seven bitter tales
  • Author: Petrus Borel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover


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Petrus Borel (1809 - 1859) - French author with the spirit of a wolfAt the time the fiery romantic literary artist Petrus Borel penned this collection of seven short stories he was a lycanthrope, that is, a human on the outside, a wolf on the inside. And as a man-wolf he was an extreme outsider to society and culture, to convention and rules, to comfort and routine, an outsider telling his tales as he viewed humans and human society through his wolfish eyes. And what he saw wasn’t pretty: any [...]

Early ancestors of the conte cruel, presented by the exemplary Brian Stableford. These grim stories of an unjust world remind me of DeSade with only a fraction of the sex. Interesting mostly from a historic perspective, the downbeat nature of the narratives works against their value as entertainment. Awful things happen to undeserving people only goes so far as a theme. Stableford's footnotes are outstanding and illuminate contemporary references that would be lost on most readers. These stories [...]

Sono racconti immorali perché racconti dell'abominio, dell'abiezione; racconti nei quali, a una fortuna linguistica, s'assomma una ricerca del male che s'insinua nella vita.Omicidio, suicidio, stupro, e poi ancora povertà, spleen, indolenza; le offese al genere umano nelle quali l'autore scava, con riso sardonico.

These short stories are not an easy read, but they are not meant to be. Petrus Borel shows and criticises the injustices and the violences in society skilfully and sometimes with humour on the surface. This is a collection that made me keep thinking about it later, definitely worth reading.

9/10 En su día fue de mis libros de cabecera. Parecía escrito por el Lobo Estepario de Hesse.

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