Ghosts & Lovers: First Confession

Aneesa Price

Ghosts & Lovers: First Confession

Ghosts & Lovers: First Confession

  • Title: Ghosts & Lovers: First Confession
  • Author: Aneesa Price
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Kindle Edition

I am female, I am a slut, and most days, I think I m a loon too, but those are my secrets to keep except from you I ask you to play the role of a priest nonjudgmental, understanding, and to atone me for my sins Simone Simone, the quintessential desperate housewife, is primarily absorbed on settling her family into their new home in the vibrant, metropolitan city I am female, I am a slut, and most days, I think I m a loon too, but those are my secrets to keep except from you I ask you to play the role of a priest nonjudgmental, understanding, and to atone me for my sins Simone Simone, the quintessential desperate housewife, is primarily absorbed on settling her family into their new home in the vibrant, metropolitan city of Johannesburg, South Africa Unbeknownst to her, the greatest threat lurked not outside of the eight foot walls and electric fencing but within the walls she seeks sanctuary But the threat comes disguised as tantalizing pleasures of the most carnal nature that challenges her views of love, marriage and sex Can Simone resist and rescue her family from the evil she s let into their lives This is her first confession.

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Oh my sensual.goodness. I really enjoyed this book. I love paranormal and erotic and this book has both of them in spades.What woman isn't going to enjoy a book about a stay at home mom who gets a ghost lover. I mean YUM!It was a erotic tale that didn't go overboard and get trashy. I don't want tO reveal to much but, it was FABULOUS!I will say this though be careful what you wish for. Once again this Author provides a fabulous story that once you start you can't put down. I look foward to a seco [...]

This is a steamy erotic read.Not my choice of genre but nonetheless I found the wrinting intriguing.The authors focus in the book remains erotic but she weaves a story around the scenes so as to engage the reader.I liked the paranormal twist and liked her solution but since this is simply not my genre, I cant really say I liked the book.What I loved however was the ending, making it clear that this was the start of things to come what that might be, was never stated.Hats off to an author who can [...]

I received this book as a gift for an honest review.This book is short and steamy, but adds a nice twist that i didnt see comingry enjoyable read for ghost lovers, Erotica lovers, and paranormal lovers all roled into one steamy short story. Loved the ending!

Erotica is not my genre, having said that, this was not a bad way to break into it. Simone is a wife and mother who just moved back to South Africa for her husband's job promotion. Her husband works long hours and is away often, even when home, she does not get the sexual gratification that she craves. One night when she is feeling quite excited after reading a romance novel, she imagines a man is making love to her. She of course believes it is all in her head. But when it continues to happen m [...]

This book is a departure from the norm - it is written in the first person, explicitly erotic,short and set in South Africa. I applied lessons learnt from publishing the other two books and hope that they show. The positive reviews I've received even before I've 'officially' released it, is encouraging that I am still heading in the right direction on my journey to become better with every book I write. I've thus given myself four stars because I do love this book - if it had been by another aut [...]

"Ghosts & Lovers: First Confession" by Aneesa Price left me with some very distinct impressions. First of all it is an odd concept that worked incredibly well. In the year 2042 a woman confesses about an incident of 'virtual' unfaithfulness back in 2012. An encounter with an invisible, phantom or ghost lover leaves the married woman more than confused and thrown into moral and sexual ambiguity.Written incredibly well in a voice that is impossible not to care for and identify with, Simone, ou [...]

My review for: Ghosts & Lovers: First Confessions by Aneesa PriceMy rating: 5 out of 5 starsShanna RobersonThis is actually my first time reading Aneesa’s work and I was not disappointed.Ghosts & Lovers follows Simone, an unsatisfied housewife as she moves her family to Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s not that she doesn’t love her hardworking husband; she just misses that spark that has long ago faded.With her husband always working and her duties as a stay at home mom, it was eas [...]

This is a romance/steamy/sexy !! I really enjoyed this read. It was so very different from others I have read.Simone is a wife and mother, who enjoys being with her husband, but when he's off on work, she finds herself in a fantasy and pleasing herself, that is until her fantasy lover becomes her ghost lover.She knows it is wrong, and she feels guilty about being with him. And after he gets jealous of her being with her husband, she knows it's not safe to be with him.While visiting her mothers g [...]

I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book as I remember those films from growing up when ghosts haunted people, they scared the crap out of me! But the Author here plays up on the unsatisfied housewife moving to a new town, with no friends and a workaholic for a husband. You can relate with the character and feel for her as she tries to pull her life together by dreaming about what she wants/needs. Step in tall, invisible and dead lover! With some really hot scenes that play out this book w [...]

A great introduction to Simone & her tales, & not too over the top for those of us just beginning to venture into the erotica genre.Aneesa Price never ceases to amaze me! In this tale she not only succeeds in drawing me into Simone's world, but she then proceeds to chill me to the bone. Yes this is has some very steamy scenes for the erotica lovers, but the story itself is really good too! I personally love a good ghost story, & what better way to scare the socks off of you then to t [...]

Ghosts & Lovers: First Confessionby Aneesa PriceGhosts and Lovers develops the character of Simone, a faithful housewife who is feeling somewhat neglected now that they moved to a place so her husband is away for work reasons more. She soon finds her attentions being serviced by a spiritual lover doing things that a preacher would probably use as evidence as to why he hasn't gotten through the pearly gates. To get in one more praising pseudo spoiler let's just say that if Anthony Perkins had [...]

Aneesa Price Ghosts & Lovers: First ConfessionA steamy erotic read, this book is like nothing else I’ve read. Well written with a very unique concept, this book will have you gripped just to see where it’s leading. With the descriptive nature, your imagination won’t need much help picturing the scenes. I read in one night before bed, then had very pleasant dreams of my own ghostly encounters! I’m hoping there are more confessions to come; they sure make for interesting reading. An e- [...]

This book was steamy, erotic, and engaging with a paranormal twist. It was an excellent short story. I read it is one sitting, because I just couldn't put it down. Simone's lover is literally "out of this world." At the end of the story, I was longing for more. Hopefully, the author will give us many more installments. If you are into 'steamy', I think you will enjoy Simone's first experience with an 'other-worldly' lover. An additional kudos to Eagle-eye editing for the great editing in this st [...]

Simone is confessing to the reader her first ghostly encounter. Stephen, the ghost, is after a hot relationship with the new homeowner. However Atephen takes it a little too far one night. This is a quick and steamy read! I loved the story line, but I wished we knew more about the mystery woman. WaAR

at first when i read the part about her phantom lover, iwas like wtf? but then came to realise it was a ghost. Aneesa Rice author of this paranormal erotic short story has yet again done it again, showing us instead of what can happen when ghosts choose human lovers. i loved the ending that lead you to believe that another bokk will be written and i truly hope so

I read Ghosts and Lovers in exchange for an honest review. The erotic content is hot, hot, hot. The plot feels secondary to this. It's a sexy romp focused on a woman who carries a lot of guilt about her sexual nature. I suspect as the books continue more will be made of the psychological and emotional contexts, but if not, who cares? It's sexy. I'd definitely recommend the read.

A paranormal with a touch of erotica short story.Please be advised that this is a short story and only 1 confessionStay at home mom with a husband who is out of town a lot, dreams/wishes of a loverbe-careful what you wish for.Not extremely explicit but may get you a little worked up.Aneesa Price is a wonderful author, look forward to more work from her

I WAS MAD IT WAS OVER!!!!Great writing and Price has a gift for the descriptive. A lot of authors can't paint the picture, Price does it effortlessly and frankly, I was mad when it was over! Can't wait until the next "confession!"

Scorchingly hot!!!!I loved this story having a ghost as a sexual deviant was an excellent twist.This is a racy read for any woman, I am sure this will be enjoyed muchly by all who read it.Can't wait to see what's next in this series :)

Loved it I was hooked from the beginning! Left me wanting more!!!!! Great job Aneesa Price :)

Free on amazon ;-)

An amazing story! I so wish it was longer!

It was good.ortwriting was kinda odd honestly and was a bit bored but it wasn't horrible

Ghosts & Lovers: First Confession by Aneesa Price just wasn't for me.

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