Try Me, Tempt Me, Take Me

Olivia Cunning

Try Me, Tempt Me, Take Me

Try Me, Tempt Me, Take Me

  • Title: Try Me, Tempt Me, Take Me
  • Author: Olivia Cunning
  • ISBN: 9781939276018
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback

Narrated by Justine O KeefLength 11 hrs and 32 mins Unabridged AudiobookFor the five rock gods of Sole Regret, finding love is easy, keeping it is hard This anthology contains the first three novellas in the One Night with Sole Regret series.In Try Me, Sole Regret s crafty drummer, Gabe Force Banner, seduces a straight laced accountant before she realizes she s talkiNarrated by Justine O KeefLength 11 hrs and 32 mins Unabridged AudiobookFor the five rock gods of Sole Regret, finding love is easy, keeping it is hard This anthology contains the first three novellas in the One Night with Sole Regret series.In Try Me, Sole Regret s crafty drummer, Gabe Force Banner, seduces a straight laced accountant before she realizes she s talking to a rock star In Tempt Me, Sole Regret s troubled lead guitarist, Adam Taylor, might finally be ready to commit to the woman who saved him from a life of despair and abuse In Take Me, Sole Regret s enigmatic vocalist, Jacob Shade Silverton, tries to keep his cool around one off limits woman from his past, but she just might be too hot to resist 2012 Olivia Cunning P 2013 Tantor

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Sole Regretw if only these men truly existed & went on tour with The Sinners :)I did it again, started a series that is not fully released and am playing a very impatient waiting game. I put this down roughly 25 minutes ago and am already craving more I liked Gabe instantly - and the fact that his hobby is making sex machines does not hurt one bit. But then I was introduced to Adam and Adam warms your heart with his troubled past and his sweetnessbut then you meet Jacob. Holy-hell I am not s [...]

Three Novella’s. Three band members of SOLE REGRET Three different stories. Three different nights. Three different “One night stands” that change their lives. TRY METhis is Gabe aka Force and Melanie’s story. Total strangers instantly attracted to each other. She doesn’t know who he is even though she is at the Sole Regret after party. He likes that she doesn’t know who he is and wants him not the rockstar. Badda bing badda boom they go back to his bedroom And HOOOOOOOOO!!!! IS IT H [...]

Great hot series Containing stories of three rockstars, great characters lots of lol moments, lots of sexy times and and all round good read. Listened on audio and found the narration to be good changing accents and allowing you to get a good feel of all the the characters involved. Each book finishes abruptly leaving you wondering how the couple will go on and I assume this picks up again later in the series as it felt more of an introduction to how each couple got together like a novella. Grea [...]

Didn't think it was possible but I'm actually giving a 5 star for the three novellas. It more or less covered every emotion for me. Amazing writing. And to think there will be 12 more of these novellas to look forward to CANNOT WAIT!!! Loved it x

Try Me, Temp Me, Take Me Three novellas that span the course of one night.Try Me, Sole Regret drummer Gabe (Force) meets Melanie at an after party andhe is surprised she doesn't know who he is. He finds it refreshing not tohave a woman throw herself at him because of his rock status! Melanie doesfind herself attracted to him and they end up sharing a night of hot, lustfulorgasm inducing sex! What a force he is, oh yea, and he invents "sex toys"!Gabe and Melanies story will continue in "Tell Me". [...]

Some of the sexual dialogue was over the top in the word choice. I found myself loving Gabe's story with Melony the best until I read Shade/Jacob's story with Amanda. Gotta say, no interest in reading volume 2 but did buy the Part 2 of Gabe's story. Might do the same with Jacob but his part one ended well and it didn't leave me wanting more in terms of a resolution. Bottom lineDid it make me hot in my pants? YesWas some dialogue cheesy? YupWas it a good read/listen: SureHave I had better: oh hel [...]

A ROCKSTAR EXTRAVAGANZAThese three novellas were originally released singlely. But all three are available here in one book. They run seamlessly together it's like reading a complete novel.Each story is about one of the band members of "Sole Regret" I don't want to spoil it for everybody, but what I will say is, that Olivia Cunning is the queen of Rockstar romances IMO. Each member of the band has their problems and hang ups. They are all red hot, with scorching love scenes, and beautifully writ [...]

What a smoking hot book! I'm not sure who I like the best. Gabe with his kinky inventions? Shade with his stage room? Adam with his tender heart? I think for now I pick Gabe. But man Kelly is on my radar.

good for laughs, so cheesy, so unrealistic, rubbery characters and hilarious smut. As a story - not so much.

I want more!!!

dont dothis! its just enough to piss you off!

Really a re-read of the series :)

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Try MeThis is an erotic romance and a novella at that, so I didn't really expect much character development, just sex. I've read the Sinners on Tour series before starting this one, so going into this, I knew the writing style of the author. I expect more 'relationship development' type plots later on in these books, but not for this first one. This was just short and sexy.Melanie is an uptight account, following her best friend to a concert in hopes that they'll get backstage. Melanie is adaman [...]

Well, there's characters and there's sex. Plot and world building (outside the bedroom) not so much. It's only after I started this that I read that these are serial novellas, so there is no resolution in each of these - they are like the opening third of a romance novel. Whatever plot there is seems to be contained in the overall story arc. I enjoy this author's work, so I'll read the following stories, when I'm in the mood for such things.

I enjoyed it

Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook ReviewsBook #1 - Try MeIn general I am not really into the Rockstar Romances. A friend happened to have the first three books of the is series on audiobook, so I thought why not give it a go. The story was surprisingly fun and engaging. I like Melanie, she is a down to earth girl and really snarky! I loved her dynamic with Gage. They were super fun together and the banter was terrific.This is a really short read but it sets things up very nicely. [...]

Overall 3.5 starsWhen you read stories by Olivia Cunning, you should expect dirty and kinky. And this book did not disappoint. Try me is a story about Gabe "Force" the drummer of One Night with Sole Regret, and Melanie an accouter.Unlike her best friend, Melanie was not into Rocker stars, tattoo and piercing that sort of things. When her best friend Nikki dragged her into an after party of One Night with Sole Regret, she met and started chatting with the only semi normal looking guy at the party [...]

One of my favorite rockstar novels. (oh and this is the very first time to write a very, very long review)The stores revolves around the members of Sole Regret. Having a breathtaking, orgasmic One Night stand that changes their lives, forever.Book 1: Try Me: Story about the Sole Regret's Drummer Gabe 'Force' Banner.Review for the first book: I can say that this is my 2nd favorite book. I like Gabe, since he doesn't even exposes his rockstar style in public, he loves being simple and heart of a r [...]

Updating as I finish eachTry MeGotta love Gabe, the brainiac of the group, his talent is his inventionsof the sexual kind. I laughed out loud during one story when he was interrogating a woman about how to build a better sex toy. Must love his enthusiasm. Tempt Me least favorite of the characters, Adam, who has made a few mistakes in his past. They've affected his friendship with Shade, with the band, and he IS trying to get better. Enter the substance abuse counselor with the heart of gold. Of [...]

Average Rating: 4 StarsTry MeRating: 5 StarsIntroduction Story of Gabe and Melanie. Good storyline and introduction of the future band members and some of their issues to be dealt with in other books. Story was well written and I enjoyed both characters. Gabe, the geek with the toys and Melanie, the good girl. I was not into each of their heads too much with the back and forth about starting a relationship. It was refreshing to read. Also, very interesting concept of keeping this goingeach novel [...]

This is three stories in one book. Each one tells a story of a different member of Sole Regret. Each story is a short story and totally hot! Try Me5 StarsThis was a great short story about a girl who ended up falling for the the type of guy she swore she'd never go for! He's tattooed, pierced, hot, and a rock and roll drummer.Melanie is everything Force never realized he wanted. Force was everything she swore she'd stay away from and everything she dreamed of!It was great and it was hot! I only [...]

HOLY SHIT, what IS it about rock stars that just makes them so freaking HOT! I started reading about Sole Regret when I read A Very Naughty Xmas and got to read about Owen and Kellen. In THIS book, you get to read about Gabe, Adam, and Shade. Wow. There is SOOOOO much to this group! I love it! I want more about Sole Regret! I was a little worried that this book would annoy me since it is three short stories compiled into an anthology, but that is not the case at allis is actually just one BIG st [...]

I am torn about this review given how much I enjoy Olivia's writing. To be fair, I think reading the Sole Regret series after the Sinners on Tour series is about managed expectations. I love the Sinners series. Each member of the band covered has depth, a great back story and realistic HEA's. The Sole Regret series, which is modeled in a similar fashion, is a series of short stories that fall within a close time frame with each member of the band and their exploits in one night. The short storie [...]

Try MeGabe/Force (drummer) and MelanieGabe is into toys, more specifically, he's into sex toys he invents. Gabe is fun and adventurous; Melanie is sweet and willing.Tempt MeAdam (lead guitar) and MadisonMadison's insecurity has gotten annoying. She's a drug counselor so she's had training and she would understand that Adam isn't mad at her; he just had a physical fight with a band mate . . . he's just MAD. I struggled with this one a little. I didn't really care for Madison, and I had trouble co [...]

I loved this, but then I have a soft spot for anything Olivia Cunning writes!This book, and the second volume also, are about the rock band Sole Regret. There are three stories in each volume and each story is about a band member and the woman they end up with. I loved the characters, even though I admit I have slightly more affection for the male characters featured in Olivia's 'Sinners On Tour' series. I think the only reason for that is because the Sinners books are bigger and so you get to k [...]

Normally, I love the bad boy rockstars, but there was one in this series that isn't doing it for me.Gabe, woooooo!! i had to fan myself reading his description! I love me some mohawks and tattoos. Melanie was kind of hilarious.Adam is one thay really sparked my interest. I think out of the three of them in this anthology, he was probably the best. I like his deep dark past he's got and his interaction with Madison was awesome!Jacob/Shade ehhh what a weiner (lol) he seemed too soft to be a big ba [...]

Crazy-Erotic-Intense novellas. Whoa!! Gabe (Try Me) was instantly my fav n was so hot with his innocent charm n tattoos. Then Adam (Temp Me).t so sure. His relationship was a little too crazy for me or maybe it was Madison. And then there's Shade (Take Me).WOW!! After coming across like a douchbag he turned out to be my favorite one!! Very hot and actually sweet under those shades. I loved his ending most and am anxious to read more about Gabe and Jacob. Yummy!!! Olivia gave amazing explicit det [...]

Though this book was essentially Sinners on Tour retold through different characters, it was still highly enjoyable. And the book's subtitle, "One Night with Sole Regret" is literal — you only get one night between each couple, with only hints at HEAs. There are still two more band member's whose stories we haven't heard, so maybe we'll get a peek into the previous three couples in those books. But I was a little frustrated because I want to know what happened in each scenario. In particular, [...]

-Kicking myself for putting off reading this series-I read the Sinners series a long while ago, loved it, and it started my obsession with rockstar romances. When I read that the Sole Regret series was "one nighters," I put it at the bottom of my tbr list because I didn't know if I'd enjoy that scenario as much. I totally misinterpreted what was meant by "one night". This series is exactly why I love Olivia Cunning. It has everything: banter, music, band dynamics/relationships, romance, HOTNESS, [...]

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