His Wicked Kiss

Gaelen Foley

His Wicked Kiss

His Wicked Kiss

  • Title: His Wicked Kiss
  • Author: Gaelen Foley
  • ISBN: 9780345480101
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

From emerald jungles to the high seas to the glittering ballrooms of Regency London, beloved author Gaelen Foley tells a sweeping, sensual tale of the ruggedly handsome Lord Jack Knight and the passionate beauty who lays claim to his heart.An English rose blooming in the untamed jungles of South America, Eden Farraday lives a life of independence unheard of for a lady withFrom emerald jungles to the high seas to the glittering ballrooms of Regency London, beloved author Gaelen Foley tells a sweeping, sensual tale of the ruggedly handsome Lord Jack Knight and the passionate beauty who lays claim to his heart.An English rose blooming in the untamed jungles of South America, Eden Farraday lives a life of independence unheard of for a lady with her doctor turned scientist father But Eden misses England desperately When the dangerous and darkly charming Lord Jack Knight sails into her life, she seizes her chance to return to civilization, stowing away aboard his London bound ship.Roguish and charismatic, a self made shipping tycoon with a shadowy past and a well guarded heart, Jack is sailing on a vital secret mission When the redheaded temptress is discovered aboard his vessel, he reacts with fury and undeniable lust Forced to protect her from his rough crew, the devilish Lord Jack demands a scandalous price in exchange for Eden s safe passage across the sea As his wicked kiss ignites an unforgettable blaze of passion between them, Jack and Eden confront a soul searing love that cannot be denied.

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5 stars – Historical/Regency RomanceHere’s my order of favorites in the series:Books:1st. The Duke & Lady of Desire (tie)2nd. Lord of Ice3rd. One Night of Sin4th. Lord of Fire5th. His Wicked Kiss 6th. Devil Takes a BrideHeroes:1st. William Albright, Earl of Rackford; aka “Billy Blade”2nd. Robert “Hawk” Knight, Duke of Hawkscliffe3rd. Lord Alec Knight4th. Lord Damien Knight & Lord Lucien Knight (tie)5th. Lord Jack “Black Jack” Knight6th. Devlin “Devil” Kimbell, Lord St [...]

Es 4.5 pero creo que se merece 5, al menos en mi opinión.He disfrutado mucho con estos personajes, mucho, ya que no tenía ni idea de lo que me iba a encontrar. ¿y qué me he encontrado?Pues a una mujer Eden, tipo a lo tarzan, que ha sido educada en la selva cerca del as. No tiene ni idea de las normal sociales de Londres, ni de los bailes, ni de las relaciones en si misma. Pero anela con todas su fuerzas poder vivir algo normal, ser alguien normal de la sociedad Inglesa (con todas sus tonter [...]

I can't believe that I have come to the end of the series *gasp*.I have loved each and every one of these books and will miss the Knight siblings and partners.Am now interested in reading the Spice Trilogy as they tell the stories of the Knight cousins who are Captain Arthur's children.Full review to follow

Reviewed for THC ReviewsHis Wicked Kiss was a generally enjoyable book that was a pretty good wrap-up to the Knight Miscellany series. It begins in the jungles of Venezuela which was a rather unique setting for a romance novel, then continued with some high-seas adventure and a quick trip to Ireland, before settling into the usual glitz and glitter of the Regency ton. There are a lot of Gaelen Foley's trademarks present here. She always seems to have a knack for drawing me into the story and mak [...]

I really like the premise for this one - the lonely, spirited heroine, shoved off to some jungle with her selfish father absorbed in his work. She is desperate to get out and having spent most of her spare time dreaming about an idealized vision of London Society, just can't wait to get there. Her "saviour" is extremely jealous, likes using his fists to sort things out, has a boatload of personal issues, including a deep dislike of Society, as well as a need for a wife, and is used to being the [...]

Gaelen Foley siempre consigue escribir historias de amor épicas ♥

Como me suele pasar con las novelas de Foley, un sube y baja. Por momentos maravillosa, por momentos aburrida. Por momentos impactante, por momentos infantil.Un comienzo pum pum para arriba, después medio aburridón. La conducta en el barco, medio infantiloide o prejuiciosa. Las escenas de acción, buenísimas.Las sensuales muy bien, aunque algunas a destiempo.Los problemas de pareja, algunos correctos, otros medio border.Demasiadas repeticiones para mi gusto.También, para mi gusto, demasiada [...]

This should be a 4 1/2 star review as I was a tad, a smidge disappointed with the somewhat rushed ending but I cannot thank my good friend ATron enough for turning me on to this author (and sending me her well loved books!! ;D) It was another excellent read.I am a little saddened that this journey of the Knight Miscellany is over. I was captivated by the entire family and agree with some that Lucien Knight (Lord of Fire) was the best one written. He's my favorite brother, hero and overall book.H [...]

This book started with a bang. The hero and heroine were enigmatic and intriguing and seemed to be on course to having a great story. Unfortunately everything seemed to fizzle out a little in the middle. The mental/emotional drama seemed forced and did not seem to have sufficent background for either character. Overall the story was sweet and did provide a quasi-ending for the Knight heroes, but it was not my favorite of the series. I do have the Spice Trilogy still to read, which is supposed to [...]

I am sad to say goodbye to this series but what a great way to end it! This novel is like a historical romance mix between Tarzan and Beauty and the Beast. Really enjoyed reading this series and seeing what happened with the Knight Family.

3.5 starsNo one had ever loved him before, not like this, and he simply dreaded doing or saying one wrong thing that would take her love away from him. It was more precious to him than gold, but it felt as fragile as a flower.I LOVED Eden and Jack so much. As characters, and as a couple. Eden was always going to be a very different, interesting heroine because of her upbringing in the jungles of South America. She does dream of England and London Society and balls and gowns and all, but she can' [...]

Forget all the rest, I am seriously having a Jack attack!! In Book 7 of the Knight Miscellany I fell in love all over again. We are taken out of the drawing room and into the . No longer is it just regular battles and backstabbing nope, we get to see the world. Ms Foley takes us on an adventure sharing bits of our world history outside of England at that time and reminding us that there were always those who walked their own paths.Eden Farraday is desperate to get out of the rain forest. She dre [...]

I really enjoyed this book, but it wasn't quite what I was expecting. The beginning was especially fun. The way Jack met Eden was thoroughly charming. It was no wonder he was swept away. But then things changed a little. It seemed like maybe Jack was the Knight brother who was scarred the most. And I had a hard time with how he expressed himself sometimes. (view spoiler)[I'm talking about the scene when he ruined Eden's first big society ball. He kissed her to make his ex jealous and embarrassed [...]

This was a fun read. Lord Jack was sinful and he knows it. So when sweet and innocent Eden asks him for a ride back to England, he knows it is in her best interest for him to say no. Eden though is determined to get back to England no matter what. So when she stows away on Jack's ship, the sparks really fly. We didn't really know much about Jack from the other books, so he is a dark horse coming into the story. It was an emotional one at times and I felt for him throughout the book. Eden was goo [...]

The beginning of the book was fabulous. The middle of the book was much too long and almost did me in. The ending made up for the middle and did a lot for redeeming this book for me. I didn't realize until I finished the book that this was the last book in a series, so it made sense as to why there were so many characters from other books featured and other story lines going on at the same time.

This was a lot different than the other books in the series because the characters came from such a different part of the world. After they moved to London I wanted to shake Eden to life and not have her be so terrible to Jack.

a good adventurous read.

Eden Faraday lives on a secluded island with her father Victor. She longs to get off the island and see more than what she has already experienced. She is exotic and innocent a perfect combo for our pirate Jack Knight.Jack really is estranged from his family. His mother Georgianna Knight had an affair with a prized fighter and so normal society didn't welcome him in their circles. She was known for this and if you've read the books prior this one you know several of the knight brothers are basta [...]

Do poslednej knihy zo série o Knightovcoch namiešala Gaelen iba tie najlepšpie veci. Romantika sa tu snúbi s dobrodružstvom a s pirátmi. Čo viac si môže romantická dušička priať od historickej romance? Dej začína pútavo v džungli, kde nebojácna a svojská Eden zostrelí hada. Eden nie je typická mladá šľachtická dievčina, ktorá chodí na plesy, na nákupy a necháva sa obletovať mladými gavaliermi. Nie veru. Eden je dcérou muža, doktora, ktorý po smrti manželky opu [...]

I really enjoyed this last installment of the Knight family, only to be pleasantly surprised that we aren't quite done! Yea for cousins! I love reading series books, it is like getting to catch up with old friends and read at the same time!I liked Eden and Jack, they were a sweet couple. There love story was very nicely written. I thought that their feelings were very real, but I wish they would have communicated with each other a little better. That lack was frustrating - their feelings and act [...]

What a great read to end this fantastic series! Lucien Knight is still my favorite!!! However, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the development of each sibling throughout the series! I was thrilled to see each personality explored, enabling me to understand the why and how of the character. I loved that how despite the sins of the parents, the Knight siblings remained loyal to each other and their spouses. I adore Ms. Foley's attention to detail and her ability to transport me into each sett [...]

I liked this one a lot better than the last one. There's non stop action of one kind or another, a good plot, and interesting characters. I was hoping that the rest of the Knight clan would be more involved. I also would have liked to see the other bad people get their just desserts, but we can only hope. One thing doesn't make sense. At the end we read that the new parents are going to spend 6 months in London and 6 months in Jamaica. Back then it took about 5 months to sail from one place to a [...]

The seventh and last of the Knight Miscellany series by Gaelen Foley. This story is about Lord Jack Knight. He's on a secret mission when Eden Farraday stows away on board his ship. I liked it but not my favorite at all. Starts out in South America.

Como me pasa con esta autora, al principio me costo bastante pero luego cogi ritmo. Me encanta Jack. Mi pega es la prota a la que he cogido una mania terrible desde que vuelven a Londres, no la puedo ver9/10

Este no fue tan cool, pero lo perdono porque el hermano Maddox Jack ha sido el hermano que más se ha arrastrado por su mujer y pues ya.

Sexy pirates are sexy.

Wish the Dpilogue would've been better. Overall, great read.

** 3.5 -4 Stars **

Eden Farraday craves nothing more than to experience London for the season but she is stuck in the wilds of Venezuela with her father while he seeks precious plants that can cure all number of illnesses. When Jack Knight, the infamous black sheep of the Knight clan, stumbles across Eden in the jungle, she finally sees a means of escape. Stowing away on Jack's ship, Eden finds herself on a journey of survival and discovery. When Jack discovers the stow away is none other than the beauty he met in [...]

Enfim concluo essa série que foi permeada de altos e baixos.Todos tem o mesmo 'plot twist' e são um pouco mais longos do que deveriam. Muitas situações são pura enrolação e não acrescentam nada na trama final.Gostei e desgostei de vários personagens, mas não irei sentir saudade.É a vez do filho perdido, Lorde Jack Knight. Um contrabandista de sucesso que se afastou da família e sociedade. Não gostei muito dele, era muito carente e pose de poderoso sem dar explicações atrasaram mui [...]

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