The Darcy Connection

Elizabeth Aston

The Darcy Connection

The Darcy Connection

  • Title: The Darcy Connection
  • Author: Elizabeth Aston
  • ISBN: 9781416547259
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback

In The Darcy Connection, Mr Collins of Pride and Prejudice is now the Bishop of Ripon, living with his wife, Charlotte, and their two daughters, who have reached marriageable age The elder, another Charlotte, is extraordinarily beautiful, and her parents hope her looks and connections will ensure a brilliant marriage Her sister, Eliza, while not as handsome, possesses aIn The Darcy Connection, Mr Collins of Pride and Prejudice is now the Bishop of Ripon, living with his wife, Charlotte, and their two daughters, who have reached marriageable age The elder, another Charlotte, is extraordinarily beautiful, and her parents hope her looks and connections will ensure a brilliant marriage Her sister, Eliza, while not as handsome, possesses a lively intelligence that, in Mr Collins s opinion, is too like her godmother, Mrs Darcy In London, Charlotte s beauty wins her many admirers, despite her small fortune But Eliza s wit and attempts to interfere in what she considers an unsuitable marriage for her sister infuriate her family and Charlotte s suitor until Eliza herself meets her match New and old fans alike will relish this witty, romantic, thoroughly entertaining novel from a highly talented author.

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I know these kinds of books are silly and are probably blasphemy to most Austen-ites, but I can't help it, I love them. This one was exciting and I couldn't put it down. The main characters are the daughters of Charlotte and Mr. Collins and the story line echoes a lot of Pride & Prejudice. It's not going to win any awards, but it's a really fun read.

I usually like to read book series in chronological order, but for some reason I picked this particular Pride and Prejudice spinoff by Elizabeth Aston to read first. I figured that, since each book in the series focuses on different characters based on those of Jane Austen's classic novel, I could start reading any one of them.Such was not the case with The Darcy Connection. Often times I was lost because I didn't know the characters who were apparently introduced in Aston's previous novels. Thi [...]

I just finished it and have such a grin on my face! I have enjoyed all of Ashton's books-- and this one is by far her best! Her writing is always top-notch, well-developed story lines, and well researched for the language and period. How can you not immediately love the heroine of the story who is named after her godmother, Elizabeth Darcy! and has similar character traits. Some of Ashton's characters from her previous books are sprinkled through out adding color and drama even the dispicable Ge [...]

Overall, I found this book charming and intriguing. It was fun to get a glimpse of what might have become of the Darcy and Collins children. The plot line, though starting off a little slow and confusing (I haven't read the other books), grew to be engulfing as you were thrown into one conflict after another and left you half breathless to see what would happen next. That said, there were a few things that were not "shown" or explained that left me quite confused and hindered my enjoyment a litt [...]

This book was drawn out and then suddenly concluded. The relationship between the main characters didn't really take off until the last bit of the book. It was an ok account on an imagined future of The Collin's girls. I didn't think the chances of one of the girls being an amazing beauty and the other being like Elizabeth Bennet was very likely, so it was not very believable in that sense. However, it provided some entertainment and a typical plot of that era. I love books written in this parti [...]

This was a fun book to read. It had many parallels (obviously) to Pride and Prejudice. I enjoyed this story more. It was an easier read and had some interesting characters. This is the story of the daughters of Mr. Collins and Charlotte. Both go to London; One determined to find a match, the other determined not to find a match. Eliza is the younger sister with a "true love" at home. She is also very feisty and has much the personality of Elizabeth Bennett. Charlotte is the older sister who seem [...]

I'm sorry, I just cannot recommend this book. I kept trying to read faster to get to the end so I would know how it ended without spending too much more time in it. Not only was the plot copied almost exactly from the original Pride and Prejudice, but the author relied heavily on memory of and projection from the original in her character development. Then several of the parts that *were* unique contributions went beyond my ability to suspend my disbelief, making confusing or unfounded leaps in [...]

Another novel of peripheral characters to P&P. This one follows the London season of the two daughters of Charlotte and Mr. Collins. The beautiful eldest sister, Charlotte, is granted a season in London by her godmother, in the hopes that her looks will snare a husband rich enough to further Mr. Collins' professional advancement. The younger sister, Eliza (named after Elizabeth Bennett), is packed off to London in disgrace, having fallen for the son of the county squire. Aston's characters m [...]

I usually dislike Austen sequels, but I've really enjoyed Elizabeth Aston's series, and this one is especially fun. Eliza and Charlotte were very believable daughters to Mr Collins, and the romantic comedy was sparkling. Personally, I would have preferred to have fewer parallels to the first Eliza's romance, and a bit more clarity in the novel's resolution, but overall, this was a complete pleasure to read.

I liked all of Elizabeth Aston's Darcy novels, but the two I've liked best are this one and the first, "Mr. Darcy's Daughters". This one seemed very Austen and the characters were well done and interesting. Although, as with most novels of this sort, one can predict whom the heroine will end up with, there were complications and surprises that made it fun and interesting.

Synopsis: After forming an unacceptable attachment to the son of a local squire, Eliza is sent to London in disgrace. Of course that doesn’t work, because Eliza makes a sensational splash wherever she goes. She also has a sister who is somewhat important.I love the Darcys and anything Darcy related, so my opinion of this book may be skewed. In fact, I think it has to be, because I don’t like love stories and every single one of these books has the same plot. So much of these stories carries [...]

Decent book. Some of the character actions are a little hard to believe, but it’s funny and fun to read.

I liked it better than Mr. Darcy's Daughters. Glad I stumbled on this at the library! A fun, escapist read.

How exciting it was. I still hope though that Warren will lose his heart too. That would be rather amusing I reckon.

Ce nouveau roman reprend les ficelles des quatre qui l'ont précédés Cette fois ce n'est pourtant pas une Darcy le personnage principal mais Eliza Collins, la fille du fameux pasteur (devenu évêque) Pour rappel de sa parenté avec Mr Darcy (histoire de rigoler cinq minutes) : elle est la fille du cousin de la femme de Darcy partant de là est-il judicieux de parler "d'esprit Darcy" ? Bref, le mot Darcy est assez racoleur pour faire vendre, ce que l'auteure a apparemment bien compris Sur l'hi [...]

Après avoir lu et apprécié "les filles de Mr Darcy" du même auteur je me suis lancée dans la lecture de ce 5ème tome (je crois).D'entrée de jeux, comme dans le célèbre "Orgueil et préjugés" de Jane Austen, les deux protagonistes (Elisa et Bartholomey) ne s'entendent pas.Les personnages sont bien construits, le décor est planté, le style de l'auteur est fluide mais l'histoire manque de rythme, un peu d'originalité (même si je sais qu'avec le thème on est plutôt limité) et j'ai t [...]

Remember the dimwitted, long-winded Mr. Collins (how could you forget?), cousin to the Bennet's and title holder of Worst Marriage Proposal in all of Literature? Well he's Bishop of Ripon, and has two daughter's: Charlotte, the eldest and most beautiful girl in all of England, and "Plain Jane" Eliza. They also have a son, Charles, who's supposedly just like his father, but while the name is tossed about, the Collins boy isn't actually in the story.The Darcy Connection is the fifth installment in [...]

This was, well it was a nice read now and again. But mostly I just now and then saw characters I knew, there was the "Mr Wickham" "Mr Darcy" "Lizzy" "Jane" and "Mr Collins. She could have tried more to give them voices of their own and not mould them after Austen figures. Just because it's an Austen sequel does not mean every character have to be the same.This story is about Mr Collins and Charlotte's daughters, Charlotte and Eliza (that is Jane and Lizzy). Eliza is in love with a neighbour and [...]

I have enjoyed this book a lot. There was enough "connections" to the Pride and Prejudice to make it likeable. I am a big Jane Austen fan and like so many know that there must be unlimited number of sequels to this classic romance. Some great, and some not-so-great.This story is full of colourful characters. Some very likeable, and some very disagreeable indeed. The heroine of this story is Eliza Collins - very clever young lady, with no great beauty and no real prospects, but who has an older s [...]

Ho hum. I must stop reading these. This Jane Austen sequelish type book supposedly takes place years after Pride & Prejudice. The main character is not related to Elizabeth or Darcy, but is the daughter of her friend Charlotte and Mr Collins. She is now about 20, and looking to get married.The characters' connections from a large supporting cast were weak and unconvincing. The older sister was cold and unaccessible to this reader. The scenes were such that JA would never have written them (e [...]

This book took me back in time to continue the story of the characters from Pride and Prejudice. It takes place long after Elizabeth has married Mr. Darcy, when they have a family of their own, and their friends have families. When I started this book I had no idea that this was the 3rd in the series. I'm reading #1 now and I like this story better. This story is about Mr. Collins and his family. If you can remember, Mr. Collins had a fancy for Elizabeth Bennett, but Lizzy found him to be a very [...]

I must admit, that when I first read the summary of this story, I was unsure if I would like it. Not because of the author or the story itself, but because I disliked the character of Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice. And as this story is of Mr. Collins's daughters, one could see my hesitation. However, as I was reading the story I found myself pleasantly suprised. I found the story to be well written, and enjoyed Aston's portrayal of Regency London. I also liked being able to catch up with ch [...]

I do enjoy Ms. Aston's Austen fan fiction more than the others. I think that she, more so than most, has been able to truly capture the lighthearted spirit of Austen's writing, making her works enjoyable to read. Nonetheless, I did find this volume more formulaic and predicable than the others that she's written. The only surprise really was the early proposal by Bruton. There are also far too many loose ends in this book. The were too many things that were not properly attended to and too many [...]

First read years ago.This time around, I liked it, but it annoyed me how closely the romantic plot resembled Pride and Prejudice. Provincial Eliza Collins comes to London, is snubbed by handsome, wealthy young banker Mr. Bruton. They next meet, she refuses to dance with him, holds her grudge for ages. She thinks his friend Freddie would be a good match for her sister, who doesn't reveal what she is feeling, ever. Mr. Bruton objects. Eliza's family and her sister's future brother-in-law pressure [...]

I would give this book a 3.5 but not a 4 because for the most part the story read well with a few places that didn't hold my attention. But alas it shall only be a 3 today because of the lack of a half-star rating system. I enjoyed reading this story of the two daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Collins (always said in my head with Mrs. Bennett's voice in the Keira/Matthew Pride & Prejudice movie), Charlotte and Eliza Collins, and even getting to know one of the Darcy daughters from another of Aston' [...]

When I read the first book of this series, I may have been a little harsh in my criticism of it. I enjoyed this book and how it connected to the small world of 'Pride and Prejudice'. I still hold to some of my criticisms of the first book, though. This book is NOT written in the style of Jane Austen, nor should it be. It is just a fun historical romance in typical modern style. The characters don't seem to hold true to the original characters as closely as I would hope--are children really that [...]

This book is a sad attempt to replicate Jane Austen's style. In an attempt to combine Sense and Sensibility themes with Pride and Prejudice themes, and some element of her own story, Elizabeth Aston loses the Austen era flair and instead writes a silly chick-lit novel with too many elements to keep track of the story. At the end of the story, there are only a few pages left, and she introduces a whole new element to the story, which falls flat.I feel like both of the Charlotte Collins' were unde [...]

I think I may like this one the best of Aston's series. I like that it was about a connection to the Darcys rather than the Darcy sisters themselves (even though Camilla is present). I was getting a little tired of the antics of the Darcy sisters in the previous books. I didn't care for Charlotte all that muchbut, Aston really didn't give the reader a chance to get to know her as well as Eliza. There are a couple of scenes that I think tell a lot about Charlotte's character without Aston having [...]

I read this back-to-back with The Second Mrs. Darcy and found that it was enjoyable when I just pretended it had nothing to do with Pride and Prejudice.Aston is a fairly good writer, so I'm bothered that she felt the need to attract readers by attaching her books to Pride and Prejudice when her characters are so out of character with Austen's work. It's a trick to get her books more notice--it obviously worked since I picked them up.That being said, Aston seems to understand Regency England. Als [...]

I am actually really enjoying this series of Jane Austen fan-fiction by Elizabeth Aston. It's amusing that she takes secondary characters from the original P&P and gives them children who have come of age and end up in scrapes along the way to finding their true loves. In this story the author incorporated the 'prejudice' angle from the original P&P where the main love-interest couple starts off disliking each other over their prideful misconceptions of one another. This novel does bette [...]

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