Deconverted: a Journey from Religion to Reason

Seth Andrews Matt Dillahunty

Deconverted: a Journey from Religion to Reason

Deconverted: a Journey from Religion to Reason

  • Title: Deconverted: a Journey from Religion to Reason
  • Author: Seth Andrews Matt Dillahunty
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback

In this 190 page autobiography, Seth Andrews host of The Thinking Atheist recounts his religious upbringing, his years in Christian schools, his decade as a Christian broadcaster, his ultimate apostasy, and how a 30 year believer could one day come to create one of the most popular atheist communities on the internet.This book helps to give an inside out look at the protIn this 190 page autobiography, Seth Andrews host of The Thinking Atheist recounts his religious upbringing, his years in Christian schools, his decade as a Christian broadcaster, his ultimate apostasy, and how a 30 year believer could one day come to create one of the most popular atheist communities on the internet.This book helps to give an inside out look at the protestant Christian culture in the United States, and it will hopefully encourage others as they deal with the difficult questions in their own journeys toward truth.

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This could easily be my coming out of the closet, although I'm trying to keep this from showing up on my FB profile. My profile is public though. It's not that I am ashamed of being non-religious that I've stayed in the closet for so many years, it's because of all the pain this would cause my family. They'd think me bound for eternal flames after all. I'm not even sure I'd have a family, if they knew. I don't live in the same country as them, and haven't for many years. Makes it easier to hide [...]

Seth Andrews has written a refreshing and delightful account of his deconversion experience. I hear many deconversion stories, so I look for the angle that is new and actually tells me something different. This book does that. Seth is an excellent writer and communicates both the emotional and intellectual parts of his journey out of religion. I was most intrigued to get an insider's view of the Contemporary Christian Music world CCM. Having personally seen the sex (and drugs) in the gospel mus [...]

A well written personal story of moving from being a member in a culture where the answers to all the questions were given to you within the comfortable bubble of faith to the more uncertain bigger world where the answers are not so readily available and must be earned through critical thinking.I cannot help but admire anyone who makes such a leap is incredibly difficult to proclaim yourself as separate in such a fundamental way as world view from all those around you and it is especially diffic [...]

While well written and undoubtedly courageous, I thought this book left a lot to be desired. There's a couple instances in which Andrews talks of being a "professional communicator". He says how much he loves storytelling and that being a broadcaster afforded him ample opportunities to do so. That being said, I felt this story fell kind of flat. The info in this book doesn't seem to go beyond what a Bio Blurb might say on his website or any other 'About' tab. This is an Oklahoma-born guy who was [...]

Seth Andrews, although not an author by trade, has pieced together a surprisingly creative and well thought-out composition in ‘De-Converted’, which details his personal transition from a completely devout, bible-loving Christian to full-on non-believing atheist. I found the account of his personal journey out of theism and away from dogma, tremendously interesting as it provides amazing insight into the world of the devout Christian communities of the Deep South where extreme religiosity se [...]

Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason is a well-written semi-autobiography by Seth Andrews told with passion and pathos of his life-changing move from theism to atheism.While not the same in details, my own life mirrors in general the same steps that Seth passed through in shaking off the uselessness of faith and religion in order to embrace reasoning, science and reality. The slowly dawning acknowledgment that a so-called infallible book was instead full of inconsistencies and that the [...]

Atheism is NOT About YouReally, it’s not. It is not an affront to your existence. It is about science. It is about questioning and searching for answers. It is about thinking for oneself.For the God-themed issue of Zen Dixie, I read three books on atheism. No, these books did not provide me with any life-changing realizations – it was more like, as “they” say, “preaching to the choir.”Yes, I am an atheist. No, I do not believe in anyone else’s God. And, like I said in the opening p [...]

I always enjoyed Seth's atheist show, so hearing that he was releasing a book I was interested. Though truthfully I had some doubts, "Seth, a radio guy, writing a book? It might be good, but can it be great?" And yes, it can be great, and it was.Seth tells us his story of growing up a strong believer and how he started to question his religious beliefs. And at an age where the "every other sunday"-type church-people start really considering getting "closer with "the lord", Seth stepped away. Wit [...]

I hope Seth writes another book just like this one, but detailing his life since the Thinking Atheist was born because I really got a kick out of seeing this larger than life radio persona try his hand at penning a memoir. This story had all the great things that I love about Seth's on air performances! I had read mixed reviews of this book, but I have nothing bad to say about it, other than I wish it had been longer! LOL If you're looking for a detailed manual on how to debate with the religiou [...]

I purchased this book directly from the author this past weekend at a conference he was speaking at, and found in our conversation that Seth is markedly friendly, open, and passionate about his endeavors and the atheist (recovering from religion) community that he is in.Seth's book depicts his young life as a child, teen and young adult which in some ways parallels mine although I wasn't immersed in the religious culture as deeply as he was, and it wasn't until my early 40's that I made that 'pu [...]

My background and Seth's are similar. While I was familiar with most of his deconversion story (via his podcast, site, and speeches), I still found Deconverted entertaining. I listened to it in audio format; Seth narrated it himself, which made the version all the better.This is an excellent gift (or loaner) if you have family members who don't understand how you could have deviated from how you were raised. Seth's story is pretty common amongst American theist-turned-nonbelievers. His straightf [...]

This was very good, but if anything the story was a little too by-the-book and a little boring. Nothing too exciting happens. The audiobook narration was excellent; I could see being less entertained if I had been reading instead of listening. The sections about the history of radio and his industry were interesting. The part I really wanted to hear more about was what triggered his conversion; why would he change his mind when none of his coworkers or family or friends were similarly affected? [...]

Very easy-to-read, clearly expressed story from someone whose story I feel I could have written myself. Atheists, or just people who believe in rational thought, are often seen as angry, hateful people. This is not that. I really love how he is able to tell his story, honestly and rationally, while respecting those who did not and do not share his beliefs. Will be recommending this to many as a way to explain to them my own 'journey'.

Seth is the host of the Thinking Atheist podcast (though he's the first to say he's not "The" Thinking Atheist, that it's more of a symbol). He's mentioned in the past that his book would delve more into his days in Christian radio and such, and I wasn't disappointed. His writing style, much like his podcasting style, is conversational, easy to follow, and entertaining (while remaining informative).

While this little memoir is not great literature, it's an interesting life's journey for a good little Christian boy raised in a good Christian home in Oklahoma, smack in the middle of the bible belt. Seth Andrews is in his 40s and I predict the best is yet to come in Seth's career. Andrews is already a force in the community of rationalism, and with his friends Matt Dillahunty and Aaron Ra at work, Texas and Oklahoma may never be the same.

As an ex JW I loved reading this book as the reasoning often followed my own journey and I could self relate. I love the fact that the author is helping to free so many from indoctrinated fear based on doctrines that he calmly unravels based on common sense and reasoning. A wonderful tool for any who are looking for a calm voice of reason

I do not often give books 5 stars but this book is exceptional. Seth shows great respect for all of the people in his life as he tells his story of the journey from religion to reason. As an atheist who is still finding her feet, I felt that this book had a part of me in it and Seth's extremely entertaining manner of speech is exceedingly easy to read. LOVE LOVE LOVE! ^_^

I knew much of Seth's story from listening to his podcast, but he goes into much greater detail here. The book is great for atheists looking to learn about the journey of others, as well as for believers who might not understand how one might go from belief to nonbelief. Seth tells his story with great wit, insight, without condescending to those whose beliefs he no longer shares.

Great book by Seth and his journey from delusion to reason. He not only broke out of religion he became it's nemesis. He goes through his early childhood indoctrination and his Christian radio stent to his final journey as the founder of one of the most popular atheist sites called The Thinking Atheist. Overall great story.

It was interesting book, and I have struggled with questions and doubts myself. But when it comes to the single biggest question in the book- why does God allow bad things to happen-the answer is simple. Free will. The only way bad things wouldn't happen is if we were all puppets on God's string.

Enjoyed it, but would have liked more of Seth's personal story in it - e.g. How he is coping nowadays in his current relationship.

Such a great read. Thought provoking and captivating from start to finish. :-)

If you listen to Seth Andrews' The Thinking Atheist podcast, you've already heard most of what's in this book. (But Seth has a voice like melted chocolate, so it's enjoyable to hear again.)The best chapters give us an insider's view of the business of selling Christianity, through Seth's experiences as a Christian radio broadcaster. Recommended for those just starting out on their atheist journey, as Seth is compassionate, wise and funny.

my first pro-atheism book. I enjoyed it. so much of the "Christianity brainwashing" that he encountered were my a-ha moments.

Seth has a way with words. Mostly comedic and sound-bite, he likes a high polish that appeals to a broader audience rather than a deeper one. This is not a bad thing as it introduces hard topics on a level most people can 'handle', but this isn't a book intended for philosophical discussions.Reading this book without bias is impossible, as I have been listening to little snippets of this book in one form or another for two years now, since I started listening to the thinkingatheist podcast.An ex [...]

I like to listen to peoples stories. Conversions or Deconversions - does not really matter. The stories matter. They are personal. In the case of Deconversion, they are however often negatively personal. What I mean by this is that they are a conversion from something, that is both hurtful and at the same time of course liberating. This is the reason this books get two stars, almost three (that is, more that 1). For the content in it self, the book is bashing at the wrong tree. Yes it is persona [...]

Seth Andrews was a widely recognizable personality in Christian broadcasting throughout the US who chronicles his path into Christianity, his career in Christian broadcasting, and his journey into providing compassion and conversation for people who have similar experiences. Today, Seth runs the popular, largely free-form internet call-in show "The Thinking Atheist", where he covers a wide range of subjects about religion, religious culture (specifically contemporary christian culture) and fear- [...]

An excellent, brief memoir of Andrews's path from Christianity to atheism and all that he's done in the growing freethought movement. It reads as if he's in the room with you, telling you story after story in a way only Seth can. If you love his show, you'll love this book.

Full disclosure here: I have been a fan of Seth Andrews and his The Thinking Atheist podcast for quite a while now and that was the reason I bought this book. He's talked about his past before but never in so much detail (unless I've missed a crucial episode or speech or talk or guest appearance) and I have always been curious about his full deconversion story. I'm sure there's even more to it than what's in this book but I am SO glad that I read this.This book is engaging and easy to read and r [...]

This short book is an interesting read, a biographical account on how a christian radio personality took the steps from religion to atheism, even activism.Seth Andrews is perhaps most known today for his website and podcast, The Thinking Atheist. In this book he recounts the origin of the site, and community that he created.The writing style is fine, but it won't win any literary prices. He's simply "some guy" (his words) trying to think for himself after years of indoctrination.In Europe we som [...]

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