Wild Men of Alaska

Tiffinie Helmer

Wild Men of Alaska

Wild Men of Alaska

  • Title: Wild Men of Alaska
  • Author: Tiffinie Helmer
  • ISBN: 9780615736112
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback

IntenseRuggedSexyUntamedA collection of four novellas in the Wild Men of Alaska series Impact IntenseHe arrested her five years ago and has been waiting for her ever since She s vowed never to lay eyes on him again Wrecked in a small plane, with an arctic storm bearing down, they won t survive if they don t survive each other Moosed Up Rugged He sIntenseRuggedSexyUntamedA collection of four novellas in the Wild Men of Alaska series.ImpactIntenseHe arrested her five years ago and has been waiting for her ever since She s vowed never to lay eyes on him again Wrecked in a small plane, with an arctic storm bearing down, they won t survive if they don t survive each other Moosed UpRugged He s big and hot and hungry for a mate, but has a secret that seems destined to ruin his chances at love She can t trust herself when it comes to men and knows next to knowing about surviving Alaska The moose are loose and the men are hungry DreamweaverSexyHe led a charmed life until he was murdered Now he s a desperate man who can only touch her in her dreams She s a tempted woman who thinks she s going crazy when she starts having out of this world sex with a dream lover Is their love real Or is it just a dreamBearing AllUntamed He s lured her to the edge of Alaska, hoping enough time has passed that her heart has softened and her knives have dulled She s been sent to assassinate him Again This time she intends to succeed without ending up in his bed They ll be stripped bare before the night is over

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3.50 StarsAudiobook VersionFirstly, I loved the narrator. She had such a smooth, confident voice that she actually lulled me to sleep once or twice--which for this long-suffering insomniac was not a bad thing. Also, her ability to seamlessly switch between dual POVs came off as effortless.This was a box-set of four novellas by author Tiffinie Helmer featuring four very intense, Alaskan alpha males--an Alaskan State Trooper, a Wildlife Refuge Officer, a murdered mountain climber & an ex-KGB a [...]

A rather disappointing buy, sorry to say. I liked the second story, "Moosed Up", but not so much the rest. "Moosed Up" was the more believable story with the most plot. There was an antagonist, though he barely got in the way of the romance, a cast of characters, and a chance for the two main characters to get to know each other.The first story, "Impact" was not a story as far as I'm concerned. It was a scene out of a story. And it wasn't very believable. After crashing in Alaska, the hero and h [...]

I'm listening to the audio version of this that has books 1-4 all done together.Book#1: Impact3 starsAudio time: 0-2:05This is a short story about 2 ex-lovers that get trapped together in a crashed plane during a storm in the wilds of Alaska. Wren and Skip grew up together and were each other's first loves. The full details are sketchy but it appears that certain things ended Wren on a path where she got hooked on drugs and Skip had to arrest her for her own good. I didn't have an issue with tha [...]

Book One IMPACTI love stories about lovers who reunite for a second chance at love. And I love stories that take place in my home state of Alaska!With this short story by Tiffinie Helmer, I have both.When Wren Terni returns to her village for a wedding, the last person she wants to see is Alaska State trooper Skip Ozhuwan, the man who arrested and sent her to jail for 5 years. But as luck would have it, he is on the same small 3 seat plane as her. When they crash in the mountains, these two have [...]

Getting to read Tiffinie's books all in one with this bundle was such a treat. It spoiled me and now I want more more more. Getting to read each story, one after the other was beyond amazing. I can't decide which was my favorite because to be honest they all had something special about them. There was enough action, passion, love and smoking hot sex scenes in this bundle to burn my kindle up!! Each stories were very well written and unique. I truly loved this bundle!! Impact- Skip and Wren's sto [...]

This set of fab books is like icing on a cake !! Delightful, decadent and hard to put down ! I've read them all and enjoyed them immensily !I read these books in almost one sitting;I was hooked within the first pages till I had turned the last page. Tiffinie Helmer always captivates me with her writing, her stories are always unique, well detailed and easily envisaged and I immensely enjoy the characters that she scripts. Her settings that her stories are set in, are to die for,and as a reader I [...]

4 amazing story's in this boxed "Wild Men of Alaska" set.Impact - Skip and Wren are hot together. The hardships they endured and be able to have love push that aside so they can work through it all. Moosed-up - Super fun and sexy story. And I think all of us can say getting Moosed Up is one heck of a thing. Eva and Lynx are pure chemistry together. Even heart broken Eva is such a strong person. Dream Weaver - This story was a bit para-normal but was still a great read. Gemma and Lucky were a gre [...]

I can't say enough about Helmer's Wild Men of Alaska! I started these books as individual e-reads, and was thrilled when they came out in a print volume! Helmer does an excellent job with setting details and her heroes are simply let's just say they grow em extremely hunky in Alaska! I have her latest books in my TBR pile and I'm looking forward to more of whatever Helmer writes!

I really enjoyed the first two stories of this anthology (Impact and Moosed Up), both of which I would rate at 3.5 stars.The last two stories were not my cup of tea, but the first two more than make this anthology worth it.


Nice read.

Great reads filled with humor, emotion, and sexy romance. Descriptive and captivating.

Interesting and entertaining set of books. Enjoyed the humour in the second story, the premise of the third, and the suspense in the fourth. Will definitely read more books by this author.

I made it through 3 out of 4 books but could not make myself continue - AwfulI really hate writing bad reviews. But here's is the thing I paid $7.99 for this "4 book bundle" (it sounds like a lot of books, but in reality all 4 books total 428 pages). I only made it through book 3. I could not even continue onto book 4. Each page was d_mn near cringe inducing for me personally. I'm a bit disappointed in myself because I tend to read samples before purchasing books, but the synopsis sold me on thi [...]

There's nothing I enjoy more, especially when I'm feeling a wee bit down that a whole pack of seriously sexy men especially when they are holed up in Alaska . just think of those long nights!Other than the (almost obligatory for ebooks) typographical and grammatical error this was actually really well written, and enjoyed very much.In order of preference for this four book bundle, my vote would be Moosed Up (Book 2); Impact (Book1) and Dreamweaver (Book 3) as joint second, and then Bearing All [...]

Of the four stories, Moosed Up is my favorite. Dreamweaver is another good and interesting story. Impact is fun to read with a lot of humor, despite it being very short. Bearing All is my least favorite with too much action for my taste. but the plot twist saves the story.In Moosed Up, it's very interesting to read about small town Alaska with detailed description of beautiful scenery. The story of how H and h meet, their banters and their interactions are like in romantic comedy movies. My favo [...]

This was a sweet and sexy collection of four short stories. I was really impressed with the way the author was able to create characters in such a short period of time and give a believable HEA for each of the stories. I can't decide which one is my fave but the second one had me laughing out loud in several parts (the moose was hysterical), and the third story, with it's paranormal twist was hot and I loved how the ending turned out. (Though, poor Cub! :( ). The first story would have been bett [...]

Wild Men Of Alaska by Tiffinie HelmerThursday, February 19, 2015The story had all of the characteristics that I like to discover when finding a good book to read:• One or more HOT alpha males• Interesting characters• Good backup characters• Hot chemistry between heroine/hero• Entertaining story lines• Unique situations• Danger• Secrets• Action• Drama• Suspense• Romance• IntrigueI would highly recommended these stories (personal favorite was Dreamweaver). I would like to [...]

A fun set of quick, entertaining reads that I grabbed after seeing it on Book Bub. This was my introduction to Tiffinie Helmer's books, and I had to grab the first of her Romance on the Edge novels Edge based on the teaser at the end of this set. I'm really enjoying the characters and stories she's created, and the wild Alaskan backdrop makes for lots of fun.

Alaska await you with wild hunky manWild and moving storyline in all five novels. My first Alaskan read looking for more romantic adventures . Funny and warm with twists and turns that captures your romantic interests. A change from the hundreds of novels I've read about highlander,ops and vamps.

I enjoyed these books. Some were a little far fetched but that's why it's called fiction right? My favorite character had to be BW. Short for Bullwinkle. Too funny just the thought of him wandering they town with a bra stuck on his antlers! I also loved the spy vs spy concept in the fourth book.

Truly enjoyable 4 book bundle. Each takes place in Alaska & the author describes the scenery so well you can picture yourself there. Each story is intriguing with a whole lot of passion & hot sexy men. Love, laughter, chemistry, paranormal, action, adventure, danger, suspense & of course romance makes it hard to put the books down.

Quite enjoyed these short stories. Quite an interesting mix considering they are in an anthology together. The only real connection between the stories is Alaska. Still, a lot of hot and sexy loving, good romance and a bit of spiritual mumbo jumbo to round it off. Four nice, quick and easy reads to make a weekend go by a bit faster.

Short novellas in a multi-book set for my ereader. The first and second stories were pretty good but the third and fourth left a lot to be desired. I would read them separately as Moosed Up and Impact were okay but would skip Dreamweaver and Bearing All.

I really enjoyed all 4 books but I do have a favorite and that's without a doubt a tie between Moosed up and Bearing all!! Keep the books coming I will definitely be reading all the books from this author! Recommended reads!

2/20/15 - 99 cents on Kindle

I really loved these books. The heroes were totally sexy, and the supernatural elements added a fun flair to the stories. Awesome.

Liked the set of books.

Free 4 book bundle download from .Overall easy reads, I was surprised that I like them :0The 3rd and last story were my fav.

I enjoyed the first two stories in this book, but the last two lost my interest. I would suggest buying Impact (so so) and Moosed Up (fun, sexy) seperately.

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