Venus on the Half-Shell

Philip José Farmer Kilgore Trout

Venus on the Half-Shell

Venus on the Half-Shell

  • Title: Venus on the Half-Shell
  • Author: Philip José Farmer Kilgore Trout
  • ISBN: 9780352398468
  • Page: 359
  • Format: None

Simon Wagstaff is the Space Wanderer, a seeker of truth and electric banjo player who narrowly escapes the Deluge that destroys Earth when he happens upon an abandoned Chinese spaceship, the Hwang Ho A man without a planet, he gains immortality from an elixir drunk during a sexual interlude with a cat like alien queen in heat Now, with his pet owl, his dog Anubis and a sSimon Wagstaff is the Space Wanderer, a seeker of truth and electric banjo player who narrowly escapes the Deluge that destroys Earth when he happens upon an abandoned Chinese spaceship, the Hwang Ho A man without a planet, he gains immortality from an elixir drunk during a sexual interlude with a cat like alien queen in heat Now, with his pet owl, his dog Anubis and a sexy robot companion, Simon charts a 3,000 year course to the most distant corners of a multiverse full of surprises to seek out the answers to the questions no one can seem to answer.

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Writing, and reading, fan fiction is a risky business. I know of a couple of succesful attempts : The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn and arguably the Tales of the Ketty Jay by Chris Wooding (for Firefly fans). In the case of Philip Jose Farmer, I must confess I was underwhelmed, the main reason being I'm such a big fan of Kurt Vonnegut that I couldn't help comparing this parody project with the master's originals.In Farmer's defense, the trashy plot and the florid style was probably deliberate. [...]

As everyone knows who's come across him in Kurt Vonnegut's books, Kilgore Trout had great ideas, but couldn't write. So, in a way, it's fitting that Philip José Farmer had a great idea - actually to write the Kilgore Trout novel Venus on the Half Shell, which is referred to in God Bless You, Mr Rosewater - but that the result is embarrassing for everyone concerned. The best part of Venus is definitely the blurb on the back cover, which, at least in the edition I read, faithfully reproduces the [...]

lots of people seem to find this book silly. well, it was written by a dude who pretended to be Vonnegut's favorite made-up author, kilgore trout. but you know, i loved it, seriously. it was odd, whimsical, with a touch of seriousness here and there to be followed up by self-mockery. since i've been mildly self-aware i've adored, by genetic default, the works of Vonnegut, forced upon me by parents with crazy love for him. so, i must admit, the only thing the man ever did which depresses me was t [...]

"Kilgore Trout"'s only published novel is like a cross between The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the Oz books, except 20 times dirtier. Simon Wagstaff is on a quest for the answers to his questions, namely, "Why are we here?" and"Who created all these weird candy-heart shaped indestructable towers on most of the planets in the universe -- but not Earth's galaxy?" Simon gets one of his questions answered, and meets some very interesting aliens along the way. Except for the long, involved d [...]

This book might be my best find EVER.Thsi book is a book by Kilgore Trout, a well known alter ego for Kurt Vonnegut Readers. He is a science finction Author that only gets published in dirty magazines as filler between the pictures. He has had hundreds of stories published this way and some of his story ideas are great. Except he does not actually existsUntill thsi book came out. A great read in the style of Kurt Vonnegut. Only later did everyone realize it was a book by Farmer.Still I always wa [...]

Kilger Trout is a familiar name among Vonnegut fans, the fictional sci fi writer whose existence every reader secretly wished and googled for. Though Farmer’s version made Vonnegut cross, who according to internet overstatement legends, had dismissed the novel as a fakers drivel (mostly coz of creator ambiguity, which was later cleared by a by-line), I found it pretty fab.This book is weird, comical, extremely absurd, reference filled and absolutely staggering. I was enraptured from the very i [...]

What did I think? I don't even know.A copy of this was given to me by my Junior year English teacher after doing a presentation on Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, just the fact that one of Kilgore Trout's books was actually released was astonishing to me. Here is a man, more or less, who has written dozens, if not hundreds of various novels and stories over a sordid career that spans decades, and this is the one they saw fit to release in this universe? Well, I can't really complain abo [...]

Oh my gosh. I have a special place to put books like this while I am reading them. It is a place where there is no other book within reach, such as work, car and such. This ensures that I will pick it up from time to time and eventually read it all the way through. I did not expect much from VOTH-S but what I hoped it would not be, unfortunately, it was.Philip Josee Farmer, a writer who's work I have enjoyed from time to time, had come up with the cool idea to write a Kilgore Trout novel (and I [...]

This was my dad's old paperback. He gave it to me in high school? The story around the book (that Farmer wrote it as Kurt Vonnegut's fictional science fiction writer Kilgore Trout, effectively making it like meta-fan-fiction?) is more interesting than the story in the book itself. The story itself is "just OK", following along with some fairly familiar sci-fi tropes and adding a sprinkling of puerile sexuality. I smirked a few times, but never chuckled. To me it was more interesting to try and i [...]

E' un romanzo di fantascienza abbastanza particolare sia per i temi trattati (anni '70) sia per il gioco di riferimenti che Farmer voleva creare (il libro era inizialmente stato presentato come scritto da Kilgore Trout).I riferimenti tra autori veri - autori finti e storie da loro scritti ha evidentemente divertito Farmer, però è molto difficile da cogliere se non si è dotati di una Introduzione chiara al romanzo.Il viaggio fantascientifico è il mezzo che consente di parlare di sesso e relig [...]

As other reviewers have suggested, it's like Douglas Adams, but with much more bodily humor. So, light and crude. For me, it seems credible that this might have been the kind of thing that Kurt Vonnegut's Kilgore Trout might have written had he been a real person (the novel is actually authored by Philip José Farmer, who appropriated the name of Vonnegut's fictional writer as an homage to Vonnegut.

Sconvolgente lo scoprire la risposta alla Domanda delle domande! Non ve la dirò, amici, perché preferisco che prima divorate questo succulento ed umoristico romanzo di Farmer. Ma posso citarvi quello che scrisse Re Alfonso di Castiglia, detto il Saggio: "Se fossi stato presente al momento della creazione, avrei potuto dare a Dio qualche buon suggerimento su come migliorare il mondo".

I first read this 40 years ago when it came out. I was reading Vonnegut quite a bit at the time so I knew of his character, the hack science fiction author Kilgore Trout. I recall liking it at the time but I really did not remember much, just a few of the scenes and situations. The current reading was a 2013 reissue that includes quite a bit of foreword and afterword material on the story behind Philip Jose Farmer writing as Kilgore Trout and some of the drama behind that since the real author w [...]

I see people reviewing this as fan fiction and thats not quite right. I used to see dog-eared copies of this book in bookshops, pre-internet. As a teenager, I didn't know it wasn't by Vonnegut. In fact the picture on the back was of some bloke in a hat, shades and beard. It might be Vonnegut? Its not until I met grownups who had read Vonnegut, that could tell me that it was a sham. There was no way of knowing.Its a hard book to read as it is pure baloney up until the last beautiful sentence. To [...]

-Despropósito que, en ciertos momentos, resulta divertido.-Género. Ciencia ficción.Lo que nos cuenta. Simón Wagstaff es el último hombre vivo en la Tierra, toca el banjo, está practicando sexo sobre la Esfinge con un robot femenino y tiene un encuentro con un viajero espacial del futuro. Sus dudas existenciales le llevan a emprender un viaje en busca de respuestas allá donde deba encontrarlas (sí, en serio). Escrita por Farmer con el seudónimo de Kilgore Trout, un nombre que le sonará [...]

I actually read this one, as it wasn't on audiobook (that I could find). And I get how he wanted it to be a tribute to Vonnegut (Farmer wrote it as "Kilgore Trout" a character who is a novelist from Kurt Vonnegut Jr's books), but I also get how Vonnegut tried to ignore it despite initially giving it permission to happen. It has a lot in it which pays tribute to Vonegut's writing and wit, but I didn't find it had the same depth. Some element which holds Vonnegut together seemed missing.Also, I di [...]

Strange, yet compelling book. There were portions I really liked, some other portions that we just so so, but overall a good read. I enjoyed the silliness, satire, and farce, but at the same time, the author (Philip Jose Farmer, for those who don't know) peppers in some interesting bits that make you think.Any book that talks about aliens whose method of locomotion is propulsion-by-farting can't be all bad :)

Farmer scrisse questo libro in omaggio a Kurt Vonnegut, tanto che la prima edizione uscì a firma Kilgore Trout, l’immaginario scrittore di fantasceinza che compare qua e là nei romanzi dell’autore di ‘Mattatoio n. 5’. Vonnegut diede prima il suo assenso e poi si ritirò mentre il volume vendeva numerose copie: di questa marcia indietro non sono chiari i motivi, ma in essa bene si riflette l’ambivalenza di cui resta preda il lettore una volta girata l’ultima pagina. Farmer utilizza [...]

Very entertaining, uncannily successful Vonnegut pastiche from Farmer. I think Farmer is really underrated. He was playing the same games as Calvino and Borges and remaining commercially viable. BTW, Douglas Adams fans need to read this book; you'll thank me.

Shallow person that I am I bought this book entirely for the cover, but come on what an absolutely awesome trashy cover! It just had to be bought. Sadly I don't think the contents live up to the gorgeous artwork.The story follows a banjo playing bum Simon Wagstaff who manages to escape a cleansing flood of Biblical proportions in a Chinese spacecraft. He picks up a dog he calls Anubis, an owl called Athena and a female android called Chworktap and together they roam through space on Simon's ques [...]

Venus on the Half-Shell by Philip José Farmer is purportedly written by Kilgore Trout. Farmer used that pseudonym in honour of Kurt Vonnegut Jr and a character, Trout, who appears in a number of Vonnegut's books.The story is about the Space Wanderer, an Earthman Simon Wagstaff, who excapes a destroyed Earth in a Chinese spaceship, accompanied by a dog, Anubis, and an owl, Athena. Along the way, he picks up another passenger, a female robot, Chworktap, who is programmed for sex. Simon begins a ' [...]

How embarrassing to find only now that the book I thought was written by Kurt Vonnegut, under the pseudonym of his Kilgore Trout character, was actually written by Philip Jose Farmer. So it goes (haha). It's probably due to the fact that it seems, to me at least, that Farmer was channeling Vonnegut in the satirical style of the latter. Trout, of course, was a fictional character. It's much like the silliness of ABC-TV in creating books by Richard Castle, their TV character, matching books the TV [...]

This book reads like bad Vonnegut, which, of course, was the author's intention as he is having fun writing a book supposedly by Kilgore Trout. So I guess in that sense, it is a success. On the other hand, I think it is fair to ask whether life is too short to bother with reading a book that intentionally reads like bad Vonnegut? It just might be.

This book is actually by Philip Jose Farmer. And Kurt Vonnegut wassaid to have not been amused by Farmer using his beloved character as the author of the book. I haven't read it in a long time, but I remember loving it. A space traveler seeking the answer to that universal question. You know the one I'm talking about.

This book was handed to me as a curiosity soon after graduation from Grinnell College. It was very silly--not one of Farmer's better works. Still, the idea of producting something by Kilgore Trout was an amusing one.

Sometimes you should judge a book by its cover which in this case, with the original cover artwork, is completely accurate. Absolutely hysterical, witty in the dumbest way possible, and lovingly mocking of sci-fi. Super fast and a great break from more serious fare.

This book is totally amazing.You can be sure that Vonnegut was jealous he hadn't wrote it.My problem is that the end was botched in a manner as if the author had been writing on commission by the page, and simply stopped with the attitude of "screw-it, that's all you paid for foikers."

Hilarious, and AMAZINGLY, I was wrong that I always thought Vonnegut had either written it or at least contributed more than just the fictional author. I have a new found respect for Farmer.

Divertente. Un romanzo pieno di humor fantascientifico, pieno di vicende strambe e spesso goliardiche Molto pieno di fantasia, davvero da non perdere.

Despite some of the negative reviews, I think it is well worth for any Vonnegut fan to seek out this book and devour it. Turns out Kilgore Trout can write after all !

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