Wit'ch Star

James Clemens

Wit'ch Star

Wit'ch Star

  • Title: Wit'ch Star
  • Author: James Clemens
  • ISBN: 9780345442659
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback

Wit ch Star The Banned and the Banished, by James Clemens Jan , Wit ch Star is a worthy finale to a wonderful fantasy series I cannot recommend it enough The Banned and the Banished series never became repetitive, and the character development throughout the books is a pleasure to experience. Wit ch Star The Banned and The Banished James Clemens The Banned and The Banished Saga, Books Wit ch Fire,Wit ch Storm,Wit ch War,Wit ch Gate,Wit ch Star James Clemens Paperback offers from . Hinterland Book Two of the Godslayer Chronicles James Clemens . out of stars Mass Market Paperback. Wit ch Star James Clemens Excerpt from Wit ch Star Chapter Seated on the Rosethorn throne, Elena studied the riddle before her The small stranger, dressed in a patchwork of silks and linens, appeared just a Wit ch Star Book Five of The Banned and the Banished by Wit ch War is the dazzling third volume in the epic saga of The Banned and the Banished In her hands, the young wit ch Elena holds the awesome energies of blood magick and . Wit ch Star by James Clemens PenguinRandomhouse About Wit ch Star Rarely has a young writer won a place among the major talents in fantasy fiction as quickly as James Clemens In the first four novels of his breathtaking epic, The Banned and the Banished, Clemens has woven an ever deepening spell of wonderment with his boundless imagination and matchless storytelling gifts. Wit ch Star by James Clemens, Paperback Barnes Noble The Paperback of the Wit ch Star by James Clemens at Barnes Noble FREE Shipping on . or He is the author of Wit ch Fire, Wit ch Storm, Wit ch War, and Wit ch Gate Under the name James Rollins, he is also the author of the national bestseller Subterranean From the Hardcover edition Read an Excerpt. Wit ch Star book by James Clemens Thriftbooks Buy a cheap copy of Wit ch Star book by James Clemens Rarely has a young writer won a place among the major talents in fantasy fiction as quickly as James Clemens In the first four novels of his breathtaking epic, The Free shipping over .

The three deadly Weirgates are destroyed, but the threat of the Dark Lord remains And so Elena and her companions have gone their separate ways to prepare for what is yet to come Elena herself has journeyed to the beautiful city of A loa Glen, there to recover her strength and spirit.Enter Harequin Quail.Some might call him a fool, but the little main in the jester s suiThe three deadly Weirgates are destroyed, but the threat of the Dark Lord remains And so Elena and her companions have gone their separate ways to prepare for what is yet to come Elena herself has journeyed to the beautiful city of A loa Glen, there to recover her strength and spirit.Enter Harequin Quail.Some might call him a fool, but the little main in the jester s suit claims to be a spy And he comes fresh from the foul fortress of Blackhall itself, where the Dark Lord dwells TThere he uncovered things that spell certain doom for a final Weirgate remains, the most ppotent one of all And with it, in just one moon s time, the Dark Lord will avenge his earlier defeat, destroying the heart of the land and ushering in a reign of evil without end Only Elena, with the awesome magicks of the Blood Diary, has the power to stop him.Blackhall is all but impregnable And according to Quail, the Weirgate is well hidden, in a place known only to the Dark Lord himself.Thus begins a desperate quest like no other Hunted by the Dark Lord s minions and threatened by clandestine betrayals, Elena and her brave companions reunite in the effort to locate the last Weirgate and destroy it Along the way, many questions will be answered and illusions will be smashed Brother will turn against brother, and the strongest bonds of magic and love will be tested to the breaking pointd beyond.

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Wowjust freakin WOW!!The first thing I have to get off my chest is the narrator of the story. Before each book, we get a little story of the writer of these retellings of the wi'tch in which he is cursed of immortality until he writes the story of Elena and her friends.Now, I thought I knew who it was throughout all the books until this oneen I changed who I thought it wasen I was proved wrong. I absolutely LOVED being wrong and then surprised at the end.Now, on to the story, we are at the end a [...]

Wit'ch Star (The Banned and the Banished #5), James Clemens The three deadly Weirgates are destroyed, but the threat of the Dark Lord remains. And so Elena and her companions have gone their separate ways to prepare for what is yet to come. Elena herself has journeyed to the beautiful city of A'loa Glen, there to recover her strength and spirit.

Wit’ch Star is a worthy finale to a wonderful fantasy series. I cannot recommend it enough. The Banned and the Banished series never became repetitive, and the character development throughout the books is a pleasure to experience. Even the plot of these books remained fresh; Clemens is able to avoid some of the major pitfalls many fantasy authors unfortunately fall into when attempting epic fantasy. >Wit’ch Star is also one of the best conclusions to a series I have ever read; everything [...]

I have read the whole series of the “Wit’ch” books twice now, and while I have to say they are good stories, very creative with a lot happening, I find the writing style to be a little annoying at times, with the author alternating between an easy reading, practical style to a more flowery mode bordering on heroic. I got the impression he was trying a bit too hard to be clever. There are numerous adventures within the whole series but the writer draws each episode out as far as he can by b [...]

This is the final (fifth) book in the Banned and the Banished series, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Clemens is not afraid to put his characters through the wringer, and his early-on death of some of the major characters in earlier books leaves you astounded at the fragility of it all. Given that the story is also being told by someone else, many many many (like, immortal-many) years later, you also know that something semi-bad happens at the end already, but it might be the narrative voice's bitt [...]

Good conclusion to the series. All the characters have their parts to play and there is a good buildup to the final battle. A new character was introduced although he didn't really feel very necessary. It did seem to end a little abruptly, but I confess to wanting to know how everybody's lives turned out; after five books I'd like to know everyone lived happily ever after. :)I do like that the series actually does come to an end instead of just continuing forever. Remember when fantasy came out [...]

What a fabulous series. All the bits that needed tying up were and everything made sense. It hurt when characters were killed off, but hey, that's the way it should be. I'm off to see what else Clemens has published. Have to say I'ma little sad I've finished this series.

Ce tome clos une série époustouflante ! On ne s'ennuie pas une seule seconde, on est à la porte du mal comme les personnages, en attendant la fin, une fin qui est loin d'être rose d'ailleurs (si vous passez l'expression).Très bonne découverte, certainement une des meilleures série de fantasy.

The ending was a little outside of what I would expected, but I was definitely intrigued in it and enjoyed it.

It was an amazing story ol.I loved it

Gelukkig is het slot van de reeks beter dan het vorige deel.Een mooie afsluiter van een prachtige reeks.

I was so sorry to see this series end. I fall in love with the characters and just what it to go on forever. I may now have to read one of his other series.

Gripping to the very end. I was sorry to have finished. Luckily, I have managed to get my mom into the series :)

Without a doubt, I have to start this off by saying this is the best of the Banned and the Banished series. Something seemed to change between book 3 and book 4 - the writing had vastly improved and the characters were actually showing some semblance of depth and development. It was a refreshing uplift to the entire series.Wit'ch Star followed through with that, and the writing quality - as far as it goes for this series - was very spot on. Obviously still not perfect - no writing is. But consid [...]

Holy CRAP this book is amazing! I love this series so much, but this finale is on a whole different level! The end made me feel every emotion known to man and my heart is still aching. James Clemens said a long, long time ago that he might come back to this series some day, and I desperately hope that he does. Because even though this series is enormous and spans years, the end also feels like a beginning. I have so much to say about this book and this series as a whole, but my brain is all whac [...]

Super cool he killed my favorite characters. -.-

I first read this series many years ago when I first got into digital reading and was the proud possessor of a Palm VIIx with, if I recall correctly a 256mb Compact Flash card in it that I stored apps and books on. Damn those were the days! In any case to show you just how compelling these books were, I read all five of the quite lengthy tomes on the minuscule screen of that Palm Pilot device. They were in the Palm .PDB format and were acquired from the then fledgling, now departed (it has since [...]

9/10This book is the conclusion to The Banned and the Banished, a series of 5 books which got better and more complex with each book. I did not suspect who the supposed author of the scrolls was, so that was a surprise, nor did I quite expect the conclusion to work out the way it did. Not everything is tied up tidily and we don't see how the characters' lives play out after the climax, but that is OK and gives the reader things about which to speculate. James Clemens, while following some of the [...]

Ici s'achève notre histoire.Et personne ne le regrettera, peut-être le génie de l'auteur consistait-il à nous donner envie de nous arrêter à ce stade de l'histoire Si c'est le cas c'est réussi. Je n'ai pour ma part pas du tout envie de savoir ce qui est arrivé aux héros après la dernière page.A vrai dire, je pense que l'histoire aurait pu s'arreter au tome précédent. A part les éléments concernant les métamorphe, et peut-être un peu le dénouement vis à vis de Tol Chuk, je trou [...]

This was the second time that I read this series. I think I enjoyed it even more the second time. There is so much to wrap up by the time this book begins. A tightly woven story with thick plots has to end at some point and this book does it beautifully. It's hard to read a series like this without falling in love with the characters. Many good, loved characters die in this series and several die in this book. It's painful to read at times. However, by the time I found myself in the final stretc [...]

Clemens brings the Banned and the Banished series to a satisfying conclusion. After destroying 3 of the 4 weirgates that allows the dark lord to tap into near limitless power of a cosmic being, Elanna and her companions prepare to bring the final battle to him. Unfortunately, their plans are thrown into disarray when they learn they have little more than a month before his plans to corrupt the very lifeblood of the planet come to fruition. As they scramble to gather sufficient forces to deal wit [...]

(This review may contain spoilers).I thought this was a good ending to the series. Not everything was perfect, but it all worked really well.I was sad about what happened to some of the characters. I would have liked to see some sort of resolution with certain characters - Shorkan springs to mind. I almost wonder if he could have been made whole again and what would have gone through his mind if so.Tol'chuk has remained my favourite character throughout the series, though I liked a lot of other [...]

The Conclusion to the Banned and Bannished series left me aching and breathless. The characters are purely human and emotion shines through even at the worst of times. You can't help but feel it all as intense moments are around every chapter, and magic and corruption springs off the pages.The ending, although it was the final conclusion and you are left of no doubt there is no more left still, blatantly tells you there is more. Something not yet spoken, something not yet happening, and you are [...]

Wit'ch Star is the conclusion to the five book series by James Clemens. It tells the reader how Elena, her friends and her armies attempt to free Chi and save the world from the Dark Lord. I am quite taken with this series. Despite the plot not being original the way the books are written seems to make the story very unique.I am not going to go into a lot of detail, seeing as if you have made this far you know how well the story flows and how the characters are well rounded. A particular feature [...]

En alweer het laatste deel van deze epische serie. Net zoals in de vorige boeken gebeurde er weer erg veel, maar hield de schrijver het binnen de perken waardoor het verhaal altijd vlot en weer spannend bleef.Bij sommige dingen vond ik alleen wel dat het nogal vaag bleef. Dat stuk met het stoom van de berg (met Sywen, Kast en Hunt) en dat met die bloem. Er zat in mijn ogen niet echt logica achter waarom dat opeens kon gebeuren. Maar goed, dat was ook niet storend ofzo, ik vroeg het me net opeens [...]

Dit boek heb ik toch maar even gelezen voor Sneeuwwitje moet sterven van Nele Neuhaus aangezien mijn ereader leeg was en ik net op het punt stond naar bed te gaan. En zonder een paar bladzijden te hebben gelezen doe ik geen oog dicht. Dus dit boek maar even uit de kast gehaald. Hij was weer leuk maar ik moet eerlijk bekennen dat ik de vorige vier delen leuker vond. Hier kwamen weer behoorlijk wat legers in voor en oorlogsvoering en dat is niet mijn pakkie an. Dus weer een hoop geblader. Al met a [...]

Enjoyed the last book in the seriesup to the last chapter. A lot of loose ends were tied up, for better or worse. However there were some blatant open ends left so I was a bit surprised when the last chapter brought the story to an end where you find out who the 'immortal' narrator is and in a hasty rush, what happened to some of the other characters. I just think there could have been a more detailed conclusion for the characters. Other than that, it was a not stop roller coaster ride of fighti [...]

After I finished this book, I couldn’t stop saying Oh… my… god. I can’t believe it. It was such an amazing book. I really, really didn’t like the way that Clemens kept on switching from story plot to story plot especially since he ended with a cliffhanger almost every single time. It got me disoriented for a few sentences until I could remember what happened chapters before. Clemens came up with a good conclusion but it wasn’t very satisfying because he ended the very last sentence o [...]

Chronique complète.Une très bonne conclusion pour cette pentalogie de fantasy somme toute classique. On a les réponses aux questions que l'on se posait, la majorité des personnages trouvent leur compte une fois le livre refermé. La bataille finale est assez convaincante, même si un axe aurait pu être davantage mis en avant que ce qu'il n'est déjà, équilibrant un peu mieux l'attention porté à tout les personnages.

An excellent end to the series. It was a bit slow to start, oddly enough, but once it got going it kept up. My suspicions as to the author's identity were confirmed; it was fairly obvious to me by the last book, but I'm sure some readers will be (un)pleasantly surprised. We saw the fitting end to some beloved and reviled characters, but none of the deaths really shocked me at this point. Overall, I would've liked to see a little more follow up, possibly a little more to the author's epilogue, bu [...]

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