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  • Title: Revolution
  • Author: Bailey Bradford
  • ISBN: 9781781842041
  • Page: 209
  • Format: ebook

Jameson and Luuk have been on the run for their lives, but they ve been running from than their enemies.Three years running for their lives has brought Luuk and Jameson to the point of desperation A close call that almost ends in their deaths makes it clear to Luuk that he must stop running and find a way to take back his position as the European Alpha Anax, leader oJameson and Luuk have been on the run for their lives, but they ve been running from than their enemies.Three years running for their lives has brought Luuk and Jameson to the point of desperation A close call that almost ends in their deaths makes it clear to Luuk that he must stop running and find a way to take back his position as the European Alpha Anax, leader of all wolf shifters in Europe To do so, he must defeat the man who ambushed him and has been trying to kill him and Jameson.Jameson didn t know when he fell for Luuk that he was Luuk s mate He didn t know shifters existed, but he learned fast and hard Three years on the run in the wild have left him too close to an edge that, if he falls over, he fears he ll be lost The darkness in his mind is threatening his life as much as those who hunt him.As Luuk and Jameson take their stand, they find they have allies in places they never suspected, and Jameson hasn t been forgotten by everyone he left behind, not at all.

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3.5 StarsAnother nice little addition to the series as a whole, but I wish it had been executed differently. The story dives right in, with Luuk and Jameson running for their lives in some random mountainous area in Central Europe. They’ve been living on the run for three years, since Luuk’s traitorous half-brother usurped the position of European Alpha Anax from Luuk during a violent coup. All of this knowledge had been pre-established in earlier books (mainly Resilience), but until now we [...]

This one started out so heartbreaking with Luuk and Jameson one the run only shifting to human once in while, starving and being attacked constantly. Then they get to a town and go to the church and their whole world starts to get a little better. After that we get our American gang coming to help save them and we get to meet back up with all our favorites. Lots of sex, even when they really shouldn't be thinking about sex, and lots of love. Fun series.

In the ongoing story line of the 'Southwestern Shifters', I had been wondering about Jameson's fate after he left to Europe with Luuk, the European Alpha Anax and Marcus Criswell's counterpart. This whole idea of an international wolf shifter power structure is quite interesting and this book finally gave me the details and insight I wanted. Not that it was what I had expected, and it turned out to be a pretty gruesome struggle, but it explained Jameson's long silence. This is a story about hear [...]

2.5 stars.I hate to say it, but this was by far my least favorite book in the series. And mostly it was because I was just bored. The first half of the book was nothing but dealing with guilty feelings by both Luuk and Jameson. Luuk, for putting his mate in danger, being forced to be on the run for 3 years under harsh conditions and wishing he had taken a stand to reclaim his position sooner, and Jameson for feeling like he should be handling the situation better, instead of feeling depressed an [...]

At the point of desperation, Luuk and Jameson decide it’s time to take a stand against Luuk’s brother and find they have allies in places they never expected in this captivating m/m shifter romance. There was never a dull moment in this story and it provided a different setting and introduced some new intriguing characters to the Southwestern Shifters and I can’t wait to read the next one.See my full review at:thejeepdiva/review-rev

Wow. That first part was hard and heavy but good. I really felt the despair. I like how they respond to each other's internal thoughts telepathically. It was done in a way that it felt they were as closely and intimately bonded as mates pairs are supposed to be. Funny and realistic that they had to wait for tons of updates before they could use the new computer. Anyone would be depressed with their situation but it's so cool talking about true depression and mental illness in an otherwise perfec [...]

In Revolution we learn the fate of Adam’s best friend Jameson and his mate Luuk. This proved to be quite the interesting read as the author had to balance out the depressing and harrowing effects of three years spent on the run after a cowardly ousting with the love between Jameson and Luuk, with the joy of Jameson’s eventual reunion with Adam, and with Luuk’s hope that he finally had allies and could successfully retake his position as the European Alpha Anax. That’s a lot to juggle, ye [...]

2.5mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/This book started very promising. Luuk and Jamie are on the run and their situation is that of near despair. Yeah I liked the dark side of this and I was fooled for a moment to think this book had an actual lore, or substance, or I don’t know, some real fight in it. The first quarter was great actually. And the part where the pair nearly dies was perhaps the highlight of the story with Jamie allowing his feral side take over. I was thrilled to see such a scene, e [...]

When Adam found out his missing best friend had also become a part of the shifter world he and Todd insisted on going to Europe to try and find him. What happened there changed him and Todd but how have things been for Jameson and Luuk all this time?They've been on the run for three years living in the wild in the mountains barely surviving and threats around every corner. It's been hard on them both but now they they've caught hint of an unexpected ally can the luck finally be changing?Jameson [...]

While I enjoyed the story, don't really see how it should be part of the Southwestern Shifters series since its about the European AA!!Luuk has been on the run for 3 years and is finally ready to return to his life and take back his position. The simple fact that its taken him this long to get to this point makes him seem unworthy to be the Alpha Anex since he should have been stronger and at peak condition closer to when this all went down with his brother Luther. Jamie battles a darkness insid [...]

I love Luuk and Jamie’s story. So sad that they have been on the run for three plus years, losing everything they know and people they love. Only having each other while running across Europe, hiding from the very shifters that want to kill them.These two are so brilliantly written, you can feel the anguish that they are feeling when they think they are the direct cause of someone else pain. The joy when they can stay in human form for a few days. The nervousness when they reach out to old fri [...]

Well, I'm sorry to say that I'm glad that's over. This was one of the Southwestern Shifter stories that had so much potential for plot. Instead, we have many, long sex scenes momentarily broken up by plot. By two-thirds of the way through the book, I was seriously dreading the end of plot scenes because it meant another long sex scene that wasn't significantly different than the previous one, two, or six.This is really a 2 or 2.5 star read for me, but I've enjoyed the series so it gets a rating [...]

2.5 starsThe climax of the story for this one wasn't as an exciting read as the others in the series. I liked that somf of the MC's from the previous books showed up in this one and we got to see how they were, it was pretty much the highlight of the book for me. As for Jameson and Luuk, they didn't really make too big of an impact on me. I didn't expect Luuk to be portrayed as he was he just didn't match up to how I thought he would be for the AA of Europe. I also felt like the issue with depre [...]

This series is a must buy for me. Bailey rarely disappoints. So, I was really excited to meet another Alpha Anax and branch out the series to new lands. I think the intent is to give us a new cast of characters for future books. While I liked the couple, Luuk, as an AA, just didn't measure up to Marcus IMO. Jamie, however, was super likeable. The story had a decent plot and the sex scenes were hot, as usual. If you're a fan of the series, this is a definite read.

I didn't love this one as much as others in the series. I just felt like there was a lot of telling and summarizing, and it lacked a major climax of action when Luuk and everyone went to take back over his position. Also, there was just so much sexwhich, I expect with this series and author, but c'mon!

Okis one drug on and on and onwhewI finally finished it!!! May have been my faultI have been very busy and I went into this book with no emotional attachments to either MC I guess all in all it went well!!!!

good for the storyline but the pairing was only ok for me

Not my favorite book by Baily Bradford. I missed the action that was in the others. This one was boring.


This one is my most favourite Gabe is getting annoying

Not what I'd been hoping for. Kind of dragged in a few places. Still enjoy Bailey's book though. Looking forward to her next one.

Wish my OCD would let me leave a series.

2016 Re-read

It's a 3.7 for me.

The reunion between Adam and his BFF Jameson was just heart melting It was also exciting when Luke and Jameson read the mail sent by Adam.

3.5 Stars

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