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  • Title: Mounted
  • Author: Barbara Morgenroth
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  • Page: 456
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When a handsome new trainer arrives at Bittersweet Farm, the competition between half sisters is no longer limited to the show ring.Talia Margolin doesn t want to compete against her half sister Greer Swope on horseback or off The arrival of the attractive and talented new trainer makes that decision impossible to keep Greer always gets what she wants She had the last cWhen a handsome new trainer arrives at Bittersweet Farm, the competition between half sisters is no longer limited to the show ring.Talia Margolin doesn t want to compete against her half sister Greer Swope on horseback or off The arrival of the attractive and talented new trainer makes that decision impossible to keep Greer always gets what she wants She had the last coach and what she wants now is Lockie Malone Tali is willing to fight for Lockie but when sex is the weapon Greer uses, is Tali going to place second like always Mature YA Sexual situations.

Recent Comments "Mounted"

"Mounted" contains characters that I really enjoy reading about. I did have some issues with it though. Some of the dialogue is very confusing - to the point where I had to go back and re-read it to try and figure out what was going on. Part of this was due to extra words being added or words omitted throughout the entire book. I normally do not comment on editing imperfections because lord knows we all have them, but these were pretty numerous and made things really confusing quite a few times. [...]

MOUNTED is a tantalizing name, but I was more interested in the equestrian interpretation of the word: Talia is suddenly without the horse she has been riding since her mother died, can't see how another horse could ever mean anything to her, and a trainer is on a mission to get her back in the saddle, mounted on the right horse.There is romance to this book, of course, and it's a good time watching it unfold, but I'm just as excited to see Talia's equestrian experience change as she is finally [...]

A quick read filled with characters the reader just starts to get to know when the story abruptly ends. Talia and her half-sister Greer share a father and live in the same house, but they basically hate each other, and besides being rivals over horses and their father's affection, they spit venom at each other whenever together.I enjoyed the horse parts of this book very much. It's a bit of fantasy for every horse girl to have a rich father, who gives the new trainer free rein to bring in horse [...]

FYI: I'm writing this review having also read books 2-4, which grabbed me WAY more than the first book. The series starts slow, but introduces so many colorful, dysfunctional, and relatable characters and scenarios in later books. This first book was a bit of a snooze, but perfectly sets up the later books. It's nice to see an author writing a series as a marathon, not a sprint.Also, the author knows her horse talk, and everything described within is legit. It's so refreshing after years of read [...]

This book was very poorly written. Grammar and sentence structure could have been handled better by a child. For me, that's a huge turn off in a book of any genre. This is a book based around horses, but there isn't enough about the horses. Far too much time is devoted to the tantrums of a spoiled brat, unfortunately. The story bounces around and characters remain under developed. I'll have to think long and hard as to whether or not I'll read any further books in the Bittersweet Farm series.

A very interesting read about dysfunctional rich girls and their horses. The author does a great job at character building, and has a fascinating ability to "paint" a characters personality. I can't wait to read the second book.

Revolving around horse life for the well off Connecticut set, this book manages to avoid the usual YA interactions and still serves up a good love story and genuine conversation.

I love Barbara Morgenroth but this - oy. Ridiculous characters and horrible dialogue. And not enough horses.

Nice changeInteresting characters and setting. I found this book to be a bit different than a lot of the horse related stories. Enjoyed the verbal sparring conversations and seeing the character development.

I was not impressed with this work at all. In fact I didn't even finish it, which is quite something for me as I am an avid reader. Lots of local slang/ dialect, which was hard to understand. Lots of switching of characters. Not an enjoyable read.

"We would all a second chance at one time or an other" Talia is a person who had a hard life. Her half sister is a brat who wants her way. She loses her best horse.

I really liked it. Was it a piece of literary genius? No. What it was was an easy read that I found entertaining.

It was cute but very cliché.

Great BeginnimgThe first novel of the BITTERSWEET FARM series nicely written, with a good plot and well-developed characters. I look forward to the rest of the series.

This book wasn't a bad read, I just had a hard time at points telling apart who was talking or what was going on. What made this story great was the outrageous antagonist, Greer (the heroine's half sister). Her escapades and tantrums were like watching a wreck at Daytona. You just can't look away. She's a verifiable rampaging silverback gorilla! Delicious <3I'm a sucker for villains, and I'm eager to see how this all pans out with the love interest, Lockie, and the heroine Talia.The author le [...]

I liked the book for the horse aspects of it, however it was a little hard to follow, and found myself going back to re-read something to gain a better understanding. I've moved on to the next one in the series.

Wonderful SeriesHaving read multiple books in this series all I can say is wow. You get to watch the characters grow and mature as the series continues. You meet many outside characters that keep the books changing and being interesting. Though the books are written about riding and horses they are enjoyable and understandable for everyone. These books are geared towards adults who still have a little bit of a child in their hearts who grew up reading Black Beauty and the the Black Stallion book [...]

This book still has me wondering if I want to continue with the series. Editing mistakes really irk me when they're very present, and several times there were sentences I had to reread because of words that appeared to have been omitted. While I finished the book quickly, it really wasn't anything special. I love reading about horses, which would be the only reason I decide to read the other books in the series, if I ever make that choice. The love interest felt forced between Talia and Lockie. [...]

I always love a good horse story - especially one with a twist of drama. I enjoyed the plot and "horse-talk" in this book and there was enough action and drama to keep me turning the page. I read the book in just a few sittings. However, the grammatical errors were a bit distracting and I wish the dialogue was more in depth. For instance, Talia is the main character yet there isn't much noted on her thought process during her conversations with the other characters. I think I would have gotten t [...]

I love this book, and I want to read the whole series immediately!This book, the plot, the characters, the whole thing is amazing. Almost as good as Maggie Dana's Timber Ridge Riders series, and since I'm possibly Maggie's biggest fan, saying this series is almost as good is a huge endorsement.I loved horse books when I was a horse crazy teen, and they are still my guilty pleasure. I only wish I had had books like these back then. Any age group can get a thrill out of this book, it's so well wri [...]

Talia Margolin lives what could be considered a fortunate life. She has a wealthy father who can buy her almost anything she wants; she lives on a large property that hires prestigious equestrian trainers to teach herself and her half sister so that they can excel in shows, and they have a live in chef.In spite of this, the teenager is no stranger to loss. She grieves the death of her mother and struggles to live alongside her demanding half sister, Greer more at equus-blog/mounted/

The first book of a great series and of many more to come. The Swope household was a mess before and it looks as if this new trainer can turn all that around. I love how unexpected some things are in this book it really keeps you wondering and guessing. A great start to a great series for Barbara Morgenroth. Let it be said that once you start it is hard to stop. Any horse person would enjoy this book.

Ok wow. This book was all over the place. The translations and dialogue were awful. I am an equestrian and there wasn't enough horse things happening. It was more drama. Not what I expected. I won't be continuing this series

4 starsDisliked the non ending, but loved everything else about this book. It's all about barn drama drama DRAMA! Horsey details are accurate, and I love the chemistry between Lockie and Talia. Greer is a pain in the butt, but the chaos she causes sure is fun to read about.

Terrible transitions. Disjointed conversationDifficult to follow Not a lot of character development Terrible writing

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