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  • Title: Citizen
  • Author: Natasha House
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition

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New cover editionCold Fear.Unfeeling eyes stare at Lend as he s forced up against a metal contraption A smile curls on the face of a blue skinned, bat winged creature that towers above him Blue electricity is pressed crudely to his face, and a voice slithers from the throat of the other worldly being There s nowhere to run, human Lend, wrenched away from his home inNew cover editionCold Fear.Unfeeling eyes stare at Lend as he s forced up against a metal contraption A smile curls on the face of a blue skinned, bat winged creature that towers above him Blue electricity is pressed crudely to his face, and a voice slithers from the throat of the other worldly being There s nowhere to run, human Lend, wrenched away from his home in the wild loses everything in one eternal moment Not only have these creatures, who call themselves Citizens, steal his world, now his freedom Forced into the back of a speedcar the aliens take him to a warehouse Ill fed, terrified humans huddle in the darkness waiting to be purchased by a Citizen Losing all identity except the name human Lend fights to regain the freedom he, and his race have lost.Purchased by the daughter of the most powerful Citizen on the planet Lend finds his world churning The female Citizen shows him a new side of the alien race who he believed was incapable of love or trust Jealousy rages in her relationship with her future mate, and Lend runs from the killer inamorato With the threat of being burned alive, Lend collides straight into a force beyond his control Does he have what it takes to become a savior Or will he be enslaved at the hands of the powerful beings who corrupted our world.

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Natasha House’s Citizen introduces us to a dark future where humanity has been conquered and enslaved for the past millenia and a half by an alien race of blue-skinned bat-winged creatures called the Citizens. Those who live in the wilds must hide their existence against periodic hunts for more human slaves. Citizen begins when one defiant human from the wilds is sold to the daughter of Jael, the most ruthless Citizen ruler on Earth. This human, Lend, finds himself in a strange world where Cit [...]

Ms. House did a fabulous job creating characters that became real to me and that I cared about. The strange futuristic-utopian-like setting was easy to see in my mind based on the visuals she provided. The plot carried me through, keeping me anxious to see how it was going to end.The politics, the laws, and the society created in this world were believable and sucked me into another time and a strange place.Being a Christian and a big study on Genesis 6, I teetered a bit with the seemingly celes [...]

Citizen is a captivating read that keeps you turning the pages. I found myself unabe to put the book down. House is an amazing writer and the world for which she creates in Citizen is amazing. Citizen takes place in the far future, humans no longer have their freedom, and aliens now control their lives. These aliens are called Citizens. A few humans have managed to escaped the grasps of the Citizens and live in small villages in the wilds. The main story revolves around Lend and Lila. Lila is a [...]

Citizen is a fast-paced, exciting read that combines many themes: love, hate, race relations, slavery, hope and faith, just to name a few. The author did an excellent job building suspense throughout the novel. What I'd thought would be a predictable storyline turned out to be anything but. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen next, the author threw a curve ball I didn't see coming, and this kept me engaged through the whole story. There were parts of the story I felt could have [...]

This is the first book I have read by Natasha House and I can say I will definitely be reading more.This is a story where humans have lost control of Earth to aliens called citizens and are treated as slaves. There are a lot of rules that must not be broken, some of them are very strict for both humans and citizens alike.I loved the plot twists and the way some of the citizen characters in the book changed when meeting the human characters in their life. You have the bad characters who do get ju [...]

Aliens, altered humans, a fight against oppression, what's not to love?This was a well written story overall. There were a few places where the story was a bit choppy, and the plot felt a little rushed, but it could be that I was just hoping for it to go on a little longer! There was absolutely nothing that took away from this book and I only wish it was a series so I could read the next one.Loved it!

I'm very much a science fiction kind of girl, so I knew going into it that I would like this book. It was definitely different than I expected it to be, but in a fantastic way. It was hard to put down. I'm certainly looking forward to reading more books by Natasha!

Disclaimer: I was sent this book by request of the author in exchange for an honest review.Unfeeling eyes stare at Lend as he’s forced up against a metal contraption. A smile curls on the face of a blue skinned, bat-winged creature that towers above him. Blue electricity is pressed crudely to his face, and a voice slithers from the throat of the other worldly being. “There’s nowhere to run, human.”Lend, wrenched away from his home in the wild loses everything in one eternal moment. Not o [...]

I read this novel under another name: Fatal Alien Attraction: Can love exist in an untamed Earth? (Rebirth of the Prophesy Book 2) The author must have updated it with a new cover.I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.The idea is interesting; earth has been overrun by this winged, blue alien race who enslave the humans. The aliens are a bit odd, and their society has tight rules, but that doesn't stop some of the aliens from being human lovers. Which makes you wonder, when the [...]

Set in the world 1000 years or so on from what we know and things have changed. The planet is no longer ruled by humans, but by aliens known as citizens. Humans are slaves, dogs that are kept in control by threats and brutal punishments. Lend is a young man living in the wild, until he is captured and taken to the city. He is bought by a female citizen, wanting him more to make a point to a would be mate than for practical reasons. With his defiant ways and her reluctance to discipline him by bu [...]

Citizen is a book with a little bit of everything: sci-fi, romance, action. We get placed right in the middle of a future where aliens rule earth, and human's have lost touch with their pasts. In this world, all of mankind is enslaved, and many have come to accept this is just the way things are. A defiant human and a compassionate Citizen start to change this.For the most part, I enjoyed this book. I wasn't bogged down by too much information, and the alien elements were light enough not to be [...]

This novel has a really great story line. I had a hard time putting it down when I had to go do something else. I've read a couple of other things this author has written and in my opinion this is her best one yet. It's one I want to read a few more times which doesn't happen too often for me, I usually finish the book I’m reading and rarely come back to it again. I would say it was hitting on all cylinders for me.It isn't often I give a five stars but this one I feel I must. There's excellent [...]

I must say, I started reading this book with no expectation. As I started to read it I figured, ok so this is going to be a bit of a predictable read, and although not totally wrong I was not correct either.The story took twists and turns and I was soon enthralled in the lives of the humans and the citizens. The political turmoil, the fact that love triumphs, the power held by the dreaded halfies' all of it tugged me in and kept me reading.Once the basic of the story line became apparent, I figu [...]

"Citizen" by Natasha House starts out with a great idea: Creatures, called the Citizens, rule and hold humans as slaves. Brutal and incapable of love a couple of Citizens still have their own relationship problems and use their humans as pawns in their chess game of the mind. A strange development then when the female Citizen becomes fascinated by the male human. Fear, jealousy and mind games play a vital role in this futuristic / science fiction story and made this an unexpected and very pleasa [...]

Imagine a time where humans are no longer masters of the Earth, but instead aliens - 'Citizens' - rule the lands and humans are no more than slaves and scavengers.Mating is outlawed and any humans found to be doing so are destroyed or banished to the wilderness.But what if a human and a Citizen fall in love? This would certainly be punishable by death; especially if the Citizen you have fallen in love with is the daughter of the most powerful alien on Earth.A fast-paced read with plenty of chara [...]

The characters and their connections drew me in. It was captivating to see how the novel played out based on the idea of prejudice of one race the citizens who opposed the humans ways using them instead as slaves. The idea of conflict between the Character's Lila, and her brother questioning their beliefs based on teachings of their father and his rullings. The idea of forbidden love between a citzen and a human is explored while the characters try to find middle ground ending the war between bo [...]

Full disclosure: I didn’t finish this book. In fact, I only read half of it. I tried. I really tried, but eventually I realized it wasn’t getting better. This book is an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) sent to us a few months ago. I hate to give bad reviews to any book, but especially an ARC. However, you know what I hate more? Reading a bad book. So, here goes…Read more at cellardoorians/citizen-by-.

I have to start out by saying I had no idea what to expect out of this book. I never read the blurbs and was blown away by how unique this book is. A new breed of being called citizens has taken over the world. They own humans as slaves. Lila who is basically the Princess of the citizens finds love, unfortunately to a human. Great action packed story with romance and adventure. WaAR

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