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The Game

The Game

  • Title: The Game
  • Author: Terry Schott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The GameA virtual reality simulation played by over a billion children around the world The best players are celebrities, adored and worshiped by countless fans Zack is a superstar among players.His final play may change the world, forever

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Oh MY god, get an editor. It sounds like it could be a good concept, but I can't deal with the comma splices, run on sentences, spelling errors, and poor grammar enough to get through it. "Alot?" Really? hyperboleandahalfHonestly. Glad I got it for free. EDIT 1/28Terry graciously sent me a copy of the edited version for free after I left this snotty 1-star review. Hazards of being an English major - I simply can't cope with poor grammar, no matter the content. That being said, his editor did a g [...]

(Audiobook) (Internal Dialogue)Do I make fun of the fact that this is the 2nd audiobook in a row I have listened to that has a 5 star rating on the cover from Customer ? This one stating “Holy WOW – Customer”. Do I wonder how good a book originally published in 2012 and now receiving the 2016 luxury Luke Daniels Audiobook treatment could be if the best review in 4 years came from Customer ? No? let’s skip the snark? Ok then!“The Game” has quite a bit going for it: a terrific premis [...]

I can just imagine the author sitting down with buddies at a bar just before the book was written: "I have this idea for a book," he began, "it's a little like Matrix and the Hunger Games." The Author then laughed and said, "and iRobot, and Star Trek, and hey, let's just add a little from every sci-fi book I love!" His friends would then tease, "anything in the book going to be your original idea, man?" The Author shrugged his shoulders and replied, "It'll be my words, isn't that enough?" To whi [...]

I found this book for free for the Nook on Barnes and Noble and I took a shot. I am glad I did. I found this to be a Matrix meets Ender's Game meet [insert fav. dystopian novel] and it was fantastic. I have a major book hangover from reading this one!The plot is fantastic and is paced very well. It had me from the very begining and I could not put it down. I read it in half a day. They do not have the second, third or fourth on Barnes and Noble so I will be ordering them from because I must kno [...]


“The Game” by Terry SchottDo not read the end of this book just before bed. You will not be able to sleep unless you can turn off the millions of questions that come to mind when you finish reading. This is the first book in a series and it definitely needs a sequel. The problem is, it isn't published yet! That being said, on to the review.Synopsis:“We live in a game. Somewhere 'out' there, our real bodies are plugged into a very real virtual reality simulation. Earth isn't real, but it's [...]

I discovered this book this morning and finished it in 4 hours after barely stopping to take a breathe. It's simply a really good read and right down my alley in terms of personal interests.I stumbled upon this through Book Barbarian and their daily email that alerts me to a couple of free or cheap books going on . The idea of The Game immediately appealed to me in the same way Ready Player One by Ernie Cline did. It involves sending children into a virtual reality world to essentially lead prac [...]

A complete surprise.This may be the best philosophical work I have ever read. Of course, on one level it is simply a work of fiction. On another level, I found myself consciously slowing down and taking breaks to ponder the abundance of ideas and wisdom. As a 70 year old man, who has lead an unusually exciting and fulfilling life, I found this book contains a remarkable mixture of inspiring hope and disarming cynicism. There is clearly a message here, and it is written well enough to be sure the [...]

I feel like the concept of this book had so much potential that just wasn't explored. I didn't feel connected to any of the characters and I felt like every plot device raised more questions than it answered. The amount of things not explained to the reader was infuriating. That's not to mention the poor grammar and spelling.Sorry, just didn't feel it.

I like the Matrix type story and the concept. However, the book felt thrown together and lacking in the details. I couldn't get past that the author never addressed how the people on Trew's planet were able to experience the faster time from the computer game of "Earth" in their real time. And the time lapse kept changing throughout the book. Some instances the time was 1:1, but other cases a few hours meant years in the game. There was no consistency. It estimated 5 to 6 weeks for 70 years in " [...]

I really enjoyed Schott's The Game. He does a great job coelascing the the two worlds in the story together and coming up with reasons for the everyday to the unusual in our world. Just be aware it ends with a major cliffhanger.

I loved this book. Not only is it an amazing science fiction story, it adds in "glimpses of the past" since it takes place in two worlds. When you are born into the virtual reality world, your conscience sits on a table in the real world, Tygon. Earth is nothing more than a simulation. Trew Radfield, played by soon to be - or not - Zack Strayne, grows up in a world with powers, people, and a plan to be the best played there ever was. Are you ready to play The Game?

This a truly horrible book. Let me explain it this way: have you ever seen a young kid at the beach? A kid who tries to build a sand castle a little too close to the water? So, they're working with over saturated wet sand and the waves are crashing in taking bits of the foundation little by little. But they're just a kid so they just keep trying to pile more and more crap sand on top and things that don't make sense like twigs, rocks and maybe some seaweed because it's there. You ever seen that? [...]

Imagine that we're living on Earth right now, but we're just computer generated avatars controlled by players in another reality. Badass, right? Right.Free ebooks are usually a hit or miss, so I'm typically weary when I start reading one. This was possibly the best free ebook I've ever read! It's got me feeling some type of way. I really cannot explain how philosophical this book really was. I'm sure that sounds goofy as fuck, but there are things in the book that honestly make you think. No, th [...]

So I guess I got the edited version, because I didn't see the same sort of grammar twitchiness that others did, and I'm a pretty huge stickler for that stuff. Butwow. I don't know if it was because of the total immersion in the characters' lives/heads, but I felt an instant connection with Zack and Alex (or rather, Trew and Danni) that I often found myself gasping or on the verge of tears - and I am not a crier. The end of the book before the last chapter made me actually say out loud, "But that [...]

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This book is terrible.

My original The Game audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Not by the synopsis alone. I preordered The Game. From an unknown to me author. With the backing of one of my go-to narrators and a publisher, that does a really good job of picking up extraordinary titles. The summary pulls at the questions at the back of my mind. Why are we here? How did we get here? What is the point of life? Well, what if the point of life was to do your best at it. All the while scoring [...]

When I began reading The Game by Terry Schott, I had no expectations. It was a free book that I found on iBooks and the description sounded good so I decided to read it. I enjoy reading books that have a fast pace and this was one of those books. The plot was very complex and kept me reading. I rated this The Game four stars because of all these reasons, and others, including a great setting and the incredible main idea of the book. What I did not enjoy about this book was the characters. They w [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed "The Game" written by Terry Schott. This book is a science-fiction novel that takes place in the future. Reading this book allowed me to escape my life and enter into Zach's life and his experiences with the game. I gave this book a 4 out of 5 star rating because of its unique plot and the fact that the story was taking place in a very interesting futuristic society. I also enjoyed reading about adventures of all the different characters inside of the game. Terry Schott did [...]

The Game is easily one of the more interesting books I've recently read. Although I haven't finished it yet, the plot is gripping and easy to understand, while not too simplistic. Terry Schott did an excellent job of switching between perspectives to keep things fresh and making the readers wonder what will happen to Zack and Alex. I would recommend this book to anyone to like adventure or science fiction.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading The Game. As I read, I found myself hooked and unable to put the book down. The plot idea was very interesting and surprisingly philosophical; however I felt that Schott didn't develop his ideas to their full potential. I would still highly recommend The Game to anyone looking for an entertaining read, similar to that of novels like Ender's Game and The Hunger Games.

I am racking my brain trying to figure out how to rate this book. I listened to the Audible version narrated by Luke Daniels which isn't an option in the book editions in GR. -boo-It is 5 star narration. Very, very good.It's an interesting plot. It's premise is that Earth is a virtual reality game created to teach kids about life. It replaces regular schools. On Earth we are all avatars for the kids playing the game while they are in suspended animation for weeks at a time while taking their tur [...]

The Game is a weird offspring of the book The Hunger Games and the movie The Truman Show. Zack, the main character, is a world renowned “Player” of the game which is very similar to the Hunger Games except that it’s a simulation of life. While in the game you basically live someone else’s life, but players can buy “power ups” before entering to help them last longer. The duration and fruitfulness of your life gives you points that put you on places on the ranking in the real world. Z [...]

Great concept and story. Held my attention all the way through. Only complaint I have is the amount of typos and story edits that made it a bit sloppy. I think if it had been read through one more time they'd have found them all. Still, I'd highly recommend it. Now I must find the second in the series!

I got less than half way through I just could not get into this book at all. Which sucks because it sounds really good Nevermind.

What a view on a game. This is definitely a spoiler. But our lives on this planet are being watched and monitored. We're all part of a game.

Imagine a cross between The Hunger Games, The Matrix, and The Truman Show. That is the world presented in The Game. On planet Tygon, school age children, up to a hard limit of 18 years, are essentially uploaded into a digitalized world known as Earth. There, they are literally born into the massive videogame/simulation called simply, The Game. Once they are in the game, they will not remember anything from their Tygon life, and yet they hope to perform well enough to finish as a top-scoring play [...]

What I thought:I got the ebook of this from when it was free, and I was really excited to read this. I love the whole virtual reality stuff, and this looked pretty interesting. (And the cover looks pretty cool.) But, I must say, I was tremendously disappointed. Why? Well, I’ll go more in detail below.But, I just. I dunno. I didn’t like it. Though the ending left off with a pretty big cliff-hanger (though I know how it’s going to be resolved? I don’t know how that’s still a cliff-hange [...]

The book "the game" is about a young boy zack who is playing a virtual reality game that represents experiences for later in life and simulates adult life. My favorite part of the book is when zack wakes up at the begging of the book and eats three plates of food. This book is in iBooks, I would recommend this book to people that like science fiction

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