The Serpent and the Staff

Barbara Wood

The Serpent and the Staff

The Serpent and the Staff

  • Title: The Serpent and the Staff
  • Author: Barbara Wood
  • ISBN: 9781620454619
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Hardcover

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Ugarit, Syria, 1450 B.C.E Eighteen year old Leah, the eldest daughter of a wealthy winemaker, is past the traditional age of betrothal Vowed to wed the wealthy but cruel shipbuilder Jotham, Leah declines his offer of marriage after discovering that he and his family suffer from the falling sickness Enraged by her refusal and his ruined reputation, he blackmails Leah sUgarit, Syria, 1450 B.C.E Eighteen year old Leah, the eldest daughter of a wealthy winemaker, is past the traditional age of betrothal Vowed to wed the wealthy but cruel shipbuilder Jotham, Leah declines his offer of marriage after discovering that he and his family suffer from the falling sickness Enraged by her refusal and his ruined reputation, he blackmails Leah s father, a punishment forgiven only by offering Leah s hand in marriage With no options for another suitor and no male heir for her family, Leah must seek out the cure for Jotham s sickness or her family will face permanent ruin During her quest Leah begins to burn with desire for Daveed, the handsome household scribe whose culture forbids their union Daveed has been called by the gods to restore the Brotherhood, an elite fraternity of guardians at the great Library of Ugarit, rud to contain the secret symbol of immortality within its ancient archives If his plan succeeds, it may also save Leah s family from disaster But even Daveed and Leah cannot fathom the extent of Jotham s sinister schemes to make Leah his bride once and for all With rich historical detail, The Serpent and the Staff is a sweeping tale of love, betrayal, and how one family s faith can overcome the obstacles that life has in store for them.

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He disfrutado de esta novela en profundidad porque he aprendido muchísimas cosas y me he asombrado de la capacidad imaginativa de la autora para crear vicisitudes para los personajes. ¡Qué angustia! No es una historia para llorar, no provoca ese vínculo emocional imprescindible para ello, pero relata tantas desgracias que al final se te encogen los sesos. A los pobres personajes les caen tragedias sobre la cabeza como una lluvia de meteoritos. Y cuando parece que están mal, acaban peor, y s [...]

As soon as I saw this book was set in Ancient Syria, I was ready to be amazed. Unfortunately, The Serpent and the Staff is a book that has a cool setting, but is poorly written. Barbara Wood’s storytelling is full of obvious plot devices, stale characters, and shallow personalities. Research was obviously done, but overall I just was not impressed.Hatshepsut, Pharaoh of Egypt, is even a starring secondary character! But no.This was not the book for me.

Ancient history never ceases to fascinate me and this novel set in 15th century B.C. in Syria is no exception. At the heart of the tale is a love story between Daveed and Leahd, and a spurned potential spouse who unleashes the full extent of his wrath upon Leah and her father. The revenge lasts for years, ultimately devastating Leah's family, financially and otherwise. It is the slow degradation of family life that kept me turning the pages. Just when I thought matters could not possibly become [...]

Barbara Wood wrote a good story here, though I can't say she liked her characters too much because man did she abuse them. I wasn't sure what else she could think up to do to them but she kept managing to drag them further and further down shit creek. It wasn't my usual fare, but I enjoyed it.

I really wanted to like The Serpent and the Staff, by Barbara Wood. Here was a historical fiction book claiming to address a place and time close to my own heart – the city of Ugarit (on the coast of modern Syria), in the time of the early New Kingdom Egyptian pharaohs Hatshepsut and Thutmose III. Sadly, however, I struggled to finish it, and cannot give more than three stars to it. Basically, it was a potentially good story spoiled by insufficient research.First, the good stuff. As already me [...]

Un libro que si no lo hubiera ganado en un concurso de premios literarios sorpresas, no lo hubiera leído. Pienso que de alguna manera hay libros que eliges para leer, y hay veces como éstas, en la que los libros te eligen para que los leas.Una historia llena de amor que dura en el tiempo, momentos de sufrimientos, creencias en dioses y demonios. Además da a conocer que la capacidad de leer y escribir, era un privilegio de pocos, entre en ellos, los escribas. Éstos últimos, con un gran poder [...]

Barbara Wood est incontestablement l'un des meilleurs auteurs de sagas romanesques. Dans son nouveau roman, La Guérisseuse et le Roi, elle puise habilement dans la mémoire historique collective et offre au lecteur une formidable épopée qui mêle avec virtuosité la grande histoire à d'autres, d'amour et de trahison.Dès les premières pages, on sent que Barbara Wood a réuni tous les éléments d'un excellent divertissement : une trame historique bien documentée, une intrigue haletante, de [...]

Normally I despise historic fiction. But I decided to give it another shot thanks to a giveaway.And I'm quite happy I did.One of the things I've hated about historic fiction is the complete and utter failure at vividly painting the scene of the times. No historic background, just characters and a plot, does not make a historical fiction novel interesting.But this novel was different in that it showed the setting a lot more than other novels of its type. Instead of struggling to imagine the char [...]

I have not read this author before this book. I love historical fiction and on't know how I missed her. I'll be looking for other tiles is the historical plot set in the most ancient part of our religious awarenesse Middle East/Egypt. I loved the characters who were wonderfully drawn. There are lots of plots and subplotsking for veryinterestng reading.Highly recommended.

Le mystère de la création de l'alphabet et d'autres interrogationsune histoire d'amour.une époque très peu connue permettent à ce roman d'obtenir les 5 étoiles !!!! Mais ce n'est pas non plus un livre qui me marquera.

Barbara Wood writes great historical fiction. What made this one four rather than five stars is that even though the dialog and the characters were sparkling as usual, there were so many plots and subplots that it was confusing to follow.

Una nueva novela de Barbara Wood!!!Preciosa historia de amor y venganza, bien documentada y maravillosamente escrita. Me ha encantado!Puntuación: 5/5

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Very beautifully written book. The characters were so real, and the story was very captivating. Very hard to put down.

It was an interesting read. It took place in 1450 B.C.E. which was different. It was a lot of details but the story was good. A little repetitive about the families hard times, but I enjoyed it.

Das war mein erstes Buch von Barbara Woods und ich hätte mir eigentlich mehr erhofft. Schon allein das Setting und die Zeitperiode haben es mir angetan (dafür auch den 2. Stern), allerdings konnte die Autorin nicht mit herausragender Storyline oder überzeugenden Charakteren bei mir punkten.Die erste Hälfte liest sich noch recht gut und flüssig und hat meine Aufmerksamkeit auch relativ lange gehalten. Aber dann machten sich doch einige Schwächen bemerkbar: ständige Wiederholungen, kaum ode [...]

Could have been about 50 pages shorter.

Je tiens tout d’abord à remercier tout particulièrement, les Editions des Presses de la Cité, pour l’opportunité qu’ils m’ont donnée de découvrir le dernier roman de Barbara Wood. J’avais très envie de le découvrir, il faisait d’ailleurs parti d’une de mes sélections pour mes envies livresques.Alors, verdict ! Ai-je aimé ou pas ? Et bien, oui, même si ce n’est pas un coup de coeur, il n’en est pas passé loin.Ce roman, nous fait voyager, loin, très loin, 1500 ans av [...]

As a Barbara Wood fan, I find this book to be one of the worst ones she's written. A very disappointing read. The protagonists were too idealistic in their thinking and several times in the book, I struggled to find them believable. The plot and overall story in this book reads like a soap opera.

Although there were some parts that made me chuckle to myself, and some parts that were interesting, I'd say this was a skimmer. It was too hard to keep the people straight, their family backgrounds etc. and much of it was predictable.

I need a new category, historical romance novel. Very predictable in a "they lived happily ever after" way.

setting interesting. storyline.

I was reading this and decided it was good writing but the time period was confusing to me

Interesting historical novel set in Syria 1420BCE but the Hollywood ending did not ring true after all the struggles and calamities that had befallen the characters.

Definitely not her best book. Some interesting parts but I felt the dialogue was odd in an almost stilted way, and the narration was a bit repetitive at times.

Une belle histoire mais le livre s'éternise

This is very much my TYPE of book, but this one was TOO casually morbid for me. Ooof.

Poměrně jasný děj, předvídatelný. Také postavy jsou černobílé, takže žádná překvapení. Nicméně přečetla jsem za tři dny krásně jsem si odpočinula.

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