Between Friends

Amos Oz

Between Friends

Between Friends

  • Title: Between Friends
  • Author: Amos Oz
  • ISBN: 9780701187965
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover

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On the kibbutz it s hard to know We re all supposed to be friends but very few really are Amos Oz s compelling new fiction offers revelatory glimpses into the secrets and frustrations of the human heart, played out by a community of misfits united by political disagreement, intense dissatisfaction and lifetimes of words left unspoken.Ariella, unhappy in love, confides i On the kibbutz it s hard to know We re all supposed to be friends but very few really are Amos Oz s compelling new fiction offers revelatory glimpses into the secrets and frustrations of the human heart, played out by a community of misfits united by political disagreement, intense dissatisfaction and lifetimes of words left unspoken.Ariella, unhappy in love, confides in the woman whose husband she stole Nahum, a devoted father, can t find the words to challenge his daughter s promiscuous lover the old idealists deplore the apathy of the young, while the young are so used to kibbutz life that they can t work out if they re impassioned or indifferent Arguments about war, government, travel and children are feverishly taken up and quickly abandoned and amid this group of people unwilling and unable to say what they mean, Martin attempts to teach Esperanto.At the heart of each drama is a desire to be better, principled and worthy of the community s respect With his trademark compassion and sharp eyed wit, Amos Oz leaves us with the feeling that what matters most between friends is the invisible tie of our shared humanity.

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I watched Natalie Portman’s A Tale of Love and Darkness last year, which is based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Israeli author Amos Oz. But this collection of eight short stories was my first read by the author and now I'm intrigued to find more of his works.Amos Oz's compelling new fiction offers revelatory glimpses into the secrets and frustrations of the human heart, played out by a community of misfits united by political disagreement, intense dissatisfaction and life [...]

This is a quick-reading collection of interrelated stories that are deeply affecting despite their superficial simplicity. The themes of loneliness and the lack of true friendship on a kibbutz, where everyone is supposedly friends, and of individuality versus the collective become more complex and thought-provoking as one reads on. The stories of certain characters, such as the five-year-old boy who is bullied mercilessly in the children's house, become almost poetic in parts, but only rarely. T [...]

This spare and elegant little book from Israeli author Amos Oz is composed of eight interlocking stories that begin with the heralding of deaths – and ends with a real one. Yet its real theme is not the deaths of individuals as much as it is the death of a utopian dream.That dream: kibbutz life, based on social and economic parity. Or, to put it another way, the whole has to be greater than the sum of its parts. In reality, a life without self-fulfillment and self-actualization is a life of se [...]

Dare la libertà a una gallinaHo letto questo libro con grande piacere e scrivo il commento per stare ancora un po’ nell’atmosfera della storia. Le vite di vari abitanti di un kibbutz negli anni ’50 sono raccontate da un loro compagno non caratterizzato, sembra quasi che il kibbutz stesso racconti. All’interno di questa struttura vivono circa trecento adulti: si tratta di una comunità in cui tutti lavorano secondo le loro capacità per il benessere comune e non c’è alcuna proprietà [...]

Какъв разказо-роман! От категорията на любимите ми „малки големи“ – „Негър“, „Ако това е любов“, „Прелюбодейци“, ето сега и „Между приятели“. Като изреждах тези книги, без малко да си кажа – „Голяма работа са/сме малките народи!“ Но в случая с народа на Амоз Оз не върви [...]

On our kibbutz, Kibbutz Yekhat, there lived a man, Zvi Provizor, a short fifty-five year old bachelor who had a habit of blinking. He loved to transmit bad news: earthquakes, plane crashes, buildings collapsing on their occupants, fires and floods.With these opening two sentences I am there. I know exactly who Zvi Provizor is, and I know who we're dealing with in the opening story of Amos Oz's latest collection of short stories. These are a series of eight vignettes set in a fictional collective [...]

"Marx is their Talmud."Life on a kibbutz, an Israeli utopian, agricultural community, in the 1950s was an ideological powder keg. Less than a decade after Israel's independence and the atrocities committed during the war, leftist Israelis envisioned a life of socialist community, where workers were allocated jobs and living quarters and children were raised communally.The idea of the kibbutz is incredibly compelling for me: communal dependence, a dedication to work and learning, the building of [...]

זו הקריאה השניה שלי של הספר היפה, הרגיש והנוגע ללב הזה. לא זכרתי הרבה מהקריאה הראשונה אבל זכרתי את העדינות והדמויות הקטנות שמצייר עמוס עוז. קטנות במובן של האדם שנמצא מול החברה הקיבוצית, גוף אחד מחמיר וביקורתי כלפי היחיד החריג, השונה והמעז לצאת מהמרחב המותר לו. למעשה הסיפורים מ [...]

مجموعه‌ای از هشت داستان کوتاه که هرکدوم، تکه به تکه، با نخ‌های ظریف، به داستان‌های دیگه‌ی مجموعه وصل میشن. داستان‌ها در یک «کیبوتص» (شهرک‌های اشتراکی در اسرائیل) می‌گذرن. «کیبوتص یخات». شهرکی که بر اساس صهیونیسم و «مالکیت اشتراکی» اداره میشه. جمع برای همه‌ی ابعاد زندگی ا [...]

Ooooo. ovo nije baš oduševilo. Naslov ''među svojima'' pa ne znamovi likovi ''nisu bili svoj sa svojim'' :))) Život u kibucima nije onakav kakav sam mislila da jest. Nema tu radosti, opuštanjapravo sve suprotno. Puno ogovaranja među članovima, podjeb, gaženja, isticanja, hvala ne bih izdržala u takvoj zajednici. Meni osobno baš nije ova knjiga ''sjela'' kak ima biti :)

След прочитането на тази книга си мислех, че писателите са най-добрите, истинските историци. Защото те като никой друг са способни да съхраняват и предават късчета уникална история, да обезсмъртят един обикновен човешки ден,разговор или поглед. Как щях да познавам хората о [...]

Amos Oz hat selbst in einem Kibbuz gelebt und in dieser Kurzgeschichtensammlung vermittelt er uns einen Eindruck davon, wie das Leben in einem Kibbuz in den 50er Jahren aussah. Es handelt sich dabei um einen fiktiven Kibbuz, also nicht um Erinnerungen des Autoren. Die einzelnen Geschichten haben jeweils eine andere Hauptperson, die jedoch in den weiteren Geschichten wieder als Nebenfigur auftauchen kann. Es geht dabei weniger um die Konflikte des noch jungen Staates Israel, obwohl natürlich am [...]

It occurs to me when I read a book written by a non-English speaking author, that its success is highly dependent on the skills of the translator. Generally I do not seek short stories for my reading pleasure, but as I read these stories, I find that I am lured into a sense of fascination by the rhythm of the narrative. So I believe that the translation, skillfully rendered by Sondra Silverston helped enhance the writing.These all take place in a kibbutz in the early 1950's, when Israel as a sta [...]

Животът, споделен “Между приятели”: knigolandiafo/book-review/mЗатрогващи и стоплящи. Точно така могат да се определят десетината къси разказа, сбрани зад красивата корица на “Между приятели”. Амос Оз е направил нещо твърде трудно според мен – да опише кроткия, прост, регулиран и спо [...]

4,5 * und nur deswegen nicht 5, weil ich mir doch mehrfach ein nicht ganz so offenes Ende gewünscht hätte (z.B. in Bezug auf Roni, dessen Liebe zu seinem Sohn solche Früchte trägt, oder in Bezug auf Mosche und seinen Vater). Im Übrigen faszinieren mich die in den Kurzgeschichten gewährten Einblicke in das Leben im Kibbuz, sowohl in organisatorisch-gesellschaftlicher Art (Ausschüsse, Wehrdienst und Arbeitsjahre, Kinderhaus etc.) als auch in Bezug auf das zwischenmenschliche Zusammenleben ( [...]

Questo libro continuo a tenerlo vicino al letto. Perché prima o poi (forse più poi che prima) devo rileggerlo. Un dovere, perché mi è rimasto il dubbio che la traduttrice (sempre lei, la stessa di Nevo!) pasticci un po'. Non so perché tutt'a'un tratto m'è presa questa insofferenza. E magari lei non ne ha nemmeno nessuna responsabilità.Però l'ultimo scorcio dal Kibbuz -esperanto- è davvero molto bello (o almeno a me è piaciuto tanto). Sarà per la lingua costruita per affratellare tutti [...]

"In ten or twenty years," Nina said,"the kibbutz will be a much more relaxed place. Now all the springs are tightly coiled and the entire machine is still shaking from the strain. The old-timers are actually religious people who left their old religion for a new one that's all just as full of sins and transgressions, prohibitions, and strict rules. They haven't stopped being true believers; they've simply changed one belief. System for another. Marx is their Talmud." (P. 143)

Love this :-) ! Will be looking for more by him!

Прекрасни разкази.Топли и студени, "правилни" и "грешни", свободни и затворени до безумиеЗнаете ли какво е "кибуц"? Е, след прочита на "Между приятели" ще научите

Eight stories touching me deeply. Each one written with so much empathy for the individual. The idealist, the sceptic, the hard working struggler.Moving stories from a really great writer.

To Osnat, who brought him a covered plate and a covered cup from the dining hall every evening, he said, “Man is basically good and generous and decent. It’s the environment that corrupts us.”Osnat said, “But what is the environment if not other people?"Do you have headaches often? Well I do. No, not very often, at least not these days, but there was a time when it used to be a very regular phenomenon - when I was growing up. Also, are you the kind that reads with music on? I am, and I'v [...]

Nu vă lăsaţi induşi în eroare de titlul cu tentă călduţ-optimistă al celei mai recente cărţi de Amos Oz traduse la noi, la Humanitas fiction, Între prieteni – nu este vorba nici despre prietenie, nici despre apropiere umană, nici măcar despre lucruri comune care, de bine, de rău, îi ţin pe oameni împreună. Miniromanul lui Amos Oz este o carte amar-ironică despre cea mai profundă singurătate pe care o poate trăi individul, acea singurătate apărută chiar în miezul comu [...]

Хареса ми книгата на Амос Оз "Между приятели". Интересен е форматът - отделни разкази, но героите в тях са все "от кибуца" и всъщност те всички са свързани. Развива образите от различни перспективи, ту като главни, ту като второстепенни герои в зависимост от гледната точка. Зап [...]

Ocho historias muy muy reales, todas dentro del Kibutz Yakhat. Son historias tan normales, tan humanas que parecerían un poco planas, pero la vida es así, y logra que alcances a ver cómo es la dinámica de convivencia en los kibutz. Creo que es la primera vez que leo algo sobre los kibutz. Lo único que sabía de ellos es que mandan allá a hijos desperdigados de familias ricas judías. Pero es mucho más complejo, es como una sociedad utópica entre menonita y socialista, muy raro. Creo que [...]

My first encounter with Oz, and as I love short stories, it was a fitting beginning. The characters are not quite perfectly described but the mood of kibbutz life is skilfully captured. A fatalistic thread runs through this collection as one ponders the decaying of dreams, the strength of commitment and the inevitability of human relationships. These people seem real, yet their lives march to a self-imposed unreality, These are small portraits from a larger canvas and I was left wanting more - n [...]

Everything in this book about how a kibbutz was run was of great interest to me, but altogether this collection is disappointingly slight from somebody of Oz's stature. Some of the stories emphasize the rigidity of the kibbutz, even sometimes its cruelty (as when a father is prevented from protecting his timid son from the bullying of more rambunctious kids), while others highlight its idealism and efficiency. This makes for a balanced but somewhat tepid assessment. None of the characters is par [...]

As someone else said in their review, this is an elegant little book. It is a series of stories with many of the same characters shared throughout. It is not fraught with emotion and drama but tells simple stories about lives in flux. Although there is sadness and death and frustration Oz describes it calmly and the characters accept their lives and their stories with resignation. Unfortunately, there is not much happiness described--and the happiness is fleeting. But, the stories feel real and [...]

Amos Oz was born in Jerusalem and lived in a kibbutz for 36 years. He is one of the most influential and well-regarded intellectuals in Israel. He is an advocate for a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Between Friends is a collection of eight interconnected short stories about life in a kibbutz in the 1950’s. Amos Oz is a masterful writer. Not a word is wasted. Reminiscent of Hemmingway’s sparse writing style. I highly recommend this book.

Meerdere verhalen die losjes met elkaar verbonden zijn over een kibboets in Israël in de jaren '50. Deze leefgemeenschap gooit traditionele samenlevingsconventies radicaal overboord, maar vervangt deze door zeer strakke, eigen regels die een deel van de bewoners verstikken. Graag gelezen.

loved the book, 8 stories about people living on a kibbutz and their struggles with daily life and the great ideals the kibbutz was built upon. so much sadness and regret and so much empathy for the characters. I read a story a day and did not want it to end - it was such a treat.

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