Giants: The Dwarfs of Auschwitz

Yehuda Koren Eilat Negev

Giants: The Dwarfs of Auschwitz

Giants: The Dwarfs of Auschwitz

  • Title: Giants: The Dwarfs of Auschwitz
  • Author: Yehuda Koren Eilat Negev
  • ISBN: 9781849544641
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Hardcover

Giants The Dwarfs of Auschwitz is a moving and inspirational story of survival, of a troupe of seven dwarf siblings, whose story starts like a fairy tale, before moving into the darkest moments of their history the darkest moments of modern history At a time when the phrase survival of the fittest was paramount, the Ovitz family, seven of whose ten members were dwarfs,Giants The Dwarfs of Auschwitz is a moving and inspirational story of survival, of a troupe of seven dwarf siblings, whose story starts like a fairy tale, before moving into the darkest moments of their history the darkest moments of modern history At a time when the phrase survival of the fittest was paramount, the Ovitz family, seven of whose ten members were dwarfs, less than three feet tall, defied the fate of so many other Holocaust victims The irony was that, doubly doomed for being Jewish and disabled, it was their dwarfism that ultimately saved their lives Authors Yehuda Koren and Eilat Negev deftly weave the tale of this beloved and successful family of singers and actors, the Lilliput Troupe Their dazzling Vaudeville program, the only all dwarf show at the time, made them famous entertainers in Central Europe in the 1930s and 40s Descending from the cattle train into the death camp of Auschwitz, the Ovitz family was separated from other Jewish victims on the orders of one Dr Joseph Mengele Obsessed with eugenics, Dr Mengele experimented on the family, aiming to discover the biological and pathological causes of the birth of dwarfs Like a single minded scientist, he guarded his human lab rats, and subsequently, when the Russian army liberated Auschwitz, all members of the family the youngest, a baby boy just 18 months old, the oldest, a 58 year old woman were alive It was the only family that entered the death camp and lived to tell the tale The family eventually restructured their lives and became successful performers once again, but the indelible mark of their experiences was carried with them until the end Giants is based on thorough exhaustive research and interviews with Perla Ovitz, the troupe s last surviving member, and scores of Auschwitz survivors The authors tracked down significant medical documentation and unearthed original Nazi records.

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Dwarfs in Auschwitz. Seven dwarfs in Auschwitz. Think about it for a moment. It sounds surreal doesn't it? Like a sick B-movie title. Yet it was a real thing. What's more, these seven dwarfs along with their normal sized family members, were the only family to survive in total from Auschwitz. How mind-blowing is that. Most families who entered that torturous place were wiped out completely, yet every member of this family walked out alive. When I first saw the book cover and looked at the photog [...]

This has got to be one of the more unique books that dealt with the Holocaust. It is about one family. The Ovitz family were seven brothers and sisters who were dwarfs. Their father was a Dwarf, he was married twice and there were a total of ten kids over 35 years. Seven out of the ten kids were dwarfs.The family always stuck together they started up a vaudeville act and called themselves "the Lilliput Troupe" the holocaust was taking over Europe and the Ovitz family became victims. In the early [...]

A wonderful book about the heart breaking and heart rending things that happened to people in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. The Ovitz family were very rare and very special people, the family consisted of ten children, seven of whom were dwarfs. The condition was inherited from their father who had the children during his two marriages. The Ovitz's were proud, self reliant in as many ways as their smallness would allow them to be. They were all talented musicians and singers, [...]

I have read many survival stories of the holocaust and each are incredibly moving. This is unique as it tells the remarkable story of the survival of an entire family and some others who were claimed to be family members who survived solely because their disability intrigued Dr Mengele enough to will it. The courage of the Ovitz family is extra-ordinary even among so many extra-ordinary stories precisely because physically they were so helpless. Spiritually and mentally however it is true that t [...]

wow what an amazing story. I had never hear of them before a quick mention on, I think, NPR. I couldn't believe had never hear of them before. The only reason I didn't give it five stars (my rating on my book blog will be a 4.8) is because there random stories of people who were also "Mengele's Pets" and it really had nothing to do with the Ovitz family. Otherwise, it was a good book

After watching a TV programme with Warwick Davies, I decided I wanted to read about the Dwarfs of Auschwitz. An excellent read and how the dwarfs ever managed to survive such horror, is nothing short of a miracle.

It is not always survival of the fittest, sometimes it is survival by those able to adapt. And the devil's need just happened to provide the Ovitz family with an opportunity to survive (as horrible as it was). A good, informative and entertaining non-fiction book. Sometimes it was a little dry but well worth reading. Interesting to read how this family adapted to their horrible situation and survived.

Many remarkable stories exist of those who were imprisoned during the Holocaust and lived to tell about it. One such story is that of the Ovitz family: a family of seven dwarfs (I think “little people” is the correct PC-term); who were well-known stage performers before the war and had luck on their side during their time at Auschwitz. Yehuda Koren and Eilat Negev capture their tale in, “Giants: The Dwarfs of Auschwitz”. “Giants” tells the story of the Lilliput Troupe (a family of li [...]

"Through think and thin, never separate"What a fantastic read ! While looking for another title, I picked this up thinking I'd read the odd excerpt.It was so well written and so interesting, I couldn't put it down (read non stop till 4am till finished!).It's so much more than an account of how a family of little people survived the Holocaust.It starts out with an account of the Ovitz family pre-war, accompanied by a fascinating history on others in history globally, who have had dwarfism by birt [...]

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The authors write with such affection about the family and their friends that one cannot help but feel close to them - I definitely found myself worrying about what was about to happen to them throughout this tragic yet wholly necessary account. It is such a readable yet utterly affecting piece of work that I would recommend this to anyone, particularly those who have seen Warwick Davis's recent 'Perspectives' programme.

Interesting true story about the Ovitz siblings of Transylvania, 5 sisters and 2 brothers who all had a form of dwarfism. As Orthodox Jews they ended up in Auschwitz but their experience was not quite the same as others. They became research subjects for the Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele whose experiments were cruel and humiliating but his obsession with the dwarves actually saved them.

Very sad and interesting story.

"Seven dwarfs ege to no benevolent Snow White but to a heartless beast"By sally tarbox on 3 October 2017Format: PaperbackThe fascinating and terribly moving story of the Jewish Romanian Ovitz family, ten siblings, of whom seven were dwarfs. From a happy early life, where they formed The Lilliput Troupe, a successful vaudeville act, they were later caught up in the horrors of World War 2.The narrative follows their time in Auschwitz, where their disability saved their lives - although at the cost [...]

This book was mesmerizing and I started and finished on the same day. This might have been exactly what I needed to get out of my reading funk. As usual with Holocaust books, I can't say that I actually enjoyed it because so much of what happened was just horrible. This book focuses mostly on the family of 7 dwarfs (the largest number of dwarfs born to one family) and the story of how they stuck together and survived Mengele's experiments. About 15-20% focuses on Mengele himself, but most of it [...]

This was a story well told, but hard to read simply because one finds it hard to comprehend that human beings can be so inhuman to each other. If you're interested in learning some of the first-hand accounts of Holocaust survivors, this would be a good book to read.

The book moved smoothly and informatively until the ending. It just got choppy was if the writing style changed completely.

Very interesting point of view. How many can say they lived through the "experimental" side of the Holocaust?

an amazing story of a family that stayed together their entire lives. I learned a lot from this book and am sad to have learned of there suffering with Dr. Death.

Well researched. 7 dwarfs would be amazing to meet anywhere, but in Auschwitz even more so. The horrors of the world!!

continuing my list of Nazi books.

A great book that sheds a little light on the experiments that happened in Auschwitz.

All of the information in this book was completely new to me.

I would consider this book one of the best non-fictions I have ever read. Such a moving story of the Ovitz family and others who suffered at death camps under the Nazis. There is not a single line boring in this book. It is a fascinating story and very well written.

This is as the sub title notes "The Extraordinary Story of the Lilliput Troupe"In the 1930's and early 1940's, the Lilliput Troupe traveled near and far entertaining all who attended to see these seven little people, all from one family, perform plays, perform concerts using various instruments, and sing as high as their voices would allow.Dressing in lovely handmade customs, wearing lots of make up, and smiling, always smiling, the troupe soon gained fame, not only for their small size, but for [...]

Yehuda Koren & Eilat Negev's "Giants: The Dwarfs of Auschwitz" is the story of the Lilliput Troupe a group of family members from the Ovitz family 7 of whom were dwarfs who got caught up in Hitler's Final Solution. The family itself decided to use their size to become performers in Rosvalea & surrounding areas in what is now Romania (then Hungary). They eventually were transported to the concentration camp at Auschwitz & spared the gas chambers because of Dr. Mengele who performed ho [...]

This is an astonishing story. The Ovitz family were Romanian Jews, who included an unusually high number of dwarves - 7 out of 10 siblings. Before WW2, they were famous throughout south east Europe as a travelling music hall troupe, and an incredibly close family. The war changed everything; they eventually ended up in Auschwitz. Once there, the very things which led them there - being Jewish and, to Nazi ideology, handicapped - also saved them. Dr Mengele had a special interest in twins and dwa [...]

Back in the mid nineteenth century an orthodox Jewish man living in a tiny Romanian village was born with a chromosomal abnormality that resulted in his becoming a dwarf. Unfortunately seven of his ten children were born with the same abnormality. Life in their village was pleasant. The family was better off than most. They seemed to have been relatively prosperous, earning a decent living as a theatrical troupe. They traveled widely, singing and playing instrument and became well known and resp [...]

Amazingly well written. I enjoyed how it went into the cultural history of both Judaism and dwarfism and intersections between the two. I also appreciated that this book talked about other individuals experiences in Auschwitz besides the Ovitzes in order to create a complete picture of Dr. Mengele's atrocities. By no means is this an easy read, it covers some pretty horrific things but it is well worth it as it covers a part of the Holocaust often left unmentioned. I picked this up at Barnes and [...]

When I first purchased the book I thought it would be intriguing and a difference from what I had been previously reading. It was very much so but it wasn't a book that was so good to the point where I couldn't put it down. It was very interesting however and eye opening to the atrocities and first hand accounts of Auschwitz. If the family had not been dwarfs they would have definitely perished. It was slightly irritating when one person said one thing in the book but another person said that it [...]

This is the sad story of the Ovitz family: a family of 10, with 7 being dwarfs. The 7 dwarfs were successful singers and actors and they were Jews. In May, 1944, the entire family was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau. The were not gassed because of Josef Menegel's interest in eugenics. The dwarfs were housed separately from the other Jews (most arrivees at Auschwitzwere sent directly to be gassed) but still endured painful and humiliating experiments.Giants is primarily about the Orvitzes, but also de [...]

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