Mask of the Macabre


Mask of the Macabre

Mask of the Macabre

  • Title: Mask of the Macabre
  • Author: DavidHaynes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Four short tales of Victorian terror, each bound to the other by a chilling thread.The date is January 10th 1866 and the snow is falling thick on the blood soaked streets of a murderous London Mask of The Macabre A travelling magician appears with a gruesome show But what secret does it hide Doctor Harvey Bethlem lunatic asylum s newest patient has a story to tell, buFour short tales of Victorian terror, each bound to the other by a chilling thread.The date is January 10th 1866 and the snow is falling thick on the blood soaked streets of a murderous London Mask of The Macabre A travelling magician appears with a gruesome show But what secret does it hide Doctor Harvey Bethlem lunatic asylum s newest patient has a story to tell, but how will he tell it to his doctor Memento Mori A photographer is given a mysterious assignment with disturbing consequences.The New Costume The entertainer discovers a new string to his bow and gives the finest performance of his career 13,000 words in total

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4.5/5!I enjoyed this set of 4 Victorian stories that were all connected by a common thread. There's a magician, a death photographer, a dark theater and an insane asylum. All of this in a tasty little bite that goes down quick like a shot of smooth tequila. Highly recommended AND its free! Get your copy here: Mask of the Macabre

a good fun little read.

This quartet of inter-related short stories is written in the Penny Dreadful style of Victorian melodrama and it pulls the style off very well. The language is measured and portentous; the dark alley-ways of Victorian London with their swirling mists are conjured up very evocatively. The stories are engaging but gruesome. They aren’t the slasher, bloodfest style of horror, although there’s blood in there aplenty. They are more the creepy, unpleasant and subtle kind of old fashioned horror wh [...]

Aww what a cute little read! Dank and dark Victorian England, 4 short stories that all connect up one way or another. Lots of atmosphere and gruesome deathly stuff! Loved it. On the lookout for more from this author.

Mask of the Macabre is a must-read for lovers of Victorian fiction. It is so firmly set in that stylised world of gas lamps, squalor, wealthy gentlemen and horse-and-carriage that it feels like it might be a modern reprint of a genuine 'penny dreadful'!The four stories dovetail very well into each other, working just as well as smaller tales. David Haynes writes in a style very fitting to the Victorian era, full of exquisite detail and pomposity. It took me a while to get used to such a dense an [...]

A delightful collection of four horror tales that all connect with each other. They take place in Victorian London and are written in the style of the penny dreadfuls of the time. Superbly written and the stories all work well. Well worth a read for horror fans.

I love the gritty feel of Victorian horror and Haynes does a great job capturing that feel.Four related horror short stories that are certainly worth checking out!4 STARS

With an interesting sounding title I was already intrigued to read this. Upon reading the first story I thought this is gonna be good and it was more than that it was great. Each story is very compelling and very telling and I realized each story runs into each other continuing from the other. The author is very detailed and descriptive in the telling of his tales and while using big words at times still the reader can still understand what is going on. I love a good shocker or surprise and this [...]

Historical London, where King Cholera kills while magicians entertain with imagined death, is the backdrop for these short stories. But there’s something stronger than imagination in the magic act portrayed at the start of David Haynes’ four tales in Mask of the Macabre. If Lewis Caroll’s Alice is too full of nonsense for the self-absorbed narrator, the magician’s act might seem equally too full of unperceived sense. “You, Mr. Lovett, wear a mask every day,” the magician says. But th [...]

This is the first book I have read by David Haynes and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I read the book in an evening and, as another reviewer has pointed out, it is best to read the stories one after the other so you appreciate the links between each. Indeed, part of the interest in this book is seeing just how each story relates to the others.The four tales are nicely gruesome and splendidly suffused with menace and dread. The writing itself is wonderfully atmospheric. The author described certain sce [...]

When Mask of the Macabre popped up on my page I was immediately taken by the cover image, and being a rather rubbish conjurer, the promise of magicians!So I took a punt and thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon spent with performers, lunatics and murderers.As previous reviews have mentioned Mask of the Macabre is a series of 4 Victorian horror tales that vary in length. Each story is connected to the other which leads to a satisfying and sinister conclusion. For this reason I'd recommend finishing th [...]

The Mask of the Macabre is cleverly demonic--four short tales on the dark side that lend proof to the fact the monsters are real and they walk among us. The four tales are very well written in the classic style of traditional horror, reminiscent of Ambrose Bierce, Henry James, or Oliver Onions. Gently interwoven, each one feeds upon a central theme and each one delivers its own little ironic twist.Haynes pulls the reader right in and delivers these spine-tinglers without reliance upon cheap shoc [...]

Review from the wife.Although Mask of the Macabre follows the same theme and characters as Ballet of the Bones, she enjoyed Mask much more. She said the third story, about the photographer was atmospheric and poignant, and the connections were far subtler. She said Haynes' written tone worked well to build the atmosphere and amplify the horror, beyond simply describing bursts of violence. She said she had the strong urge to reread Poe after she put it down, just because it was fairly short, but [...]

Entertaining These 4 interconnected stories were very entertaining. I enjoyed the first one the most but all of them were good and the connections throughout were entertaining.

This story has a great Victorian vibe. At only about 13,000 words in all, it is 4 connecting but separate stories of horror. To say much more would spoil it, so I will just say that as the old saying goes, 'good things come in small packages.' :)

Short but packed with an interesting punchMask of the Macabre is not a tale you will want to read deep in the night, nor when the weather is gloomy with foggy shadows or lightening and rain. It is however an interesting and horrifying story you will want to share with others in the deep darkness of a moonless night.

Nicely written collection from an author whose work I have recently discovered and enjoy.

This is 4 stories that are cleverly linked and have an authentic victorian gothic feel in each story. The stories are as follows:Mask of the Macabre - A magician who performs a gruesome stage act hides a secret that an admirer of his show is determined to find out. This was my least favourite story, it got a bit confusing for me although the other stories helped to clarify the ending more.Doctor Harvey - A doctor in an asylum becomes interested in his newest inmate but will the 'doctor' want to [...]

Mask of the Macabre sets the scene for your journey to the sordidly time-worn and foggy streets of Victorian London. You will soon wonder at the magician's grisly sleight of hand, and be shocked by the change of scene taking you within the walls of the Bethlem lunatic asylum. Then, the photographer's hideous job will make you wonder at the evil within human nature; depositing you, finally, with the entertainer - looking to expand his gruesome repertoire.This is a deliciously gruesome collection [...]

Definitely not for those of a nervous disposition! Great atmosphere and use of language to convey a sense of Victorian gloomth (it was a real word apparently). All of the stories are connected and develop the main plot via the perspective of different characters. Mr. Haynes certainly has a vivid imagination and can really tell a story in a gripping manner. If you like your horror draped in Victorian fog and frock coats, this is the book for you.

Connecting stories.Morbid tales that are standalones at first but by the end intertwine to what previously happened. Great fireside twisted drama. Leather face horror that is disturbing. Good Halloween read.

Yesterday rained so much here, lots of thunders, dark and chilly, and this book was perfect to read it with that kind of weather. Four POV´s of 4 different men who are related to each other in some way. The plot takes place in Victorian London; there are a lot of blood, murders, revenge, mystery and crazy men.The end was a bit abrupt, or maybe that is my opinion only, as I always have the same feeling when I read short stories. Nice short horror story, and very well written.I got a free copy fr [...]

This book contains a series of short stories that are quietly related. Each story is a nicely developed Victorian horror. The descriptions of the settings are perfect and make you feel that you are the one riding in the hansom cab with your top hat, cane, and cloak through the dark streets of London that are overflowing with riffraff. A gruesome read for Halloween!

Beautiful writing to savour. This collection is short and perfectly formed, will be following this writers future output with interest. If you enjoy Victorian gothic then you will enjoy this little set of dark miniatures.

I reviewed the Box Set Collection here:/review/show/

Great Gothicism Vine of HorrorThe tales told in this novel are perfect for a stormy night or cold late wake session. Each tale is stand alone however as with latest pop culture trend these tales connect via shared universe not sequels . This is a great way to take what's now a common trope and use it in an new form of media. I hope this author does more like this and in other settings. I wish I knew if the guy did it? A follow-up is highly suggested and wanted.

Spoiler - I'm not sure how Lovett and Doctor could tell their part of the story in first person. At the end of their sections, they were incapacitated, gone mad, how can they go back and tell in, in first person narrative, in a calm fashion. Other then that - good creepy fun.

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