For Keeps

Airicka Phoenix

For Keeps

For Keeps

  • Title: For Keeps
  • Author: Airicka Phoenix
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  • Page: 169
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You are cordially invited to have your heart s desire come true For Kaitlin Claremont this is a very tall order What wouldn t an orphan girl living over of her aunt s shop wish for But when her one night of forbidden passion in the arms of her sexy substitute teacher turns into a nightmare, Katie realizes quickly that nothing is as it seems and there is so much toYou are cordially invited to have your heart s desire come true.For Kaitlin Claremont this is a very tall order What wouldn t an orphan girl living over of her aunt s shop wish for But when her one night of forbidden passion in the arms of her sexy substitute teacher turns into a nightmare, Katie realizes quickly that nothing is as it seems and there is so much to Kaleb than she ever bargained for.Kaleb O Reilly has his own demons and even with all his training, he s not prepared for the brown eyed beauty, nor can he deny he wants her in a way that very much complicates everything But what happens when the hunger wins and his true purpose puts Katie at risk Can he protect her from his mistakes And can Katie protect those she loves from a monster with no mercy Time is running out.

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Who doesn't love a book with a good balance of story, steamy sex, a hot book boyfriend, and a strong-willed heroine? If you are looking for all of these things - I highly recommend My Soul For You by Morgana Phoenix. My Soul for You is the story of Katie Claremont and how attending an upscale party one evening changes her life forever. A party where the opportunity to have one wish granted will set in motion a series of events that are both terrifying and intense!!Ms. Phoenix introduces us to Ka [...]

*fans self* This was excellent. Another winner by Morgana/Airicka Phoenix. I really freakin' loved this <3 First and only Warning: This was an ARC given to me in exchange for an honest review, and that is what I do. So YAY! moving on to the good stuff Song Choice: "Latch" by Disclosure, "Draw Your Swords" Angus & Julia StoneFirst thoughts: HOT HOT HOT, WOW, WOW, WOW. Seriously *fans self some more* Airicka always writes those smexy, but always classy make out scenes now with her naught al [...]

First, let me say that it has been a while since a book grabbed my attention from the start. Usually, I need to read a good 20% of a book to get into it. But this was not the case.No, this was certainly not the case. I hadn't read anything from this author and I can surely say that it is a pity that I didn't discover her books sooner! The writing style is flawless, and I mean flawless. The main thing that most books lack is a well developed characterization. This book had it all. Great, fully de [...]

Overall rating: 4 starsTriggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[ yes, but I wanted more(hide spoiler)]My review:Katie, the heroine, is a high school senior who lives and works for her Aunt in their second hand thrift shop. I really liked her quirkiness and her friendship with Ashlee and Larson. Katie runs into Kaleb, literally, twice at school before she realizes that h [...]

2.5-stars-for-the-anti-climatic-revealment-of-all-the-secrets-that-took-90%-of-the-book-to-be-revealedOkay, so was I the only one who was expecting Kaleb to be some kind of vampire? No? Just me?Fine then.This story wast executed well.Spoiler Alert. First there were hintings that there could be more to these people at the party Katie had attended. I mean supernatural more. The invitation was talking about magic and then Kaleb was soooo handsome. perfect lookingd the random guys that were fighting [...]

My Soul for You is a rather different read than what I’m used to by this author but still awesome none the less!I thought the premise for the story was really good – a mysterious ball, with a draw for whatever your heart’s desire – who wouldn’t desire something? Only Kaitlin desired the forbidden, she desired Kaleb – but Kaleb was untouchable… or was he? We follow Kaitlyn through her relationship with Kaleb, from the first meeting to the ball, from obtaining her heart’s desire to [...]

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is the first time I’ve read a book from this author’s new adult/adult line.d just like every one of her YA books, I was not disappointed. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the story-it deserves every one of the five stars I rated it, and maybe a few more.Everything in this book is set up so well that you don’t even realize until well over halfway through just how much of a thriller it is and how far into the story you’ve b [...]

Holy Wowzers! I am completely in love with My Soul For You. Very well written, paced perfectly, with the right amount of elements. Suspense, romance, laughter, danger, and a bit of shady characters.Katie and Ashlee are best friends. They have that banter that I have with my own friends. So relatable!! It was almost like being in high school again. Without the danger of course. This make a turn for the worse after what would seem like a wonderful Gala. Beautiful dresses, beautiful location, what [...]

Orphaned by her parents and raised by her aunt 19 year old Katie Claremont life is about to become one big game. Book boyfriend Kaleb O'Reilly knocks into Katie at school and from that moment on she's hooked, but he's off limits :) these are the best ;)Katie finds an invitation to an exclusive party in a box of old stuff in her Aunt's Thrift Store. Her BFF Ashlee talks Katie into crashing. This party gives away wishes to one lucky gal or guy. Katie sees Kaleb there and they share a hot hot hot n [...]

WOW! What a hot book! This isn't the first steamy story i have read from Morgana but it certainly is the best steamy story by her! I love Kaleb, OMG he is HOT! The way he cares for Katie is endearing, even when he risked everything to be with her. Throughout the book i literally yelled at the characters for some of the choices they made (i won't spoil it, you will have to read it for yourself) but i am glad the book ended on a happy note! My Soul for You has to be my second favourite from this a [...]

Not bad. different.

Review to come!Update 7/6/14:Holy guacamole people! This book was S.T.E.A.M.Y and HOT, HOT, HOT! Who doesn't want a book that has an amazing balance of sex, romance, one of the sexiest boys ever, and an awesome mystery? Kind of leaves you feeling like this right?Well, this book has all of that and more. Ms. Phoenix has done it yet again, and blown me away with one of her books. She sucked me in with Octavian's Undoing, and I've been a fan ever since. This is the story of how one night can change [...]

It looks like I'm not the only one who thought this was gonna be a paranormal romance book. The title, cover, and blurb all point towards some supernatural element. It turns out this is just a contemporary romantic suspense novel. With the most boring suspense plot I have ever come across.(Spoilers ahead)Katie is an eighteen-year-old high school senior and one day at school she literally runs into a hot new guy. (Haven't we read this before?) The hoy guy, Kaleb, turns to be the school's new TA w [...]

So I started this book before I read the description. And every book ive read by Airicka was paranormal. I was playing guessing games the whole time wondering if this was paranormal. I was kinda hoping for it. Thats what I was in the mood for. Never the less, I very much enjoyed For Keeps. It's the sexiest of the book ive read by her. I usually have issues with reading about one night stands. Im not that type of girl and I feel it cheapens the love story. But this one didn't bother me for some r [...]

18 year old Katie just wants to graduate from High School and help run her Aunts store. But when she runs, literally, into Kaleb, she can’t get him out of her mind. She and her best friend Ashley end up sneaking into a charity ball where everyone can submit a wish, Katie wishes for Kaleb. Little did she know that she will get sucked into a world she wanted no part of.I am a huge Airicka Phoenix fan. Her Touch series is right up there with being my favorite books. That being said, I was a littl [...]

Katie is not your average high school student, she has been through hell and back. Her parents were murdered right in front of her when she was little. She had to take a year off school because she could not even speak. Now she's finishing her last year of school when she should have already graduated if not for her parents deaths. She is invited to a gala where all her dreams can come true if her wish is granted. Her wish is to have one night of passion with Kaleb. Little does she know evil is [...]

I was gonna read this book anyway because it is Airicka Phoenix but then when I read the blurb I definitely wanted to read it! I loved the premise for this book. It sounded really intriguing and I can tell you now that it did not disappoint! I fricking LOVED this book! So many fantastic characters and a story-line jam packed with mystery and suspense, with smoking hot romance at the core.I always love Ms. Phoenix's female characters cause they are always so snarky and Katie was no exception. She [...]

As usual I was enthralled with the writing, and well with that said not many notes or highlights were made BUT the things I did note were very naughty and I LOVED IT!! Where Kaleb is concerned I want to say move over Octavian but I just can't so I now have two leading men in my life. Kaleb is just so damn sexy, "Kaleb," he corrected, reaching past her and stabbing the button with one finger. "I'm about to break every rule in the blasted book. The least you can do is call me by my name." He makes [...]

Like everything by the author it was utterly impossible to put this book down I've always loved how Morgana Phoenix can make a book so steamy by not even going over board with details. She makes you want to take a cold shower by just the littlest detail making you beg you were the one in the book.Kaitlin (Katie) Claremont lives with her Aunt above a thrift shop they own. Her Aunt Hannah is down to earth and very easy going Katie's has pretty much two best friends Larson and Ashlee who is bubbly [...]

A great new adult romance read but not my favourite from this author simply because I like her paranormal stuff better. This in no way means that this isn't a great read. This book wasn't what I was expecting, that's all. It was well-written, suspenseful, romantic and entertaining but I secretly thought this was a paranormal romance book. I kept waiting for the twist - I thought for sure Kaleb was secretly a paranormal creature of some sort but when his secrets finally did come out I was complet [...]

My Soul For You by Morgana Phoenix is a NA contemporary romantic thriller. It is definitely intended for 18+ readers since it was hot, hot, hot. The story is very well-written and the plot flows so smoothly that you get lost in the story without realizing how long you've been reading. I did not want to put this book down and I read it in one sitting because I couldn't stop. The story had so many twists and turns and surprising secrets. I normally can figure out who the bad guy is and predict wha [...]

I apologise for this won't be a proper review.I'm still trying to recover from the smexyness and hotness overload of Chapter Seven and what about Chapter Eleven thoI mean it was so hot I umm I'll be honest here; I'm never going to recover from it. That was just insanely and intensely WOW!!.This is the part where I can die happy now.This is an AUTHOR who sure knows what the heck she's doing. She knows how to engage her readers, surprise them, shock them, melt them, make them cry, gasp, scream out [...]

Another awesome Airicka/Morgana book! This woman does not disappoint.Any fan of Airicka's will be pleased***unless you are under 18~it's not intended for a younger audience***.So did not expect that ending!There are many twists and turns that will keep you guessing who is the villain and what is really happening.It;s filled with suspense,love,and drama. Kaitlin gets in over her head when her and her best friend Ashlee get themselves invited to a gala they have no business being at.A chance meeti [...]

I am a huge fan of Airicka Phoenix, but this book disappointed me to no end.With the title and the secrets Kaleb keeps on holding, i thought it was going to be a paranormal or supernatural kind of secret. I was hugely disappointed.Katie, i just didn't like her. Period. I tried and tried to understand and feel her emotions and each time i came up empty handed. She irritated me, a lot.Kaleb, I usually am biased towards the male lead but Kaleb, oh dear Kaleb.He bored me. He didn't even have a perso [...]

I started reading My Soul For You without reading the blurb or knowing much about the story. I think Morgana was trying to KILL me, lol. This story has something for everyone (18+ due to seriously steamy scenes). From the beginning, Katie pulls at your heart with her friendship with Ashlee, Larson and her dedication to the shop she runs with her aunt. When a strange woman drops off a dress and a few boxes of things that supposedly belonged to her daughter, there is an invitation that includes th [...]

I will never look at Airicka the same again.FUCKING HOOOOOOOTT! And yes, that is an extended 'O' double 'T' hot! Just, *fans self*, FIVE STARS for the fact that you were brave enough to use the word 'cock' in a non-giggle enducing way!Plot was flawless. I found myself pulling into not only the story, but the mystery as well and I'm happy to say I didn't solve this one beforehand so the ending was a surprise to me.While My Soul For You gives off the hint of a LAFS (love at first sight) romance, i [...]

Mystery, Romance, & Comedy galore!!!, June 2, 2014Airicka Phoenix has story weaving skills! This happens to be the first adult book I have read by Airicka's alter ego, Morgana.This book was serious about heating it up, folks! One minute I am completely taken by the characters, their wonderful story, non-stop laughter, & then BAM the temperature jumps to 2,000 degrees without even blinking an eye. Even with the steaminess going on she never missed a beat! Katie & her BFF crack me up, [...]

Oh. My. Goodness!! What a sexy, yummy book! It had it all, the suspense, the humor, the steaminess, the hot guy, and the plot was sooo good. I seriously LOVE Morgana's writing. I love that it wasn't predictable and had me guessing through the entire story.Kaleb? Seriously one of my favorite book boys now. I love that he was so protective and caring of Katie. And I have to be honestly, I've been there before where I've been attracted to the "off limits" guy and this just made the story even bette [...]

My Soul for You is one of those reads that leaves you on an incredible high that lasts for days. Morgana shows what she is capable of in this dream come true/nightmare made reality story. There is a magical quality about this story that I could not put my finger on. I kept waiting for it to jump out and say "BOO!" Instead, I came face to face with the evil known as **********. I was like "No WAY!!!" Yeah. was awesome. Katie is the mastermind behind it all. If you think about it, if she didn't do [...]

What can I say about this author that I havent already said before. She is absolutely epic. I love her writing style which I find very unique, and I mean that in a good way. The stories she comes up with are just phenomenal. I love how you can see her personality come alive in the characters. My Soul For You was a little different from the books Ive read by Airicka/Morgana Phoenix, but I was still hypnotized from the very first page. The characters were amazing you cant help but fall for Kaleb, [...]

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