Warriors: The Ultimate Guide

Erin Hunter Wayne McLoughlin

Warriors: The Ultimate Guide

Warriors: The Ultimate Guide

  • Title: Warriors: The Ultimate Guide
  • Author: Erin Hunter Wayne McLoughlin
  • ISBN: 9780062245335
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Hardcover

The ultimate companion to Erin Hunter s 1 bestselling Warriors seriesFull of never before seen stories, full color artwork, and captivating details about the warrior Cat clans, Warriors The Ultimate Guide is a must have addition to any Warriors collection This gorgeous hardcover volume includes Full color illustrations and in depth biographies of important characters frThe ultimate companion to Erin Hunter s 1 bestselling Warriors seriesFull of never before seen stories, full color artwork, and captivating details about the warrior Cat clans, Warriors The Ultimate Guide is a must have addition to any Warriors collection This gorgeous hardcover volume includes Full color illustrations and in depth biographies of important characters from the series, including all the content from Warriors Cats of the ClansNever before seen art and detailed backstories for forty catsFull page maps of each territory featured in the Warriors novelsAn in depth look at each of the five warrior ClansThis collectible field guide is a fantastic introduction to the Warriors world for new readers, and an indispensable resource for longtime fans.

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As someone who started reading the series when I was in the 3rd grade, and a series that made me fall in love with books to begin with, the Warriors holds a dear, special place in my heart. I would not be on GoodReads if not for this series. Really.I would have been that girl in school who didn't read. Who scoffed at others who did read, who didn't do well in school. I would have been that girl who wasted money on expensive clothes and make up and perfumes when I was too young to do so, and I pr [...]

Here's the cover:EPIC, RIGHT?


I really like this book! It's a great guide and a must-have for every fan of the beloved Warriors series!I only have a few complaints. For one thing, I felt like the thunderClan and ShadowClan sections got too many cats. I mean, yeah they are very important Clans, but WindClan and ShadowClan only got a few, and Cats Outside the Clans got even less.Here are some cats that they left out that I think should have gotten SOME mention: Moonflower, Tigerheart, Dawnpelt, Heatherstar, Hawkheart, Barkface [...]

This book got a lot of things wrong and left out a lot of important and long loved characters. It was a really fun read though so I enjoy just flipping through the pages every now and then

So, this book irritates me a lot, for one particular reason: The Erins are biased as hell. Conveniently, I have the book on-hand, so I can provide quotes."Ashfur truly loved Squirrelflight and was bitterly hurt when she passed him over in favor of Brambleclaw."Um, no. No no no no no. Ashfur never loved Squirrelflight; he was obsessed with her. There's a huge difference. If he did "truly love" Squirrelflight, as the Erins say he did, he would have wanted her to be happy. He wouldn't have attempte [...]

This book is a amazing book of how tigerstar and bramble star revived their nine life's. It has also profiles of exactly 90 cats!!! There's also a insider look at each of the clans! Here are the contents:Interdiction blue star speaksBluestarPinestarGoosefeather. And featherwhiskerSpottedleafGraystripe and Millie SandstormBrightheart and cloudtailFirestar YellowfangCinderpeltLeafpoolSquerrelflightBrambleclawAshfurLion blazeHollyleafJayfeatherCinderheart DovewingIvypoolAnd that's all of thunderCla [...]

This book was really good with lots of info about the cats in the clans. It had only one flaw though. It had some spoilers in it. Such as, i had the book out when my friend came over and he saw (SPOILER!!!!) the SkyClan sign. he was wondering what "TreeClan" was.

This book contains almost all of the characters in the warrior books, and tells you about them.

In reality, I would give this book a 4.7 ratingbut anywaysONE THOUSAND TIMES THANK YOU TO THE ERIN HUNTERS FOR CREATING THIS It is safe to say that the Warriors series has played a major role in my life, and it will always have a spot in my heart. I started reading the series when I was eleven years old, during that time I was bullied and didn't really have much friends. So I turned to history (Titanic, Anne Frank, anything World War 2 related really) and books as my friends. When I discovered W [...]

The minute I got this book, I knew I was in for a treat.It is a wonderful guide for any lover of Warriors. First off, the artwork. Wayne McLoughlin has always done fantastic artwork for the Warrior books, but he practically exceeded himself in this book. The artwork was completely gorgeous and expressive. I had a lot of people flipping through the book, pointing out which cat looked like their own and a couple even thought some were photographs.The book gives you some little insights on the char [...]

An important note: for being the ULTIMATE Guide, it does not include profiles of every cat, or even all of the most important ones; Cloudtail's omission being quite obvious, especially when his mother (a minor character) was included for that contribution to the Clan (Cloudtail). For the most part, the pictures are great, though Oakheart's portrait is in shadow and another cat is featured from behind. WARNING:The Early Settlers section contains spoilers for the Dawn of the Clans arc, even though [...]

Now if you know me, I'm truly a die hard Warrior Cats fan. I've been reading the books since Middle School and I recently just started the series again. So on Christmas morning when I ripped away the wrapping paper to reveal this ultimate book I was ecstatic. To give a little detail about the book it's basically a guide to all the most important cats from the series. Don't be disappointed though if you're favorite didn't make the cut, Erin Hunter(s) could pry fill at least 20 books if they inclu [...]

This was a good book about the cats, but it was also missing a lot of cats, as well as some errors. But the errors were small and since there are so many cats that would make it hard to keep track of every one, so I suppose the errors can be overlooked. But I would have liked to have seen more cats in the guide. Darkstripe wasn't mentioned. Neither was Morningflower. Also, she didn't talk much about Sasha and she's pretty important. Plus, they should have done some of the Ancient Cats, from when [...]

My Review: I haven’t read any of the Warriors’ books. But if you are a cat lover then this is the book for you. The book introduces readers to the four clans that live in a forest and how each clan defends its territory based on their hunting skills.There was a fifth clan but they got forced out when Twolegs clan took over the territory. That clan was known as the tree-hunters. Bold and beautiful color illustrations by Wayne McLoughlin. FTC Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book H [...]

4.5 Stars.I enjoyed this book, a great quick reference it you need to know who Turtle Tail's kits were or how Feathertail died. So why the .5? Because of the inaccuracies in artwork and on the poster timeline. Off the top of my head, Hollyleaf's eyes were the wrong color and Firestar's quest was in the wrong timeline spot. I was also slightly disappointed that there weren't more SkyClan, WindClan, and RiverClan cats. I felt like several more in each of those clans could've been added.

It says that is the ULTIMATE guide. It's not. It's just Cats of the Clans with characters from DOTC. The "insider Clan looks" are two pages long and don't say anything even a new Warriors fan doesn't know. But, i did really enjoy the story of Tigerstar's nine lives. Bramblestar's nine lives were just a repeat from The Last Hope. The art was great but Brightheart's picture is FUH-REAKY!

I thought this book was wonderfully done. As I read I tried to picture what each cat looked like and some I could do so well and others I had trouble picturing, but with this guide and the lovely artwork it really brought each cat to life and explained a lot about them as well. I wish they would also put out a book in which it details lineage--who was mates with who and what kits they had.

I am giving this guide 4 stars simply because of the amazing illustrations. THEY ARE SO WELL DONE. I love looking at them. Super pretty. (Good info too if you like warriors). My aunt and cousin sent this to me because both me and my cousin were obsessed with this series and I am very grateful to them ;)

An insightful look at the Warrior Cats’ world and significant figures who appeared in the series, including Firestar.

My vid review: youtube/watch?v=K6W7a

I love how this book gave the biographies of some of the main cats in Warriors. The images were amazing!

Ah I remember this book being announced back in my 7th grade yearI was a library aide to the school and during my freetime I got on a computer and went to the warrior website. I was excited to hear about the giveaway that they were having for it it was a special one. They were going to choose 7 lucky people to dedicate the book to and the people who won were to receive the book. I remember entering explaining why I thought I was one of the biggest fans of the warrior series. I lost, but that's a [...]

this book was so predictable "sigh".blah blah blahthing happened😪 not say I am terrible for saying thishollypaw and lionpaw are stupid💩💩.jaypaw is the only cat that actually has an important power(hollypaw doesn't even have a power)!

This book is very good. it is storys from the most inportant cats.

This was a great book! It helped fill in the blanks with a few questions of mine, like where Sol came from, why Scourge killed Tigerstar, etc. It was amazing!

Warriors The ultimate guide By: Erin Hunter There were once four clans that lived in a forest, these clans had animals in them and that animal was a cat. This is not your ordinary house cat but this is a wild beast, that hunts and for food in the forest. There are people that lived next to the forest called two legs. “Fleet-footed rabbit chasers lived on the moor below broad skies, glossy-furred who were happy to get their paws wet in search of fish settled undergrowth, stalkers of mice and sq [...]

I love guide books. This may not be a well known fact for me, but I love guides and ultimate guides to anything, so when I found this book on my door step I was very excited for these are books that myself, and my step brother had enjoyed greatly (which probably partially contributed to my crazy cat lady status now.)Many books have been published since I started reading the series and it was wonderful to be able to see clan by clan the important members, their contributions, and what role they h [...]

There isn't really a summary to be given about this book. It's basically just information about each Clan and their most important members throughout the history of them.I really liked this one. The images (yes, there actually are a LOT of them in this). They don't look as goofy as some of the cover illustrations the same artist has done (as far as I know, it is the same artist).The book is very basic: each part is divided into an introduction, sometimes a small story, and after that we just get [...]

Just like the title says, it is the Ultimate Guide on all things to do with the Warrior cat series. A beautiful illustrated book, and one you will want to refer back to time after time. If you have read the Warrior Series, this will be a "must have" book. If you haven't read the series and you have a browse through here, I can almost guarantee that you will want to read them! This book was advertised as a must have for the seasoned readers of the series as well as readers who are new to the seri [...]

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