The Cowboy Kiss

Kristen James

The Cowboy Kiss

The Cowboy Kiss

  • Title: The Cowboy Kiss
  • Author: Kristen James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition

She s a cutting edge travel blogger he s a fishing guide with strong ties to their small hometown.She thought they were arch enemies he always thought they d end up together.Autumn grew up in her parents fishing resort in backwoods Oregon, listening to wild travel stories from around the world Now she s broken free and living her dream as a travel blogger, that is untilShe s a cutting edge travel blogger he s a fishing guide with strong ties to their small hometown.She thought they were arch enemies he always thought they d end up together.Autumn grew up in her parents fishing resort in backwoods Oregon, listening to wild travel stories from around the world Now she s broken free and living her dream as a travel blogger, that is until her mom talks her into coming home and writing a blog about the Rugged Resort Autumn s very surprised to find Cory still there He was the thorn in her side growing up, and now he s buddy buddy with her parents She plans to write her blog and hit the road, but Cory has other ideas.

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The Cowboy Kiss is a sweet and very short contemporary romance in which two childhood friends meet up again after six years apart. Cory knows he only has a few days to sweep Autumn off her feet, and apparently, he manages to do so - even if that happened off page.Even in a short story, I think it's possible to show a little bit more of what the characters are thinking and feeling, and I was not really satisfied when The Cowboy Kiss Ended.The writing is quite good, though, and if you're in the mo [...]

A really, really short story. Autumn is lured home by her family to write a travel piece for her blog to drum up more business. She arrives home to find there is nothing wrong with her parents' resort. She also finds Cory there. Cory has been in love with Autumn for years but never said what he needed to before she left. Now she is back and its time for him to say what he wanted to all those years ago.It was rather sweet and nice. Very short so very little development in the story or characters. [...]

Carino decisamente troppo corto per i miei gusti! Io e i racconti non andiamo proprio d'accordo XD

Sometimes when reading short books I find it hard to really write a review because I do not want to be mean because I bought (or received free) a short story. With only 30 pages I knew I was not going to get much out of the book and while the book was really short and sweet at the end of the book I wanted something more. If it is the start to a series then it is a good start if it ends here I am upset. Kristen James is a wonderful author and I look forward to reading more of her stories in the f [...]

When Autumn’s mom calls for her to come home and do a review for her travel blog, Autumn decides it’s time to pay a visit to the Rugged Resort. Her biggest fear is seeing Cory, the thorn in her side thru out her childhood. But will one cowboy kiss convince Autumn she is where she should stay? Cute story that is a nice short read.

Nice story!!

So so !I did not like this book as well as the others I have read. Did not have the excitement Kristen Healy has in her books. It was just a alright read for me ! I will try another one though.

"A Beautiful, Wholesome Story"This is the first writing of Author Kristen James that I have read. I'm so pleased to have found an exceptionally written story, one that is wholesome and sweet to the end. Autumn grew up in the scenic back country area of Oregon. From tourists who visited her family's resort, she gained much travel information which she, herself, dreamed of doing. She wants to see the world and become a travel blogger. There was Cory, a boy she grew up with who was always a pest. W [...]

4.5 stars is enough.A very cute short love story!And even though I really didn't like those shorts, barely 30 pages long, it was nice. Very nice, actually. But, you know, I have a weird habit lately to read them when I can't be bothered right now working on the books to read. And it's quite sad. Not that I'm lazy or anything, but sometimes I lose interest and then I find new and read them beautifully until the end - I think these short stories, like this one. With this book was so I found it on [...]

I bought The Cowboy Kiss by Kristen James off of and this is my honest review.The Cowboy Kiss is about a Travel Blogger named Autumn (beautiful name by the way I loved it!) who is contacted by her mother to come back home and get some hype for the families little resort type thing. What she doesn't know though is that this is just her families ploy to get her to fall in love with her old friend Cory.I really connected with Autumn because she is a blogger just as I am. She may not be a book blog [...]

"Puoi dire di amare qualcuno dopo solo pochi giorni? Ma non erano pochi giorni. Era una lunga catena di giorni, dalla loro infanzia fino a qual momento.“Vuoi essere il mio sole?” le chiese, prendendole il viso tra le mani. Lei sollevò le labbra ad incontrare le sue"Storia molto carina su due vecchi amici d'infanzia che finalmente riescono a esprimere i loro veri sentimenti e a trovare il loro lieto fine! ^_^ Purtroppo è una storia davvero troppo troppo corta (la sinossi praticamente dice t [...]

This is one of those adorable reads that you could see being made into a Hallmark TV Movie; sweet girl, charming boy, a match-making in disguise, quaint setting and totally PG-13. Like a breath of fresh air, Autumn and Cory are very sweet together and leave you with sated sigh in the end.As a novella, it doesn't lack substance like you might think. Ms. James takes great care to bring her characters to life and support their actions in these forty, all too short pages. It isn't anything that will [...]

Reviewer: BexRating: 3 out of 5 FairiesThe Cowboy Kiss is an uber short and sweet read. The characters are endearing and are easy to relate to. The plot is uncomplicated and leads the reader to a satisfying conclusion. The author's writing style is straightforward to follow, with just enough 'oomph' behind it to keep me engaged.I would have liked a greater build up of tension or a heightened complication to offer a greater challenge. As it is, the story offered a 30 minute read that I enjoyed.Di [...]

On a two hour car trip and can't read the book I brought because it's late, so I downloaded the first free clean-and-interesting-looking book I found. I feel uncomfortable rating it as I am way too tired to think in detail aboutit. Autumn apparently views Cory as an enemy, but I think that description is a bit hyperbolic. Also, it's never established how and why their friendship soured. Still, it served its distractory purpose well.

The Cowboy Kiss is a story of Cory and Autumn and how he with the help of her parents, he tricks her into coming home to the family resort on the Umpqua River. As I have lived on the Oregon Coast for many years, the description of the area and salmon fishing on the river is very accurate. Cory and Autumn grew up together but she left for college and did not return. It is a cute story but it was too short and could have been developed into a better story; it ended too soon.

I thought this book was wonderful. I love the characters and personalities of the hero and heroine. I think the author did a great job of making them feel like real people. I found it wonderfully romantic and satisfying. A very enjoyable read. I was also impressed by the emotions the author gave her characters, and made the reader feel, because by her photo at the end of the book, she looks like quite a young woman. This book made me want to read more of this author's work.

This was a very short, but sweet romance. There wasn't much time to develop characters, delve into internal struggles or really establish any kind of believable conflict and/or resolution. But, the writing and editing was good (which is a BIG plus nowadays). If your looking for a quick read while you wait somewhere and aren't bothered by the fact that you really don't get to bond with the characters, then grab this little story.

It waste. I love short stories, so I'm accustomed to them getting straight to the point without a lot of buildup that you find in longer novels. I wish there'd been a tad more shall I say.t, which is usually what makes contemporary romances so much fun to read.That said, it was a great way to pass an afternoon and a teaser to read more of Kristen's longer books, as the story was well-written.

Yikes. Some scenes were lovely but it felt like the author read another romance novel and simply strung together the best scenes leaving out all the information and detail that makes an anecdote into a story. No stars - not worth the $1 on - should have been free for the poor quality as the authors first writing.

A nice short story about a girl coming home and meeting a childhood friend For my first cowboy book ever it was a quite enjoyable experience I wouldn't mind at all it was longer and maybe the author should consider writing a novel about these characters they seem, (all of them not just the main two), very interesting. So a sequel to this story would be great.

It flowed nicely, but the story itself was completely unbelievable IMO. Having said goodbye as teenagers, not having had any contact for six years and both leading a completely different kind of life, he asks her mother to get her back to their hometown so he can tell her he loves her. And within one day she decides she loves him. Sorry, but that's unbelievable.

Sweet, adorable reunion of childhood friends.Six years has gone by since the last meeting, but the feelings are running even deeper, hotter, more alluring than before. Charming read on a cold winter evening, warms your heart and mind. Well written!

Even though this is only a short story I had to give it 4 stars because it was written so well & I would have loved it to be a lot longer to have more of their story. It is def a really good short to read to make you smile

This was a short clean romance. I always appreciate a "clean" romance but this one was just okay. Not much to it really. I've ready another Kristen James book and this one just didn't come close. Very little story line.

Who wouldn't want a cowboy kiss. It makes it even better when he is the love of your life and the one you have dreamed of. This short READ is awesome. Inspired to love more and take a chance on loveI highly recommend this for any one that likes believable characters and a good story line.

Great little storyreturning home is never like you remember and this was like that, it kept you in the dark. interesting story line. good read . I like longer books because I get into the stories

Such a simple, but beautiful love story Childhood sweethearts reunited. Then spending the rest of your life with the man you've loved since you were kids, its every woman's dream!!I was given this book by the author for an honest review!!

Being a parent, I liked the idea that her parents helped Cory by inviting Autumn home in The Cowboy Kiss. This was a sweet love story with a happy ending, the best kind. If you love romance, this short story is a good one for you to read.

Sweet short story :)

Started out really well then sort of fizzled out. Even for a short story I was hoping for a little more depth.

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