I Am Ready to Die a Violent Death

Heiko Julien

I Am Ready to Die a Violent Death

I Am Ready to Die a Violent Death

  • Title: I Am Ready to Die a Violent Death
  • Author: Heiko Julien
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback

I have huge admiration for Heiko Julien s I Am Ready To Die A Violent Death Prose that actually feels like the 21st century Rare Exhilarating I love this work Mark Leyner, author of the The Sugar Frosted Nutsack Heiko Julien s prose pieces, poems and fragments are where the Buddha meets the internet the trope of the shark, the void and the triangle in a state of sim I have huge admiration for Heiko Julien s I Am Ready To Die A Violent Death Prose that actually feels like the 21st century Rare Exhilarating I love this work Mark Leyner, author of the The Sugar Frosted Nutsack Heiko Julien s prose pieces, poems and fragments are where the Buddha meets the internet the trope of the shark, the void and the triangle in a state of simultaneous orgasm with the holes we feel we need to fill, the terrifying reality, the wanting to be a man of the people but slightly better than the people and the fear Julien is a writer who never says or only and This book is non duality at its most neon Melissa Broder, author of Meat Heart and Scarecrone What s constant in Heiko Julien s work is that he s engaging directly and nakedly with his experience of being a human being He s a poet in the old sense he s trying hard to find wisdom and truth, like Socrates or something That s an important aspect of literature to keep alive as we move forward into the forms of the Internet Heiko Julien is a model of someone who refuses to live an unexamined life Steve Roggenbuck, internet bard I feel excited about Heiko s writing and I don t feel excited about many other things I think Ben Brooks, author of Grow Up and Lolito

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(Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter]. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.) Chicago-based Heiko Julien is part of that whole young super-duper-indie lit crowd that includes Tao Lin, Jordan Castro, Megan Boyle and more, who I'm really fascinated by precisely because they make me feel so freaking old; I like to imagine all of them hanging out on a Tuesday night at some loft party I'll [...]

Man my nephew sure has been recommending some books. And typically I don't listen to him because he's a little bit retarded. Oh wait, you're not supposed to say that these days. Everyone's a critic. Anyway, he's well you know. However, a few weeks ago I broke my coccyx. For those of you who don't know, this is the most important bone in your body (next to the heart bone). I know that when Aunt Maria got kicked off her horse and broke her coccyx, she had one of those balloon pillows. To sit on. I [...]

This was an uppercut of a piece of writing; to begin, I laughed a lot, but then I think IARTDAVD already knows that - to quote JuliƩn 'haha'. A lot of rection to this will concern its obvious crumpling and rebirthing of the concept of twitter, the endless banality of condensed thoughts somehow, when extracted from feed and replaced in poetic context, becoming something of considerable depth and beauty. The first guttoral noises of those of us (all of us) who are now trapped between two distinct [...]

The nicest thing that can be said about this slapshod collection of pages is that it's sometimes funny, the way your Facebook status updates are sometimes funny. I can at least give it that. But trite trash doesn't make a good book. It doesn't make worthwhile reading material at all. Especially if it's left at that horrible stage of, "Heh, thought of this when I was high and haven't bothered to read what I wrote since." Time to publish!If you think Facebook news feeds, or twitter, or tumblr, or [...]

I Am Ready To Die A Violent Death is only 21 pages long. Each page is a chapter and none of the chapters takes up an entire page. You can read this story in not much time. Though I call it a story only out of habit. I suppose it is a story. It seems to be an entirely new sort. I don't understand. Is this what really good lit blogs look like? Is this what comes after post-modernism? I want to declare this little story/treatise the greatest work of the last 12 years but since it's only the first t [...]

This is an extremely postmodern text that many readers may not understand upon first reading. I gave this a reread to give myself more clarity about the piece.I feel that Heiko Julien's writing style is extremely odd. It's more like a combination of Tweets or a list of Facebook statuses, but the heart behind the writing is there. Julien speaks truth. The irony in his words is clear by this structure. His humour emphasises by the online chat style 'haha,' after his sentences. Ironic. Haha.He cove [...]

Instead of writing a review of this book, I'd much rather go and read it again. I probably will, but I feel I should say something about it. That isn't easy, though. This is not an easily described book, though I really dug it. It seems so non-serious, and maybe sometimes it is. But, you'd be a fool to dismiss it that easily. It's human, intensely intimate, and an animal all it's own. It gives me the same feeling as pondering a koan. I couldn't classify this if I tried, because it's bitter tea t [...]

If you are truly ready to live, you must be ready to die.

There are some parts of this text that are amusing, but that's all. Just a little amusing, maybe the same level of amusement I might feel when reading a silly headline while scrolling through google news. What would be interesting, or impressive, or even inspiring, is if he'd take a risk and actually work on some of the ideas he has here, developing them, editing out the bad, making something more.

White boy bullshit meets the internet (yet again)But in a way that is even less interesting than it sounds.Don't believe me? Maybe you're right. Mark Leyner liked this book and he's like a real deal writer dude."I want juxtapose contemporary internet lingo with banal aphorisms, because we all need to read Whitman again but I mean memes are are a thing too."

I thought this was excellent. At times humorous, at times profound, and oftentimes both.

The book reads as though I'm reading an internet tumblr post half of the time, and the two best parts are when the author tells a story instead of doing what is considered modern day poetry, which to me, seems to just be a collection of thoughts a one liners that sound like something mike birbiglia would spout out

not all badtbh the best thing about this was the title

You know how dogs arent really smiling, theyre just panting? and they dont really kiss you, they just lick your face because they like salt? a lot of things are like that. i am like that people like dogs because they usually look happy. you can do this too. dogs arent always happy and neither are youthere are a lot of things i really really want so i am smiling. i am smiling like i dont want to die alone we are smiling at each other like we dont want to die alone. this is probably the right thin [...]

I 're-read' this work, like, weekly, at least. And by re-read I mean re-listen to. I prefer the audio version because let's face it: a computerized voice reading the text to me isn't that far off from the computerized voice in my head other than the voice in my head sometimes reads the words out of order or with inconsistent pronunciation.This is possibly the best work of 2011 as far as written words are concerned. 2012? When did this come out? Whatever year that was. And I'm not just saying tha [...]

Gosh, I really just did not like this and I'm looking forward to reading about why people did like it. So disjointed that it was tough to put together and I'm not convinced that there was much of any import to put together if I could have even done it.But I might just not understand / possibly hate poetry.

Reading this is literally more fun than going to a party. It's alive. It feels like a privilege and a treat. I know Julien is influenced by Leyner and that definitely shows in the best way. The cultural commentary is relevant, spot on and funny, accessible yet abstract. Seriously, I could read this over and over. Julien was obviously born to write and entertain. Can't wait for his second book.

Heiko has a mind like no other, and every page of this was a surprise. he takes you on twists and turns with each sentence, making you laugh in alarm. I was reading selections of this out loud to my friends and they loved it. Definitely one of my favorites :)

Different. Very Twitter/Tumblr post like. It's fascinating that I want to read it again but then this book also kind of mocks me for being stupid because I didn't get every idea Heiko's trying to convey when I first read this. Over all. A waste of time.

"the secret to my decent quality of life?" hits me right in the soul.

i really love this book i find heiko's writing smart and relatable and funny and good

i did not want this book to end



doesn't seem like my kind of poetry but it needs to be said: this cover is fucking gorgeous.

F I V E* * * * *S T A R S

After finishing reading this I decided I'm going to read it again everyday. thanks.

Freaking masterpiece. Mannn. load me into the barrel of a gun and fire my ass into international waters. i want to do things only fish would tolerate or even understand

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