The Job Offer

Eleanor Webb

The Job Offer

The Job Offer

  • Title: The Job Offer
  • Author: Eleanor Webb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unemployed Dr Anne Conner is returning to Seattle to interview for her dream job with Stanford Enterprises While there, she decides to combine her trip with a trip home to Orcas Island where she meets Ben Carlson She never planned on having a vacation romance with Ben or agreeing to end it after the vacation was over But she did She also never knew that Ben was her neUnemployed Dr Anne Conner is returning to Seattle to interview for her dream job with Stanford Enterprises While there, she decides to combine her trip with a trip home to Orcas Island where she meets Ben Carlson She never planned on having a vacation romance with Ben or agreeing to end it after the vacation was over But she did She also never knew that Ben was her new boss But he is.

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Anne, Ben, Anne, Ben, Anne, Ben. GIVE IT A REST WOULD YOU?I cannot stand reading a book when the author hasn't re-read it themselves. "It's fine BEN" "ANNE, you just said you wanted to kayak" "I don't want to impose on BEN'S time" "That's quite alright ANNE" "BEN, would you like to go kayaking?" blah blah blah When was the last time you used someones name in a conversation, other than mockingly, or to call out to them? It just doesn't happen, I assume that the author is a regular human, therefor [...]

Good storyline. A little too play-by-play for me. For example, (this is paraphrased, not exact wording): "She walked to the kitchen and reached into a cabinet and removed a coffee mug. After she got the mug she walked to the coffee pot, and proceeded to fill her mug with coffee. She then added cream to her coffee, just the way she liked before walking to the table and drinking her coffee." None of that was truly needed. "She made her way to the kitchen to get her coffee before sitting at the tab [...]

Sorry, I know that authors put a lot of effort into their books, but this one was SUCH a waste of my time. There was HEAPS of what I can only call 'author talk' (the author described every feeling/thought/look/weather pattern/change of scenery in such in depth detail) I actually kept forgetting about the characters - and not in a good way.  I would have to reread just to remember what was happening before the monologs started. I ended up skimming pages on end, just because it was all just des [...]

I could not finish this book. I almost gave up on it completely at around 20 percent, I think, but being stubborn to a fault, I was determined to read on to see what happened. At 75 percent, however, I'd lost all interest in knowing what happened to the characters. I've read this sort of story before, and I've enjoyed it, but the editing of this book - or lack thereof - really didn't do it for me. The "intimate" scenes were average, but it was the minutae detailing of every aspect of the charact [...]

This book really had the potential of being a good story. Unfortunately there were a couple of things which detracted from its potential. First, the book was riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. I have never written a book but in the process of publishing a book isn't there someone along the way who proofreads? Second, the author went in to way too much detail over things that really didn't add value to the book. I didn't really care about how the main character likes her coffee or abou [...]

Anne is searching for a new job that will take her back to Seattle as Boston has lost its charm and she wants to go home. She applies for a job at Stanford Enterprises - and is down the last few candidates, and to attend the next round of interviews she decides to stay with her parents.She finds that her childhood friend Lilly is getting married at her parent's resort - Lily and her brother Ben used to visit every Summer when she was younger.Ben and her re-meet and fireworks happen instantly, an [...]

I found this book hard to read because of the many editorial errors (spelling, tense use, etc.) that it contained. I felt like an English teacher wanting to use my red pencil to mark up the text and give it a lacking grade. As far as the story goes, it was okay, but not anything special. Another predictable romance with way too much descriptive sexual language and not enough character development.

No one really has a conversation in this story. They simply waffle on and on in long convoluted sentences, and explaining everything in tremendous depth. 'We're both good. We're busy. With the holiday coming up, we will have a packed house again this weekend. In fact, we are booked solid all summer. There are weddings planned every weekend over the next three months, starting this Saturday. With the regular vacationers, too, the place is hopping. Your brother is leaving next week for his two-mon [...]

A quickie read that was also an freebie for my Kindle. Um, two words - snooze fest. The combination of predictability and unoriginal plot kept putting me to sleep. The author included entirely too much filler and fluff. In fact, I'd argue that most of the book was fluff. The drama was contrived and it seemed that the entire plot was taken from a cookie-cutter mold. There was no passion, interesting drama or intelligent repartee between the characters. The premise that Ben and Anne had so many v [...]

As free downloads go, it was okay. I can handle the poorly developed characters and cheesy plots, but the bad grammar, wrong word choices, and improper use of who and whom aren't quite as easy to move past. There was a lot of useless fluff and filler and I think the book could have been half as long and not lost anything - I found myself skimming through a lot of the parts. A decent editor with half a clue goes a long way.

I got this book for free from Kindle and I'm glad that it was for free. I try to avoid writing bad review but this book is just so badly written. The author described everything that the characters did. Every single trivial thing that didn't add any value to the story line. This makes the book so dragged out and slow. I couldn't finish reading it. There was so much potential for this to be a good book. The plot line was promising. The book just doesn't deliver.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a bit slow to begin with but as soon as Anne and Ben met up the story started moving at a nice pace. It was a nice romantic read and the way the locations where described made it so relaxing it was like I was there with them. A nice easy read if you have it on your kindle please read it.

Since its free I'm a bit more lenient on my rating The story's got lots of potential. But as is It's okayyyyyy. The story line's good, they meet They have a week romantic getaway And find out that hey! He's her boss. I like the concept. I wished there were added drama Force them to work together a bit longer The awkward love hate relationship Add a bit more drama there, more misunderstandings Creates a whole lot more drama and added feelings and will keep the readers hooked. The sex scenes are g [...]

It was free, but it turned out to be one of those overly chatty books. The ones that go like: she went to the living room, she sat on a chair, she read a book, she was tired, she stood up, she went to the bedroom . . "Something tedious to read as that. The story was okay, but unfortunately I think I just wasted my time. free books are a hit and miss. This one was a most definite miss.

This didn't have the best writing style and seemed to drone on in parts with a little too much unnecessary detail but I did like the story line. I found that I would skim reading some parts which I don't normally do. I've rated it three stars but it's probably only really worth two but due to the fact that I did enjoy the plot that's why I give it three.

the story was good, but there was far too much description about every day acts like how to make a drink, normally a book that keeps me griped i want to make time to read, but this book i read when i had spare time and was not in a rush to find out what was next.

this would have been ok, but the writing style is not great. The dialogue is overly formal, especially between the two main characters

being generous with the stars

I enjoyed the book very much, there was great potential which the author Eleanor Webb was not fully able to grasp. What bothered me most was her writing style. I have not always understood the phrase "Write less and say more"but now I could completely understand the point, while reading Webb's novel. Throughout the book there was lack of dialogue between characters and much of it was brushed off simply by explaining the characters actions. Webb could go on pages describing what is happening with [...]

Sweet romanceVery detailed but predictable romance. The story was OK and easy to follow and the characters and dialogue were OK.The story was fine but it just didn't grip me or hold my interest.It needed some life as it just didn't make me form an emotional connection.I like my romances with a bit more bite and banter.

ExcellentVery good love story, glad it ended good !! The book needs to be proofread many spelling errors, but a great story!!

Romantic book full of ups and downs!

I wasn't a fan of the way this story was written. It was stilted and the dialog was robotic, in my opinion. When you're talking to someone you don't have to keep saying their name, as though they might forget you're talking to them. There were also several errors throughout. The author used way too much 'fluff' when it came to describing everything. She had to mention every little thing that the main characters did, whether it actually was important to the story or not, (most of it was pointless [...]

The job offer is a interested and quick romance.I really find it quiet cute and there was enough drama, love and chemistry.I really did like the cliche high school crush part and yes a cute book. There were places in the book I found it kind of lagging but near towards the end it became interesting againe dialogs were formal. I dont really understand the negative reviews i thought the book was fine.i really did enjoy the story line so what it was a bit draggingd truth said even in the dragging p [...]

Contemporary office romance but it starts off on a vacation random meeting between two people just looking for fun while on holiday with a mistaken identities and secret baby plot mixed in.Unemployed Dr. Jane Anne Conner has the opportunity to come home to Seattle when a job interview with a prestigious research company is interested in her, so she goes for it and eventually gets the job. At the same time she is getting a second chances to love her childhood crush, Ben when Lily (Ben's step-sist [...]

This week I read The Job Offer by Eleanor Webb. It's about a girl, Anne, that is offered a job that would require her to relocate from Boston to Seattle. While in Seattle for the interviews, she starts "vacation romance" with Ben. The affair was only supposed to last the week she was visiting but when she takes the job she doesn't know if she should tell Ben that she'll be staying in town permanently. That decision becomes more complicated when they both realize Ben will be her new boss.The stor [...]

Been working on several personal projects and wanted something to read that was light and easy and I found that with Eleanor Webb's book, The Job Offer. I wasn't sure what to expect, it was free on so downloaded it to my eReader. The formatting of the book too a little bit for me to get used to (dialogue appeared to run together) and there were some typos (not many), but, I understood the plot and picked up the story line very quickly. Anne applies for a job in her home state, stays at her fami [...]

Dr.Anne Conner has been living on the East Coast for a long time now. Her family and friends are on the West Coast, Washington State to be more exact. When a job opportunity arises close to home, Anne jumps at the chance. While staying at home she runs into her childhood crush Ben Conner. While both are honest and upfront with each other about what they expect from each other relationship wise, what happens when things change and assumptions turn out to be wrong?This is a story that has a lot of [...]

Most enjoyable book. Anne & Ben have known each other since they were kids. Anne's parents own a holiday inn & it just so happens that Ben's sister Lilly is to be married there while Anne is home visiting her mum & dad.A romance blossoms, that everyone but them know is long over due. All could see from their youth, that they both had feelings for each other & still do today. Loads of sexy passionate love scenes & romantic interludes happen between them.There are secrets in bo [...]

I have read The job offer because it was free on the kindle store. I wasn't sure of the choice, and now I'm not sure of which rating put to it. The book is a romantic (erotic?) book about a couple that had a crush when they were young, and some years later they meet again and start a relationship without knowing that he is the boss of the company that she is applying for a job. The book is full of mistakes: missprints, phrases that make no sense and contradictions. In addition, after some pages, [...]

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