Dancing on Bukowski's Grave

Ben John Smith Catfish McDaris

Dancing on Bukowski's Grave

Dancing on Bukowski's Grave

  • Title: Dancing on Bukowski's Grave
  • Author: Ben John Smith Catfish McDaris
  • ISBN: 9781447769
  • Page: 497
  • Format: None

A shady collection of poetry by Catfish McDaris and Ben John Smith.

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And we will tell talesof drunkardsand whoresand brawlsand nothingI came to Smith through Bukowski and he expresses his anxiety-of-influence in the poem 'Cold Leftovers' and his concern for all who follow the likes of Buk and Burroughs and Ginsberg. And while Smith is right to struggle with that, the reader is the beneficiary. Smith has a fantastic voice on the page, something that certainly pitches up as a howl, but can also shake you, vibrate you. He has a habit of drawing you along, drawing y [...]

I love the way this writing wanders back and forth between the ordinary and the crass, since there isn't really any difference between those things anyway. Those are just things we perceive and the writing in this book ignores those kind of quibbling distinctions and just tries to look at small pieces of whatever it is we've all found ourselves in. It's very free, just the emotion and the words. This is the sort of thing most people don't know about when they think they don't like poetry.

Catfish McDaris tell us when he grows old he will be standing in line buying cling film and kiwi fruit and hair conditioner. A man with tuna breath telling him to live.In likes of Bukowski, Ginsberg. Ben and McDaris pens in the like of the beat generation. tells us how it is. GREAT stuff who said a bunch of words is not poetry. The first part of book is Ben John Smith and then you get a taste of Catfish McDaris, he has numerous chap books published. Favorites **Smith**Sandy BayA complete waste o [...]

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    497 Ben John Smith Catfish McDaris
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