Dochter van het licht

V.C. Andrews

Dochter van het licht

Dochter van het licht

  • Title: Dochter van het licht
  • Author: V.C. Andrews
  • ISBN: 978903251393
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback

orelei heeft gebroken met haar familie met haar vader, die zijn dochters alleen gebruikte om vers voedsel in de vorm van verliefde jonge mannen naar zich toe te lokken, en met haar zussen, die hun rol in dat bestaan met plezier omarmden.Maar alleen op de wereld is ze kwetsbaar Ze wordt achtervolgd door nachtmerries, waarin haar eigen familie en vreemde buitenstaandersorelei heeft gebroken met haar familie met haar vader, die zijn dochters alleen gebruikte om vers voedsel in de vorm van verliefde jonge mannen naar zich toe te lokken, en met haar zussen, die hun rol in dat bestaan met plezier omarmden.Maar alleen op de wereld is ze kwetsbaar Ze wordt achtervolgd door nachtmerries, waarin haar eigen familie en vreemde buitenstaanders alles vernietigen waar ze naar verlangt Kan een dochter van de duisternis ooit leven in het licht

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This is just I don't even know what to say. I could go over all the wrong things in this book, but that would take too long. For those of you who read Daughter of Darkness, you know how that book ended and how it should lead into this one. I'll just discuss my biggest beefs here.One thing that bothers me is how so willingly Lorelei abandoned Buddy in the last book, but in here she was willing to stand up to her father for Liam. Thank God we have a normal name for the main male for once, Buddy, R [...]

This wasn't a terrible book, but it wasn't great either. The storyline picks up immediately after Daughter of Darkness. We find Lorelei settling into 'quaint' life in Quincy, Massachusetts, where she uses the same skills her father taught her in terms of sizing up people, playing on their expectations, reading their body language, etc. Using those skills continually reminds her that she's her father's daughter, & she worries whether she can truly escape his influence. She doesn't want her ne [...]

After the first one? NO THANKS. Dear V.C. Andrews Estate: You need a new ghostwriter. Most of the newest ones are terrible.My dream was to own all of VCA's books. That dream was shattered after reading "Daughters of Darkness." I will never, never, never buy it. I will now be content to just own her original books!

Daughter of Light is the second book in the Kindred series by V.C. Andrews.Lorelei returns in the stunning sequel to Daughter of Darkness. In the sequel, she is running from her secret family legacy—brought up to be a lure for victims of her father's blood appetites. Lorelei turned out to be different from her father's past daughters. She fell in love, which she was told to never do. Then she ran away, losing everything, including Buddy—for his safety.Now, Lorelei is on the run, fearing that [...]

i read book only because i read first and got the second before i dove in. this was better but still as awful as the first! too much back tracking for a second book lorlei spent the majority of the book talkin about what daddy would say or do or her sister Ava damn give me a story same as the first dragged on and then when got decent was last 150 pages n was rushed n poorly done she ran all that way and gave in so easily. and again so many questions and barely good enough answers. And why is eve [...]

i tried, i really did, again. i knew i would be dissapointed, but i still insisted on reading it just because its a v.c andrews book. this one was absolutely awful. took me forever to finish it, without reading anything else to distract me. i found myself falling asleep with it a few times, and skimmed a great deal of it. the ending was retarded. the content was retarded. the best thing about the whole book was ava. ive been reading vc andrews since i was really young, and it really hurts to say [...]

Not good at all. These books keep getting worse with each one. I think V.C. Andrews estate should reconsider having the ghost writer they have.

Daughter of Light is the second novel in the Kindred series and vastly superior to its prequel, Daughter of Darkness. To recap Daughter of Darkness is a pretty sick and twisted novel about a young woman who discovers that she and her sisters have been bred for the specific purpose of luring bait (think virile young men,) to their bad, vampire Daddy, Sergio Patio. Once his daughters grow too old for the task, old Sergio marries his own daughters and expects them to produce more live bait, I mean [...]

The first book started as an airport book for me. I then realized this one was available after. I rather enjoyed the second book. It had a way better story then the first. I still feel like there could had been more. It did take quite a long time to climax and it was only the last few chapters is when it got really good and then it just kind of ended! That's the Only downfall, I would had liked to heard more about their life together!

Daughter of Light is the second offering in the Kindred series. This is definitely NOT a stand alone. If you do not read Daughter of Darkness, you will have absolutely no idea what is going on here.More scripted V.C. Andrews plot. Girl runs away to new place, but can't get over past. Basically, the synopsis with a bit of a surprise (anti-climactic) at the end.This is a cross post from my blog.

This book is not well done at all. The writing seems amateurish, and the protagonist is difficult to like. Don't waste your tome on this one, it's not worth it. I won't post any spoilers, but if you are looking at this book because you like V.C. Andrews (like I was). this one does NOT come anywhere near the earlier works.

Ok,so this wasn't the best VC Andrews book ever. To me, it barely felt like a VC book was too neat and clean. A true VC book would have had the relationship between Lorelei and Liam be filled with ghosts. That being said, I still enjoyed the story.

BlechThis was a bad Twilight imitationt a horror or vampire book as it is listed of a teenage romance novel, but without a good story. I'm glad there isn't a Kindred #3 so I don't feel like I have to read it!

Airport book

Nothing much happened in the first 3/4 of the book and then when her sister and father came I thought that finally something would happenever it fizzled like Breaking Dawn.

It was "ok." I wasn't drawn in, and they never mentioned who Mr. Bogosian was to Mr. Patio. I wanted "more" from the book and got nothing, therefore I have nothing more to say about it.

I love the real V.C. Andrews, but the ghostwriters, really?Did we need a new vampier saga???

Lame ending. I miss good VCA.

not a good book nothing related to Vampires

This one was a lot better then the first book in this series

A much better sequel to an otherwise forgetable series.

It's been so long since I've read Daughter of Darkness its hard to remember what the story was about. But after a little reading into this story, it did come back to me.Lorelei had escaped from her family and is trying to start things up on her own; a new life that has nothing to do with bringing young men to her father to devour so he can live more centuries than he already has. She has no desire to help him, and her sister Ava is not pleased. So Lorelei has hitchhiked all the way and finally g [...]

Excuse me - what the hell was that? Oh, it starts okay with an attempted abduction. And kind of near the end some guy goes missing, but Lorelei only meets him for one scene, so no big loss. There's the threat that something could go really freaking wrong (Sergio would take claim of Lorelei's first-born daughter), but it doesn't because Lorelei wishes hard enough for a boy. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Did your child not get the gender you wanted? YOU DIDN'T WISH HARD ENOUGH.My beef with D [...]

I just began reading from the second half (+p100) of the novel. I like the romance a a bit, but it was highly watered by Lorelei's paranoia the entire and entire time! Her fear for her dad was mentoined in every page I think. That made the story much less to read. I like Liam though I really can't imagine him as a player. Because I didn't read anything to prove his reputation though its repeatedly mentoined. That makes him a bit unlikely because he acts sooo decent and innocent around Lorelei. T [...]

This book was almost as good as the first in the series because I really liked seeing Lorelei live an independent life. I thought there were times she acted a bit old for her age and her remembering practically everything her dad taught her was a bit much at times. I really liked her connection with the Dolan family. I thought Liam was a much better guy for her than Buddy ever was. It was nice to see her show some emotion around him and to make friends with his sister. Living at Winston house wa [...]

While I did enjoy this book a lot more than the first one it still had some things that irked me like the ever constant inner monologue by Lorelei and the fact that she just moved on from Buddy whom she abandoned at the end of book one to wanting to spend the rest of her life with Liam despite the fallout that will occur with her Daddy. It took so long for the real apperance of Ava and her Daddy to happen but once it did the book just rushed its way to the end and left me wanting more info on th [...]

To be honest, I don't remember much about Daughter of Darkness, including whether I liked it or not and/or how much I liked it. However, as promising as this book seemed, it was only okay for me. I didn't expect much (and haven't w/ the newer books), but I was hoping. I thought the story moved slow and was kind of predictable. I will admit the ending was a little suprising. One of the things that drove me crazy and turned me off from the book was the constant inner monologue of Loreli. I underst [...]

As usual, with a VC Andrews book, i finished this book in one sitting. I often wondered why her books are in the adult section and not YA. I guess its the PG13 version of a film. I did think the ending was crammed and jump with not alot of narration but than that i was engaged with the characters. I also wanted mention that this was a little light on the scarey side. Her other books were more scarey, thrilling, goose bump kinda in the chapters. I did enjoy the little scares here and there in thi [...]

I really liked this story & enjoyed reading this book however I didn't feel the style mimicked VC Andrews' originals, in any real way. I am a big original VC fan! The first ghost written series was too ugly & cold, loosing her beauty and elegance but still held on to her very basic bones. (no pun) I haven't read many "new" VC since but being a vampire novel enthusiasts, I found the Kindred series appealing. Daughter of Darkness was very different from most vampire books out there but as [...]

I love this series and a few others that have been out for a while Its not easy getting me sit and read a book for a long time but hand me a newer VCA book and I'm zoning everything out great job . Here's a suggestion for those of you who can't get enough of the " ridiculous ghost writing" and "worst book I ever read" Stop reading V.C. Andrews it's a new age and time mpires and ghosts are going trump whatever stories WERE being published back in the day.

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