Nisekoi: False Love, Vol. 1

Naoshi Komi

Nisekoi: False Love, Vol. 1

Nisekoi: False Love, Vol. 1

  • Title: Nisekoi: False Love, Vol. 1
  • Author: Naoshi Komi
  • ISBN: 9781421557991
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback

Love triangle Comedic antics Gang warfare You won t want to miss out on Weekly Shonen Jump s laugh out loud feel good manga series It s hate at first sight Rather, a knee to the head at first sight when Raku Ichijo meets Chitoge Kirisaki Unfortunately, Raku s gangster father arranges a false love match with their rival s daughter who just so happens to be ChitogeLove triangle Comedic antics Gang warfare You won t want to miss out on Weekly Shonen Jump s laugh out loud feel good manga series It s hate at first sight Rather, a knee to the head at first sight when Raku Ichijo meets Chitoge Kirisaki Unfortunately, Raku s gangster father arranges a false love match with their rival s daughter who just so happens to be Chitoge However, Raku s searching for his childhood sweetheart from ten years ago, with a pendant around his neck as a memento, but he can t even remember her name or face Reads R to L Japanese Style for teen audiences.

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Raku Ichijo is a mild-mannered teenager who just happens to be the heir-apparent to the Shuei-Gumi Yakuza clan. He wants nothing to do with this, intending to become a strait-laced civil servant when he grows up. Raku also dreams of romance. He has a lock pendant from ten years ago, that he promised to keep so a girl could unlock it with her key and they would get married. Unfortunately, he no longer remembers the girl’s name or appearance. But he wouldn’t mind if she was his current crush, [...]

3,6 von 5 Sternen

Honestly, i believe this should be a four star read But i know myself all too well. I'll finish the series, love it, and rate evey single book five starsWhich is why im saving myself some hassle.There once were a little boy and a little girl. The girl gave the boy a locket.She would keep the key.He the lock.And one day, when they once again crossed paths, they would open the locketAnd get married.Ten Years LaterRaku is a highschooler.Something you should know about himHe's the son of the boss of [...]

Untuk vol.1-25 (tamat)Lumayan sih cuma ini komik love comedy yang komedinya sama sekali ga berasa. "Love" nya juga ga berasa sepertinya ada yang salah dengan sarafku. Lalu ceritanya muter-muter aja, padahal cerita awalnya terlihat sangat menjanjikan. Tapi makin kebelakang makin membosankan. Semua berubah sejak para gadis menyerang. (view spoiler)[Maksudnya komik ini bener-bener harem. Semua cewek yang muncul, hampir semuanya jatuh cinta ke tokoh utama. Kalo diitung ada 5 cewek yang suka sama tok [...]

I really quite enjoy this manga series. The premise is simple. To stop their warring crime organizations from going to an all-out bloody conflict, the two heirs of the families (Raku for the Yakuza and Chitoge for the Beehive Gang) must pretend to be in love. The thing is, they absolutely can't stand each other.So the fun series begins as these two characters who got out on the wrong foot begin to really care for each other. The tone is comedic and very sweet and the supporting characters, such [...]

This really wasn't for me. I found myself annoyed rather than amused. Too cliche too predictable and way to sillyThe only thing I quite liked were the graphics - at least the non silly ones. 1,5 Stars rounded up

Completely & utterly average. Nothing but worn-out old tropes: love triangle, miscommunications at every turn, moe-classmate sweet girl, tsundere-violent transfer girl.

The dogs ate my copy of this book, meaning the library really isn't going to be pleased with me. But then, me being me and not having read this book yet, I pieced together what I could just so I could still try to read it before going to confess my sins and pay who knows how much to the library to replace their copy. So forgive me if this review is a little sketchy.From what I can gather, here we have the son of the Yakuza leader who just wants to lead a normal life. This is somewhat hard to do, [...]

LoL. I reread my fav manga. Even though the opening was flat, I'm gladly continue to stand with Team Chitoge HAHAHA

~3.5/5[Read more at my blog, Geeky Reading!](A review copy was provided by the publisher, VIZ Media, and Erik Jansen from MediaLab PR. Thank you so, so much!)This is not the type of manga that I usually pick up, as I tend toward shojo manga, but it is the type of anime that I’ll watch (mostly influenced by my brother, who watches a majority of harem anime). But it looked good, it was on my list, and so I went ahead and requested it.Ichijo is the main character. He’s a pretty average guy, try [...]

El tomo 1 más insufriiiiible que leí en mucho tiempo. Hacía rato que no tenía tantas ganas de mandar a la mierda a los protagonistas de un manga.Dicen, DICEN, que después se pone más bizarra y divertida la serie, pero la verdad que creo que me va a costar mucho agarrar el tomo 2.

Wow this was so GOOD what the hell I was sure that I wasn't going to like this because of the love I heard but wow, I need MOREE!!!! Caught me off guard man.

this was surprisingly cute and funny

Me reí demasiado con este manga. Aunque no se si lo continuare.

This book was very cute and funny. And i loved the artwork

Its cute and its funny. But in the middle of the story i get bored. It have 229 chapter and i feel like it will take forever for me to finish it. But i keep to read it as i want to know who the girl that raku have promised to married ten years ago. Is it chitoge or onodera ? I root for chitoge since the first chapter even though Raku like onodera since they still junior high school. I like chitoge as she is a tsundere type girl. She and Raku have to act like they are dating to keep their family [...]

It's sad. Nah it's fun

Such a fun premise: a half Japanese daughter of a gang leader has to pretend to be the girlfriend of her arch nemesis, the son of a yakuza boss, so that the gangs will stop battling each other in Tokyo. She also struggles with Japanese as a second language. Meanwhile he pines after another girl at school, who might be his long lost 8-year-old sweetheart. I loved how the characters defied gender stereotypes, but the 15-year-olds acted and sounded too young. The drawing style was weaker than the w [...]

I have heard about this title through Mangastorian, it seemed interesting for a harem title. I can definitely say I wasn't bored while reading this title. Plus, I could see myself reading the series a little more to see how events unfold.

It can be pretty funny, and I'm sort of a sucker for the "we met when we were kids and exchanged meaningful tokens but I can't remember anything at all about you!" trope. The main characters can be kind of loud and obnoxious (so. much. yelling), though they each have their moments.

This was okay. I can see the appeal even if i didn't love it. If you like the characters hating each other at first trope you might enjoy this. I'll continue on with the anime and see if I get more gripped by the story.

To be honest, I really thought it was Chitoge who had the key, I was almost sure! But Onodera had the be the one that has it *Sight* I really wanted Chitoge to have the key cuz it would have more reason to ship her with Raku! Other than that, I really liked the book :3

This was alright. Didn't fall in love with it, but I might try the second volume in the future.

Uma história leve, puxada pra comédia romântica adolescente e quase que totalmente focada no humor! Quem ler, irá se divertir com certeza!!

This is so much fun! It was really cute! These characters are just adorable.

Funny, but the characters and plots hits the same tropes a little to closely to really be engaging.

Amusing silliness. Will continue the series for now.

OH MAN.How did it take me until this late to discover this series?!Super great. Lots of comedy. Insanely not what I expected with two mob bosses, but I'll take it.

This was ultra funny and sweet at the same time! I really want to continue this series

really repetitive and this is only the first volume so yikes !!! still good ish though

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