We Animals

Jo-Anne McArthur

We Animals

We Animals

  • Title: We Animals
  • Author: Jo-Anne McArthur
  • ISBN: 9781590564264
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Hardcover

Drawing from a ten year photography project, We Animals documents animals in the human environment, showing that humans are as much animals as the creatures used for food, clothing, research, experimentation, work, entertainment, slavery, and companionship Through pictures shot in than 40 countries and on all seven continents, award winning photojournalist and animalDrawing from a ten year photography project, We Animals documents animals in the human environment, showing that humans are as much animals as the creatures used for food, clothing, research, experimentation, work, entertainment, slavery, and companionship Through pictures shot in than 40 countries and on all seven continents, award winning photojournalist and animal advocate Jo Anne McArthur breaks down the barriers that humans have built which allow non human animals to be treated as objects Ultimately, We Animals provides a valuable lesson about our treatment of animals, makes animal industries visible and accountable, and widens our circle of compassion to include all sentient beings In McArthur s words My goals have always been to educate people about our treatment of animals To reduce their suffering To widen our circle of compassion to include non human animals To make animal industries visible, and accountable.

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It would be disingenuous of me to write a review of this book, since I'm not only the publisher but I was intimately involved in the construction and development of the book. Instead of a review, therefore, let me just express my appreciation for the incredible work that Jo-Anne McArthur has done in bringing the practices that you see in WE ANIMALS to light, and to her honoring of the remarkable men and women who care for the animals who have been so mightily abused. I know that many people will [...]

I read We Animals by Jo-Anne McArthur cover to cover last night. The book is like a conscience hovering in the corner of your soul, calmly asking you to stop and think for a moment, to see something in a different way. It is a kind of sage. As I flipped through the book, absorbing the survey of macabre situations animals are in because of humans, I wondered as much about the inner lives of the human subjects as I did about the animals. For instance, page 18; how did this man in the red sweater e [...]

This book is amazing. The people whose work is documented in this book are amazing and Jo-Anne is my shero. I am very thankful and humbled to know that they are out there doing their work to make the world a better place.We Animals is not an easy read - it is full of grueling, heart-wrenching stories; sometimes I had to stop reading and sometimes I couldn't stop crying. But there are also wonderful heart-warming stories. This book made me stop and think, it made me reposition my point of view, i [...]

This is one of the most astonishing books I have ever encountered. Not many photographers focus upon the way human beings treat other animals--at least, not very many professional photographers. Animal advocacy literature often includes photography, but they either tend to be straightforward snapshots with little artistic merit, or gruesome "shock" imagery. McArthur's photos are none of the above. This is true art that depicts the animals' perspective in the myriad ways they are caught within th [...]

Such a beautiful book. Gorgeous pictures and the written stories that go with them bring them to life even more. I cried just reading the dedication. Moving and powerful, it is now one of my favourite books and I'll display it with pride on my bookshelf.

Saddest book. A must read for every single person on earth.

"It will change the world, for the better, for us all."(Full disclosure: I received a free pdf copy of this book for review.)"What you see on these pages may surprise or disturb you. My aim is not to turn you away but to draw you in, bring you closer, make you a participant. I want my photographs to be beautiful and evocative as well as truthful and compelling. I hope you’ll take the time not just to look but to see — if only as a mark of respect for the billions of animals whose lives and d [...]

This book breaks my heart.

What humans do to other animals is a mirror of what we do to ourselves, and it's utter torture. This book is tough to read if you feel any empathy towards living creatures. It is obvious many animals suffer in order to feed, educate, and overall for the benefit of human life, but at what cost?This book shows the extent of dominance and the barbaric attitude towards other sentient beings with whom we share our Earth. I am not against eating meat or animal research, but I am against the horrible i [...]

A harrowing and beautiful read. This book touched some of the darkest parts of my soul, but at the same time, it gave me hope. It relieved me to know that there ARE others out there fighting for the same things as I am. I shed many, many tears over this book, and yet, I couldn't turn away. Jo-Anne McArthur achieved exactly what she wanted with me. I felt every emotion. I smelt the smells, heard the sounds and suffered vicariously through Jo and her encounters. The best book I've read this year. [...]

5 stars are not enough for this

Awesome. The photos and accompanying text are arresting—not the typical framing of an image. It’s thought provoking. (Maybe more than thought. Action provoking?) So sad. The non-human animals all have so much more dignity than the humans in these pictures. Their individuality, their subjective experience, is captured in the photos. They’re not “examples” or objects; they are individual lives (and deaths). It’s amazing to me that some people are willing to document all this animal abu [...]

A daring portrait of things most humans hide from view.

No one can read this book, look at these photographs, and just go on doing what most of us do.

Photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur’s beautifully designed coffee table book, weanimals, published by Lantern Books, features photos of individual animals used for entertainment, fashion, food, and research. It serves to highlight the barriers humans erect between themselves and other animals to assert dominance. The evident result — despair.The animals in these more than 100 photographs, representing a wide variety of species and geographic diversity, are imprisoned — from the very first pho [...]

One of the toughest books I've read, these images and the spare amount of backstory that go alongside them will haunt you. I think we often wake up, rub on our dog's for awhile, cook some eggs and bacon, and then go on about our daily lives forgetting that 1) the dog was a breeding dog living in deplorable conditions before they were rescued, 2) the chicken endures unfathomable stress being caged next to thousands of other chickens and 3) the pig suffered a short, miserable fate to put the bacon [...]

Simply amazing. I came to this book after watching the excellent and aptly titled documentary "The Ghosts in Our Machine." Jo-Anne McArthur has a gift. She is able to photograph and present us with images of animals that, while showing their condition or situation, always allows them to have respect and their own sense of being. This book and this film are not merely reels of animal cruelty footage. Rather than risk driving people away from the issue due to the graphic content inherent within th [...]

We Animals is an important table top book that should be looked at over and over again. It shares both the “harrowing and the uplifting stories about our complex relationship with animals around the globe.” Award-winning photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur has been documenting the plight of animals on all seven continents for more than 10 years. Jane Goodall writes: “These images take us to dark and hidden places visited by only a few determined and courageous individuals…they reveal the se [...]

Ever wondered about the life of an animal rights photojournalist? As well as shed light on Jo-Anne's life through her photos, the accompanying text (which is profound, personal and so revealing) just brings it all to life. I loved it, for it's beauty, it's sorrow and it's relevations. I so want it to be read by many many people - anyone who eats animals, wears them; or saves them. This book is for everyone. The introductory text says it so well: "an addition to the library of works that educate [...]

LOVED. And the quote at the end, "We humans, even in very dire straits, have some choice. Even if it's just a small choice of food, or which direction to walk, or with whom we will spend our time. With whom we will share a sleeping space. Never mind our out-of-control western freedom where we can deliberate for weeks which Ikea futon to buy or whether to watch The Biggest Loser or The Simple Life. Even the poorest of humans have some choice. With the rabbits, and I daresay all factory farmed ani [...]

I received my book today and cried. It is a beautiful tribute to all the animals who do not have a voice. I believe this book will bring change and hopefully open other's hearts to a greater understanding of the plight of animals. I am proud and honored to have bought this book. It is inspiring and gives such a compassionate, view. It will be a powerful tool to share and pass the message of treating our animal friends with so much more respect and dignity of which they so deserve.Deb Kirk

This book is stunning and tells stories that require few words. Jo-Anne McArthur's photographs are simultaneously spectacular and devastating and illustrate both the happy and disturbing ways animals are treated by humans around the globe. One particular picture of a penguin in Thailand had me staring at it for a good 20 minutes. A beautiful, beautiful book. The Ghosts in Our Machine is also an excellent documentary that filmed Joanne as she travelled while taking the pictures for this very book [...]

If you ever feel twinges about how the meat in the supermarket and on your plate got there, take a look at this book. Or even if you are already vegan, take a look because you may learn more than you knew before. In either case, this book has a depth of meaning that exceeds a lifetime of reading for most people. It is a work of beauty, love, sacrifice, horror, disillusionment and so much more. The author is a giant; I have enormous respect for her.

They don't have an option for "stopped reading because I was traumatized" but that's really what I should choose. Granted I thought this was a nice photo book about animals and primates but it is basically a really heartbreaking journey throughout the world, documenting the various ways we use and treat animals. Can something be great and totally awful at the same time? Yes. This is that thing.

This book is not an easy read. The pictures will bring tears to your eyes and the stories are heart wrenching, nonetheless what you see and read is the truth. A beautiful work of art which will hopefully educate many individuals. It opens our eyes and hearts to all the suffering of those who can't speak for themselves, the least we can do is look.

This book is an absolute MUST HAVE. It's a gorgeous coffee table style piece that's filled w beautiful photos and heart wrenching commentary. It will leave you devastated, hopeful and inspired. Jo is one of my real life heroes and her book is nothing less than incredible. Highly highly recommend, love love loved this book!

The photos in this book are absolutely exquisite, many of them exquisitely sad or disturbing. The text is restrainedly ironic, without ever diving into rage or lamentation or despair (although the reader may feel these things). The final third of the book is called ''Mercy'' and contains many uplifting and beautiful photos of animals that are being or have been rescued.

Just beautiful. Words cannot describe how moving and emotional this book was. I consumed the whole thing in only a couple of hours. It was engrossing, beautiful, emotional and an experience. Regardless of what your views are on animals (for food, fashion, scientific, entertainment industries), everyone should read this book. Education is the key to bring about change and increase compassion.

"A picture speaks a thousand words" The genius of Jo-Anne McArthur's book encourages the reader to delve into their own personal relationship with animals while reading Jo-Anne's engaging and emotional connection to each picture and it's subject! This book should be in every school library, not only to give wings to budding young activists but to cause all to take pause!

This book was very hard to read, the photos and stories left me sobbing, but the exposure of cruelty is so important. I really needed those uplifting stories at the end about the lucky few who have been saved. McArthur and her team are fearless.

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