Crystal's Heart

B.L.Miller Verda Foster

Crystal's Heart

Crystal's Heart

  • Title: Crystal's Heart
  • Author: B.L.Miller Verda Foster
  • ISBN: 9781934452581
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback

Crystal Sheridan is a professional stripper, an alcoholic, a drug user, and homeless Laura Taylor is a lesbian, professional writer, obsessive tidier, and control freak Fate brings them together as improbably housemates Can Laura and Crystal break through their carefully constructed walls against the past and learn to get along and start to embrace life again

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Crystal Sheridan will break your heart with the story of her dreadful childhood and the love and support that Laura Taylor brings into her life starts her on a slow and steady healing and changes her life's direction forever.I would normally have decreased the rating of this book due to all the errors and repetition but the story was just that good that I give it a full 5 stars.

This is one of those books where after reading, it left you feeling warm and emotional. The plot is simple, just two person who cannot be more of a polar opposite, living under the same roof and slowly making each step towards being with each other. I liked reading Laura as a character, her control freakishness, her absolute need to just have everything organized in the way she wanted. I almost want to laugh reading her reactions sometimes (because I have a friend who behaves exactly like that!) [...]

Started strong but ended overly sappy and cliche. First of all the extended baseball scenes went totally over my head since I don't know anything about the sport beyond the batter being the person who swings a bat. And I feel the abuse part was also downplayed too much, just because you have a couple of good people around doesn't make it automatically better. Reads like a bad case of savior complex.

Definitely one of my favorite books ever.

This is one of those lesfic stories that grabs my heart every time I read it. I don't know how often I've read the online version of this story. Until it was rereleased recently you could not get a hold of the paperback unless you were willing to shell out 70 Dollars.So now for the first time I've read the published version. There are some changes to the story as scenes were moved around and some, but really only very little things were added. Those changes only serve to make the story better, w [...]

This author writes stories that grab your emotions and demands you to pay attention to societyAfter reading Graceful Waters I knew I had to find another of her book and I wasn't dissapointed. At first I felt it was impossible for me to understand and empathize with the strippers life or understand what can compel one to go and sell her body but as I read onI didI gave in to the understanding. That's the gift of this writere ability to express complex states of real life

Really good book, I really liked it. The fact that their relationship goes slowly makes it awesome. I don't like when the MC relationship goes really fast. I liked Laura, she is soooo good for Crystal and I cried so much. I didn't want it to end, I wanted to read more about them.


2.2 starsClassist straight girl stripper fantasy with a Pygmalion storyline. I genuinely liked the opening and basic premise. Loved the slobby alchy pothead ho ho stripper and asshat elitist OCD lady pairing it was headed in cute and sexy directions. But, boy, did this one sink into sappy superficiality on every count. Vomity end.What a damn waste of a big-boobed hot blond stripper. pfft. Leave it to lesbo logic to sabotage a potentially fun storyline with THERAPY. Oh & more THERAPY. Plus TH [...]

I read this book years ago, when it was newly published, and liked it then. Now it's been kind of haunting me for a few months and last night I started re-reading it!What a treat!!! I can hardly put it down, and am quite sure this time I love it way more than Before!!Thank you BL Miller and Verda Foster!

Entertaining read, formulaic but the formula does the job. The eponymous character obviously carries the show and has much more work done on her than the other protagonist. It could have done with a bit of a lighter tone.

Crystal is a very good character, she makes the story worthwhile, especially in the part that sees her drugged it's hilarious. The other historys of BL Miller lack the simplicity, of funny everyday things.

Actual: 2.51 dimensional characters. Everything falls into place conveniently. Nauseating overuse of love declarations once they get together. Simplification of the therapy process Agree with what another reviewer said above -- the second half falls flat after a reasonably intriguing first.

La historia es la misma historia de siempre. Dos opuestos que se atraen. Una que viene con un pasado/presente complicado y encuentra la redención en los brazos del amordesuvidaporsiempre. Para pasar el rato.

Not the "best" but definitely one of the better ones out there. There were definitely areas that I felt should have been more explored. But, it was a nice read so no complaints.

Quite Lovely!I Highly Recommend this Novel. It is a Fantastic Read which flows seamlessly from beginning to end. What a Wonderful writing style Bren has!

No idea what to think about this book. I think I wish it was more unforgettable? Uneven perhaps is the best term.

I thought it started out pretty wellbut toward the end it started to miss the depth it had in the beginning

Time for a re-read!

Sigh ! I loved this book. I just want to take Crystal home and hug her to death ! Aunt Helen had me rolling on the floor.

Amazing, loved every bit of it

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