The Stingy Minion

H.M. Marson

The Stingy Minion

The Stingy Minion

  • Title: The Stingy Minion
  • Author: H.M. Marson
  • ISBN: 9781475997866
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover

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Educated by her imprisoned hacker father, and dumped on her grandparents doorstep by her distraught mother, sixteen year old Elizabeth Carson brings big problems to small town Ellisville, Missouri Rooted in a broken family and conflicted by her own awakening femininity, she fails to recognize that help is all around a caring community, a musical prodigy named Jereme, andEducated by her imprisoned hacker father, and dumped on her grandparents doorstep by her distraught mother, sixteen year old Elizabeth Carson brings big problems to small town Ellisville, Missouri Rooted in a broken family and conflicted by her own awakening femininity, she fails to recognize that help is all around a caring community, a musical prodigy named Jereme, and loving grandparents.As if family problems were not enough, Elizabeth s curious nature finds trouble She brings her father s hacking program, the Stingy Minion, back to life, and soon finds herself staring at a highly classified NSA blog site used by the president of the United States Trouble escalates to danger when a power hungry investment firm tries to steal the Stingy Minion and threatens her life and the lives of newfound friends.In over her head, Elizabeth continues to hack and discovers a plot to attack Iran s nuclear development sites The world is on the verge of nuclear war With hired thugs on her tail, only time will tell how long she and her friends will remain safe.Preview on author s website stingyminion previewml

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The Stingy Minion by H.M. Marson The Stingy Minion by H.M. Marson is about Liz who is a very intelligent girl that used to work with her father writing software codes for video games until her father started hacking bad guy’s computers and stealing money. Her dad ends up getting caught and goes to jail. Liz‘s mom leaves Liz at her grandparents’ house to live and go to school. Liz’s mom blames her for knowing what her father was doing and not stopping him. Liz feels confused and abandoned [...]

Depressed and standing alone in front of her grandparents’ house, sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Carson imagines dying from a lightning strike. Real thunder follows when an in-your-face eighteen-year-old boy yells at her for blocking the sidewalk. Snapping back from an imagined death, she defends her position and a loud, sarcastic conversation ensues. When this verbal altercation ends, a friendship springs to life, and so too, does the story of the Stingy Minion.Elizabeth tells the whole story; a [...]

*3.5I didn't really have any expectations when I started this book so I wasn't disapointed. I actually really enjoyed it. I wasn't a favorite, but I enjoyed it. I hadn't read any books hacking. It was interseting, even though there were some of the "computer language" I didn't understand at all.I liked the plot of this book, and I also liked the characters. This book was REALLY realistic and wasn' as I may say a "fake book". The character were really realistic as well. I have experienced in the [...]

A light, funny and entertaining book.The book reads really smoothly and fast. The plot was interesting but I think that the blurb from the back cover gives away too much of the storyline, for instance it clearly states who uses the NSA blog which in the book is revealed rather slowly. I liked how the issue of right to privacy and government's spying on their citizens was mentioned and how it in a way kept resurfacing throughout the novel. The characters were really pleasant, the pace was well ba [...]

This book was amazing! I loved it! It was funny, heartwarming, and had reeled me in from the first page. The friendship Liz had with Jereme makes me wish I still had my best guy friend with me and the plot with the hacking an NSA blog site was super cool. I loved Liz's personality and her relationship with her grandparents. Her grandparents cracked me up, they were so funny! I recommend this book to anyone who loves heartwarming, laugh out loud books. =] I received this book through First Reads [...]

I received this book for free through First ReadsFun light read.Follow Elizabeth (Liz) through various important changes in her new life. Jereme with a (e) her new neighbor and best friend share is part of a lot of those changes. Liz learned about programming and hacking from her dad and those skills will put Jereme and her life in danger.Overall I really like the book even if it was really fast and could have been a bit more develop. Some of the elements in the book could have been carried a l [...]

Really cute and engaging book. I was hooked right from the first pages. Just what I needed on a break from school. I highly recommend this book for some light, fun reading. This had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen. I hated putting it down when I had other things to do! And what a happy, wonderful ending. I will probably read it again.

A lovely and heart warming tale of a friendship between a boy and a girl. Definitely worth picking up. Think it could have done with another 50 pages to develop further but a lovely light read

Although the book was hard to follow at times it was a quick, funny read. Beware this may not be meant for the younger crowd.

I really didn't like this book to much. The main character Elizabeth annoyed me to much and the guy jereme was just a little to perfect sounding to believe.

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