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  • Title: Incubus
  • Author: K.T. McColl
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 453
  • Format: ebook

Alternate cover edition ISBN13 9781301694365.Night was when the subconscious wandered Sometimes it wandered into the path of a passing demonBritt Grayling is a 24 year old graduate student whose life, while not the stuff of legend, is comfortable and predictable This peace comes to an end one night when she unwittingly attracts the attention of a hungry incubus FaAlternate cover edition ISBN13 9781301694365.Night was when the subconscious wandered Sometimes it wandered into the path of a passing demonBritt Grayling is a 24 year old graduate student whose life, while not the stuff of legend, is comfortable and predictable This peace comes to an end one night when she unwittingly attracts the attention of a hungry incubus Far from being terrified, she finds herself inexplicably attracted to this mysterious creature.Damian has been visiting sin and corruption on the unsuspecting for time immemorial, yet nothing has prepared him for his response to this woman While Damian s attentions awaken in Britt both dread and arousal the two main ingredients in a demon s sustenance Damian finds himself uncharacteristically unable to feed from the young woman In all of his centuries, Damian has never found himself in this position Something is very wrong.The unintended consequences of their accidental meeting and mutual attraction soon become evident when both Britt and Damian succumb to a mysterious illness.It is up to Kat, a succubus and Damian s partner, to find a cure for the illness that threatens to consume both Britt and Damian.For all of them, the cost of the cure may be than they are willing to pay.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and it was quite an intriguing read! Demon erotica? Well, sure why not!A reader might expect a smokin' hot single guy to have a few secrets, but the ability to shimmer his way into glowing eyes, ebony horns and a tail? Feeding habits that don't exactly involve a trip to the supermarket? That's all a bit much for even the most open-minded of college women to handle. Damian and Britt work through it with the help of Kat [...]

At the first glance the book is about lust and guilty pleasures, but, under the erotic layer there is a haunted world that wants to be taken into consideration. It is so embedded into our lives that, at times, you don’t know where the human part ends and the evil one starts; you don’t know what to like and what to avoid, as the author explores the fine distinction between good and evil, both having their place in any of us.The first encounter with the ‘evil’ succubus was interesting, but [...]

*In exchange of an honest review*Starting this, I had no idea where this book will exactly take me. Of course I’ve read about Incubi and their business earlier and hence I expected a little hostility or gore or possession or something evil- the way we normally think about demons. But tell you what this is one sweet and sexy book and the characters are just so adorable that you can keep thinking about them long after you finish reading. For demons, Damien and Kat are way too cute. Erotic scenes [...]

This was a truly interesting read. It wasn't what I expected, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. When I think of paranormal erotica, I don't normally think of something cerebral, but this story was just that. It was a surprisingly heady tale, a philosophical novel with main characters that just so happened to be an incubus and a succubus (and a human). Reading this book, it became clear to me off the bat that K.T. McColl is a polished writer who writes with a sophisticated style. I later learn [...]

Eloquent and steamy hot, this demon tale is well written with a smattering of humour, peril,and impossible love. Yes there are some very steamy sex scenes, including mostly M/F, but there is also one each of F/F and F/M/F and they are an integral part of a compelling story. The heroine Britt is feisty and likeable, and I had to laugh out loud at her trying to find a suitable word to be on the receiving end of a very talented incubus mouth. The hero, Damian is just what a incubus should be, very [...]

I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review. The story follows a graduate student, Britt, who finds herself as the willing recipient of an incubus's, Damian's, attentions due her current unsatisfactory state in life but this attention has unforeseen consequences. I honestly expected sex to drive the story more having both an incubus and succubus in the story, but there was just enough and the scenes were very well done. What I really enjoyed as well was the touch of humor as Damia [...]

I really enjoyed this book. You know things are going to be steamy when you have an incubus and a succubus in the story! The sex scenes were fantastic and left me wanting more. Britt was funny and likeable. While the story was pretty intense, there were smatterings of humor that literally had me laughing out loud. My one complaint would be that the explanation of the integral problem was lacking, as was what served as a remedy. How/why did that happen? How/why was that a solution? I'm hoping tha [...]

I enjoyed this book. I've never read anything with an incubus or a succubus, and this gave me both. I'd also never heard of a cambion, so I learned all sorts of new and interesting things. The storyline in the book was a real treat. I didn't expect the ending at all and I loved it! The steamy scenes were delivered wellC provided in exchange for honest review.

Our group, "Lovers of Paranormal", may have been wanting demons as per their halloween challenge. This book delivered that and so much more. It is a hot steamy read that I adored. Give this author some love and check them out!

I received a copy of this story in exchange for a honest review. This story was a sexy tale about a succubus, incubus and a human concubine. This story even entailed a f/f and a m/f/f scene.

I accepted a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. This isn't exactly my genre, but the author's worldbuilding made what was (for me) a very fresh take on an old monster/paranormal trope.There are three main characters in the story: a human, a incubus, and a third one I won't reveal here (don't worry, you meet her soon enough). Hell is sort of a dangerous bureaucracy, where the poor earth-bound demons are trying to punch their clock and stay under the radar. This particular incubus p [...]

Britt is a young grad student who yearns for a more meaningful romantic relationship than the one she currently has. The old adage applies that we must be careful what we wish for because sometimes we may not be quite prepared for what happens when our wishes are granted.The title character, Damian, answers Britt’s call and their assignation results in a situation neither could have anticipated nor wished for. Kat, Damian’s centuries old partner and fellow demon, must come to the rescue when [...]

I have no interest in erotica. I avoid it. I just find that intensely descriptive sexual activity slows down and gets in the way of the story. I’m far from prudish; it’s just not my scene. man.So, why am I reviewing Incubus, and why have I given it such a good rating? Well, for the first part of that question, I was asked to give an independent review and given a free copy to do so. For the second part, there is more than one answer. First of all it’s extremely well written. The pace, dict [...]

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is not a genre I normally read so please consider this while reading my review. What stands out for me with this story is the writing. The three main characters are well realized, the pacing is really good and the author does a great job handling the exposition especially considering how much there is. She also does a great job setting up an atmosphere and fluctuating between tones. Where I had a bit of a problem was with [...]

If incubi are your favorite creatures than this is a book for your. Britt the hard working yet strangely unfulfilled and frustrated grad student unknowingly summons an incubi.Damien a centuries old incubi prowling the night in search of sustenance from sleeping victims is unable to refuse Britt's sirens call.Their stolen tryst has long reaching implications for both parties, pushing the boundaries sexually and emotionally. Risking centuries old friendships as well as their own lives. Only an inv [...]

Oddly enough, I started this series at Book 4, so had to come back and see where it began. The author has once again delivered a steamy tale that is both easy to read, and shows the reader an intriguing take on our modern social scene. The sex was well portrayed, not to timid, but well clear of the gutter. The story and characters also had enough attention given to them to keep me engrossed to the end.I think I will definitely pick up another work by KT in the future. I believe her novels someho [...]

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