False River

Dominique Botha

False River

False River

  • Title: False River
  • Author: Dominique Botha
  • ISBN: 9781415205402
  • Page: 245
  • Format: ebook

You are too close to the water, Paul whispered There are barbels in the mud They will wake up if you step on them When Paul and Dominique are sent to boarding schools in Natal, their idyllic childhood on a Free State farm is over Their parents leftist politics has made life impossible in the local dorp school Angry schoolboy Paul is a promising poet, his sister h You are too close to the water, Paul whispered There are barbels in the mud They will wake up if you step on them When Paul and Dominique are sent to boarding schools in Natal, their idyllic childhood on a Free State farm is over Their parents leftist politics has made life impossible in the local dorp school Angry schoolboy Paul is a promising poet, his sister his confidant But his literary awakening turns into a descent He flees the oppression of South Africa, only to meet his death in London Dominique Botha s poignant debut is an elegy to a rural existence and her brother both now forever lost The novel is based on true events.

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BLURB“You are too close to the water,” Paul whispered. “There are barbels in the mud. They will wake up if you step on them.” When Paul and Dominique are sent to boarding schools in Natal, their idyllic childhood on a Free State farm is over. Their parents’ leftist politics has made life impossible in the local dorp school. Angry schoolboy Paul is a promising poet, his sister his confidant. But his literary awakening turns into a descent. He flees the oppression of South Africa, only t [...]

Dominique Botha's dense, gorgeous novel-memoir, dedicated to her parents, tells the growth and dissolution of her brother, Paul. Raised together on Rietpan, the Free State farm owned and inhabited by the Botha family for generations, Dominique and Paul explore childhood and adolescence together on wide-open farmland in a country of closed minds. The oldest of five children, these two carry the family legacy and the expectations of their parents most heavily. For Paul, the road out of Rietpan led [...]

Hulle g-klank kom op die tone in en maak die deur saggies toe, nie soos in Afrikaans waar die g's soos stoele oor 'n baksteenvloer gesleep word nie.4.5 sterre. Valsrivier herinner my weer hoekom Afrikaans die taal van my hart is, Dominique Botha mag maar skryf. Die boek lees amper soos poësie, en ek het paragrawe oor en oor gelees. Die biografiese storie oor haar gesin en grootword in die Vrystaat word op 'n eerlike maar nie-dramatiese manier vertel. Daar is al vele boeke geskryf oor apartheid, [...]

Nadine Gordimer het eenmaal gese dat 'n mens moet skryf asof jy 'n weeskind is. Maritha van der Vyver het iets soortgelyks gese toe sy se met elke boek verloor jy 'n familielid. Die woorde het my deurgans bygebly tydens my lees van Valsrivier. Sonder om te skroom het Dominique haar storie vertel. Goed sy't wel gese haar familie verstaan, maar as ek Sandra, haar ma was of haar pa Andries, sou ek maar sukkel om met die beeld wat sy van my voorhou/skep/versin saam te leef. Daar was dus 'n sekere ma [...]

Perhaps it is the fact that I grew up on a farm and attended boarding school for 12 years, but I found this coming of age story absolutely riveting. It's descriptions of rural life and its objects are at once poetic and true. They pull you willingly into Botha's partly autobiographical world. But, for me, what really resonated was her description of her brother's political awakening and his alienation from the conservative society in which he had to live. His story ends in tragedy (no spoiler al [...]

Een van die beste boeke wat ek nog gelees het. Die afrikaans in hierdie boek leef!! Beelde word lewendig, 'n mens ruik die Vrystaat-rooigrond-stof. Ook beskikbaar as FALSE RIVER in Engels. Paul en ek het op 'n stadium langs mekaar in die klas gesit. Dominique en ek het by dieselfde musiekonderwyseres musiek gehad. Maak hierdie boek baie spesiaal. Uitstekend Dominique!!!! Hoop dat daar nog meer uit jou pen gaan vloei!

Dominique Botha se debuutroman is 'n kragtoer in Afrikaanse prosa. Ek gaan nie die storielyn en karakters hier opsom nie, dit is reeds gedoen. Wat ek egter wil uitlig is die twee sake wat die grootste indruk op my gemaak het:Paul Botha se politieke ontwaking en gepaardgaande vervreemding van die konserwatiewe gemeenskap waarbinne hy grootgeword het. Hierdie reis word op meesterlike wyse deur die oe van 'n suster, met wie hy 'n baie besonderse verhouding gehad het, weergegee. Sy verhaal in hartve [...]

'n Meesleurende verhaal wat my nog lank gaan bybly!

I loved this book! First Afrikaans book I read in some years and now I'm excited to get back into it. Such poetically beautiful words and a lovely story, entrenched in our South African and Afrikaner history.

False River is described as an autobiographical novel, and I'd love to know just how much liberty was taken. I found some interviews with Botha (was trying to decide whether to shelve this as fiction or nonfiction), and she basically says that it's marketed as nonfiction because memory is fallible, butwell, the entire genre of memoir suffers from the same problem. So I'm curious.The story (however true to life it may be) is told in lush prose. Botha asks the reader to do a lot of work here, drop [...]

This book is a rough ride - especially for ex pat South African such as I. Dominique brings back the cruelty and complex nature of living in Apartheid South Africa so clearly. Seeing her rural world through her childlike eyes resonated so deeply with me. As a child living in Apartheid South Africa you felt like something was terribly wrong, but had no power to change anything. Dominique's tells the story in a charming narrative voice that leaves you spellbound, and drew me rushing back to the me [...]

Beautifully written, heart wrenching, and so utterly South African, this is a wonderful triumph for Dominique Botha not just as a first time novelist, but also as a daughter and sister navigating memories, pain, family relations and literary integrity - and doing it so well.

A haunting story, can't get it out of my mind. Beautifully written, Dominique deserves all the accolades, she is talented and giving a true and realistic account of growing up in SA during that era.

This book is beautifully written and so evocative of the South African countryside it is as if one is there. Very much to be recommended.

"Ma hou daarvan dat gebid word, al glo sy nie in God nie. Sy sê dié gebed se Hollandse woorde is glad geslyt deur geslagte se gebruik en val deur die kring van vasgehoude hande soos klippies in 'n poel"I almost can't imagine reading this book, that I see has subsequently been translated, in any language other than its mother tongue, even if Dominique Botha's vaunted debut leaves behind a lot of the baggage normally attached to labelling something 'Very Afrikaans'. Or rather, Botha seems to be [...]

Having grown up on a farm in South Africa and also attending boarding school (also in KwaZulu-Natal) in about the same era as the author, I related to this book on several levels. On the other hand, False River is a deeply personal story, which is beautifully told by Botha. The writing so lyrical that, while the story might egg you on to read quickly, the words compel you to slow down and savour them. It's the kind of book you can go back to time and again and, at every reading, you'll find anot [...]

Novel based on true facts of her childhood, early adulthood and her brother's drug/alcohol induced slide to suicide.Very disjointed writing. At times good visual descriptions and at other times very childlike. Mixed tenses and flitting through memories. So much unexplained South Africanism and Afrikaans. Felt it was a book written for South Africa only.Glad I read it but was not enthused.

Cry the beloved AfrikanersStartling honesty that reverberates with the clarity of our collective past - the familiar trees, their branches draped with pain

“You are too close to the water,” Paul whispered. “There are barbels in the mud. They will wake up if you step on them.” He pushed past towards the sweet thorn shade. I saw a dead carp with its eye rotted away. Finches were chattering in the reeds. The water in the pan stank. “I don’t believe you.”So begins the gripping memoir-novel False River, a tale of family, remembrance, pain, and growing up. The book is narrated by Dominique, and we meet her as a young girl on Rietpan, the fa [...]

This was the second novel I read within days dealing with sensitive sisters relating the rebellious downfall of beloved older brothers, and the family dynamics that are therefore stretched to breaking point. But the story is so much more than that. It is a richly woven semi-auobiography and most South Africans of a certain age will relate to the context. Dominique Botha's love of her rural Free State comes through so powerfully and lyrically that she does for the Free State what Marguerite Polan [...]

- Paul called it whispering blue. "The colour is so faint, it can't say its name out loud. - - Paul threw a pebble that skimmed the glassy surface of the pan three times, then sank. "Hey, you're disturbing the fish. What are you doing?" James asked. "Casting pearls," Paul smiled. - - "Never forget, Paul," Antjie called as we drove away, "a writer writes." - "I had always hoped your father would treat me with the respect he showed his own mother." -- Pa said when the Gods seek to punish you, they [...]

Another review said the book was 'dense'. I think this is a good word for something I also felt, because of the range of things it made me feel and think. It's beautiful, discomforting, powerful and fragile. I'm not South African, but have lived here for a few years. I often try to reflect on my feelings of the country, it's people, it's history and my place here. This is a very difficult process at times. This book helped me with these thoughts by offering another perspective in a most intimate [...]

An excellent South African novel memoire . Probably the best I have come across because of its honesty and unashamed baring of the very soul of the Botha family. I lived every heartbreak Paul brought upon his parents but still had enormous empathy for him. To be born and raised in times of such transition is not enviable. His rebelliousness was emphasized by the closed society created by the national party and accelerated by the gross injustice of the apartheid era. The family has survived the t [...]

Valsrivier is 'n aangrypende verhaal wat meesterlik vertel word. Die beskrywings is ongelooflik mooi en getuig van 'n fyn waarneming - alles behalwe mooiskrywery. Botha kry dit reg om haar karakters met deernis uit te beeld. En die afsluit-gedig aan haar broer is hartverskeurend mooi. 'n Boek wat my lank sal bybly en op my top 10 Afrikaanse lysie.

This book was one that will stand out for a long time. Very well written. It's so comforting to read a home grown book that I can connect with. I found it realistic and truthful . It's a fictional biography and I couldn't make out was true or exaggerated. I was happy with the end . The prize was well deserved.

Read the Afrikaans version. Brilliant colourful language, beautifully written. Mesmerising. I could not put the book down. You ride on the waves of humour, happiness, anger at Paul, empathy and sadness. A must read.

A beautifully written book by a very talented author. The further I got into this story the more raw my nerves became. This book is a real as it is rough and as South African as it is universal. Thank you Dominque Botha, I think.

Beautiful story. Thanks to Stephanie for giving it to me for Xmas and thanks to Liesl Louw-Vaudran for recommending it to her. An exceptional story of exceptional people who grew up on a farm in the Free State. All things are possible.

difficult to finish, hard going, average!!!

loved this book - the afrikaans version Valsrivier. As a debut - excellent. Loved her style of writing, and the poetic interplays of paul

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