Skin River

Steven Sidor

Skin River

Skin River

  • Title: Skin River
  • Author: Steven Sidor
  • ISBN: 9780312329495
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover

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Skin River is the story of Buddy Bayes, a man with a shadowy past trying desperately for a second chance at a peaceful life as a tavern owner in small town Gunnar, Wisconsin Buddy has traded his connections in the Chicago underworld for the loose friendship of an assortment of locals who frequent his bar Before long, with the help of a young single mother who works for hSkin River is the story of Buddy Bayes, a man with a shadowy past trying desperately for a second chance at a peaceful life as a tavern owner in small town Gunnar, Wisconsin Buddy has traded his connections in the Chicago underworld for the loose friendship of an assortment of locals who frequent his bar Before long, with the help of a young single mother who works for him as a waitress, Buddy starts to trust that he s lost himself in exactly the kind of new life he d imagined His hopes for a clean start are shattered, however, when he finds the severed hand of a missing college student and falls headlong into a harrowing situation which has Buddy convinced that his past has come back to haunt him As events unfold, it becomes clear that things aren t what they seem, and jumping to conclusions proves a disastrous mistake as the true nature of Buddy s situation slowly comes into focus Skin River is a tense, chilling novel that introduces Steven Sidor, a fine crime writer with an exacting touch and a remarkable talent for suspense.

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A dark, moody story, this is one of those mysteries in which virtue is relative. Buddy Bayes came to rural Wisconsin from Chicago, trying to escape his criminal past and the men who have promised to kill him. Now he owns a bar, goes fishing in the mornings and contemplates a relationship with Margot, a single mother who has left an earlier abusive marriage. Buddy toys with the idea that he has left his past behind. Then he finds a severed hand from a young woman who had recently been abducted. S [...]

Skin River is a very dark tale. Almost dark enough to go over into the realm of some horror stories. A very good idea for a story actually that almost crashed due to the authors writing style. It took me almost 50 pages to begin to settle in with this one. It felt almost like staring at one of those older cameras with the big flash bulbs that you used to jam on top of the camera. Every now and then the author would set off the flash. Anyone who can remember the terror of being temporarily blinde [...]

SKIN RIVER (Crime Thriller – Wisconsin-Cont.) – OkaySteven Sidor – 1st bookSt. Martin’s Minatour, 2004 – HardcoverBuddy Bayes, a man trying to get away from his past with the Chicago underworld, is trying to lead a quite life in small-town Wisconsin. But when women start disappearing, he becomes a suspect, people around him are attacked and his former crime partner is after him, he goes from trying to get by to trying to survive.*** Maybe I’ve just hit my limit of the anti-hero, and [...]

Thriller - Buddy Bayes is living a low profile rustic lining as a bar owner after running afoul of some Chicago mobsters. The murder of a local girl who had been going to college in Chicago may bring more attention to his existance than he wants. Other deaths occur that may be the product of a serial killer or, as the sheriff suspects, Buddy himself.

I read Sidor backwards. I started with his latest, at the time and worked back. I can see his progression as a writer and I'm glad I did it this way. This first effort is a cool plot that's needs a bit more developing. I felt rushed through what could have been a fantastic book if it were three times longer.

The only way I can describe this book is to say this: this is a book you read when you have nothing else to read. It wasn't written very well and it felt like two stories that the author tried to smush together into one. It just didn't work. I only give it two stars because it's this author's first novel and we can hope that future efforts from him will be better.

3.5 starsIt's a quick, easy read with an interesting bad guy. Very little character development and a little too much happening sometimes, plot-wise. But a solid first book and I'd definitely read more from him.

Review to follow soon.

first time reading this authorI don't care for the way he wrote the book. It goes from one character to another, to another, etc Some characters I don't even know how they fit in. 3 stars

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