Price of a Kiss

Linda Kage

Price of a Kiss

Price of a Kiss

  • Title: Price of a Kiss
  • Author: Linda Kage
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition

new adult romance explicit scenes and language I don t care what my cousin says I am not the queen of impossible relationships I mean, just because my last boyfriend tried to kill me and left a bit of a scar on my neck, then forced me to move across the country and legally change my name to Reese Randall to escape him, does not mean Oh, who am I kidding For a freshm new adult romance explicit scenes and language I don t care what my cousin says I am not the queen of impossible relationships I mean, just because my last boyfriend tried to kill me and left a bit of a scar on my neck, then forced me to move across the country and legally change my name to Reese Randall to escape him, does not mean Oh, who am I kidding For a freshman in college, I have to have the worst dating track record ever.It s no wonder love is the last thing on my mind when Mason Lowe enters my life But the chemistry between us is like bam Our connection defies logic And he s just so freaking hot Being around him makes me feel alive than I ve ever felt before I even like bickering with him He could be my soul mateexcept for one teeny tiny glitch.He s a gigolo.Boy, do I know how to pick them.

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“Every woman treats me that way, Reese. I’m not a person to them. I’m just…a good time or something vile to be avoided at all costs. And then you came along and you… you hugged me.”I think this gif describes this book perfectly:It's a swoon and squee book, for me at least :) I've had a huge smile for the first 70% of the book, it was just that amazing :)And since I read YA/NA exactly for the swoon/squee thing, this one was perfect for me :)The storyI'm gonna keep it short so I don't [...]

Re-reading is always fun!!~I REALLY LOVED THIS BOOK. Like a lottttt!Its not everyday that I love the chick in a book as much as the guy! :PI hope even your faces hurt as much as mine did after reading this because of all the grinning ;))READ THIS BOOK ASAP! Its gold ;)Aug 17- 2013

5 JUST FOR ME STARS."It was official. Mason Lowe was perfect. Well besides the whole gigolo part. But yeh, other than that, no one else could even compare."Would it be crazy to say I think this author wrote this book just for me? Everything about this book screamed - 'perfect for Lisa'. I was looking for something light, sexy and funny and came across this book by chance, read the blurb and thought why not? From the first page I knew I would be hooked. 'Price of a kiss' had the potential to be a [...]

3 Conflicted Stars ***********Oh there will be Major Spoilers and Ranting***********Like I'm going to be telling major parts of this book so if you don't like spoilers don't read because I am going to spoil this whole book!God help me. I have been having total shit luck lately when it comes to my contemporary romance reads. And this one is no different. I mean what do you rate a book you absolutely love for 80% then at the 81% you feel like it takes a big smelly shit right on your chest? Well I [...]

5 Sweet Pea Stars!!!I absolutely love it when a book comes out of no where and takes you by surprise! Thats exactly what happened to me with this one. I was minding my own business, following my reading schedule, then I get a text from one of my best book friends. A drop everything and read this kind of text. I take those pretty seriously. So I started this book with zero expectations and I ended up LOVING it! The prologue drew me in and I couldn’t put it down. Yep great feeling! So we start w [...]

Casting for Mason:** FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED ** Price of a Kiss  was a  cute, swoony, heartwarming standalone New Adult romance. It was lighthearted and romantic but still had emotional depth. The banter was awesome, the writing was great and the story was sweet. I really enjoyed it! The prologue instantly hooked me. It it we see the hero, Mason, at eighteen years old, put in an impossible situation by his mother's landlady. With his sister sick and their single mother struggling to make ends m [...]

★★★★! The Price Of A Kiss (stand-alone). A feel-good story about a misunderstood outsider and the friendship he forms with the new corky girl at campus, who has a dark past!“God, he looked good. Up close, from a distance, it didn’t matter. The boy didn’t have a bad side.”The Price Of A Kiss opens up with Reese Randall starting over, having moved cross-country to live with her cousin attending her first year of college. Mason Lowe with his uncanny good looks and splendid physique [...]

”Can I touch you?”His lashes closed, resting on the tops of his tanned, sculpted cheeks as his smile grew broad. “You don’t have to ask.” I reached out immediately but paused within inches of contact. He must’ve sensed my hesitation because he reopened his eyes. “What’s wrong?”I swallowed, utterly overwhelmed. “I don’t know where to start.”Mason’s gaze warmed . He wrapped strong warm fingers around my wrist and drew my palm forward, leading me where he wanted my hand to [...]

**Absolutely amazing and totally made my week!! Mason will forever and always be my favorite forbidden man!!!! ♥Leaning down, he hugged me and buried his face in my neck. "It feels like a dream, like I'm going to wake up any second and you'll be gone. I don't want to wake up from this."So….is was unexpected. Lately I’ve been…off. So, naturally, my reading schedule has been disturbed. Don’t worry, I’ll save you the repetitive details. But, just know, this is definitely a new trend for [...]

FREE ➜ amzn/1FS9MN8 For more free books ➜ amzn/1FS9KEY10/6/2015Price of a Kissis a different kind of romance. When I read the prologue I thought, "What am I reading?!" I decided I better read the blurb to see what I had gotten myself into. The prologue made me squirm because cougar claws were out and digging into a young male. Mason is a gigolo. Used for his body and not seen as a person. Urban Dictionary defines gigolo asa male prostitute equivalent to a high-class call girl; gigolos servic [...]

4 stars.Mason is a hot gigolo. A really HOT gigolo.He's a high class one too doing the ladies at the country club.Reese is starting the community college and notices him across the campus and is likethen she finds out he's a gigoloand after their first meeting in classSo then she goes to babysit for his sister Sarah and finds out he's being a gigolo to help his familyBut they try to remain friends and of course that never works ;)Some of this happens and all is right in the world again"I was in [...]

4.5 Stars!!Loved! This was my second book by this author and I am definitely a fan!!! This story was perfect. was sweet, it was funny, it was sexy, it was intriguing. I loved Reese and Mason. The writing was excellent cheesy dialogue banter amongst the characters. virgin heroine.d no insta-love. Yay!Reese has moved to Florida to start college after her ex boyfriend's failed murder attempt. She's taken on a new identity, is looking for a fresh start and steering clear of guys and relationships. O [...]

☆4.5 Stars ☆ He could be my soul mateexpect for one tiny glitch. He is a gigolo. Boy, do I know how to pick them.Reese is starting over, after an unfortunate turn of events, she ends up living with her cousin's family. On her first day of college she sees Mason, and is immediately interested, but there is a rumor about him.‘Girl don’t even think about it. You couldn’t afford him even if you emptied all the money in your piggy bank.’So he is off limits, but they become friends and the [...]

4 1/2 "I'd Pay for That" StarsThis book was really witty, butterfly inducing and just a good good read!Reese Randall, the main character was aces in my book! She was real, sweet, funny and totally kick ass. She is in hiding from her pyscho ex and living under an alias while attending community college in Waterford with her cousin, Eva. From the first scene she is completely taken with the rumored gigolo of the town…Mason Lowe.Mason was an extremely well written character as was his little sist [...]

4 Sweet-pea scented stars! ;) Meet Reese and Mason’s story. Reese is running away from her ex-boyfriend who tried to kill her and when she starts her new life in a college across the country, she meets hot and mysterious guy, Mason.Well, long story short: Mason is a gigolo. (Yeah, she sure knows how to pick them!!) But one night she gets a baby-sitting job and when she gets there she finds out is no one less than Mason’s little sister. And that’s when she finds out why he does what he does [...]

5 Freaking Yummy Gigolo starsReese has ran away from her home in an effort to escape her crazy psycho ex boyfriend who tried to kill her. She's changed her name and has moved far away under living now at her aunt's house. The day she meets mr. Hotness aka Mason Lowe, she learns by her cousin, Eva , that he is a gigolo, or that is rumoured at least. Reese also needs to find a job, so when she gets accepted to babysit she gets excited. Only the child she's supposed to babysit has CP and she has no [...]

4 stars"…kissing you is too big of a price for me."Reese, had the worst luck when it came to me, her first and only love turned out to be some crazed-psycho-stalker-turned-attempted-murderer, him being the main reason she is across the country hiding out at her cousin’s place. Her luck proved to be true when the man who has finally caught her eye, who made her actually feel normal, happened to be the town gigolo to the cougars. "Resist the hunky gigolo, Reese. Resist!"Needing some extra cash [...]

6 "smexy, hot damn, ill pay you whatever you want" starsGod look at the cover. Hot,cover for an amazing hot book. When I got this ARC I couldn't wait to start it. I actually think I was sneaky and started reading at workI loved loved loved this book. It was funny, sweet, sexy, amazing heroine and hero. I crushed on Reese like crazy. Her inner dialogue was just fabulous. I laughed so much during this book. I think there was a grin plastered on my face the entire book. She was exactly the heroine [...]

"A sugary sweet, melting hot and heart-warming love story”This book is like "a big chocolate cake treat", inducing euphoria I am high above the clouds nowIt put a big smile on my face and caressed my soul. I feel like a happy cat full of loveI rarely adore a heroine because they don’t usually act like I would if I were them, so they usually get on my nerves. But here, she was adorable. I would die for a friend like her. And this book was recommended to me by my dear friend Gökçe and I hesi [...]

6 WONDERFUL STARSI read this while I was on vacation and I’m JUST now getting to write my kind – of review. I remember A LOT of people recommended this book and gave it glowing reviews.All the reviews were justified. It’s an excellent book and has everything you could want in read.Great characters CheckGreat plot CheckGreat writing flow CheckSteam CheckEngagingCheckPrice of a Kiss was a cute and easy read. I liked how the summary doesn’t really explain anything, except for the fact the H [...]

5 IN LOVE WITH "HOTNESS" STARS!!!!(BR with my Babes Denisse and Shannon!!)Jen dear friend, why oh why didn't I read this all those months ago when you told me to?!!!!I LOVED THIS BOOK!AMAZINGmply FUCKING FANTASTIC!!This book had me hooked from the very first page!!!I'm on such a book high right now and I've met a new book boyfriend that is TOP TEN WORTHY!!!Reese Randall sets her eyes on the most beautiful man she's ever seen, on her first day at Waterford County Community College."Hotness" aka M [...]

I am officially in love with Mason Lowe!!!!Forbidden boys are such a kick, am so there with you girls! And Mason Lowe was simply scrumptious. Why did I take so long to read this book is a good question!!!Reese is such a darling heroine, loved every bit of her moments but damn that cousin of hers needs to learn some manners and not behave like brat all the time! She was really handful, I def wanna smack her! My Reese: This was beautiful real life story, it felt so real reading their forbidden lov [...]

***5 "Hotness VS Sweet Pea" stars from me***I was very hesitate to start this book, but at the end it took me by surprise and i enjoyed it way too much!!!So now, i can say that i'm extremely happy that i dive into this series and i'm just wondering what the next books will bring to meMore forbidden men??? Hell, yeah!!! But can i handle them???You're probably wondering why this is my biggest fear Well, this story was very delightfull, but at the same time was so heartbreaking!!!I laugh, i smile, [...]

*RANT & SPOILERS AHEAD*DON'T HATE ME. I know almost everyone LOVES this book and this series.BUT COME ON!Sweet Jesus this was like a Jerry Springer episode on crack. Between the gigolo hero, the special needs sister, the psycho ex boyfriend. was all SO. OVER. THE. TOP. The Gahs and Grrs, and Squees in Reese’s thoughts. Her obsessive explanations of how hot Mason Lowe was (the first 30% of this was literally her talking about how her toes tingled every time he was near). The amount of clich [...]

*´¨)¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)(¸.·´ (¸¸.·1,5 StarsWhat I liked:►First of all: I finished!!! (And lost some brain cells on the way )► There were some funny parts^^►Mason's sister was relly cute.What I didn't like:►shallow, shallow, shallow characters-Reese and Mason's relationship = mostly insta-lust-Reese and her cousine's relationship = yeah right, they are very close *eye-rolling*-Mason's mom = she. just no -.-►The MC was totally annoying. and the whole book is from her PO [...]

♥Ever So Mela♥Bloglovin♥Google+♥3.5SO WHO BASICALLY STAYED UP ALL NIGHT READING THIS?!me!!!!WHO REGRETS IT?!*sounds of crickets chirping*As you can tell I abosultely adored this! The chemistry was off the charts and had me with the goofiest grin ever. I loved the slow burn and Dear Lord the anticipation to the big da-da-da-dum moment was worth Every.Single.Tease.Frickin.Fest. The angst was on point. Not too much but just enough. Mason was perfection and got me hot as hell. Reese wa [...]

4 star, really enjoyable read.I loved the heroine of the book, she was witty and sassy and made me laugh out loud quite a few times. I just loved the fact that even though she had been through a great deal, she wasn't miserable or depressive. Engaging and captivating storyline and generally likeable characters, although I wanted to slap the heroines cousin a few times. Not really angsty which I also liked, not a great deal of steam but then this is NA/YA. A book to draw you in, keep you engaged, [...]

My excitement about this book is still present despite the fact I finished reading it hours ago, books like this remind me exactly what I adore in New Adult novels and why I started reading them in the first place. The Price of Kiss is definitely one of the best NA books I’ve read this summer. Sexy, funny and extremely romantic story, Price of Kiss knocked my socks off and blew my mind. Linda Kage created cute and heartbreaking novel full of hilarious and passionate moments that made me laugh [...]

Dear God.I was in love with a gigolo.This book was such a surprised that I can't even say it is not good. It's awesome!Reese is on the run from her crazy ex-boyfriend and she goes directly to where Mason lives. The thing is, he is a gigolo. As we all know, to choose this path is not easy. It wasn't easy for him either. If I looked for flaws in everyone I encountered, I’d find them one hundred percent of the time, and I’d always be disappointed.I have to tell you this. It wasn't perfect. I ev [...]

Hero 4/5 | Heroine 4/5 | Plot (Point, Originality) 3/5 | Writing Style 4/5 | Steam 3/5 | Romance 4/5 | Angst-Suspense 4/5 | Darkness 0/5 | Humor 4/5 | Secondary Characters 4/5 | Drama-Conflict 4/5 | Mystery 0/5 | Twists 4/5 | Pacing Steady | Action 4/5

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