The Spy Wore Blue

Shana Galen

The Spy Wore Blue

The Spy Wore Blue

  • Title: The Spy Wore Blue
  • Author: Shana Galen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition

An exciting new novella in Shana Galen s popular Lord and Lady Spy series Blue, an elite spy, tracks an assassin to Naples and the theater where his estranged wife performs As he falls in love with his Helena again, Blue races to apprehend the assassin before he destroys them both.

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This is the novella about the agent, Blue, that appears in Galen's Lord and Lady Spy. Why is he called Blue?Well. Those eyes, for one.As one of the most mysterious and well-informed members of the Barbican group, Blue is sent to Italy to investigate the latest murders of a killer for hire known as the Reaper. This particular mercenary is known to work for the man who has been targeting Barbican agents, so he's got to capture him alive in order to (hopefully) get information out of him about his [...]

OMG I LOVED HELENA SO MUCH. Imperfect heroines will always be my catnip and Helena definitely fell into that category. She was an opera singer, a ginger, she persevered through hardship, singlehandedly turning her life around when poor choices and addiction left her with nothing and no one and she even saved herself AND Blue at the end. Basically, Helena was amazing and she made this novella worth reading. I also really liked the way Helena and Blue’s relationship played out over the course of [...]

Perfect read for a hot summer night!Shana Galen is one of my favorite authors for stories of the Regency era and this time, she did it again! I have read True Spies & Lord and Lady Spy and loved them; but THE SPY WORE BLUE is my favorite one of her series. This novella is filled with passion and humour! it's a little gem to discover! Beautiful sexual chemistry between her two characters Agent Blue and Helena. When I say they are hot together, sparks ignite around them. They were still husban [...]

4.5I loved this so much! (also there was piano sex lol)

Written as a combined review, posted at The Reading Cafe 21 Sep 135 out of 5 for this reader folks!WOW now this is a fun series. The Lord and Lady Spy series by Shana Galen has it all. Mystery, suspense, romance, humour and lots of action. An absolute refreshing read that offers a different spin on historical romance. If you can, try to think along the lines of Mr and Mrs Smith set in the 1800's LOL Well that is what I was picturing anyways! Brangelina anyone?? LOLBOOK 1 - Lord and Lady SpyRE [...]

I love this series. Again, this is a story of two people who are already married. Granted, Blue and Helena have been separated for years, but not because they didn't love each other. Abandonment issues abound in their marriage. Blue is dedicated to his career as a spy and while they were together, Helena had serious alcohol issues. As Blue puts it, they "both had their first loves." But now, Blue has tracked a bad guy to Naples, to Helena's theater where she is an opera singer. Helena's cleaned [...]

This was a wonderful addition to the series. Short and sweet, but full of action and steamy scenes. Blue and Helena are an interesting couple. They have had their good times and their bad but seemed destined to be together. You are rooting for them right from the beginning.It's a fast paced book that you won't want to put down. I think you could read it even if you have not read the earlier books in the series, but it's better if you have. And if you haven't you will want to after reading this.E [...]

Shana Galen has done it again with The Spy Wore Blue. I loved the chemistry between Helena and Blue. The sex scenes were hot. The only problem, and I couldn't fault it really, was that it was a novella and it was to short. I was hoping for Epilogue, but maybe we can get that in the next novel in the Lord and Lady spy series.

MoreI agree Blue needed a longer book! this was a fun read thoways luv Blue dry sense of humor and wit!

I am loving this series and I so loved Blue and Helena's story very sensual and a great adventure as Blue and Helena get the man he is after

The Spy Wore Blue is a very entertaining read, and I have to say that I loved this book. Both the hero and heroine in this story got to me, on an emotional level, which doesn't always happen. The hero in this story Agent Blue is first introduced in Shana Galen's regency spy novel,Lord and Lady Spy. When I first read Lord and Lady Spy, I immediately started wondering if a supporting character, Agent Blue, would get his own book. Lucky for me, and for other fans of the mysterious Agent Blue, he do [...]

After encountering Agent Blue in Lord and Lady Spy, I was excited to hear he was going to have his story told. I would have loved a full length book, but I’ll take what I can get, and I got quite a lot in this novella. We learn how Agent Blue got his nickname, find out his real name, and get more information about his background, including an estranged wife who is an opera singer. As Blue tracks an assassin in Naples, he arranges to work as an accompanist in the theater where Helena works, det [...]

Closer to 4 stars. I can't tell you how much I love this series by Shana Galen. Seriously, LOVE IT! This was a great novella but I do wish it was just a bit longer. I really like Blue and I was interested in finally learning more about him. In the other books he's so elusive, so it was great to finally learn more about it him. My only issue, is that I just wanted more of him. I wanted more backstory and a few more scenes between him and Helena. I just felt at times the story felt a bit rushed in [...]

4.5 starsI enjoyed this novella. I am a sucker for second chance at love stories, so this book was right up my alley. Blue and Helena were not perfect, but they were perfect for each other. I think the very end was a little rushed - but it is a novella, so I expected it. I still would have liked to see where they go from here, but maybe we will get more info about them in the next book.

According to , this story is an unbelievable 89 pages. I knew it was a novella. But I had no idea the size of it. And now, having read it, I am enormously impressed with the story that came from 89 pages!! Great job, Shana! A whole story, well done. And I still cant believe it was so short. It did not read as a quickie. I loved it. And now, I am excited to start True Spies.

Another fun story about married spies. Blue and Helena had not seen each other in years, and Helena has changed, no longer drinking but singing serious opera in Naples. Blue is on a case, but needs to make sure she doesn't blow his cover. Quick read to tantalize for the next book!

I love Shana Galen's stories. They are historical romance ADVENTURES with danger, sexiness, and fun. It was so nice to read Blue's story, Saint's fellow operative from Lord and Lady Spy. For my full review of this fun book: bit/1aA1C8e

Very good novella in the Spies series. Loved learning more about the spy Blue and really liked his wife Helena. Only thing is it ended more with a "happy for now" instead of a "happily ever after" but it is a novella so that didn't bother me too much.

Very good for what there was, just wish it had been longer.

A good one

89 pages of spectacular perfection! Ms. Galen has created a perfect gem. A must !

This is Blue's story. We met him in Lord & Lady Spy. A very enjoyable novella.


Shana Galen does it again! ANother great story filled with passion and mystery. I loved getting to know Blue and Helena. I highly recommend this novella!!!

very enjoyable. Good story and great characters

Arias and SpiesI enjoyed reading this story about Blue! He is in several of Shana Galen books. He was someone you read about but was mysterious. I would recommend this book if you love reading about spies and intrigue.

เรื่องสั้น ๆ ที่ออกขายเป็นอีบุ๊ค เรื่องราวที่ตัวละครรองจากเรื่อง Lord and Lady Spy กลายมาเป็นพระเอกของเรื่องนี้ เราขอบอกเลยค่ะว่า จำเขาไม่ได้เลย ทั้งที่เรื่อง Lord and Lady Spy ก็ถือว่าเป็นเล่มที่ [...]

The Spy Wore Blue introduces readers to the charming Blue and his wife, opera performer and vocalist Helena Giles. While a novella, the author manages to squeeze enough action and excitement into the pages to make it a fulfilling read. Follow Blue as he chases the enemy straight to the theater that is currently employing his estranged wife, and watch as the sparks erupt between the former lovers. Galen also offers a bit of a different locale with this historical piece, as the Teatro di San Carlo [...]

I love how these stories have been about already married couples trying to find their way back to one another, overcoming whatever obstacles they had. In the first book, both people were spies only now discovering the truth, but in this novella, Blue's wife Helena was not ignorant of his work. He put his work before her. And she drank to deal with it. Now he's ended up tracking someone to Naples, where she is working as an opera singer, and they have to figure out what they want. As always, the [...]

Blue is one of the best spies for the British crown - supporting role in rest of series, loyal, kind, skilled, sharp taste in fashion - disguises exterior appearance as average, except for brilliant piercing blue eyes. He falls asleep on the bed of his estranged singer wife, and, likely, as in other books, they heat up the sheets with danger, humor, and passion. I would say I liked what I read, and more, but user x leaves rude remarks, so here are links to finished reviews in series. 5* /review/ [...]

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