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  • Title: Deadroads
  • Author: Robin Riopelle
  • ISBN: 9781597805131
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback

Lutie always wanted a pet ghost but the devil s in the details.The Sarrazins have always stood apart from the rest of their Bayou born neighbors Almost as far as they prefer to stand from each other Blessed or cursed with the uncanny ability to see beyond the spectral plane, Aurie has raised his children, Sol, Baz, and Lutie, in the tradition of the traiteur, finding wayLutie always wanted a pet ghost but the devil s in the details.The Sarrazins have always stood apart from the rest of their Bayou born neighbors Almost as far as they prefer to stand from each other Blessed or cursed with the uncanny ability to see beyond the spectral plane, Aurie has raised his children, Sol, Baz, and Lutie, in the tradition of the traiteur, finding wayward spirits and using his special gift to release them along Deadroads into the afterworld The family, however, fractured by their clashing egos, drifted apart, scattered high and low across the continent.But tragedy serves to bring them together When Aurie, while investigating a series of ghastly and ghostly murders, is himself killed by a devil, Sol, EMT by day and traiteur by night, Baz, a traveling musician with a truly spiritual voice, and Lutie, combating her eerie visions with antipsychotics, are thrown headlong into a world of gory sprites, brilliant angels, and nefarious demons small potatoes compared to reconciling their familial differences.From the Louisiana swamps to the snowfields of the north and everywhere in between, Deadroads summons you onto a mysterious trail of paranormal proportions.

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Book Info: Genre: Urban Fantasy/Dark FantasyReading Level: AdultRecommended for: Fans of dark fantasy, horror, beautiful writingBook Available: April 2, 2013 March 17, 2014 for KindleTrigger Warnings: murderMy Thoughts: The characters from this story are from Louisiana, and some of the dialogue is done in Cajun, French and Acadian, and/or in a proper Louisiana bayou dialect, which is really neat, even if I didn't necessarily understand everything the characters were saying in those sections. How [...]

Deadroads is Riopelle's debut novel and it's a far cry from your usual fantasy/horror. I keep finding myself wanting to call it a slow read--not because of a lack of suspense, because there's plenty of that, but because of its richly nuanced language and tightly woven characters. You can't rush this one without missing out on both critical details and overall experience.Centred around three main characters, all siblings, the story is as much about a coming to terms with personal demons and past [...]

They are, perhaps, not your typical family- Lutie, her brothers Baz and Sol, their ghost-hiding mother and ghost-catching traiteur father. But when Lutie decides she wants to catch herself a ghost, just like her mother, and enlists her brother Baz who can sing so that both the living and the dead pay attention to help her, she shatters the casual strangeness of their lives.Taken away from home by her mother, it takes many years and the death of their father for Lutie to run into her brothers aga [...]

Satisfyingly spooky. I liked this one. Exceptional audio narration, it felt authentic and drew me effortlessly into the story.

Robin Riopelle's Deadroads was an inordinate amount of fun. There was plenty of creepiness and conflicted emotions and relationship difficulties between the characters, but on finishing the book what remained was the sheer enjoyment I got out of reading the book. Featuring a family of traiteurs – essentially ghost whisperers – the story is built upon its protagonists. They are what make this novel so enjoyable. Deadroads portrays the tension of being of two worlds in several different layers [...]

Sometimes a book can really surprise you. I expected Dead Roads to be a fairly straightforward urban fantasy story, with a bit of Cajun flair. What I got was so much more than that.The story is centered on three siblings: brothers Sol and Baz, and their estranged sister Lutie. Sol, who has followed his father on the path of the traiteur, is investigating suspicious deaths along a railroad line in the Great Plains. We learn that a particularly vengeful ghost is responsible for the deaths, and tha [...]

Robin Riopelle artfully interwove suspense and the supernatural to create a compelling Southern Gothic tale that captures the complex dynamics of an alienated and damaged family. Quietly electrifying, this literary equivalent of counterpoint in music is alternately told in each of three siblings’ voice, offering psychological insights into their unique reactions to the fateful childhood incident that tore their family apart and how their subsequent stunted growth into adulthood forever marred [...]

I enjoyed Riopelle’s adept way of creating atmosphere and crafting broken, yet believable characters. I love when horror takes on settings that are atypical of the genre. The main characters of this story are from the Louisiana Bayou and I loved that milieu and that Riopelle has an amazing command of dialogue in several languages. Cajun, French and Acadian are featured in the tale and are not italicized or explained, which I found this refreshing and made me more involved in the story. However [...]

Beautifully crafted, with imaginative descriptions that *almost* made me want to stop and re-read the sentences and savor the imagery. But the author has made me care too deeply about the fractured Sarrazin family to linger - the danger is so visceral, there is so much at stake, that I can't pause. I have to know what choices they will make, what they will learn, what will become of them.I don't read a lot of dark fantasy/supernatural suspense, but this felt so believable that I was drawn comple [...]

I enjoyed this book enormously. I had trouble putting it down--hence my late night the morning before I have to be on the road by six. The main characters are my new heroes, with all their strengths and defects, as real as anybody I know. The story is exciting, compelling, scary, and fun, and the writing is superb. I hope the author writes another book with these characters--I have to know what happens next.

(Full review here: bibliotropic/2014/07/15/de)Robin Riopelle has been added to my personal list of authors to keep an eye on, because between her writing style and her ability to weave a good, dark, subtle story, I’m pretty much guaranteed some creepy entertainment. If you’re in the mood for a good horror/urban fantasy blend, then Deadroads is the novel you should be reaching for.

MapleBooks: Speculative Fiction Book reviewsLike most couples, the Sarrazins have a few disagreements. As rarely seen though, they mainly argue about ghosts: Aurie, the father, sends ghost on their way to whatever is next, whereas his wife Mireille believes ghosts make good pets. Unfortunately, the conflict will escalate into the sudden departure of the mother and result in the separation of their three children.Fast-forward thirteen years later: Aurie is found dead by a railroad, skull cracked [...]

I really enjoyed this paranormal/urban fantasy. It opens in Cajun country in Louisiana with siblings, Luetta “Lutie” and Basile “Baz” Sarrazin. Lutie wants to capture a ghost, like her mother Mirielle has. Her father, Aurie, and older brother, Beausoliel ‘Sol’, are le traiteurs, faith healers that can see and send ghosts along the deadroads to wherever it is ghosts go. (Well at this point, Sol is still just a young man so he’s not really doing it yet). Lutie can see ghosts too, but [...]

Reads like Supernatural with a Louisiana touch. Not just because of the (heh) "supernatural" elements. There are plenty: ghosts, demons, angels. Warding symbols. Salt. Iron. But primarily because of the well-rounded relationship between the three siblings Sol, Lutie, and Baz. Each is a force in their own way. Their bond is nuanced, difficult, and affecting. I was just as absorbed in their story, and their history, as I was in the ghosts and devils.I enjoyed the inclusion of the various French ph [...]

This story follows the Sarrazin family. They live in the Bayou and have various abilities to interact with ghosts to get them to move on. But a situation years prior broke the family apart. Lutie is the daughter that was separated from her brothers Sol and Baz. Each has continued using their abilities in the mean time.But Sol is on the hunt for a ghost killer that is targeting railroad lines. This ghost seems to be extra powerful and very determined to keep killing people. Thus all three sibling [...]

This was one of my book club's books. The opening sets the tone of suspense right away, when two young children try to conjure up some ghosts in a Louisiana graveyard. The plan is for Baz to lure them in with song, and then Lutie will snare one for herself. It doesn't go well.Fast forward a dozen or so years, and we gradually catch up with the various family members, scattered around the country, all trying to deal with the consequences of that hot summer day and of their heritage. The Deadroads [...]

The Sarrazin family has a gift – or curse. They are connected to the dead…Aurie is a traiteur and sends spirits stuck on Earth to their rest along the Deadroads and Mireille is a psychic with a pet ghost. Their children are all gifted as well in different ways. Sol is being trained in the ways of the traiteur by Aurie, Baz is a musician with a voice which can tempt the living and the dead, and Lutie is the most like her mother. When Lutie was young, she wanted a pet ghost like her Maman, but [...]

Deadroads is a novel about the interconnection between family responsibility and secrets, and the ability for secrets to pull a family apart and continue to haunt the lives of all of them with the absence of memory. Ghost hunting pulled the Sarazzins apart, but also brought their family back together, allowing them to begin the process of recovery through a shared notion of protection and discovery.Angels and demons, the dead and the living, everything is a potential threat in this novel, inscri [...]

Deadroads was one of the most enthralling, amazing books I've ever read, and I've read a lot of books. It was written so well, and it all added up and lead towards the finale in a very professional manner. And as for the paranormal stuff - my goodness, it was just perfect. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to read this book thanks to winning a giveaway on here, and I had a personal message from Robin asking me to enjoy the book, and oh boy, did I! I'll definitely keep this book with me forever [...]

After reading the prequel and first eight pages, I went to bed and had the worst nightmare of my life. (Lesson learned: do not read scary books before bed.) But I liked the story and the setting so I resolved to try again during daylight hours to see what it was that made me so intrigued. The characters have so much life in themwhich is ironic since they see ghosts. But there is much more to the story than that. Once I decided to be brave enough to join them for the next 300 or so pages, I truly [...]

Ever hit a book that has wonderfully wrought characters and a plot that isn't cookie cutter--and it just doesn't click with you?Deadroads is such a novel for me. The book is full of things to admire, a so-called urban fantasy with a higher-than-the-norm quality of writing . . . and I didn't like it. I grew bored while reading, wondering if I've been ruined by the spate of lower quality urban fantasies cranked out over the years.I feel guilty admitting this, and I hope it's just a one time quirk. [...]

This is one of the best ghost stories I have ever read. Largely this is because the ghost (and devil, and angel) story is tightly interwoven with the story of a family reuniting, not always willingly, and working together. The writing is beautiful and easily flows between a long, hot day in the bayou to the cutting cold of a mountain winter. Nothing was predictable and nothing was neat and clean, but messy like real life (and real-life ghost stories).

Bittersweet ghostly tale of a haunted Cajun family, torn apart by secrets and clashing personalities,the two brothers are reunited with their sister; with a suicide for the long dead mother, Sol andBasile and Lutie chase down the devil-bound ghost that murdered Aurie, their fatherBetween old secrets, angel and devils, and an old songbook holding the key to releasing ghosts from the earthly plane, the siblings see their way through to a wary truce and a tenuoussafety.

Really enjoyed this book, and all my comments mirror the other reviews. Riopelle's character building is outstanding. The three main characters are probably the most interesting cast I've read in a long time. I want to spend so much more time with each of them.Very interesting urban fantasy plot, and very well done Cajun flavor, but it's really the characterization that made this book shine for me.

Harrowing novel about a family that can remove ghosts from our world. Great characterizations, good plot, wonderful visual and tactile descriptions. If you read french, you are in for an extra treat, but if you don't you will still enjoy this book's clever turns. Will look forward to more from this author.

This is a beautiful novel -- the language is gorgeous, the characters are all distinct, the story pulls you right in, the use of setting and history is breathtaking, and the ghosts bring in a supernatural element without pushing the story into the ridiculous. I believed in what the author was telling me, and I sincerely hope she's writing a second book!

"Deadroads" is a different take on the supernatural with interesting characters, a frightening antagonist, and a complex plot. I especially enjoyed the look into Cajun culture and the use of Cajun French. However, I could not give the book five stars because I felt that it took a little too long to reach the final confrontation.

The whole book could be a lot shorter if there wasn't so much inner monolog dragging it down. That and I just cared nothing about the characters. I kept yelling at them while I was reading. They make the same dumb decisions all overly serious characters make in b rate horror movies and in b rate dramas. I just want to roll my eyes at the whole thing. It's very meh.

Great story and the writing was wonderful!!This is not your average horror story and it's that and the wonderfully complicated but wholly pure relationship between the characters that make it a gem

I didn't hate it, but I almost gave up more than once. it dragged. a lot. a lot of French phrases that I couldn't understand.

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