Thicker Than Blood

C.J. Darlington

Thicker Than Blood

Thicker Than Blood

  • Title: Thicker Than Blood
  • Author: C.J. Darlington
  • ISBN: 9780989162159
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback

Alt Cover ASIN B00EZE38GAChristy Williams finally has her life on track She s putting her past behind her and working hard to build her career as a buyer for a large used bookstore So far she s been able to keep her drinking problem at bay, but everything changes when she lands a DUI on her thirty third birthday When she s accused of a crime she didn t commit at work,Alt Cover ASIN B00EZE38GAChristy Williams finally has her life on track She s putting her past behind her and working hard to build her career as a buyer for a large used bookstore So far she s been able to keep her drinking problem at bay, but everything changes when she lands a DUI on her thirty third birthday When she s accused of a crime she didn t commit at work, she has nowhere to turn She yearns for her estranged family, especially her younger sister May whom she hasn t seen for fifteen years Now the owner of a failing cattle ranch in Elk Valley, Colorado, May couldn t possibly want a relationship with the big sister who didn t even say good bye all those years ago, could she Soon Christy s fleeing from her shattered dreams, her abusive ex boyfriend, and God Could the Triple Cross Ranch be the safe haven she s searching for, or will May s new found faith give her even reason to reject Christy

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This is the second novel I have read by this author but I read them in the wrong order. I loved Bound by Guilt the second in this series. I also enjoyed this book, although not quite as much. The author's style has progressed and developed as she writes more books.Thicker than Blood is the story of two sisters who become separated after a family tragedy. Their lives follow very different paths--May goes to live with an older relative and eventually achieves her dream of working on a beautiful ra [...]

I don't know what it is about C. J. Darlington's books, but they somehow reel me in and really grab ahold of me. Even though I've read them before and know what's going to happen, I still find myself just wanting to read, read, read them. The books are really well written and going back to them feels like revisiting an old friend. There's some violence in the book, but I feel like it was handled well and everything in it added to the story. (As in, nothing was there simply for shock value.) Ther [...]

A love of books shines through this story. Even the villain treasures his book collection and mourns when he loses it. The world of valuable first editions and book auctions give colour and interest to this story which is really about a troubled girl finding her way back to family and discovering faith for the first time. I dubbed this romantic suspense because I thought that this was how this would end up but it didn't and actually it was kind of nice to have it be about Christy getting back on [...]

Christy and May have not seen each other for 15 years since their parents died in a car crash. Christy works at a antique book store as a book clerk but after dangerous circumstances from a stalker ex-boyfriend who she worked with at the bookstore happen to her, she ends up at the Cattle Ranch where her sister May lives at. Can the sisters overcome their obstacles and trust in God to help them with it? Read this book and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good Christian fiction book I got f [...]

My first book by this author, but it won't move my last! Involves horses, an awesome bookstore, a difficult past, second chances and a lot of tense moments. Trigger warnings for domestic violence, alcoholism and abortion.

A nice read dealing with deep issues which I loved. I really enjoyed the characters and loved watching the main character grow. I also loved the setting on the ranch and it was fun reading about valuable books, that was brand new to me. All around good book and would recommend!

Oh my.What a wonderful novel by debut author C.J. Darlington (and what does C.J. stand for - she's mysterious as well!). I'll start with the thing that I loved the most - the evangelistic angle. C.J. created characters that real people will connect with. And these characters find out, in normal conversation, why they need Jesus and the possibility their lives have if they accept Christ into their hearts. A very clever way to get the gospel across. But even more clever because the sticking points [...]

Wow!! I'm picky about fiction books but this one blew me away. I absolutely loved it. First thing I appreciated was the fact that they showed Christians who had problems, becoming a Christian didn't solve all the characters problems, their faith instead helped them through the problems. The entire story was very believable in view of the character's faith and belief (or lack thereof.) Second, I'm a farm girl. It bugs me to no end when people write about farming and ranching and they don't get th [...]

As I started this story I figured it was going to be pretty predictable. And although there were aspects that were not everything turned out as I expected. The main character, Christie, was your typical messed up daughter of alcoholic parents. She was selfish as well as self destructing. She also couldn't believe her sister could forgive her of her past. She was also carrying a tremendous guilt.The author tackled a tough subject in Christie's life and I think she did a great job bringing to ligh [...]

It's very rare that I read a book and romance isn't the key factor of the story. I'm not against it at allis book was just refreshing and full of so much more. I didn't have to be distracted by the meaning of the story by wondering who was going to get together with who. Christy's struggle with her past life was so real. I wanted to punch Vince, and I really, really liked May (Christy's sister), Jim (May's foreman), and Ruth. Their relationship is so nice and down to earth. I love how the story [...]

What an amazing story. This young woman went through so much. I love to read this one over and over.

I really enjoyed this. Good story, well-drawn characters.

Title: Thicker than BloodAuthor: C. J. DarlingtonPages: 400Year: 2013Publisher: Mountainview Books: amazon/Thicker-than-BlThe novel opens up with action from the first sentence until the very end, increasing intensity along the way with twists and turns in the plot! May is raised by her Aunt Edna after the death of her parents. Her older sister Christy hasn’t been around for years, and May has no clue where she lives or works. Christy works for a bookstore that sells rare and collectible books [...]

Do we lovers of Christian fiction ever think of the book in our hands, the object itself, as having value—a first edition perhaps? In C.J. Darlington’s Thicker Than Blood, Christy Williams works in just such a place, Dawson’s Book Barn, where costly works have recently gone missing—stolen. There have been deceptions. Even her hands have not been clean.The story opens when Christy gets a DUI on her 33rd birthday. She certainly can’t call May, the younger sister she abandoned two decades [...]

EntertainingGood read. Real page Turner. Enough christian wisdom to make you think . I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense and gang wait to read book 2.

C.J. Darlington is a new author with her debut novel, Thicker than Blood. I wouldn’t have guessed it was her first novel and honestly I’ll be looking out for her in the future.So, what is this book about?Christy’s life is a mess. She’s 33, a drunk, and just running away from everything. She has a love for books, but can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Why can’t she keep herself from sinking? When the death of her aunt leads her back to her old home that she so desperately ran from as [...]

Review of Thicker Than Blood, by CJ Darlington2009 TyndaleDarlington pulls no punches with her debut novel about broken people in a hurtful world.Orphaned on the cusp of womanhood, Christy leaves everything and everyone, including her little sister, behind to follow a boyfriend to another state. Too young and naïve to pull herself together, Christy falls into the same addictive habits that killed her parents. Well into her thirties, Christy finds someone who can believe in her when she lands a [...]

As I read C.J. Darlington’s first novel, Thicker Than Blood, I found it hard to believe that this was her FIRST novel. This book is the work of a professional, seasoned writer and I thought it was fantastic!The storyline involving two sisters who’ve been estranged, held my interest and kept me reading. The pace of the novel was perfect – fast enough to keep my attention and yet just enough detail and background to make the story solid.Being an avid reader and lover of books, I enjoyed that [...]

Debut? azg!This book reads like a well seasoned author at the wheel. Pacing is steady. No details left out or leaving me questioning. Conflicts all round are believable and consistent with the protagonist's life choices and situations. No frustration with maturity of the characters' responses as they were accurate to their ages in today's culture and society. A good depiction of faith lived rather than told. Can be a pet peeve for inspy reads; not an issue here.The story itself captured my inter [...]

WOW! All I can say is wow! I can not believe that this is CJ Darlington's first book, it is that good! I started it a few days ago and had to set it aside but once I picked it up again today to read I could not put it down. It is highly unusual for me to be so engrossed in a book that is not a romance. I'm embarrassed to admit it but facts are facts.Christy Williams, the main character is terrific. She's flawed. She smokes, she drinks, and she has a past not unlike a lot of people today. She's n [...]

This book was really amazing! I had picked it up at the library since I'd enjoyed another of the author's books (albeit in a completely different genre) and am really glad I did. I don't read a lot of contemporary fiction but I really recommend this book. It's a story about redemption. The main character is struggling with addiction and guilt. Her sister just wants to see her after she walked out fifteen years ago. They're both very solid and real characters. The supporting cast is all amazing a [...]

This was just not a great book. Eighteen year old Christy and her 15 year old sister were left orphans when their parents died in an accident as they were rushing back for her 18th birthday. Christy dropped May off at their aunt's house and drove away, not seeing anyone again until her aunt dies 15 years later, leaving an inheritance.Christy has had a hard life since she went out on her own, but it's all been of her own making.I'm 60% through the book, and pretty much not liking it at all. I don [...]

This whole book was intriguing and certainly no fairytale story! I really appreciated the authenticity of the story, from Christy's problems with smoking and alcohol, to details about buying and selling rare books (for which the author has experience to draw from!). I loved seeing the changes in Christy's and May's lives as the story developed, and I enjoyed the uniqueness of the plot.While there really wasn't much "romance," which I really love in books, I still felt drawn in to the book and mo [...]

I wrote this review at the time, but didn't realise I hadn't posted it until now when I'm doing a check on my read books that are missing reviews!I wasn’t sure what to think about this one - it was a free iBook, and sometimes I’ve read some free e-books that really aren’t worth even the data I wasted downloading them. But this one was good - not earth-shattering, but good. It’s somewhat predictable, although some of the things I thought would happen didn’t, and I didn’t see some of t [...]

I got this free from Kindle about a year ago but went into it blind. This is a novel dealing with a sister, Christy, whose life is spiralling out of control but also works with selling used books. There is some depth to her character. She has abandoned her family and no-one except a family friend knows how to contact her. Meanwhile her younger sister May thinks she has been abandoned and hated by her sister. But their lives are about to take a turn. This is a predictable read but still enjoyable [...]

This was a very enjoyable read. To be honest I haven't liked much of the Christian fiction I've read too unrealistic and trite for me. But I really enjoyed this one. In fact, I wasn't even positive it was Christian until quite a way through. Although that may not seem good to some, I think a Christian author who can write about non-Christian characters in a realistic way has real talent. My only complaint is that the ending was a bit abrupt compared to the rest of the story. Overall though it is [...]

C.J. Darlington shows her impressive writing skills in her debut novel, Thicker Than Blood. The story of two sisters apart for fifteen years and brought together through a series of painful events intrigued me from the opening line.While I liked the book, the slow pace and multiple points of view kept me from truly engaging with the story. But the beautiful message based on the Prodigal Son and strong writing cannot be ignored.

You can't help but care about Christy. Her struggles are real and not sugar-coated, which is refreshing. I was really rooting for these two sisters. You may shed a tear or two, but I don't think you'll be able to put this books down. A really great book that can stand alone, but I'm glad it doesn't have to. First book in a three-book series.

I really was expecting to love this book, so I was somewhat disappointed. The synopsis called it a "stunning debut", so I guess I was anticipating being sucked into the story. It just didn't hold my interest well enough. I still plan to keep her next novel on my to-read list, but I'm not in a hurry to read it at this point.

A suspenseful, thoughtful, and uplifting story from beginning to end. This book makes you wonder who you should be forgiving, instead of harboring a grudge. The message in the book was so inspiring, I found it next to impossible to put down.A very entertaining read, that I recommend to all!

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