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  • Title: Seduced
  • Author: Melody Anne
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  • Page: 395
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At the end of Submit, Arianna Harlow had enough pride in herself to walk away from Rafe Palazzo, who had started their relationship using blackmail Though she d fallen in love with him, she was strong enough to say goodbye We saw the softer side of Rafe, especially toward the end, but it was too late Or was it Seduced begins almost two years after Ari starts her new lifeAt the end of Submit, Arianna Harlow had enough pride in herself to walk away from Rafe Palazzo, who had started their relationship using blackmail Though she d fallen in love with him, she was strong enough to say goodbye We saw the softer side of Rafe, especially toward the end, but it was too late Or was it Seduced begins almost two years after Ari starts her new life She is teaching at a community college, and when she asks the class whether they have any questions for her, Rafe is there and has only one Will you go on a date with me What is Ari s answer You ll find out in the third installment of Melody Anne s New York Times best selling series, Surrender.Along with Ari s story, we will see what happens when Shane and Lia become trapped together on an island when a tropical storm hits, and how the sparks will fly again.And we can t forget about Rachel Palazzo, who isn t looking for love, but finds it in a shocking way.This story continues the lives of Ari, Lia and Rachel These three women are resilient, determined, and worth loving The question is, whether the men in their lives strong enough to keep them.

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I am generally not a pre-order book person, but I did with this book as I really liked Submit and Surrender in this series and was hopeful that Seduced would follow the same lines. I really enjoy Melody Anne’s writing style and books but I was kind of disappointed with the way this story played out. I wish that this book had been more about Rafe and Ari and how they get back together. What changes both Rafe and Ari went through to make them able to love each other for the long haul. Instead it [...]

I'm so into this series and let me tell you there is a lot going on in this book!There are three different stories going on here. First we have the story of Rafe and Ari. Rafe has been working with Shane in South America for two years and has become a changed man. The entire time he's not forgotten about Ari and has kept an eye on her from afar. Finally he's decided that he has to win her back and sets out to do that. Rafe does show he's different and sets out to win Ari's trust. The second stor [...]

I just cant I dont give a rip about Lia or Ravhel or Shane or Ian all I wanted was Rafe and Ari, I really feel the authour is just tring to extend the series by adding all this stuff. she had a good thing going with the first book and if she wanted to tell the other stories she should have done stand alone books for them, I couldnt even finish I wish I vould have my time stars and returning the book

Oh I so wanted to give this 4 or 5 stars, because I love Melody Annes books, but I really can't as it would discredit all my other reviews. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy this book and I had really been looking forward to it, and am really looking forward to the next one, but I didn't 'love it', in fact there were times when I was bloody frustrated with the book and wanting to shout "what the hell is going on with this book?". I am so gutted that I am writing a review like this about one of my [...]

Ridiculous third book loved the Ari Rafe story but all the other outlandish rubbish has spoilt this for me the author obviously wants various spin offs from this will not be reading next book

love love love it!i just love these two! i am also so happy to witness the budding relationship between lia and shane! So happy that we got a sneak peek of rachel's adventures too!i cant wait till book 4!!! Thank you melody anne for another fabulous, sexy, fun, heartstoppin book to the series!

I have loved Rafe and Ari from the start. Rafe saw that he needed to fix himself, the part of him that was broken and hard inside. He knew that he could not be with Ari unless he could like/love himself. You could see the turmoil in Ari face when Rafe showed up in her classroom unannounced after 2 years. Watching him do homework was classic. He never backed down and finally was able to prove that he had changed and loved her. I have to say the proposal was one of the most romantic scenes I have [...]

While I still find myself intrigued with these characters, I just felt like this book was truly all over the place. I don't mind reading books with different points of view that flip around a little bit, or even a lot, but there's a real art to those books and unfortunately, this one came out as just messy. Time frames were all over the place, which is always messy to me as a reader. I also can't help but be annoyed with how impossibly stiff some of the dialogue is. Assuming these books are cont [...]

really hated this book and really loved it at the same time. first thing, I hate that rafe and Ari's story is cheated because the author felt that all six characters needed to have their point if view seen. that isn't necessary. write separate books for them. what really makes me mad is that at 92%, the book is finished. I believe it should at least make it to 98%.

Seduced by Melody AnneRafe and Ari continuedMY FAVORITE TEACHERS PET!Nothing too dark and dank, but there are some hardships, some sadness, definitely some laughs, and for sure a ton a charm and wit! This is the third installment on the Surrender series and I honestly thought it was the last but low and behold a new hot little baby to keep these fires burning will be out soon. Once again Melody Anne keeps our heads spinning and hearts a flutter! I can't even begin to say all the things I want to [...]

I give this book 5 stars, 2 snaps and a mmmmmm hmmmm. I was very nervous starting this book because I honestly wasn't sure how I felt about this being 2 years from the previous book. Well Ms. Anne, i bow to you chanting "I'm not worthy I'm not worthy". You did not disappoint. I very clearly saw that this time showed how Rafe developed and grew from the previous 2 books in the series. Rafe showing up in her class was cute, got to wonder the school policies on professor/student relationships at th [...]

Absolutly loved this book! It keep getting better and better!In this book the story between Rafe and Ari continuous. After Ari left Rafe, he sees what he miss it, but Ari wants nothing with Rafe, what he makes her do and how he treats her its inexcusable. The time goes by but neither of them is capable to forget each other. Ari tells Rafe that he has to change and become a better person, only the time will say if he deserves a second chance.Two years after , after many life experiences, Rafe is [...]

When I read the first two books in the Surrender Series, I couldn’t wait for this book to come out. It was definitely worth the wait and I finished it very quickly. Now, I am waiting for the next one!Ari and Rafe are one of my favorite book couples and have been since Book #1. This book picks up two years after the end of Book #2 and shows a “new and improved” Rafe. Actually, Rafe is still Rafe, he just has finally realized just what Ari means to him and knows he has to approach her differ [...]

Ahhhh! 2 years? 2 YEARS!?!?!? Remind me to find someone that will refuse to give up on me like that. Good grief. I love Rafe's relentless pursuit of Ari. I love that she took her time to get back into the relationship too, no just jumping into it all willy-nilly. And (view spoiler)[getting married? A Though that is the rushed part I mentioned in my last review #2, but let me say again 2 years!?? Yeah. It's fine. (hide spoiler)]So, Lia and Shane. That's a little bit of hotness there. And Rachel [...]

Melody never cease to amaze me and again you did not disappoint (tho I know you never could)! This book as are all of yours is fun, engaging, enraging, sexy, passionate and just plain good.I truly get lost in your books, in your words. In the Surrender Series, I have watched Rafe learn to forgive and to love. I have watched Ari learn to stand on her own two feet. I have watched them learn to trust each other. I am so in love with this series.Seduced.Rafe is a new man (or is he); Ari is [...]

Hmm book 3 in this series.You get three couples that play this back n forth lust/love game. Most of the story is the cont of Ari and Rafe but secondary characters are stealin the show. Shane/Lia and Ian/Rachel.*possible spoiler if ya careHalf the book is Rafe tring to win Ari back just to end with a wedding that never happens and a mysterous note.My take is that the book series both are really drawn out and way too much will i wont i drama. However i still continue to read on because I strive fo [...]

I really liked this book. The constant swapping of POV's between the sixs sixaracters didn't really bother me. The only thing that bothered me was that Rachel and Ian's story was lumped in here. I really wish they had their own book because their story captivated me from their first meeting. I also enjoyed the new and improved Rafe with a heart. He was so kind and loving.This book contained the most romantic proposal ever written in a book, so so beautifu, but I'm not going to say who proposed t [...]

OMG!!! I am so in love with this book!!! I have followed Rafe's and Ari's story from the start and I just love them. I think it's amazing how both of them have matured and changed for the better. It's as though they have each, unknowingly, "prepared" themselves to be with each other ultimately. Soulmates is the word that comes to mind when I think of Rafe and Ari. Bonus to this book is that there are actually 3 love stories happening at the same time and I cannot wait to read more. November can' [...]

Vikki's MusingsAt one point, I really wasn't enjoying this one at all, but I did enjoy getting more of Shane's story, and Rachel's story might be interesting. I'm just not sure what the author didn't give Shane and Lea and Rachel and Ian their own books. I think that would have worked better than just snippets and all the back and forth from one couple to another. I have already downloaded the last book. I have to be honest, if these books weren't in KU, I probably wouldn't have read past the fi [...]

Enjoyed this book like the others the only problem I had with it was the girls took forever to forgive the guys. Two yearsally? I know women can hold a grudge hell if you look it up the dictionary my face will be there, but then again it took the men two years or more to grow a pair. I guess I just wanted they to get over it already or find someone else!

You did it again, Melody Anne. I wish I could write as good as you. Unfortunately, although I have many stories to tell, I wouldn't know where to begin. But, reading your work, which is never a difficulty, inspires me. You inspire me. Keep doing what you do best. I cannot wait for scorched. Or my dark angels, I need to know how they are, desperately!!

So here's an update on this book! Totally swept me off my feet! I love the way the author gave each character their own spotlight a chapter at a time while still incorporating every one together throughout the book. And let me just add; some one can propose to me like that ANY.TIME.! I can't wait till NOV for the last book! I know it'll be breath-taking! :) ♥

Another cliffhanger of a book. Roll on the conclusion in book 4. Ari and Rafe are back together finally, he's a changed man. He is almost human now! So much going on with Ari and Rafe, with shane and lia and with Rachel and hernew man. Sometimes I got a bit confused who was telling the story in a particular chapter but all in all in all I enjoyed it.

Enamorada de RaFe de verdad es espectacular, decidido y dominante como me gustan. jaja Pero tambien el temperamento de Ari me emociona y me encanta que lo ponga de rodillas hay veces que a los hombres hay que darle una probada de su medicina. Sus hermanas Rachel y Lia son un Personaje me Encanta que en esta historia las incluyan y tengan su propia relcion me gusta y mucho.

The layout of this changed significantly. Books 1 & 2 focused on Rafe and Ari; the characters I got hot for. But book 3 bounces among 6 characters and still left us hanging for that ending. I admit I will read book 4, but I feel like I am being strung along.

I loved this book :) can't wait for Rachel's story :). I find that with a series of books the 2nd or 3rd book generally disappoints but this was not the case with this series so far :) oooh I can't wait to read what happens when rafe goes for Rachel, whoop whoop, fire works, Lol

I can't believe there is another cliff hanger and I have to wait until November to find out what is going to happen! I wish the author would have wrapped up Ari and Rafe's story and continued his sister's stories separately. Sigh.until November!

I have mixed reviews about this book. I really wished that the other two love stories weren't so elaborately told, maybe a spin off perhaps? I just wanted more of Rafe and Ari! However, I did enjoy the chase Ari gave Rafe, and I love that he never gave upok 4, here I come.


I can't believe this isn't the last one, and the real conclusion isn't out until November. This makes me want to whinea lot.

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