An Unspoken Compromise

Rizi Xavier Timane

An Unspoken Compromise

An Unspoken Compromise

  • Title: An Unspoken Compromise
  • Author: Rizi Xavier Timane
  • ISBN: 9781492804376
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback

Rizi Xavier Timane, PhD, ASW, is a Nigerian born transgender Life Coach, minister and certified grief counselor residing in Los Angeles, California He is also a singer songwriter and an actor who uses his music and movie productions as an outlet to promote Transgender inclusion, equality and affirmation Rizi grew up in an extremely religious traditional Christian home inRizi Xavier Timane, PhD, ASW, is a Nigerian born transgender Life Coach, minister and certified grief counselor residing in Los Angeles, California He is also a singer songwriter and an actor who uses his music and movie productions as an outlet to promote Transgender inclusion, equality and affirmation Rizi grew up in an extremely religious traditional Christian home in Africa and was subjected to multiple exorcisms and other reparative attempts by his family and the church to pray the gay trans away An Unspoken Compromise takes you through his journey of self discovery and spiritual exploration including Coming out as a trans boy at eight years old Identifying as a lesbian in homophobic Africa Transitioning while facing societal and family rejection The religious persecution and bullying he has suffered all along Rizi s message to the LGBT community is twofold First, be your authentic self it s the only way to inner peace and happiness Second, if you are in search of a relationship with God, a spiritual path to unconditional love and acceptance does exist for you free from condemnation and negative judgement.

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Insights, consolation, and empowermentThis powerful little book deserves a wide audience. Not just the LGBT audience to whom it is addressed, but at this particular time in our history when the powers that be are finally accepting equality among same sex partners, this book takes the discussion into an arena that has yet to be adequately examined and appreciated - the transgender people around the world whose life is doubly complicated by the fact that they are genetically trapped in the wrong p [...]

Definitely a touching story, and one filled with a lot of emotion, but I had trouble connecting to the spiritual aspect, and found the search for biblical justifications a little bit tiresome and unnecessary. I get that it's important to Rizi, and I'm sure many people will celebrate his continued faith in the face of the most heinous of acts, but I couldn't relate.

A very good readThe author is very open and honest about his life from the time he was a female child, through his belief that he was lesbian, until he finally realized that he was, indeed, a male born into a female body and ultimately had corrective surgery which freed him to be the person he had always known himself to be. He tells of the hatred, bigotry and bullying he suffered, much of it from members of the Christian church, and of the lack of support from his parents who were for a long ti [...]

One Courageous Man's Story of Becoming Fully HimselfThe first half of "An Unspoken Compromise" tells the real life story of one young Nigerian child's realization at age eight of being a boy trapped inside the body of a girl. Thanks to encouragement from a handful of friends and relatives, and an unswerving inner sense of being romantically attracted to women and despite outer appearances, actually being male, Rizi Xavier Timane describes how he gradually came out to family, community and the wo [...]

Read my full review here: mimi-cyberlibrarian.c Rizi Timane began his life in Nigeria as Nasele, a girl. He always knew he was a boy, but did not transition until he was in his late 30s. An Unspoken Compromise, his memoir and spiritual guide, is directed to the LGBT community he serves with his ministry. He has been a resident of the United States for many years and has a PhD. He studied theology at Claremont School of Theology and he works as a pastor and counselor, specializing in LGBT and gri [...]

An UnSpoken Compromise is Rizi Xavier Timane's candid memoir about his life as a transgender person. After reading Rizi's memoir, my one word to describe him would be BRAVE.While reading this well written memoir, I just felt like Rizi was sitting with me telling me his story.Rizi was born in Nigeria and always knew although he was born a girl, inside his heart, he was a boy. At eight years old he told his father he was a boy, not a girl, but his dad just thought this was a phase.Rizi's parents w [...]

Timane, Rizi. An Unspoken Compromise: A Spiritual Guide for LGBT People of Faith. HawkFish Publishing. 2013. $19.99 178p. SC 978-1484872468.Rizi Timane was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa. He realized early on that he was a boy, even though he had been born with a girl’s body. However, African culture and the fundamentalist Christian beliefs of his family taught him that being LGBT was a cardinal sin. He struggled for many years with his identity, coming out first as a lesbian and fina [...]

I found this to be an excellent autobiography. Rizi does a good job in explaining his struggles with himself while he is still a girl, and the struggles he went through with dealing with the changes in his body that made it harder to ignore that he was a girl (breasts, menstruation) I only wish he had put in a little more background information about his childhood and the country he grew up in so I had a better picture of what the place was like.The writing is concise and easy to read, he illust [...]

"An Unspoken Compromise” is best read with an open mind and soul. It is well written and certainly gives the reader a lot to think about as far as the importance of being oneself and being happy no matter what. The author who writes this story shares his life from a very young age telling us of his pain and heartbreak along the way. We see the path that he has chosen, the choices that he has made, and the consequences of his actions. But keep in mind these are ones that he has chosen, to lead [...]

I had not heard of Rizi Timane or his ministry prior to reading this book, and I am very interested to learn more. This is part memoir, part treatise, of a woman who believes she was actually born a man, and the journey she took to become he. It is a fascinating and honest account, and I appreciate that not all of the interactions or endings were portrayed happily. I think people need to know exactly how difficult it is, particularly when you add the element of faith, as Rizi is a practicing Chr [...]

An Unspoken Compromise is an inspiring book written by Rizi Zavier Timane, PhD ASW. It tells about hard life choices and finding acceptance of self. This is the story of Mr. Timane’s life and the struggle to stay true to himself. Nasele knew at an early age that she was not like other girls. She did not feel like a girl on the inside. She felt like a boy. When she told her parents at the age of 8 how she felt, they told her it was just a phase. As she got older, the “phase” never went awa [...]

This book was written out of a lot of pain and suffering from the author. I personally had so many emotions running through me as I read about his plightabout who he originally was.where he livedwho he wanted to bed the trials and obstacles he had to deal with and overcome to be his true, authentic self. Rizi Xaviers Timane's life story was filled full of questions, seeking to find out his true identity and above all asking God what His plan was for his life. By transitioning from a girl, then t [...]

Transgendered Nigerian born Rizi, a minister and grief counselor, tells the story of his transition and his traditional Christian family's reaction. He explains how his faith guides him, gives arguments against the use of the bible passages for persecution of LGBT individuals, and provides a brief recounting of individuals who have suffered persecution in Africa for their sexual orientation. 2nd edition suffers for lack of editor in final chapter.

The second part reminded me a lot of the documentary For the Bible Tells Me So, in regards to contextualizing the scripture, and defining your faith for yourself (the fact of the bible being a man-made, historical text).

2014 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

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