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  • Title: Flash
  • Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
  • ISBN: 9780671523091
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

A blockbuster of sensual suspense from New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz Sparkling with Jayne Ann Krentz s irresistible blend of sassy wit and sheer suspense, this sizzling bestseller explodes into passionate pyrotechnics as a self made millionaire and a charmingly disorganized entrepreneur team up to corner a killer Soon, they find their unruly partnerA blockbuster of sensual suspense from New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz.Sparkling with Jayne Ann Krentz s irresistible blend of sassy wit and sheer suspense, this sizzling bestseller explodes into passionate pyrotechnics as a self made millionaire and a charmingly disorganized entrepreneur team up to corner a killer Soon, they find their unruly partnership has the power to set the night on fire.Olivia Chantry may leave her desk in disarray, but she s a business dynamo her Seattle based company, Light Fantastic, creates the promotional flash her clients need Her marvelous success has almost made up for a crumbled marriage that has left her wedded to a career instead of a mate But all that may change when Olivia inherits 49 percent of Glow, Inc her uncle s high tech lighting firm, and she butts heads with the interloper who bagged the other 51 percent Jasper Sloan, a venture capitalist and deal maker known as an orderly man with all his ducks in a row.From the start of their feisty business dealings, the so called partners nearly crash and burn and barely keep control of the sexual energy crackling between them But when they discover a blackmailer is hard at work uncovering secrets inside Glow, Inc Olivia and Sloan s steamy joint venture faces the acid test of truth and a need for absolute trust For when extortion turns to murder, a union of their minds and hearts might be their only chance to stay alive.

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3.5 stars for this stand-alone romantic suspense, set in contemporary Seattle. I first read it years ago. Now I'm listening to the audio, narrated by Kate Fleming (aka Anna Fields, who narrated for Susan E Philips). She's got a broad vocal range and portrays men well. Sadly, she passed on in 2006.POV is 3rd person, switching between Jasper and Olivia, and occasionally some mysterious chess player. Contents include a few explicit sex scenes, a little violence, minimal swearing or profanity, and n [...]

This book was okay for me. It was an early one of JAK's novels. I just found it kinda mundane. The mystery of who dunnit was interesting. I wasn't totally satisfied with the chemistry of the 2 main characters.

Dec 4 2010. 3 star for print edition. Good, not great. I liked the romance but would have enjoyed more time spent developing it. The suspense plot was very good in parts, but it hinged on something a little far-fetched, and that fact kind of ruined it for me. Still, light and fun, with some witty dialog.Revisited on audio, narrated by the incomparable Kate Fleming/Anna Fields.3/37/12- audiobook review 4* because the narrator brings up the rating.Flash was more enjoyable in audio for the simple f [...]

good, but not a good as the other books by her.

This is one of the "tough business man is forced to work with young woman" books by Krentz that I enjoy reading every so often. It's not, however, one of my favorites. I think it lacks interesting MCs and enough tension in the plot. Olivia and Jasper are likable but they don't ever come alive on the page. I think the story would be much more interesting if his nephews played a bigger part, as they make him feel more interesting. The plot mostly concerns people being blackmailed who don't really [...]

This is a weak three stars for me. I almost gave it 2.5 stars, but I decided to be generous. There was nothing seriously wrong with Flash, except that it followed Jayne Ann Krentz's formula too closely. The characters were people I've met before in her other novels. They were the same irritatingly-naive heroine and slightly-nerdy-but-still-deeply-masculine hero that show up in so many Krentz novels. I could predict everything they did, and even portions of their dialog. It's depressing when I si [...]

Thoroughly entertaining in typical Jayne Ann Krentz style, this book has it all - great characters, dialogue, humor, excitement, and a plot that keeps the reader hopping. Which is why I re-read it as often as possible. Every time I find something fun and new to appreciate. My favorite line, "He was in very dangerous territory without a map.", provokes a laugh every time, even after five or six readings. I also love the emphasis on Jasper's "timing" issues and especially like the way Jasper humor [...]

I'm not much of a Krentz fan but when I discovered that Anna Fields narrated Flash, I had to listen. It was a DNF however. The leads had an interesting intro but then were thrown into a basic whodunit which dominated the story. Not interested.Narration is, of course, 5 stars. Content - 2-3 stars.

When you buy a used book for $1.00 you get your money's worth if it entertains and passes the time. This one did that - no more, totally predictable but what do you expect for a buck:)

The book is a beautiful, special in their own way. Jasper and Olivia are really harmonious couple. A love story with elements of a thriller.

When Jasper inherits the controlling interest in the family company, Glow, inc he thinks it will be the change he needs. However, not everyone is thrilled with the new boss. Someone is willing to use deadly methods to end his reign. The book is a nice read. It was not as suspenseful as I like. The storyline was a little predictable. All in all, Flash is not a must read.

Enjoyed it a lot even though I figured it out by half way at the latest.

A fairly routine outing from the days before Jayne Anne Krentz got into paranormal romance. A motherly woman in a slightly quirky business meets a rich man who manages to be as tough as he is nerdy and is just what she needs to find out why someone is going to try to kill her.

3.5 stars!

I have just finished reading this book and I like it (hence the 3 star review). It has a little bit of everything - love, drama, business world, scary things etc.The characters are quite simple - they were not that much interesting to me (they had no interesting background, but I guess that wasn't that much relevant to the story itself).What I found weird was the whole romance thing between Olivia and Jasper. I don't get it. Okay, they are physically attracted to each other and they are connecte [...]

Flash by Jayne Ann KrentzOlivia is now running her uncle's lighting business, Glow since he's passed away. She learns that he had a loan where the one financing the business was now holding 51% of the stock in the company but she'd still be in charge of the day to day.Jasper Sloan had used his personal money to help his friend out because he believed in him and his concepts.Olivia runs her own lighting company, Light Fantastic and many of the relatives also work in the family business. Problem i [...]

Olivia Chantry may leave her desk in disarray, but she's a business dynamo: her Seattle-based company, Light Fantastic, creates the promotional flash her clients need. Her marvelous success has almost made up for a crumbled marriage that has left her wedded to a career instead of a mate. But all that may change when Olivia inherits 49% of Glow, Inc her uncle's high-tech lighting firm, and she butts heads with the interloper who bagged the other 51%: Jasper Sloan, a venture capitalist and deal-ma [...]

Flash promised to be a romantic suspense mystery novel and it was, to a limit. After the two prologues, I was ready to get hooked but all I got was a story of a lesser level. Why I say this is because apart from being a highly unlikely contract, it was almost predictable. The bad characters were shown to be bad from the start with a thin layer of mystery surrounding them and the good ones were just plain selfless.I did not like the sudden evolving relationship between Jasper and Olivia all in an [...]

I have been able to follow the progress of an author from the start of her career, reading the first novels she produced and now I am a number of years down the track.Written ten years after the previous novel by Judith Ann Krentz' which I reviewed - Test of Time - I can appreciate the tightening of her wording, the more sophisticated plot which makes use of the technology available at that time. It has been interesting to see how this author has developed and will be more so as I progress to th [...]

It was fun to see all the references to those very modern fax machines and floppy disks, but this was not one of JAK's better outings for me. JAK is the Campbell's Tomato soup of writers. JAK books and Campbell's tomato are sort of bland and formulaic, and there are better tomato soup/romance novels to be had, even on my own pantry/book shelves, but at the same time both are warm and comforting and velvety, and simultaneously sweet and salty. This specific iteration of the JAK formula just tried [...]

This is a later Jayne Ann Krentz and shows how the author has developed over time. Jasper Sloan is not content with his life and plans to sell of his company. Olivia has been too busy for men after her disastrous marriage. When her uncle dies and leaves her 49% of his company, Glow she is surprised. She never knew he took a partner and letting that man have 51% of the company was disastrous. From the beginning Jasper and Olivia shoot sparks off each other. They have a tenuous working relationshi [...]

Olivia Chantry has recently inherited 49% of her late-uncle's business. This is a problem for her and the rest of the family are nervous about an outsider joining the company. Jasper Sloane is slightly more excited about inheriting the other part of the company. He's been out-of-sorts lately and this job seems like it will be a good challenge, one he's looking forward to. If only he can get Olivia to see things his way and work on figuring out who a murdering blackmailer is.One of Krentz's works [...]

In Flash by Jayne Ann Krentz, when Olivia Chantry and Jason Sloan meet the sparks that are generated are not those of romance. Olivia is more than a little annoyed that her uncle has left the control of his company “Glow, Inc.” to the two of them. Venture capitalist Sloan gets 51% and Olivia gets 49% and she is not happy that the majority of power is going to a non-family member. Sparks continue to fly as they try to plot out the future of “Glow, Inc.” and figure out who is behind the bl [...]

I do enjoy reading Jayne Ann Krentz. This is the second of her books that I have read. She develops a special chemistry with her characters. Romance and suspense are always winners for me. I like the names she chooses for her main characters, Olivia and Jasper in this book. I like that she picks different names my opinion, that makes the characters more memorable. I will definitely look for more books by Ms. Krentz. Although, I liked Sharp Edges by her better, Flash was certainly worth reading. [...]

A classic, yet-dated, JAK romance. Feisty, independent heroine; brooding, slightly obsessive hero, not entirely in-touch with his feelings. As per usual, there were lots of supporting characters, but I can't say that I really liked any of them. There was more time spent on the mystery than the romance. Not one of her better ones, although the incessant referrals to faxes, shoulderpads and man-like trousers on ladies was amusing.

I know this book was dated and that is probably why it was so painful to readI just waited for it to get better, mostly because I LOVE Jayne's current writings with her paranormal universe and her other mysteries, but this book was such a no-go, I wish I never found it on the used bookstore shelf.

I think that Krentz's best novels are her modern business ones (with a few exceptions). Somehow she's just able to write more believable and interesting characters in that genre. I really enjoyed Flash - I like books where the hero and heroine are partners - equals in mind if not in every other respect.

This one is fun -- it's set in the kind of Seattle that shows up on Fraiser -- everyone's apartment has a view of the Space Needle, but it's fantasy, so why not? I also like Flash (no idea why it's titled that) because the characters' idiosyncracies are all within the range of functional. It's not necessary to suspend disbelief to the snapping point in order to find the characters loveable.

Standard JAK formula. Jasper inherits 51% of Olivia's family's company and plans to run it. Once she decides to trust Jasper, this is a relief as Olivia has her own company to run. There is blackmail and politics and danger the couple must work together to overcome. I would have liked to see a bit more of Jasper's nephews and Olivia's brother, Todd.

This is exactly what you might expect from a Jayne Ann Krentz novel: unique hero and heroine, strong family relationships (good and bad), semi-predictable mystery, and an engaging story. I really liked Olivia as a heroine; goal-oriented, strong-willed, and comfortable with herself, she was a great foil to Jasper. I'd consider this a re-read title, for sure.

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