Jäämaan viimeinen taistelu

Stuart Hill Aila Herronen

Jäämaan viimeinen taistelu

Jäämaan viimeinen taistelu

  • Title: Jäämaan viimeinen taistelu
  • Author: Stuart Hill Aila Herronen
  • ISBN: 9789510354803
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover

Polypontuksen Scipio Bellorumin armeija oli kukistunut Kuuranviiman tasangon taistelussa, kun Etel n aavikoilta palannut J maan prinssi Charlemagne johti valtakuntansa voittoon Vain parin rauhallisen vuoden j lkeen ihmissusien vakoojat viestiv t etel n suunnasta l hestyv st uudesta uhasta Artemisionin hypolitaanien verenhimoinen basilea Erinor etenee kolmisarvisten hirPolypontuksen Scipio Bellorumin armeija oli kukistunut Kuuranviiman tasangon taistelussa, kun Etel n aavikoilta palannut J maan prinssi Charlemagne johti valtakuntansa voittoon Vain parin rauhallisen vuoden j lkeen ihmissusien vakoojat viestiv t etel n suunnasta l hestyv st uudesta uhasta Artemisionin hypolitaanien verenhimoinen basilea Erinor etenee kolmisarvisten hirmuliskojensa voimin ja murskaa imperiumin heikentyneit varuskuntia yksi toisensa j lkeen.Oskan Noitais saa vihi , ettei h nen viime sodassa Pimeyteen sy ksem ns tyt r Medeia, Lehmuskilven klaanin musta lammas ja velisurmaaja, olekaan kuollut Kun pahuutta palvova Medeia yhdist voimansa universumin mahtavimman mestarinoidan Kronoksen kanssa, Oskanin on oman henkens uhallakin valmistauduttava teoista kaameimpaan tuhoamaan paholaistytt rens sielu J maan kuningatar Thirrin joutuu vastahakoisesti my nt m n, ett eilisen vihollinen saattaa sittenkin olla huomisp iv n liittolainen Tulevassa taistelussa pohjoisen valtakunnan rauha on turvattavissa kenties vain yhdist m ll voimat Polypontuksen kenraali Andronicuksen armeijan rippeiden kanssa

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I usually don't comment about a book until after I'm done reading it. Before I started this book I kept wondering what was it going to be about. I thought, the general and his crazy sons are dead, so who will they fight in the last battle. Then I mistakeningly read the note from the publisher about how this book will reveal the dimension behind the family conflict, and right away I knew MEDEA was back. Immediately my heart started to race and I dove into the pages. I am only up to page 19 and th [...]

The Icemark Chronicles always thrill me, and getting the chance to read this book made me so excited. Once I began, however, it took a while to get into the story. I was eager for more of the series' trademark battle scenes and drama, but the first chunk of the book held only the slightest hints of those elements. Instead I found a seemingly endless night of celebration for the hero(in)es and copious insight into the villains’ unfathomable evil, which resulted in more malicious laughter than a [...]

The Cry of the Icemark was OK. It took me a while to really get into it enough to not be annoyed. I did like some of the characters quite well and the concept wasn't too bad. The dialogue was pretty stilted and awkward sometimes though. The heroine, Thirrin, becomes queen at 14, after the death of her father. She immediately has to go to war to defend her country from the evil (Roman-ish) Polypontian Empire to the south.Blade of Fire was absolutely my favorite of the three. The youngest son of T [...]

A wonderfully fantastic conclusion to the amazing series! It's a shame who had to die for their peace, however Cressida and Leonidas were ridiculously adorable!

A final battle to end the misery that always over whelms the Icemark. This book although entertaining feel a bit short compared to the other two. Starting with a bit of a slow start and what felt like a rushed ending. That's not to say the story it self was not awful, it just did not feel as "evil" as I suspected it to be. Here we have Cornus and Media two powerful adepts. All they really manage to do is amass an army of ice demons that get decimated in 1 whole chapter towards the end. The flow [...]

The last of the series recommended to my by my son who has since completely gone off reading. (a source of constant pain for me, Mr Love reading. I cannot help but worry that my over enthusiasm has now turned both of my children away from a lifetime source of joy for me.)I know that it is labeled as a YA book and so is sneered at by many who feel that they are somehow above all of this but I am very much of the opinion that a good book is a good book no matter who it is written for. Hence all th [...]

A lovely conclusion to a wonderful series. I wasn't all that thrilled that book 2 of the Icemark Chronicles skipped ahead like 20 years, but having read Blade of Fire, this book nicely finishes off the trilogy. Stuart Hill mixes dark humor, potty humor, supernatural powers, and much more. At times, it felt like the book dragged a little and some of the characters' actions didn't seem all that radical, but the overall effect is still a fun read.Some descriptions are very detailed, which is genera [...]

The Polypontian threat is over, but Frostmarris is still in trouble. There are new enemies, and an additional threat from a supernatural plane, the Dark Realm, with its evil spirits invading the world of the living, trying to subjugate and kill them to get their revenge for old wounds.The most complex book of the three, and a great conclusion to a great series. My only complaint is that the Royal Cubs got too little exposure - I would have loved reading more about them (maybe an entire book with [...]

Grade/interest level:Reading level: Genre: Fantasy Main Characters: Thirren, Sharly, Crono, Oskan, Cressidia, Medea, and Grisy. Setting: Medevel.POV: 3rd person. Ever since Medea was exiled by her father, Oskan, she has been trained by the most powerful Adept in the universe. The empire that Thirren fought is a ally when a conquering army marks them as traitors. While the war happens, Oskan has to make a choice, Dark with his family, Cronos and Medea, or destroy them.I think anyone who like susp [...]

I think Stuart Hill wrote a wonderful ending to the series. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for anything more than what was given.

Before we get into this, a disclaimer: it has been a long time since I read the first two books in this trilogy. I know I read the first one in late grade school, so I must have read the second one in early junior high, maybe? I'm a 19-year-old sophomore in college now, if that gives you any indication of how long it has actually been. We are talking multiple years here. And, I don't know, maybe six-ish/seven-ish years or so isn't all that long, but the difference in mentality between a 12-year- [...]

I just finished this book for the second time, and I loved it!! (just like I knew it would ;) It was interesting to reread a book (I'm not usually someone who does that sort of thing) but I kind of liked seeing how much I remembered (after about *does math in head* 3ish years??? *does math again to make sure* yeah. 3 YEARS PEOPLE!!) Anyways, I still loved it but I will say, read the other two books before it, IN ORDER, before reading this book. The only reason, ONLY REASON, I was able to read th [...]

"That's enormously kind of you, but I'm afraid I'm just an old reprobate who expects his drink to make his head spin when he's had too much. Sometimes the infidel is beyond help, eh, Mekhmet?" Magieore Totus - pg 35. Sometimes people never change and certainly not in the third book of The Icemark Chronicles. We're back in Icemark as a new and more horrible threats are frightening the country. Now Thirrn, Queen of Icemark must lead her people against a more powerful enemy, Erinor and her uncounta [...]

It has been a while since I finished the previous two of the series. I always found them slow to start, except for maybe the first one, and this was much the same. But Hill has always done an astounding job creating an nerve wracking and exciting ending. When a book can move me to emotions whether nervousness, sadness, or make me laugh out loud, it has thoroughly met my approval. I am sad that the series is now over, but it was a great read, and best for me was the good ending that I would do ve [...]

I'd live to give this book 5 stars but it sucked… Poor Medea and still no dialogue between her and her mother you'd think her mother never loved her at all poor kid

i love medea!!!!!!

I really liked the start of the book, but then I started reading two other books, and my interest in this book died. I simply wasn't interested anymore after I got to page 402.

This series was amazing and Last Battle of the Icemark was a great finale! Hill created a cast of characters that I just didn't want to say goodbye to. When I started reading the final installment, I was worried what Hill would do to the characters. I expected him to kill most of them off and leave Cressida as queen. I was happy to be wrong!There were a couple of scares and I was distraught as I read about Thirrin, Tharaman, and Krisafitsa supposedly being blown to bits. But thankfully Hill rect [...]

Okay, so I'm not exactly done reading the book yet, but I need to write the review now so that I can get it back to the owner by tomorrow morning. Trust me, I will have it finished by then! So far, this book has been a pretty good read. The beginning is really slow, but once you get to the battle scene it picks up pretty fast. I'm pretty sure the ending will be awesome once I get to it. Here were some of my favorite quotes:¨'Perfectly safe?' cried Oskan, shuddering at the very thought of what a [...]

This review was originally posted on ThirstforFictionThe Last Battle of the Icemark is the concluding novel of the trilogy by Stuart Hill, set in the fantasy (albeit Earth-inspired world) of the Icemark and Polypontian empire. Like all the books in the trilogy, The Last Battle of the Icemark is no small book, and at just over 500 pages it isn’t a quick read either.The Last Battle of the Icemark is set a few years after the happenings of Blade of Fire; Sharley is now 16ish, and both Oskan and T [...]

Don't you know that moment when you haven't read an author's books for so long that when you do open one, it's awkward at first? The first few pages seem fast, childishly written, and you just can't seem to fall into them. Same scenario with this one. I've been away from Icemark for so long, I had forgotten Hill's narrative. I have to still credit him with being the greatest battle narrator. Ever. (Then again, I haven't read Tolkien's trilogy. Oh the shame. *Bangs head on wall.*)*Spoilers in the [...]

The Last Battle of the Icemark by Stuart Hill was a marvelous book. Despite this being the end of the series, which in most cases would bring a tedious plot without much action, Stuart Hill was able to keep up the tension and action like in the other books. At times, my heart would skip a beat at sudden points where something unexpected happened. Other times, my stomach would churn in parts that looked like something terrible would occur. For example, "After they had gone, the darkness and silen [...]

The final book in the Icemark series, entitled The Last Battle of the Icemark, follows all the characters of the first two books but is told mainly through Thirrin and Charlemagne. The Polypontian Empire is back with a great vengeance, but the greatest danger lies within the castle walls. The powerful witch that started her revengeful plans in Blade of Fire is now at the peak of her strength, and she will sacrifice everything to ruin the lives of the Royal Family. Compared to the first two books [...]

The books in this series just get progressively better and it's very clear that the writing style has evolved since the first book. The Last Battle of the Icemark also felt slightly more mature than the other books in the series, it had some pretty gruesome scenes that were described in detail.I loved a lot of things about this book. The vampires were amazing in the second book and they continued being great in this one, their ending made me really happy. I also loved seeing Cressida get a sligh [...]

A rather slow start but once the action begins, it continues nicely. There are two seperate wars going on: Thirrin and her allies - werewolves, vampires, snow leopards - against the evil Erinor. Erinor's forces are conquering the Empire - one village at a time. Thirrin's people jump in to stop them from defeating their current enemy and deter them from entering the Icemark.At the same time, a magical battle of good verses evil is also raging. Oskan (Thirrin's husband), the greatest sorcerer, aga [...]

This book was not as good as the other 2 books before this. This is because, it seemed like the enemy was dead too quickly, and the deaths of the important characters was taken too lightly. This book is about how Medea teams up with her grandpa Cronus, Arc-Adept of all things evil, and is plotting to conquer the world and overthrow the heavens. Meanwhile, a tribe called the Hordes are quickly dominating the Polypotian lands. Oskan must deal with Medea and Cronus, while Thirren must deal with the [...]

Words can't express how much I enjoyed the final installment of the Icemark Chronicles. It was an exhilerating read for all of the right reason. Thank you soooo much, GPJ, for suggesting these books. I loved them and just like you I miss the characters. I think I got a little depressed when it was all over. I still want to follow their lives. I miss Oskan too. It broke my heart and made me angry when he died. I didn't like Thirrin aging alone (without her one true love physically by her side). I [...]

The first time I read this book I didn't like it at all. Mainly I was upset that the main character was Oskan and not Charlemagne, who was my favorite character in the series. I felt that though we hadn't explored Oskan's character in depth, we didn't need to know more. However, rereading it now I take it all back. This book does such a good job at showing us the struggle of good and evil. Not as a clash of two great armies, though there is that too (and it's awesome), but within the body of the [...]

This was an excellent conclusion to a beautiful trilogy. The ending was bittersweet and just perfect in its own right. I loved being a part of the adventures of these fascinating characters and I will likely read the entire series over again in the future. Definitely a great fantasy read to add to my book shelf. Thirrin and Oskan were excellent as always. And I must say I found myself truly enjoying Her Vampiric Majesty. I would read an entire series devoted to the two ruling vampires of The-lan [...]

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