Between the Lines

Jodi Picoult Samantha van Leer

Between the Lines

Between the Lines

  • Title: Between the Lines
  • Author: Jodi Picoult Samantha van Leer
  • ISBN: 9781444740998
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback

Delilah knows it s weird, but she can t stop reading her favourite fairy tale Other girls her age are dating and cheerleading But then, other girls are popular.She loves the comfort of the happy ending, and knowing there will be no surprises.Until she gets the biggest surprise of all, when Prince Oliver looks out from the page and speaks to her.Now Delilah must decide wDelilah knows it s weird, but she can t stop reading her favourite fairy tale Other girls her age are dating and cheerleading But then, other girls are popular.She loves the comfort of the happy ending, and knowing there will be no surprises.Until she gets the biggest surprise of all, when Prince Oliver looks out from the page and speaks to her.Now Delilah must decide will she do as Oliver asks, and help him to break out of the book Or is this her chance to escape into happily ever after Read between the lines for total enchantment .

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This was super fluffy, cute, and easy to read. It felt like I was reading a fairy tale as a child! It doesn't feel like young adult, but it's a charming, refreshing read! Here's my booktalk: youtu/D59k9BvRTVg

a) Just because a woman/mermaid dislikes men doesn't make her a feminist. Oh my Lord, do I really have to bring this up after the Tempest fiasco? That makes her a misandrist: a man-hater. A feminist is a person who believes in equality for both men and women. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEADS. (This is not snark. This is pure naked truth.)b) Just because you make a lack of courage your hero's tragic flaw doesn't mean you can make him perfect in every other way. I'm a little sick and tired of all the b [...]

There is a very famous play by Tom Stoppard called Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. The play deals with metaphysical elements of two-dimensional characters who question their existence and its cyclical nature. Between the Lines reminded me of that play. It, too, deals with a character in a fictional piece of work fighting against his existence or, perhaps, the lack of it. There are some very delightful illustrations accompanying the text – my favourite is the one where Prince Oliver is c [...]

That was a fun, quick and adorable read for youngsters as if straight from a Disney movie and I won’t be surprised if it does make it to the big screen. It’s imaginative and entertaining and the premise of the novel is indeed a curious thought- that characters of the books we read could be alive and could be living a life of their own, could jump from page to page when the reader isn’t reading the story written in the book. I already knew my 12 year old niece would love it and when I passe [...]

I'm not sure if the fact that I've read a few books by Jodi Picoult in the past affected my enjoyment of this novel, and even though I knew not to expect her usual story-type since it's written with her daughter, this was a lot different than what I had envisioned. It's a good book. It is. But I think it's aimed at a younger YA audience and this is where I was left a little underwhelmed. It's a fairy tale in all it's classic glory. This is a story about princes, love, friends, overcoming the imp [...]

It was an interesting concept, but not very well executed. The book was extremely inconsistent. For example, how could Oliver know what a fire extinguisher and orthodontia is but not a sandwich? They had sandwiches back in the Middle Ages, even if they didn't call them sandwiches. Plus, I'm not sure what the target audience of this book it. It's marketed as YA, but the writing is so straight-forward and simple. The authors try to add themes and "deep meaning" to this book, but it's so ridiculous [...]

I would have been OBSESSED with this when I was a tween!! Adorbs. Around the Year in 52 Books Challenge Notes:- 7. A book about books

(This review will contain major spoilers)I really wanted to like this book. The idea of it was good- what book-loving girl hasn't wanted a fictional character? I've always been a sucker for fairy tales, and that's why the book appealed to me.But oh, was this book terrible. I could go on for hours talking about why I didn't like it, but I'm just going to talk about a few major points.1.) The High School/DelilahCliche, cliche cliche. In the introduction, Jodi mentioned how her daughter was a junio [...]

Anyone familiar with Picoult’s solo adult books will know they usually involve moral issues and can be very confrontational. The first thing you need to do when you pick up this book: forget about her solo work and remember this is a joint effort. Trust me when I say it is something completely different from any of her previous works. And, boy, is it wonderful.Delilah is a teenager who doesn’t really ‘fit in’ to any of the groups at school and she *gasp* spends her lunchtime in the libra [...]

Written by Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha van Leer, and it's evident from the very first line that the only writing Jodi did in this was adding her name to the cover. The book is targeted YA, but it is a very young YA. It lacked any of the punch, depth and insight that Jodi's work usually has. The story concept could have been interesting if it had been better written. But it was full of plot holes and continuity issues, and everything really only seemed to be addressed on a superficial [...]

While the concept was cute and the illustrations fun, I can't help but wonder if this would have made it onto the shelves had Jodi's name not been attached. Don't get me wrong, for a first book written by a teen, it's good, and I am sure Jodi is proud of her daughter, but she has a long way to go before reaching her mom's ability. The characters were very flat, and the ending was unbelievable. It actually started out pretty well and had mysterious build up, only to fall short. I'm glad I didn't [...]

What if your fictional crush spoke to you? Think about it Imagine Will Herondale started talking to you and asked you to rescue him and take him out of a book. Wouldn't it be a dream come true? Well that's what happened to fifteen year old Delilah, a miserable teenager who wants nothing more but for her fictional crush, Prince Oliver to come to life. Between the Lines is one of the books made by the author and it's one of a kind, and Delilah found it in her library. Between the Lines is one of D [...]

Have you ever wondered what happens when you close a book? Do the characters stay frozen?Do they play chess on the beach?Do they rehearse their lines and try on outfits?Do they gossip about characters and munch on snacks?Or do they long to escape their 'happily ever after'?A mesmerising tale of a young girl and a fictional prince who enlist the help of the other to escape their worlds and to discover how their own stories end.

This is my first book of Jodi Picoult,and I must say she's got quite a talent for fiction and fairy tales. And just reading the author's introduction made me admire her already,even her daughter Samantha van Leer,for teaming up with her,to do this kind of unique tale.Their joint imagination and ideas made the writing beautiful.I like the concept of this book because it was really a fun read! Who wouldn't want to read a book where their favorite characters seems to be talking to you,or seems to b [...]

4.5 starsDelilah has never felt like she belonged to the real world. Sure, she has her best friend, Jules and her mom, but her life at school is miserable and she never grew up with a dad. So it's no wonder that she clings to her books so desperately. They can never disappoint her and it's where happily ever after exists, if only for a short while. But what if the characters in your stories don't end after you close the book for the night? What happens if the characters go about their business i [...]

A finished unsolicited copy was provided by the publisher for review.Not many books have the white paper with colored ink, but I’m so glad this one does because the illustrations are gorgeous. There are also little silhouettes scattered through out the pages to identify important characters, scenes and plot. I love how the colours and typeface are different when it changes from Oliver’s viewpoint to Delilah’s viewpoint.I love how Oliver wants to be something more than just an actor in a bo [...]

I hate not finishing books. It kills me not to finish a book, no matter how many issues I may have with it. That said, I could not stomach sitting through all of Between the Lines. I did not have it in me. I was so eager to read it, too. I love any take on fairytales. I love retellings, re-workings, anything. I love the television show Once Upon a Time. I. Love. Fairytales. When I saw that this was about fairytales, I was excited to read this book. A few chapters in, however, I knew it was going [...]

I devoured this book! I was first planning to purchase this book as a NOOKbook, but when I opened it up at the store, I just had to buy the physical copy. The full-paged colored illustrations, the pictures placed beautifully around the pages, and different fonts and colors made this book so pretty. Normally you see books with amazing covers, but this was just all-around gorgeous!I read this in about three hours. I wasn't sure what to expect, because I hadn't ever read the synopsis on it before. [...]

I thought between the lines was a cute romance between reader and character

Conceito muito bom mas a execução deixou a desejar. Mesmo assim foi bom ter lido algo desta autora tão diferente do que costuma escrever.()Como disse acima, achei a premissa mesmo engraçada mas a execução deixou um pouco a desejar e por vezes o livro revelou-se mesmo parvinho, tanto pela historia como pelas acções das personagens. Eu sei que isto é ficção mas é suposto eu acreditar que a Delilah apaixona-se por uma personagem de um livro e já quer ficar com ele para sempre sem o nun [...]

This was a really really REALLY cute book. Enjoyed it immensely. I only wish it would actually happen. To me. I want an Oliver. Specifically one named William Herondale or Daemon Black.

Pretty good story but not the typical Jodi Picoult novel and understandably so since she co-wrote it with her daughter. I love takes on fairytales and fairytales in general (so much so that my doctoral dissertation is on the use of fairytales in therapy) so I was pretty happy reading this book. I will read the second book of the series for sure as I have a 2018 goal of reading all of Jodi’s novels. However, I do not think some will enjoy this one because they may be use to her novels because a [...]

Between the Lines is a really cute book. It has Delilah and Oliver has the two main characters. However, they aren't the same kind of people. Oliver is in a book. Delilah is in the real world and she is reading the book that Oliver is a main character in. He is her fictional crush - but is he really fictional?Again, this book was completely adorable and really different from the other books I've been reading lately. Plus, I absolutely love Jodi Picoult books. I'm so close to owning all of her bo [...]

1,5 stars“REAL FAIRY TALES are not for the fainthearted. Children get eaten by witches and chased by wolves; women fall into comas and are tortured by evil relatives. Somehow all that pain and suffering is worthwhile, though, when it leads to the ending: happily ever after. Suddenly it no longer matters if you got a B- on your midterm in French or you’re the only girl in the school who doesn’t have a date for the spring formal. Happily ever after trumps everything.But what if ever after co [...]

Right. Don't get me wrong, this book was really, really cheesy. But if Jamie Fraser or Will Herondale suddenly spoke to me from their respective books and declared their undying love, too bloody right I would do all the contrived things that Delilah did.If you've ever read about a fictional character and immediately said:Then this, my friend, is for you.A delightful, if corny, little story. Literally, the embodiment of all readers' dreams: that the fictional character you fancy the pants off of [...]

I really loved how the story was told, with a mixture of the actual fairy tale, 'Between the Lines' and then from both Oliver and Delilah's perspective. It was immersive and I definitely found myself invested in their romance. The moral we can get from this is try, try, try again, because the lovers try at least six different ways to get Oliver out of the book, and nothing seems to work until it does. I may have liked it more than I normally would've, because of all the 'Inkheart' feels it was g [...]

Oh my goodness, ALL OF THE STARS FOR THIS BOOK!! Honestly, this is one of my new all-time favorite books, I wouldn't change anything about it. It was so perfect!! <3I'm not going to write a long review, but just read it. Please. It's seriously perfect, and I am now going to be telling everybody that I know to just buy it and read it, because it will truly touch your life. So so soo good. :')I'm so excited to start the sequel/companion novel, Off The Page! I will be starting it probably right [...]

View this review on my blog: thatgirlbookwormI have to say, my rating for this one surprised me. It's no secret that Jodi Picoult is one of, if not my favorite author. I now own 21 of her books and my collection is only growing from here. But this one was not cutting it for me. 60% through the book this was still only a 2.5/5 star book for me. But it got so much better near the end and improved and I really enjoyed it to the point where it became a 4 star book.This book had a GREAT concept. It f [...]

Oh LAWD, was that cheesy.That was one of the most corny books I've ever read.Excuse me, review to be written after I've stopped vomiting rainbows and sunshine. Oliver is a prince, trapped inside the same fairytale and desperate to get out. When Delilah picks up the book, she falls in love with the storyd with Oliver. She's also the only one who can hear him. The two try every way possible to get Oliver out of the fairytale, but nothing works. How can they be together when Oliver is only ink on a [...]

This book was so so so neat and the writing was great and I couldn't put it down, but as good as the idea sounded in the synopsis, the actual story was kind of silly. Regardless, I still enjoyed it although the main character was annoying and the characters' actions sometimes weren't very believable.

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