Falling for the Backup Epilogue

Toni Aleo

Falling for the Backup Epilogue

Falling for the Backup Epilogue

  • Title: Falling for the Backup Epilogue
  • Author: Toni Aleo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Free Read Online

The never before released epilogue to Falling for the Backup, the eBook original featuring the Nashville Assassins Toni Aleo s novella will have you believing in the power of love at first sight and second sight and third.

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For those of you who have read the novella Falling for the Backup this is a sweet, sexy and perfect conclusion to Jordan and Anslyee's story. The wonderful Toni Aleo has it here to read for free <3 Enjoy! scribd/doc/176310186/F

Perfect endmight lead into another series!To read this click here: scribd/doc/176310186/F

Yay! More Jordan and Aynslee! So happy we get to see into their future. PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE NOVELLA FIRST!!Summary:The epilogue shows us where Jordan Ryan and Aynslee Shaw are about six months after the ending of the Falling for the Backup novella. Jordan and Aynslee live in South Carolina and are just now moving into their new home. Their parents are meeting for the first time, both have good jobs, and they are blissfully happy. But is marriage ready to be brought to the [...]

Short, sweet and a good read. It finished off this novella perfectly. Who is to say we can’t have a happy ending if that is what you want. It may not be in the same manner that you thought it would be but hey, it’s happy none the less.

Loved reading more about them.

It was okay not sure it was needed unless it is setting us up for their return to Nashville. Glad it was free.

Seriously, I loved this too!!! Why, oh why, wasn't this a full length book?!?!? I will miss Jordan and Aynslee if they aren't in the rest of the series! :(

Love this series!!

I just loved this one.

I read this on Scribd as a preview of what the author’s work was like prior to dropping $13 on her books. The star rating says it all, it was an ok read. I wasn’t overly impressed, but I didn’t hate the story either. It basically wraps up the happily ever after in the novella of the same name. For an author’s third and a half outing, I expected to be more wowed than I was, due to the fact that you need to keep readers interested in your books. For me to have such a lackluster response to [...]

I so liked Jordan and Anslyee in the last short story, was sad that they were leaving the Assassin's family, so I was excited to see that this story had more with them. With being so short we didn't get much, but what we did was good. I love that Anslyee kept up the tradition of signs for Jordan's games, love that they are fitting into their new home and their parents are getting along. But the best was the end, how Anslyee finally heard the question she had been waiting for.

I happened upon this a few minutes ago never realizing it was written and I must say I loved it. Ansylee and Jordan's story was the so sweet and steamy!! I loved it!!! The epilogue was great. It was awesome being able to see how they were progressing after leaving the Assassin's.Thanks for giving this to your readers!!!

Un dulce y tierno serie para la historia de amor de Jordan y Aynslee. Y aunque me encanta que ellos lograron su "Felices por siempre" con el jugando en un nuevo equipo y su nueva vida juntos en Carolina del Sur, duele verlo lejos de su equipo.

I wish that the epilogue would've been in the book because I don't have it on my kobo, it's just on a website on the computer. BUTe epilogue was very good even though it was very short. So as not to give away the ending I'm only going to say that it is a recommend read.

Toni never ceases to amaze me, each story she puts out is just as good as the last. Every couple weaves their way into your heart as much as the last. I love the Assassins and can't get enough of each and every one of them. I enjoyed catching up with Jordan and Ansylee again.

I will admit to being hooked on this series and I really enjoyed Jordan and Anyslee's story in Falling For The Backup. But the epilogue was so good. I loved the fact that the story was out there and all I can really say is can we have a part 2 to the epilogue? I want to read more about them.

This was a fantastic short! Jordan and Aynslee are the cutest couple. Thank you Toni Aleo for giving them a more perfect ending to their story. The Assassins will always be my #1 team butGO ICECATS!!!

Thank you!!! I'm so glad Toni wrote an epilogue for these characters!

I love that Toni gave us an epilogue to this and I hope that somehow we hear more about them in future Assassins books even though Jordan is with a different team now.

AYNSLEE AND JORDAN. They are the cutest couple. I love them. TONI THANK YOU FOR THIS NOVELLA :))

3 starsI didn't find Jordan & Anyslee's story all that interesting to be honest. So it's lucky it even got a rating from me lol

I love anything this woman writes :)

Great ending to a wonderful story:)

Great Epilogue!!!

Too short!!!!

I love these. So good!

Very sweet story with Jordan and Aynslee. I really enjoyed their story and it was fun to catch up with them, even if it was in this quick read.

Just love a HEA!

I thought this was very cute and it was nice seeing how they were doing in the new city and with the new team.

This totally swoon worthy, very short novella, got to me. I love living the HEA in these book.5 stars

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