4 & Counting

Toni Aleo

4 & Counting

4 & Counting

  • Title: 4 & Counting
  • Author: Toni Aleo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Free Read Online

FREE Assassins Short Story of Shea and Elli

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I soooo love Shea Adler! This was a great little bonus chapter from both Elli and Shea's pov. It also sets up The fourth book in the Assasin's series: Blue Lines, due in December :D scribd/doc/179052151/4

Love my Shea and Elli!To read this click here: scribd/doc/179052151/4

More Shea, Ladies! Do you really need another reason to read it?scribd/doc/179052151/4

Super cute mini story!! Was like 29 pages!Shea's so funny wanting to have another go for another baby!! I mean, two girls and now twin sons in three years! Yikes!!I seriously can't wait for BLUE LINES to come out!! That's the book I've been just waiting for but the release date kept getting pushed back! Was so depressing. Hopefully, the tour host I've been working with hears word from Ms. Aleo since she told me that she's supposed to host a blog tour for BLUE LINES so I hope that I can join!!I w [...]

I couldn't resist reading this short story even with the wrong order. I just wanted a little more of Shea and Elli. This was a sweet short story showing us their married life and their kids. It had some real beautiful family moments. Completely adorable, and if you've loved their book, you will definitely want to read this ;)

What can I say except that I LOVE Elli and Shea Adler. This was a cute bonus chapter about what Elli and Shea have been up to. It also set up the premise for the next book in the Series.Blue Lines. I can't wait to read it!!!!!For more reviews go to bookbitchesblog

Sigh.I do LOVE that Shea Adler. Very cute short story, Elli and Shea have twin boys!

Great little story about Shea & Ellie.

Shea is my book boyfriend.but you know how when you are 26 and the guy you are into says he can't wait to have lots of kids and you swoon and start picking out names for all of the beautiful little babies you will create with him???? Well, when you're 36, like me, you want to tell Mr. Hottie he had better grow himself a uterus to house all those parasitic fetuses (feti? Lol). That's how I'm feeling about Shea Adler right now. I went from 26 to 36 in the time it took to read this short story. I n [...]

This was a short and sweet read. I loved it.

So where do I sign up to let make Shea's dream of his own hockey team come true? Loved this look into the Adler family.

What a cute little story! Reading this just brought me back to the first few books and my love for those characters. Shea and Elli have way too many kids but I loved seeing them so happy <3

Such a cute short and great glimpse into Elli and Shea's life! Can't wait to see how many more kids they have!!

Even though this story was super short, it still was packed with lots of story.I so love Elli and Adler and can't wait to continue with this series.This is the story of Elli having her twin boys, the love Shea feel for Elli and the fact that he is not done with the size of his family and would like Elli to have at least one more child and he manages to work his magic and she agrees to revisit it in one year.5 stars

I have nothing else to say but "I WANT MORE OF SHEA AND ELLI" Toni Aleo thank you for giving us another snipet of their life. When I saw the just got out novellas of your Assasins Series you had become one of my favorite authors!. HAHA. I want more. I'm beginning to think of having an Assasins gear. I hope you can sell some :)))

I really really really missed Shea! Scene where Shea is singing? Tears. :')And what's with everyone is pregnant theme haha! Poor men! :)Now I really can't wait to read Erik and Piper's story, but really, I think we need new Shea book, not few pages, I mean like 400 pages of hot guy with skills. ;) Thank you Toni! :)

Sweet one!! I hated Ellie in the first book but once she and Shea got together, she was sweet and lovable!! And in this one awesome!!Great work Ms Aleong us an inside peek to Assassin character's HEAa wonderful idea!!

Loooooove this cute cute cute shirt story SHEA is amazing ughhh I knew it I knew I knew it I was like piper has to be preggers too and ughhh Erik is being a total jerk I know blue lines is going to kill me grrrr but 4&countung was adorable love love love :) 8:00am

La verdad es que Elli me está gustando mucho más a lo largo de la saga, cuanto mas la conozco, más me gusta, ahora que ya nos hemos quitado de encima todas las tonterías del primer libro. Y Shea como siempre, encantador. Es un buen relato y un buen paso para el cuarto libro

Beautiful addition to Shea's story. He's one of the best and seeing him as the doting father was icing on the cake. Course I found his desire for an army of children hilarious considering he's not the one pushing them out :) And cannot wait for Piper's story. Already sounds enticing

Yay more Elli and Shea!! I loved 4 & Counting!! In this short story, we get to see Shea and Elli's growing family! I enjoyed reading about their marital bliss and how their love has grown. If you haven't read this series you are missing out get to reading it now lol!!

awesome cover and book. really love Shea the baby making machine. He and Lucas really there are no words lol. I love the way they always harmonious and loving and just say it like it is and consult on everything.

Aww, such a cute short story LOVED IT. Shea and Eli have always been my favourite characters from this series. So I was SSSSOOOOO excited when I heard 4 & counting was coming out. And I was definitely pleased with this story:)

How can i get this book???

Not wha I expected but it was good.This one should be read before "falling for the backup epilogue ".

Loved this short! It was great getting to see Shea and Elli so happy!! I can't wait to start Blue Lines! :D

Love them

Short and sweet loved it !!!! Made me love Shea even more :)

Cute wrap to Shea and Ellie. He just has the twins and is begging for at least 1 more. How can she say no to such a great father.

You never forget your first, and I love me some Shea:)!!

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