Edited to Death: A Maggie Fiori Mystery

Linda Lee Peterson

Edited to Death: A Maggie Fiori Mystery

Edited to Death: A Maggie Fiori Mystery

  • Title: Edited to Death: A Maggie Fiori Mystery
  • Author: Linda Lee Peterson
  • ISBN: 9781938849343
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback

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If Maggie Fiori doesn t have it all, she s got plenty A job at a chic San Francisco magazine, a handsome attorney husband, sons, and a comfortable life in Oakland But Maggie s existence as an editor, loving wife, and mother camouflage a secret The camouflage comes off after murder strikes the magazine, and Maggie can t rest until she solves the murder.

Recent Comments "Edited to Death: A Maggie Fiori Mystery"

Firstly and as usual I received this book for free in exchange for a review, this time via a LibraryThing giveaway. Also as usual I give my candid opinions below.The book centers around a professional writer-cum-sleuth who gets involved in the murder investigation of her editor and close friend. The novel is set in the San Francisco bay area and the characters are very liberal; they listen to NPR, have wine with dinner and enjoy a very socially and culturally diverse group of friends. To me this [...]

Maggie Fiori writes fairly trite editorials for a fairly trite magazine; when her boss invites her over to discuss a more consequential project, we find instead that he has been murdered. things quickly unravel: Maggie had a long affair with her boss, who had many affairs with whoever interested him for a minute and obviously had some shady business on the side. Maggie's husband, Michael, is very emotionally Italian and mad at Maggie; their kids are mostly cared for by aÅnya, an au pair who can [...]

Yes, this is an amateur sleuth, but it's not your everyday type of mellow cozy amateur sleuth. There's some grit here, actually quite a lot of grit. I like my amateur sleuths single as a rule. No families to get in the way of the nosiness of the main character. I tend to wonder how the family of the nosy-Nellie put up with the main character not being there for her/his (mostly her) family. What did the main character do with the kids? Herewe know. It's spelled out and in big ol' letters. It enha [...]

3.5 stars.

I don't typically read contemporary mystery novels, like this one. So I can't really compare this author to any other current mystery writers. But it seems to me that Edited to Death is an average read.Maggie is a freelance magazine writer, with a house in the suburbs, a lawyer husband, and two school-age boys. A typical American mom. But when she discovers her editor dead in his home one morning, she suddenly becomes an amateur sleuth, on a quest to find out who killed her editor.A lot of what [...]

This book has a rather interesting approach for a cozy mystery. Usually, the sleuth is the "good girl" with lots of intuition and deductive reasoning. In this book, the sleuth is a bright, yet bored (dangerous combination) housewife and mother of two, who strayed in search for a little excitement in her otherwise, droll life. Although that chapter is presumably behind her, it keeps nipping at her heels - reminding her that she is precariously perched on the edge of destroying her marriage and al [...]

Loathsome narrator, convoluted story, obvious bad guy. But really, two words sum up this terrible, terrible book: "AIDS drugs." If you're going to make HIV and HIV treatment such a large part of the narrative, then it would be worthwhile to crack open a book about it. Or you know, google it or something. For fucks sake.

way too much going on being work and school, so little light reading is in order. This fits the bill. Very light - light enough not to get invested in the characters or the stories. I think the part I liked best was recognizing places in San Francisco!

Too tidy of an ending for my taste and one dimensional characters with very little motivation to carry out this murder mystery. In a word, "meh".

I received this book from Good Reads. This was a good story a little slow in some parts but all in all pretty good although it did not keep me on the edge of my seat.

A murder mystery with the main character, an editor/magazine writer, solving the murder. Her investigation gets her into hot water with her loved ones and with the murderer.

I enjoyed it and I liked the sequel, The Devil's Interval even better!

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