Without You

Adrianne James

Without You

Without You

  • Title: Without You
  • Author: Adrianne James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Logan has a serious decision to make Does he follow his head and leave the girl who only follows her heart behind, or does he leave the only life he knows to follow his heart back into her arms Show Show less

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I wanted to read a short story where I could feel the Christmas spirit. Sad to say, I didn't get it here. The characters, although nice and genuine, were a bit difficult to connect with. There wasn't something special about them nor the story itself. I also thought there was a bit of Dear John feels here which made it seem quite unoriginal. There was a happy ending though and that's the great aspect of it. :)

I'm not really a fan of romance novels, but during the holidays I give a few Christmas-based ones a try. (A short story has never killed anyone, has it?) I happened to find this one for free one day on and thought I would give it a try. It's basically about a man who has a certain way of seeing things and he's fallen in love with a lady who sees things differently than he does. (Pretty much the story of most relationships, right?) As he arrives at the airport, he remembers some good things, som [...]

I had this on my kindle and decided to give it a read. Even though it's nowhere near Christmas. It's really short. It follows Logan, a Marine who left behind the girl he loves. He's coming back for Christmas to try and win her back, but she wanted him to get out after his first four years and not re enlist. You mostly get his thoughts about Serinity (the girl) and his family. There isn't a whole lot of depth since it's a short story and I feel that that made it fall short of the mark. Not terrib [...]

I enjoyed this book.

What a heart warming story. A perfect Christmas tale that will leave a warm feeling inside. A freebie worth picking up.

What a hard decision and one that many of our military men make everyday! Without you ~ A Christmas Short Story is well written, full of emotion and delightful to read.

This is not your typical Christmas story in that it could really happen at any time. The author uses the Christmas setting in the background in a very nice way. It is a heart warming story that leaves you with a warm feeling inside. It is a nice short story but I think in this case a longer examination of the characters would suit this particular story better. Overall I very much enjoyed it and nice freebie to pick up.

A solder, comes home for Christmas with the sole purpose of telling his ex just how much he loves her, but will she feel the same way? This is such a beautifully written short story that I wished it would have continued. I absolutely would read a longer version of this. I hadn’t heard of this author before, but with this story, I’m now a fan!! I will definitely be checking out what else is available. Thank you!

This was super short but was more than able to convey its story in an emotional way. I felt very close to the main male character right away. There is not a lot of character development but you still feel that you can relate to them. The language and sentiment of the piece is wonderful.Logan has gotten a leave from the military in order to go home for Christmas to see the girl who he loves who does not want to be with him because he is in the military. Serenity does not want to be a military wif [...]

3.5 starsReview also found at kristineandterri/2This was a very short story much more than I expected. With that in mind James managed to fit a lot of emotion within it's shore pages. This was a story about a man serving his country in the military and trying to choose between his sense of security and duty and the woman he loves. I will not say how the story concludes however there was quite a bit to think about during this read. What would one do in this situation? Can you change your prioriti [...]

Without You is a super short read about a military man named Logan, who has always wanted to serve a full career as a soldier however the woman he loves wants him home. It's a story about compromises and how some people are worth the change of plans. I knew going it in that it was super short, but I wouldn't have minded reading more of this especially since I know their relationship is far from perfectly fixed. It's a decent and quick read for the holiday season.

I got this short story for free on through a promotion that is currently running. This is a very short read. Basically a soldier takes an emergency leave in the hopes of fixing his relationship with his girlfriend. While the read was short the reader is taken through an emotional journey to a man trying to take hold of his life and make a decision that he feels is right. Good read. Would love it to be longer but thats what short stories are, short.

Heart warming For Serenity it was hard living life as a military wife, although she loved her husband more than life, she decided it would be best if they parted.Raised in the military, logan felt it was the best way to provide for his wife and future family and it was what he wanted to do with his life. When his wife informs him that she can't deal with him being gone all the time, they split up. Will they reunite? Or will they go their separate ways?

Without You ~ A Christmas Short Story is packed with feelings for such a short story and it is very sweet. Logan faces a problem that many service men face; should he stay in the military & face long times away from his family for the security the job offers or leave it to take his chances with his love. The author understands this painful situation and wrote a great short story full of feelings.

It's such a good short story, that showed the love that a man called Logan wanted to reconnect with an ex-girlfriend when his work in the army caused a strain on their relationship.Sweet and a quick read.It was nice to know that being together, made for such a nice Christmas gift for them both.

warmed my heart, i thought it was a sweet short book, would be better longer Anyone military or considering or connected by family etc. Would make a great story to read with more depth. I always like a man's perspective in romances.I really enjoyed this short story

A very short story of a Marine returning from a war zone to his girlfriend for Christmas. They had parted with her ultimatum that she did not want to be with him if he remained in the service as she hated the separations. Now he was returning knowing what was most important to him.

Very short, and a bit of a puff of dust – like candyfloss, no substance but you keep going back for more – which I don’t see as a bad thing. I have a soft spot for military and national pride (there's not nearly enough in the UK), this left me all warm and fuzzy. Very sweet

Even though this is a VERY short story, it was beautifully written about the love between two people and the sacrifices that are made to be together.

Review to come

I missed having a quick little Christmas in July, so why not in August? This was a sweet tale.


Its the Perfect armed Forces Story and I share far more at my blog on the link below: kristalmckerringtons.

This was a great book! Loved it! What a wonderful Christmas read.

Without you is a very cute short story! Enjoyed it but wished it was a bit longer.

Does exactly what the title suggests, a very very short 10 minute read

WellGood thing it was freeSurprisingly good characterization for such a short, short story, I must admit.

This was a very short read, but I enjoyed the emotion and feelings behind the story!!

A decent #shortstory romance recommended for a quick #holiday read.

Short storyA good short story that takes place at Christmas time. If course a happy ending, between a soldier and his girl.

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