Gifts of the Blood

Vicki Keire

Gifts of the Blood

Gifts of the Blood

  • Title: Gifts of the Blood
  • Author: Vicki Keire
  • ISBN: 9781620073599
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback

Caspia Chastain, art student and barista, is gifted or plagued, if you ask her with the ability to draw the future, usually at the worst possible times Her parents are four years dead everyday she watches her brother Logan fight his cancer diagnosis Things get worse for Caspia the day she draws an angry stranger framed by planes of light and violent, bloody images ThCaspia Chastain, art student and barista, is gifted or plagued, if you ask her with the ability to draw the future, usually at the worst possible times Her parents are four years dead everyday she watches her brother Logan fight his cancer diagnosis Things get worse for Caspia the day she draws an angry stranger framed by planes of light and violent, bloody images That exact same stranger walks up to her out of nowhere mere hours later knowing things he shouldn t, like her name, her brother s illness, and her strange ability That s when Caspia discovers her hometown is a refuge for supernatural beings both Light and Dark, and she and her brother find themselves caught up in a war between the two that predates their very birth In order to protect herself and her brother, she turns to the one who seems to have started it all the man who walked out of her sketchbook calling himself Ethan But Ethan has his own agenda, Logan s getting sicker fast, and Caspia finds that drawing the future isn t the only strange thing she can do Meanwhile, someone really wants all of them dead In a town where Dark doesn t equal Evil and Light isn t always Good, Caspia and Ethan find themselves making strange alliances and even stranger sacrifices in order to protect those they love.

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Wow, what a surprise. I honestly started this book expecting to not like it, maybe hate it if it comes down to it and I have Fallen and Hush Hush to blame for my Angel-Paranormal book trust issues, but this book reminds me just why and how much I enjoyed reading YA angel books before. "Evil, real evil, should it ever show itself to you, will wear the most beautiful form you've ever seen and charm you as nothing ever has" Gifts of Blood is an emotional story which is also packed of cheesiness and [...]

3.5 Dark & Light StarsYou have Light and Dark inside you, like all humans. You are neither wholly one nor the other. You are a creature of choice.” “Light and Dark. Good and evil. They’re just words. They mean the same thing.”Unbeknownst to most us, there is a war fought every minute of the day. A war inside our souls and outside, about who will claim them. Light and darkness, good and evil aren't what define us. These are just definitions. Human attempts to explain deeper urges and [...]

Vicki Keire is a master with the written word. I first picked this book up at ten o’clock at night and immediately knew I was going to lose some major sleep. The underlying premise is so unique, and the writing an exercise in beauty, the entire experience took my breath away. Ms. Keire knows how to create amazing chemistry between her characters and believe me there were some steamy scenes. I also loved the fact that each character is multi dimensional and the setting was as well. I cannot wai [...]

Intriguing start and concept, and a strong relationship with her brotherbut things got confusing very fast. The drama just wasn't played out in a compelling manner, and the relationship took me by surprise because it seemed so creepy at first! It did get better as it progressed, but mostly because it's hard to resist a guy who's so selfless. Caspia is fine and somewhat interesting, but's easy understand why she liked him, but it was harder to really define why he gave up so much for her. The wri [...]

So after just finishing this book I will admit I have mixed emotions. While I am happy to see a pretty original idea set the bones for the story Cas irked my soul. You would think that a lifetime of drawing the future would open your mind to other various possibilities but she was so stuck in her was it was just annoying. Ethan was yummy, I truly have no complaints about Ethan or Logan for that matter. I also found that the story was a little jumpy, it never really flowed from one section to the [...]

I read this three days ago and it's already fading fast. What I do remember: instalove and poor character development. The story had potential, but I am so sick of the prevalence of instalove in the paranormal genre--it's such an author cop out. Hmmmif I write about an angel instead of a regular old human guy, then I can make up some shit about how angels fall in love at first sight with plain Jane humans, and it will be believable because he's an angel and they're different! Because I said so. [...]

Made. Of. Awesomesauce. MOAR PLEASE! Really enjoyed this vivid and well written paranormal tale and can't wait for the sequel. It was imaginative and most importantly DIFFERENT from a lot of what I've read lately. LOVED.

First Hush, Hush; then Ethereal; Now this.Maybe the Nephilim thing just isn't doing it for me Although, I do enjoy the Infernal Devices series. Either way, you've got to believe me when I say this book is really not that great.I will admit Keire's obvious word-smithing talent. In fact, her colorful way with words is the only reason I awarded her two stars instead of one. Unfortunately, that does little to redeem the book's lack of substance and cohesion.The plot is missing a lot of things. There [...]

(Source: Downloaded for free from amazon)Caspia can draw pictures that then come true. The one thing she didn’t want to draw was her brother dying from cancer, but it came true anyway.When Caspia draws a picture of someone and just hours later she meets him, she isn’t really sure what’s going on, but before long finds herself in the middle of a battle between angels and nephilim.Who is the man Caspia drew? What does he want from her? And why does she have this gift anyway?This book just bo [...]

I usually really like books about drawing the future. I find them really interesting.Though, this one didn't deliver, and was more about angels than her gift.I did like the relationship between Caspia and her brother, but it seemed like they didn't really spend time together. Caspia did say numerous times how she was going to spend more time with him, but she never did. She was either at school, working, or painting tarot cards.The pacing was really slow. I was really really bored and just wante [...]

Dark magnetism and intensity draws you into the most delicious debut! Indie author Vicki Keire is certainly one to watch, as her phenomenal paranormal romance for the YA/ Fantasy genres is simply breathtaking. Fans of ‘Angelfall’ by Susan Ee (or) ‘Hush, Hush’ by Becca Fitzpatrick will find this scintillating series one that captures both the mythical and the supernatural ambience. Full of electric intensity and intoxicatingly heady passion between the main protagonists, here is a sparkli [...]

***3.5 Stars***"So when my “gift” decided this was the perfect time to make its reappearance, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Everything else was coming unglued. Why not my head, too?"Gift or a curse that is how Caspia Chastain felt about her blood gifted ability to draw the future it wasn't something could call on though it just happened and right now she didn't have time for it. She was busy trying to take care of her older brother Logan the only family she had left who was diagnosed w [...]

Gifts of the Blood is book #1 of the Angel's Edge series. It is a #YA paranormal fantasy. Caspia is 18, a freshman at Andreas Academy of Fine Arts, she works in a local coffee shop and she cares for her brother who has terminal cancer. Caspia is also gifted with the ability to draw the future into her art, this rare gift is part of her family bloodline and one which is drawing unwanted attention.When she meets a dark mystery man, one she has just drawn into a picture with shades of light and dar [...]

This book is by far the best angel-demon book about the fight between good and evil in a while. The prose is refreshing and the plot very realistic. The novel is a breath of fresh air with a new twist on a very classical plot line/story. The characters were relate-able and realistic. Even with all the bizarre events happening around the main character, she remains relatable as she tries to piece out her life and where she fits into the world around her. She is determined and fierce, but unsure a [...]

For this review, I’ll KISS (Keep It Short and Simple).* I give Gifts of the Blood 2.5 stars* There was humor thrown here and there.* It was fast paced.* Romance was like I-don’t-like-you-you-just-popped-out-of-a-drawing to I-trust-you-completely-but-I-can’t-explain-why-I-just-love-you.* The book lacks drama and angst.* Caspian, the book’s heroine, loves his dying brother very much, has this very interesting gift which she kinda despises and then after freakin’ out on seeing the guy on [...]

I'm at a bit of a loss here as I'm not sure how I feel about this book. It seems that this is one of those that I cannot cast true opinion on until I've read the subsequent books in the series; which makes sense since this book ends abruptly with no real tact the middle of the story really. The storyline is unique and fascinating enough to encourage me to read on and I'm pretty happy with the characters as well. I'm a bit annoyed however that the author has our characters playing dumb and not kn [...]

I'm not 100% sure how i feel about this book. The idea about angels is intriguing and compelling. The characters seems out of place. I mean, one minute they are talking friendly and the next they're insulting each other. Then it just repeats all over again. But i just don't get the plot. I know Caspia has a gift and she doesn't use it for the better. This book seems off to me, but also very inattentive and awkward. Like how Caspia falls for Ethan so quickly. It's not that i don't believe in Love [...]

I enjoyed this book, kept me on edge. Didn't expect the 'human' side of things with Ethan, but yeah good plot. It made me very emotional at time with Logan kept waiting for Caspia to wake-up and find him gone so I was pleased at the ending in a way. But now she's stronger than Ethan and how is he going to manage to protect her. (view spoiler)[ For those who have read it don't forget the drawing she completed in art class where Ethan has no wings- for this will be important in the sequel I think! [...]

This book was okaaaaaay. It seemed like the author was trying to please every reader. I did like the characters of Ms.Alice and Mr. Markov, and even Asheroth didn't seem like such a prick towards the end, so I hope his character is more developed in the next story. Ethan's character didn't seem fully fleshed out, he just wasn't that interesting all in all. His character started out great with the first meeting with Caspia in Ms. Alice's shop, but it kind of went downhill from there.

I really enjoyed this story. The plot was creative and unlike any I've read before. The emotion that Caspia shows towards Ethan and Logan was truly believable. I was able to understand her grief and fear of losing those she loved along with the love she felt so strongly for them. Overall, this book was filled with romance, mystery, adventure, and even some sorrow so whatever you are looking for- it's in there and you're sure to be satisfied after finishing it.

"Gifts of the Blood" by Vicki Keire is a very good book. It's about Caspia an art student with the ability to draw the future. She lives with her brother who fights his cancer and their parents are dead. And then, Caspia learns that her hometown is something special and the Light and Dark are two complicated meanings!I like the story and the writing style of the author!!

One of the slowest books I've ever read. Not only that, the characters seemed manic to me. One minute they're talking rationally and the next they're screaming and saying hurtful things to each other. Then, of course, they calm down and are rational again. Not just one character, but all experienced this. Just can't bring myself to read the sequel. Too much work.

I absolutely loved this book! It was very original in it's plot. I loved Caspia as a main character. She was very strong willed and yet also vulnerable. Her relationship with her brother is so close and lovely. And I just love Ethan. :) I can't wait to read the rest of the series and meet more of the supernatural inhabitants of her hometown.

faz Crepúsculo parecer muito bom. forcei ler até a metade e depois desisti antes de jogar meu kindle pela janela.

Just started but great so far!

This was my first ebook read and I must say that I enjoyed every minute of my time with this story. The concept of Caspia’s gift was phenomenal. And Ethan…. Well, he can be my Romeo any day. LOL

While I liked this well enough, I don't feel like it really went anywhere. I'm not even completely certain what/who the actual conflict/antagonist is. Maybe that will be better revealed in the second book? I'm not sure if I'll be buying the next one, at least not yet and not at full price.

I always liked a good book with angles fallen because of love for mortal women. Gifts of Blood is interesting, adventure, love, loss, fights between good and evil (with a twist - the evil is not the obvious one). I liked it.

Story: At first I was a bit skeptic how the “drawing the future” would really work for a story and would such skill make sense as such, but Keire didn’t make it awkward at all.We meet our heroine, Caspian, doing one of her art school assignments, but instead she draws a fierce man and some weird symbols. Apparently this isn’t new to her, and she knows it’s a prophecy of sorts and she’s uneased that her gift long absent had reawaken.Even though the drawing is unsettling, Caspia is mor [...]

Dear World, let me tell you about this book. It has a heroine who is an amazing artist and a hero who is angel. *beams* Does this sound familiar to you or should I cough*Daughter of Smoke and Bone*cough to you? No? I didn't think so either. I read this right after I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone and my mind, it was blown by how similar these two novels were in terms of characters. Of course, media hype for this book was way less than DoS&B so understandably, this one might have slipped und [...]

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