Darkness in the Blood

Vicki Keire

Darkness in the Blood

Darkness in the Blood

  • Title: Darkness in the Blood
  • Author: Vicki Keire
  • ISBN: 9781620073551
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback

Caspia Chastain finally has what she s always wanted She s in a supportive relationship with a one of a kind guy Really He s the only one of his kind Ever Her brother is so healthy it s mildly terrifying She hasn t drawn the future in ages, her school schedule is creepy professor free, and her job as Whitfield s only Coffee Goddess remains secure.But someone is kidCaspia Chastain finally has what she s always wanted She s in a supportive relationship with a one of a kind guy Really He s the only one of his kind Ever Her brother is so healthy it s mildly terrifying She hasn t drawn the future in ages, her school schedule is creepy professor free, and her job as Whitfield s only Coffee Goddess remains secure.But someone is kidnapping Nephilim descendents and using them to build an army An unpredictable new gift threatens to consume her With it comes a persistent dream a strange young man with gifted blood who may hold the key to her ancestry Whitfield has enough buried secrets to protect its residents, though, even if that protection comes with a price.Ethan has secrets, too He s never spoken of his long life before meeting Caspia When his past catches up with him, it could tear their relationship and the Realms apart Soon, Caspia and Ethan must discover if the light and life they ve built together can withstand the gathering darkness.

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Yes, I know, I'm rating myself. But I do happen to like it. And I'm just that happy that it's live. Woo hoo!

Loved Loved it! I loved the relationship between Caspia and Ethan in this book. There was very little romantic drama which made me happy because I get tired of stories where one minute she loves him and other minute she doesn't. I'm happy that the story gets more complex at the end and leaves you hanging. Excited to see what happens next. Great job Vicki! :)

4.5 starsIn book two Darkness in the Blood of the Angels' Edge series, the story starts nicely where Gifts of the Blood left off, and takes off at the speed of light. This book absolutely tops it's prequel in excitement, suspense, romance, magic, mysticism and adventure. Ms Keire has an incredible talent and mastery of writing that captures a readers interest quickly and holds on through every last page. The hook that entrances a reader isn't just within the storyline with this series, it also l [...]

(SPOILER)The second in the series by Vicki Keire, we rejoin Caspia and her circle of friends/family and even reluctantly, Asheroth a dark fallen angel sworn to protect Caspia and her brother Logan, all try to stave off the inevitable for as long as they can. The second war between light and dark.Caspia has no time to think about that right now, not with Ethan and his transition into humanity which doesn't go as smoothly as they had hoped. Until Ethan discovers that it isn't the transition that i [...]

I am not a "young" adult, so it is difficult for me to judge whether my grumble is because of my ageI wish that Ms. Keire would have a little less drama, drama, drama in the story. The main character always jumps to the conclusion that she is the ONLY one who can save the day, and it gets a little wearing after a while. Catastrophe after catastrophe. I was really hoping that after the first book we would see a little less of that. I was so thrilled with the "new", for me at least, area of fantas [...]

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Love it. Caspia is awesome. I hope Ethan gets his powers back. The ending was incredible!!!

This second book in the Angel's Edge series is an improvement over the first in that I was able to relax a little - the sinister atmosphere of the first book is gone in favour of more action right from the very start of the book.That said, Caspia still irritated me quite a bit. She's impulsive, somehow thinks she can protect her loved ones without consulting them at all (particularly when it's obvious they're keeping many secrets from her), bumbling when she is pro-active and generally trying to [...]

Well, I'm kind of wishing right now that I'd either rated the previous book 4 stars or that it was possible to rate a book higher than 5 stars, because Keire's book Darkness in the Blood was even better than the previous. Though I had relatively few issues with the first book, I did question one of the most dramatic parts. There was no excessive drama in this book, it's just the fast-paced, nail biting drama of a girl who's out to save the world. Everything was just better this time around. Clea [...]

Darkness in the Blood is the second book in Vicki Keire's Gifted Blood series. Caspia has a lot to deal with in this book, most of which I can't talk about without spoiling anything. It's another well written book by this author with a lot of emotion and mystery mixed in.I have to say that I was a little disappointed with Ethan and Caspia's relationship though. There just seemed to be a wall between them. No romance, no sparks, etc Caspia finds out that she doesn't really know anything about him [...]

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.This book is the sequel to the book Gifts of the Blood. In this book, Caspia Chastain is in a relationship with Ethaniel -- a former fallen angel who is now mortal and very human. Her brother, who had been dying of cancer is now healthy and back to his old self. However, it appears that the price Ethaniel paid to give Logan back his life and his health. Being human and mortal is tough on the once-falle [...]

In this book Vicki delves deeper into Caspia's inner turmoil with the fact she can control shadows and with Ethan dealing with being human now. As the heat turns up Caspia finds out she is being hunted and if she doesn't give herself up all those in her town will suffer for it, so she has to make that decision, stay and hide until a defense can be figured out or sacrifice herself for the good of others. And will Ethan and Logan (her brother) and all her friends let her do so. Plus she learns mor [...]

I couldn't bring myself to finish this book. There was no chemistry or sparks between Caspia and Ethan. They act like a couple have been together for do long they only sleep together and don't have a desire to be together. This book didn't manage to draw me in. I pushed myself to read this book and I've tried to finish it but I can't. There's nothing wrong with the writing style. It's the fact that there is no connection between Caspia and Ethan. He's human now and it's like there's no desire fr [...]

Caspia's world is full of changes and busier than ever.Caspia meets Jack and begins getting important information from him; answers to who and what she is. She's a natural defender and protector and now that Ethan is human and Logan's getting a second chance at life, she feels she needs to protect them both. The Nephilim descendants are being taken by the Dark side and now the Light wants to destroy the descendants to keep them from becoming weapons; war is coming.As the story progresses she fin [...]

I loved this book! If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. The first book in this trilogy, Gifts of the Blood, gave us an intriguing introduction to Caspia, Ethan, Logan, and the others in the town of Whitfield. It whetted my appetite for Darkness in the Blood, which did not disappoint. The second book in a trilogy is all about MORE. With her beautiful and vivid descriptions, Vicki Keire takes us deeper into the mythology and backstory of the characters. The action, swoon-worthy romance an [...]

So how long do I need to wait for the final installment of this trilogy?! Too long! I can't wait!!!Book 2 was just as good, if not better than book 1, as you were futher drawn into the brilliantly created and described world of Whitfield. You learn more and more about the Nephilim and the twisted worlds of light and dark. I enjoyed how much further Caspia was developed as a character, and her reactions to the situations she found herself in, they were realistic and believable.Things have been pr [...]

Okay I'm done - I tried to keep reading but I'm over halfway through this book and I just can't do it anymore. I don't care what happens enough to continue. You know when you're reading a book and you're over halfway through and look back and realize that nothing has really happened - yeah, here we are. The characters are starting to thoroughly annoy me. The main character has way to many nervous break-downs, every one keeps secrets from one another and nothing is really progressing. I'm at a lo [...]

Not as great as the first book in the series, but it just as action packed. I love the book covers for this series. Talk about "pretty making". I thought Caspia was a little too weak and relient on her brother, boy friend, and guardine angel. I like it better, when she is her kick-ass super confident self, not this self-sarficing, depressing loner chick, who is all like "Why Me?" Hopefully, Caspia will come to her senses and save her kind herself. I would not mind if she got help from the guy wh [...]

I liked it. Didn't really get the love triangle thing though. Otherwise it was a nice progression from book two.My biggest gripe the editing! There were typos, missing spaces between words and sentences, incorrect grammar I felt like I was reading a high schooler's hastily 're-typed story. I know that one will appear every now and again, especially in the Kindle form. I can normally accept that and don't pay it much mind. However, this was just about every third page. Ms. Keire needs to fire who [...]

This book took off immediately from the end of, “Gifts of the Blood”. It was more of the same, which is good if that is what you are craving. The descriptions were well thought out. Some of the fiction was crinkly and fun. I thought the sacrifice was rather ill conceived on the angels part. Simply put, she did not love him enough for such a sacrifice. I wanted more of an ending. I realize there is a third book, but this book ended in the same place emotionally as the last. It is for this rea [...]

I think I liked this book better than the first in the series. There again was so much going on, surprises and I think we have a lot more to learn in book 3. There was drama, romance, mystery and so much more. I'm not a spoiler girl, so my advice pick this series up!Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to review this ARC book and give my honest opinion.

Angel's Edge 2Still captivating and beautiful. More in-depth and descriptive. I did have to re-read a couple of confusing areas, but otherwise loving the beauty of the authors written word. Going to buy #3 now.

Cliff hangers are so painful especially when you are totally loving the book you're reading! Need to find the next one which I think is the last. The end of this one said it came out in the fall of 2011 but I haven't seen it anywhere. Maybe I've not looked hard enough

Loved this book faster pace than the first found a copy of the first two chapters of the next book can't wait glad Vickie got plucked up by a publisher kudos vicki. Sad that it makes your breathless readers. Wait

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderfulThis second book in the Angel's Edge series is magnificent. I have bee so wrapped up in this story that I could not put it down. The writing is incredibly detailed and fluid. I am anxious to start book 3.

Oh WOW i cant believe how it ended. that was a total shocker

LOVE LOVE LOVE this series!!!!!! Though I must say that I am slowly being drawn to the bad boy angel :)

***3 Stars***Review Soon!

Loved it!

I really liked this book. I liked this one more than Gifts of the Blood.

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