Blood Redemption

Vicki Keire

Blood Redemption

Blood Redemption

  • Title: Blood Redemption
  • Author: Vicki Keire
  • ISBN: 9781620073513
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback

Trapped in the Dark Realms, Caspia finds herself the unwitting leader of a growing Nephilim rebellion Plagued by strange dreams and intrigue, she learns to master her Azalene abilities when all she wants is to find her way back home.To Whitfield To Ethan When they meet in the Dreamtime, Caspia can tell something is wrong Whitfield seems increasingly militarized EthanTrapped in the Dark Realms, Caspia finds herself the unwitting leader of a growing Nephilim rebellion Plagued by strange dreams and intrigue, she learns to master her Azalene abilities when all she wants is to find her way back home.To Whitfield To Ethan When they meet in the Dreamtime, Caspia can tell something is wrong Whitfield seems increasingly militarized Ethan is agitated Asheroth makes less sense than ever and the Blackwood witches are teaching Logan deadly gifts Most disturbing of all is Belial, who is as charismatic as he is cruel But Belial isn t the only one threatening Whitfield To avoid another Nephilim war, the Realms of Light decide to attack their ancient enemy first Caspia, her hometown, and everyone she loves happens to be in the way With the Light poised to strike from one side, and the Dark Realms on the other, she and Ethan must fight their way back to each other and try to protect the life they ve built.

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It says this book was published Dec. 2011 but I cant find it :(Really bummed I was so looking forward to reading it

I am rating this a one since it ends at chapter 29 and it appears it will sadly be left forever undone. I give up on waitingup to chapter 29 is released online for free to read by the author and then it just stopsOPS.WTH!?! It has been over a yearUPDATEI NEED AN ENDING!! *sobs*

So glad this book got released in ebook form so I could finally read it! (serials never work for meI'm too impatient!) And I waited foreeeeeverrrr! But it was worth it. Good ending to the series. Is it wrong of me to have been rooting for Asheroth since somewhere in book 2? I always did have a thing for the slightly damaged boys

That was an abrupt ending. It could have used a hell of a lot more closure. Technically, the battle wasn’t even over. Even though one character said the Light side would stop, it didn’t mean they would. And shouldn’t the Nephilim had a choice to at least stay in Whitfield? And what about her co-workers? I don’t want to be told that can handle themselves, I want to see the end result. Especially if their adventure aren’t going to be seen. I thought Caspia would run into them in Twilight [...]

Again with poor editing?! Okay, since I already covered this in my previous review of book #2, I won't rehash my disappointment. Suffice it to say, I'm still of the mind that someone needs to look for a new job.Here's what I liked: The storyline was fresh (in regards to all three books). I really liked the author's take on Light and Dark not always equalling Good and Bad. I also liked that she incorporated more than one mythology. I have only rarely seen Nephillim used this way and under this de [...]

I had hoped that books 1 and 2 in the Angel's Edge series were building to something amazing and unfortunately I was let down.The seeds of something great were all here. This is a world that I want to spend more time in. I love the angel - Nephiliam mythology that`s laid out here. I love that we have a variety of other magical creatures packed in, in a sort of off-hand way. Though Caspia might be overwhelmed by it all, there`s a sort of `no big deal` way that different preternatural beings are l [...]

First, I really enjoyed the series overall but in a trilogy book three, at least in my opinion, should blow you away and Blood Redemption doesn't do that.Belial tricks Caspia, she thinks he's going to release her and he forces her to take him to Asheroth's compound. In the process Belial's trick cost him; Ethan and Asheroth free Caspia and send Belial back to his realm. Asheroth's wards are ruined and the compound is unsafe now. Everyone is angry at Caspia for the decisions she's made. This is w [...]

The entire series I give four stars it was pretty good, but I think the ending was too rushed. I mean, who wants an epic battle scene between angels, demons, and random weird species to end within the first few minutes, where is the fun in that? I was kind of disappointed with that. It is sort offer open for another book, but I don't really believe the author will continue the story, which is fine everything pretty much gets settled and all they really have to do is rebuild the town, I just have [...]

I REALLY did LIKE this series it had a lot of potential. However, it ended very abruptly. The ending was the worst out of every book that I have ever read. It was a shame and I was really disappointed. The book leads up to a climax and you absolutely start to love reading it all the way until the very hasty ending. If I was the author I would try and reedit the ending to make it more of an ending and less of a chapter cut off.

I truly loved this series and this book was really good. I was disappointed we didn't get more closure at the ending, but everything ended the way it should, it would of been nicer to get more explanation and a little more detail.Again, great series, and I can't wait to read more from Vicki Keire.

I loved the other 2 book and even the first 3/4 of this one, but the author took so long to release the final chapters that she blew the ending and just threw something together. That was a seriously bad ending to an otherwise great story. It is too bad the author chose other projects to pursue while leaving faithful readers hanging for 3 years.

Spoiler: I felt like some things were left out. She had the ability to draw the future but afterwards the drawings are barely referenced. What happened to Eric and the twins? When did Ethan fight 2 Fallen while she held a glowing object? Who was the evil being who bought Caspia's cards in Mrs. Alice's shop if the evil one (were assuming Belial) couldn't enter town?

I am curious to know if this will ever actually be released so that we can buy the ebook? I am not a fan of the one chapter at a time release, nor of reading it on my computer. If this is the only way I will ever finish the story, then I guess there is no choice, but I really hope she publishes it soon

Interesting plot falls flatI chose this series for my nightly brain candy. The plot is interesting enough and characters are fun but after reading all three waiting for the climax. it never really came.

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Help, can someone please tell me where to find this book. I have been looking all over and still nothing.

Go to curiosityquills/ to get caught up on this serially released novel. It is a treat/tease checking every week for the next chapter's hard but it is teaching me patience :)

I give up - It stops in the middle and doesn't seem like it will be updated anytime soon. :(

A good read and end for well written tTrilogy. The characters were carried through the series with such clarity it was easy to follow and keep up with stout.

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