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  • Title: Flashlight
  • Author: Lizi Boyd
  • ISBN: 9781452118949
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Hardcover

Inside a tent it s cozy But what is going on outside Is it dark Is it scary Not if you have your trusty flashlight Told solely through images and using a spare yet dramatic palette, artist Lizi Boyd has crafted a masterful exploration of night, nature, and art Both lyrical and humorous, this visual poem like the flashlight beam itself reveals that there is magic in tInside a tent it s cozy But what is going on outside Is it dark Is it scary Not if you have your trusty flashlight Told solely through images and using a spare yet dramatic palette, artist Lizi Boyd has crafted a masterful exploration of night, nature, and art Both lyrical and humorous, this visual poem like the flashlight beam itself reveals that there is magic in the darkness We just have to look for it.

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To see Wednesday's Wordless Picture Books, please visit readrantrockandrollFlashlight by Lizi Boyd is a wordless picture book highlighting a journey through the dark. A child has his flashlight and will make new discoveries in the dark while camping in the forest. There’s a lot to discover in nature if you’ll only take the time to look.We enjoyed the dark illustrations with the hidden objects in the stream of the light beam. The boy finds all sorts of night-time creatures, plants, trees, ins [...]

I think I liked the illustrations better as stand-alone pieces of art than as a story.Luckily I had the cut-outs mentioned to me ahead of time or I might not have even noticed; they're pretty small and the details aren't particularly interesting.I think this would work well for a kind who was either fond of or afraid of the dark.

A boy, a flashlight and the forest at night. That's all needed to start a great adventure. In this wordless story a little boy discovers the animals that make all these noises during the night. He is being observed by the animals too. And when the flashlight falls and the animals grab it, the interaction begins.The art is beautiful, full of things to discover in the darkness. The illustrations really make you feel in the forest.I would suggest to read it at night and with a flashlight!Find more [...]

Check out more Picture book reviews @ Perspective of a WriterA word-less picture book in the nature of I spy but about what can be found in the beam of a flashlight during the dark of night. Every once in a while I pick up a word-less book as my nephew struggles with words. This one was a great one I thought because he is extremely afraid of the dark and I wondered how he would react to this child hanging out in a tent with only a flashlightHe was NOT impressed, lol. He thought the kid was a lit [...]

Great silent children's book about what is revealed with a flashlight at night, including creatures, color, when a kid goes out. When the kid drops the flashlight, some of the animals get in the game, too. Really beautiful artwork, in drawing, color and composition. And some cutouts, too.

This is a wordless masterpiece with surprises on each page. It is great for a follow-up 'I Spy' activity.

It's wordless and with lovely artwork, so you can follow the story and imagine the details yourself. Very nice.

The story depicts the journey of a young boy through a dark forest at night, and the various creatures of the night that he encounters. The book features a clever use of cutouts to highlight small details that you might've missed the first time around.

I enjoyed the author's earlier Inside Outside quite a lot, and I was not disappointed in this follow-up to that picture book. The author relies on a dramatically dark background to serve as a backdrop for small observations during a backyard camping trip or perhaps one that is a little further away from home than that. His flashlight reveals all sorts of scenes in nature; for instance, its light shows bats winging their way through the night in search of insects, two skunks heading for a stream, [...]

This makes me want to do a study of the magical things that one can discover by entering the forest dark. A young boy puts up a tent in the forest one night, and through his use of a flashlight, discovers the “night” is alive. After a while, a surprising thing happens, and he too becomes part of the discoveries. Each time I read through this wordless picture book, I saw more. With each page turned, Lizi Boyd gathers what’s been seen, showing through a cut hole, a tiny peek at what’s next [...]

Great concept. Books with no words are always enjoyable. This book shed light on animals in the forest after a boy gets lost camping. The illustrations are nice and the secret spots in the book are fun to find.

This is a nice way to feature night creatures, but the book didn't work all that well for me. The peek-a-boo holes aren't that exciting or interesting. It was hard to figure out what some of the animals are, especially the babies. There is LOTS of detail on every spread, but some isn't entirely logical. For example, birch trees that are white although the moon is behind them, and the flashlight is not shining on them. I'm also not sure what age this is intended for. It seems like preschool/prima [...]

Flashlight (Chronicle Books) a wordless vision by author illustrator Lizi Boyd is one child's adventurous exploration of the night.Certain to be a bedtime classic whether sleeping inside or outside Flashlight is a masterful work of art. Lizi Boyd elevates simple to superb. I would plan on having multiple copies. This is sure to be discussed in Mock Caldecott groups.My full recommendation: bit/1sYGDUy

This book is perfect if your little one is afraid of the dark or if you're going on your first camping trip. It's a charming book about overnight adventures. It features no text, making it fun for even the youngest readers. Each page features clever cut outs so small readers may need to be supervised.

Marketed as a visual poem for the preschool crowd, this picture book about what can be spied with a flashlight outside at night has so much going on that kids will say, "Again!" the minute you finish it. Better buy aome batteries for your flashlights because that's the next thing the kids will want to do.

A clever wordless picture book about a young child exploring the outside at night with a flashlight. The gray and white drawings on black pages beautifully capture the magic and wonder of the nighttime wildlife. This is a book with a rich visual narrative that will inspire nighttime walks with a flashlight.

Age: Preschool-1st gradeBoyd uses a remarkable and imaginative use of negative art as a boy casts his flashlight across the forest revealing the color hidden in the night. The pages are full of action and different objects, encouraging the reader to pause and explore the scenery.

Beautiful illustrations!

A true picture book, it has no words, this is a delightful read!


Brilliant and original concept for a picture book!

Amazing illustrations! What a fun night camping!

No words needed in this lovely, witty book about a kid camping in the forest armed with a flashlight.

Lindo Lindo Lindo! É escuro, mas está de noite! Ilustraçoes fantásticas!! Acho que só me vou dedicar a livros infantis, posso? ;)

Visual Literacy- Wordless book #1I think this book is great for primary grades. It is very simple, and younger kids would have a great time pointing out all the bugs and animals and plants they see on each page.I think this is a realistic fiction book, because a boy could be camping in the woods, and shining his flashlight everywhere, there's just no real proof to show that this is a true story, in fact, it's arguably make-believe because in the end the animals are shining the flashlight on the [...]

Wordless Book Entry #1Genre- Flashlight by Lizi Boyd a fantasy fiction book. Fantasy fiction books have elements of things that are make belief, such as magical powers, talking animals or in this book animals that hold flashlights. This book is a primary level book and is perfect for preschool-third grade. Text-to-Self- This book reminded me of the summers. During the summer we will let our kids stay up late. We campout in the backyard and we have flashlights and we usually take a short walk aro [...]

This book has not won any awards. I would say it falls in the Pre-K - 2 range since it is a wordless picture book. To summarize, this book follows a little boy on an adventure through the woods night! He starts and ends the night in his tent but explores with his trusty flashlight all the creatures roaming the woods at night. He ends up being followed by all the animals he has shined his light on and they not so subtly shine the light back on him and lead him back to his tent.As a review, I woul [...]

The genre for this book would be children's picture books, fiction because it's a worldless book and not based off of a real life event. The target audience is about preschool-kindergarten, when kids are still learning to read. ConnectionsText-to-self: this book kind of reminded me of when my sisters and I were younger and we'd camp out in the backyard but were too scared to sleep through the night unless we had a flashlight or some other kind of light source.Text-to-text: The first book that po [...]

This is a fantasy book because it has animals interacting in ways that are not obviously realistic. (such as grabbing and using the flashlight.) Its target audience would be primary.Text to Self- I think back when I was a little kid and I remember being so scared of the dark. I swear I would see or hear something scary. Then, I'd try to look in the dark and see a shape of some sort and be freaked out. Only when I would turn on the lights it would be some toy or a jacket. Never anything scary. Ju [...]

This is my first Wordless book and it's in the genre Fiction Fantasy, because the pictures depict animals holding flashlights, which gives them human qualities that isn't possible in real life. It's make believe, because animals wouldn't go searching for a boy with a flashlight in real life.The target audience would be 5-7 year olds. Text to Self: This reminds me of camping myself back when I was younger and seeing all of the little critters crawling around. Just like in this book the animals we [...]

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