Benefactor, The

Erin Fry

Benefactor, The

Benefactor, The

  • Title: Benefactor, The
  • Author: Erin Fry
  • ISBN: 9781477817421
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback

They come from different walks of life, with different problems and different hopes and dreams But they have one thing in common they need a scholarship to college And they re ready to battle seven other contestants on a reality TV show to get it There s Mei, a budding artist with a secret disability Henry, not in it for the money but for the chance to follow his trueThey come from different walks of life, with different problems and different hopes and dreams But they have one thing in common they need a scholarship to college And they re ready to battle seven other contestants on a reality TV show to get it There s Mei, a budding artist with a secret disability Henry, not in it for the money but for the chance to follow his true dream Lucy, a tough Texan from a new kind of family Tyrell, an injured football star with a sick sister at home Sam, a musician with no family to fall back on Allyson, a devout Christian with a good reason to pray Cassidy, a beauty with a secret and Hiroshi, a varsity swimmer who left behind his true love But only one contestant can win on The Benefactor Who will take home the big prize Tune in to find out.

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lease visit my blog for a full review and a character analysis! Blog: thebooksbuzzThis book tripped me up at the most unexpected times. Believe it or not, it is actually really challenging to have 8 main characters in one book. Nonetheless, the characters were not at all dull during any point in the book. Although, everything happened so fast! One second, you would be swooning and admiring one character and in an instant, that character would be eliminated from the game. The best aspect of the b [...]

I won this book through a giveaway, and I am so glad I did!The book began mysteriously, with the reader only learning an extremely rich person, known only as The Benefactor wanted to create a reality show for a hopeful high school senior to win a college scholarship. The rest of the book went on to describe the character's backstories and challenges they competed in, to ultimately finding out who won and who lost.I enjoyed learning things little by little about the characters and their lives- f [...]

The Benefactor was fun, but ultimately a bit of a disappointment for me. The idea was ingenious and I appreciated the idea of it, particularly since applying for colleges as a senior was a time I really despised. Bragging about myself on paper (or in person, come to think of it) has never been my strong suit, so the idea appealed to me of skipping all of the application process.The part that I was most excited for was the characters. I thought we’d get to spend time getting to know them a litt [...]

There are some books that simply do very little to get in the way of you reading them.There isn't a lot of friction: not a lot of typos, no jarringly bad writingd not a lot of thinking involved.The Benefactor was one of those books for me.It read quickly, and I was somewhat interested in what was coming next: but I didn't feel really engaged with it.The characters never really surprised me. You could consider them somewhat stereotypical, except that in a reality show such as is the theme of the [...]

I loved the concept of this, and I seem to have a thing for fictional books about reality show (which is also fiction--but I digress) contestants, but this book devolved into some teenage melodrama. It tackles a few substantial issues--anger management, teenaged motherhood--but only superficially. I also didn't much care for the way episodes often abruptly ended. More complete review to come.

I enjoyed this book! This book was written by a middle school teacher in Glendora. She did a great job. The timing for reading it was perfect because we are hearing from colleges and about scholarships around this time, it is a great read for teenagers

Fresh captivating, engaging. Great book that reads flawlessly touching readers as you turn the pages. You feel your heart strings tugging,the joy, heart break an you find yourself rooting for the characters.

This book is so original and captivating! It has been so long since I enjoyed a book so thoroughly! I was a first reads winner and am so grateful that I have gotten the opportunity to enjoy this book. I would love to read other books written by Erin Fry in the near future.

A gripping story about reality contests and how the characters try to better their lives in general. I look forward to the next one!

this book was really good. it had you going the whole time. i think they should have tis in real life

Fabulous YA book. Very intriguing concept and interesting characters. Definitely going to have my teenage kids read this one!

I really liked the book. It wasn't a heavy read but I wasn't looking for one. Fun story. Great characters. Good storyline. I've read some of the other reviews about teen romance and not looking deeply into the issues. While I truly get what you're saying, I'd like readers to consider something else about the book. I didn't get the impression the author designed to be a book heavy on commentary on social issues like teen mothersHowever, I did get a clear message that our higher education system n [...]

This is an riveting, roller coaster paced story of high school students desperate for a "full ride" college scholarship, with only one winner. Told to use their wits, these students use every and any tool in order to stay in the game, knowing only one of them will survive.There is an extreme level of tension and pressure in applying for colleges now, which seeps through the applicant and effects the entire family. Every day, parents, applicant, siblings and other relatives hold their breath, wai [...]

Overall, this was a fairly good book. I think it will be enjoyed most by kids in high school and lovers of reality TV shows. The manner in which is was written made it feel completely like something you would see on TV. Each of the contestants had exciting and troubled back stories. The character development truly emulated TV, more went to those who were interesting and would stick around longer. The kids interplay was close to the drama of high school kids, but a little clichéd and exaggerated [...]

I got this book free from and I have mixed emotions about this book. It took me awhile to get into it. And when I did I cheered for a certain person and then as soon as they got sent home it was just a let down. There's too many characters to really feel for somebody. It should have focused on one main character and get to know them through that character. It jumped around too much for me to care and get into it. The benefactor himself was really interesting tho. Overall it was interesting beca [...]

I received this book from in a giveaway, and I am so glad that I did. This book was fantastic! You get sucked into the story. You want to know about each one of the eight contestants and by the time the competition starts, you're rooting for all of them. This is one of those books where you are definitely along for the ride for the entire book. You will be glad when your favorite makes it through and be sad when they get eliminated. It is truly like watching a reality television show. This book [...]

The Benefactor moves quickly between the multiple characters competing for a college scholarship, but Fry describes them well enough for the reader to understand their motivations for participating. The pacing felt much like watching a reality competition with short chapters and various challenges. It is an entertaining, quick read.

Interesting idea. Nice easy read.Recommended easy read. Liked to get the character's perspective in the story. However, the ending was random considering what was said throughout the book.

This book was originally released as episodes on the Kindle, and at first, I enjoyed reading a new episode every week. The story was interesting and engaging and I couldn't wait to see what happened next! By the end, though, it really fizzled out and the ending was disappointing.

I liked it but I felt that we were left with a few unanswered questions about the other contestants and I think I like it even more because of Nick Podehl. He could read a grocery list and I would find it interesting, he is such a great narrator :)

Really enjoyed this. Connelly is a very good story teller and my interest never flagged. Lots of interesting plot twists along the way. This is my second Harry Bosch and am glad there are several more to read.

Um, holy shit?! That was good! Like, really good! I couldn't put it down! I wanted to know so much. Loved it!

Sent to me as part of a first-reads giveaway! Review to come!

Fun story!I enjoyed this book. not to dramatic but not nothing, either. reading each contestants thoughts and concerns made the whole reality show style seem more real.

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